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Kids today are overly babied & entitled; community service is good

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to Ruth Dunnavan:

I did not miss your point at all Ruth. Many people volunteer their time and services without pay. I have for children and soldiers in the past. I get paid well to use my education. I can assure you I did not "die" without a days pay.

You're missing the point. Kids today are overly babied and entitled. Your way of thinking just adds to it. Poor Jim and Jill those mean school people made them go to a shelter and help serve food for two hours with no pay. God forbid the leave their house, friends, TV, game stations,etc ...

The school requires this process to help make them better people. Help them build character and show respect for themselves and others. Give them some pride and maturity. Maybe even land a job or discover a field they like. Some kids actually enjoy it, Ruth. The goal is not about the money or graduation credits. So please explain what's in for you? Why are so concerned over the pay? Is someone not graduating in your family this June?

Denise C. Burke

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Take a few minutes to let being 'part of the resistance' sink in

To The Daily Sun,

Are you concerned yet? If you're not, it's time to start paying attention . . . our way of life is at stake.

In past columns I noted that there is an orchestrated effort on the left to delegitimize and bring down President Trump. In the history of our great nation that is something that has never before been attempted against a newly elected President. Yesterday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton confirmed that orchestration by stating that she is now "part of the resistance." Take a few minutes and let that sink in.

A little over eight years ago we elected a president who had a scant resume and much of what was on it was unverifiable. His most notable "experience" was as a community organizer; organizing resistance to local leadership and other entities. His "experience" as a state senator showed he voted "here" or "present" 129 times, voiding a commitment to stand for or against many important issues. He had less than one full term as a U.S. Senator. As a professor of law, he was poorly rated by his students and enrollment in his classes was minimal. As a president he did virtually nothing to improve race relations, but sadly, his actions, and with assistance from leaders like the Rev. Al Sharpton, actually set back race relations in this country, particularly by the demonization of law enforcement. His unwillingness to forcefully address critical issues across the globe allowed terrorist organizations to grow. His actions and inactions in the Middle East have left the area in turmoil and have emboldened countries like Iran while placing Israel in greater jeopardy. And President Obama continually sought to bypass the legislative branch, most often preferring to have his wishes carried out through executive orders and by "regulations" written into departmental rules, which had the force of law. During that time, although many politicians and citizens were disappointed in his actions and performance, there was never an effort to impeach or oust him from the presidency.

Compare that tolerance to what has been hurled at President Trump. From day one after the election, organized protests started before he had even been sworn in to office. Those protests have continued and calls for his ouster or impeachment get ratcheted up every single day. To this day, no one has produced any evidence that would justify his removal. Sadly, we have seen protests, riots, burning, looting, and physical attacks. Sadly too, we have watched as radical professors have incited and encouraged the protestors in their attacks. And, sadly again, instead of leaders on the left doing their part to quell the riots and call for respect for the law, we watch as they join the "resistance."

Follow the bouncing ball as it leads us down the path to anarchy and the destruction of our republic . . . and, if that happens, you can't blame the "other guy". Only you can tell your leaders what is expected of them.

Bob Meade


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