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Ask Sanbornton candidates how they will support our library

To The Daily Sun,

Although I am on the library's Board of Trustees, I am speaking as an individual townsperson of Sanbornton.

I wish to thank the townspeople of Sanbornton for their increased use of our library. Thanks to your patronage, the library has seen continued growth across the spectrum: 4.6 percent over last year and 11.48 percent over the last three years. One of the key elements to its growth has been the wonderful selection of programs it offers for folks of all ages. To continue to support the programming that the community is asking for as well as basic coverage, the library needs to grow its staffing by four hours a week. Thank you to the Select Board and Budget Committee for their support of Sanbornton Town Library budget request.

I ask the citizens of our community to vote on March 14 and attend Town Meeting on March 15 (at the Sanbornton Central Elementary). Before making your decision, consider asking the candidates: "How will you support our library?"

Carol Raymond


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Guarino failed to honor commmitments – he simply disappeared

To The Daily Sun,

I am the homeowner who had the misfortune of hiring Don Guarino to work on our house. My wife and I have been regretting that decision ever since.

Mr. Guarino made some statements in this paper on March 9 that need to be corrected and clarified. Guarino says, "I missed a court date." Guarino missed three court dates in 2016 related to this case. For one date he received and signed a certified mail notice of the court date, but he still failed to attend.

When filing a motion to waive an arrest warrant for missing another court date in August, Guarino wrote, "Would the Court please vacate the warrant, as I plan to appear on October 6th."

He then failed to show on that date, and another arrest warrant was issued in October, which Guarino ignored until the police finally collared him this February. Besides skipping court dates since May 2016, Guarino doesn't even mention that he has failed every month since then to comply with court ordered payments to me. Obviously, Guarino believes he is somehow above the law.

In the March 9 article Guarino talks of appealing the July 2015 court decision finding him guilty of breach of contract. He should be well aware that he had 30 days to appeal that ruling, and that time is long gone.

Guarino is quoted saying, "Because of the fact that the relationship had deteriorated, I thought it was mutually agreed that we were done. And I said he could have the funds that were left to purchase the windows and finish the siding."

That is a lie. Guarino simply disappeared from the job. He wouldn't return phone calls or emails. My wife and I didn't know whether he was coming back to clean up the mess he had created in our house and yard, whether he would ever deliver the materials we paid for, or whether he planned to do anymore work at all. When I did finally see him again, he refused to refund the money that my wife and I had given him to purchase materials, leaving us with neither the materials nor our money. We had no choice but to go to court. The court found him guilty and demanded that he reimburse us.

Now, after three frustrating years of dealing with this man, we are still trying to get our money back. And Guarino is still lying, still trying to squirm his way out of his legal commitments. He is a man of many excuses.

Maybe some people know him differently, but to my wife and I Don Guarino is an irresponsible, dishonest man who fails to honor his commitments and abide by the law.

Rick Watrous


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