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BCCD (10-4) BCCD invites you to Farm to Table Dinner Oct. 12 (270).

To The Daily Sun,

The Belknap County Conservation District has a lot to celebrate. We completed a Forest Management Plan and Stream Restoration Assessment funded through grants and received a new grant from the New England Forest and Rivers Fund to create wildlife habitat and restore two miles of Poorfarm Brook at Gunstock Mountain Resort, the county-owned four-season recreation area.

A recent workshop we organized for the state drew almost 100 participants to get the latest information on managing gravel and dirt roads to reduce costs and sediment in nearby streams and ponds.

Our NH Gleans Program for Belknap County is going strong, collecting surplus produce from farms and home gardens to donate to food pantries, soup kitchens and Seniors. We've had a terrific response from the public with our Wetlands Boardwalk Volunteer Work Days at Gunstock.

Please join us for our Farm to Table Harvest Dinner at Moulton Farm in Meredith on Oct. 12. We need to hear from you by noon Friday, Oct. 6, to reserve a seat. The evening includes a farm tour, a thee-course harvest supper, wine-tasting, live music and recognition for local conservation efforts.

The donation is $65 per person with 100% of donation going to BCCD thanks to the generosity of Moulton Farm. Call 527-5880 to reserve a seat. The BCCD website www.belknapccd.org/ has more information about this fundraiser.

Belknap County Conservation District Board of Supervisors

Dean Anson, Laconia
Earl Chase, Barnstead
Donna Hepp, Belmont
John Hodsdon, Meredith

Ken Kettenring, New Hampton, Associate Supervisor

Dean La Plante, Belmont, Associate Supervisor

Aaron Litchfield, Alton, Associate Supervisor

Gary Maheu, Laconia, Associate Supervisor

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Picking apples at Stone Mountain Farm is a pleasure

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to pass on some information for anyone looking for a place to buy apples by the bag or pick your own. Picking your own is open Saturdays and Sundays.

I had the pleasure of going to Stone Mountain Farm on Route 106 Belmont this past week. I have never seen so many varieties of apples, many I have never heard of. My favorite is the Honey Crisp, but they all look very tantalizing — large and beautiful. Look on the right side of the road going from Laconia toward the town of Belmont for a field full of apple trees and a very large display of pumpkins in the front yard.

Alice J. Smith

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