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Yes on 21, no on 12; come to M’boro Town Meeting March 17

To The Daily Sun,

Article 12 on Moultonborough's 2018 Warrant asks for $250,000 (That is one-quarter of a MILLION dollars) to determine the use of the town-owned former Taylor property at 970 Whittier Highway.

If you look at the Selectboard's goals, which I found on the town's website, Goal #1, bullet point three: "Look at possible construction phasing of a new community center in village." The selectmen now say they want to study and get community input to see what the community wants and THEY will decide what is best.

Article 12 is a strategy to get $250,000 and future blank check for a multimillion-dollar community center based on voodoo facts. Vote NO!

The selectmen want a new community center, as it was one of their 2017 goals. It is pretty obvious, also in the selectmen's statement in 2017 report for Town Meeting. This new strategy was rubber stamped by the Budget Committee and CIPC using an old justification that didn't fly TWICE! Chairman Shipp has said numerous times that when a fire chief asks for a new fire truck and it is defeated he will ask for the truck again the next year. Well, here he is again.

What the Selectboard forgets is that the community has spoken. The latest in 2016 Article 2 asked for $6.5 million to build a community/gym and was defeated by a wide margin. YES 220 - NO 348. We have already had many studies and surveys. Enough. The question has been settled. Chairman Shipp has insulted the voters saying on video several times, "The wrong people showed up to vote."

Sounds quite scary to hand the reins and blank check over to politicians with an agenda.

Please come to Town Meeting on March 17 and vote NO on Article 12.

Support Article 21 instead and bring the power back to the voters.

Jim Morrison


  • Written by Edward Engler
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Why would a representative vote to deny a basic civil right?

To The Daily Sun,

In a 195-129 vote last week, the New Hampshire House of Representatives approved HB-1319, which will extend basic civil rights protections for transgender people in New Hampshire. The bill, which is long overdue, had strong bipartisan co-sponsors and received strong bipartisan support in the Republican-dominated House. The bill now moves to the New Hampshire Senate for hearings and consideration during the final half of the session.

Here in Grafton County, our 27-member delegation supported HB-1319 by a margin of 20-5, with two members not voting. Fourteen Democrats and six Republicans supported the bill. However, five Republican representatives from Grafton County opposed HB-1319 and should be asked to explain their vote: Rep. Rick Ladd (R-Haverhill) Grafton-4, Rep. Vincent Migliore (R-Bridgewater) Grafton-9, Rep. Tiffany Johnson (R-Campton) Grafton-7, Rep. David Binford (R-Bath) Grafton-15 and Rep. Duane Brown (R-Wentworth) Grafton-16.

Other than misconception and misunderstanding, what possible reason would a legislator have to deny basic civil rights protections to transgender people? The resounding vote in the New Hampshire House demonstrates that our state is ready to build a future based on tolerance for basic differences among people. Elected officials who are not willing or able to accept the most basic principle of equal justice for all do not deserve re-election. Please keep this bill in mind come November.

Also, please contact our Grafton County Senators (Sen. Jeff Woodburn-District 1, Sen. Bob Giuda-District 2, Sen. Jeb Bradley-District 3, and Sen. Martha Hennessey-District 5) to express your support for HB-1319 in the New Hampshire Senate.

Paul J. Phillips

  • Written by Edward Engler
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