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We've had three great American presidents and Trump is the third

To The Daily Sun,

In response to E. Scott Cracraft's letter of August 23, Scott, why were you dishonest about the exchanges concerning The Holy Gail of the Lakes? Is it just sloppiness, arrogance, or willful intent?

Concerning President Trump, you make judgements about him that are really no more than an equivalent to tabloid gossip and present them as though they are facts and you just run with it, not very professional I'm afraid.

Secondly, you are misunderstanding who God is and what He is like. God loves us "while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." It's not because of what we've done. It's because of His great mercy. Perhaps God see's in Donald Trump someone who will bow only before Him and not before men and their corrupted precepts. And no, God clearly showed me that Donald Trump's purpose is to protect America. It's why I voted for him. It's why I support him. Scott you're a professor of history. How is it that you do not know that America has had three great presidents. One whom oversaw her founding, one who piloted her through her great Civil War and lastly one who holds her together and protects her through her last eight years before her judgement comes. Yes, Donald Trump will win re-election. All of your vaunted knowledge and you don't understand these things?

John Demakowski


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Was Sheriff Joe supposed to suspect old white men in nursing homes?

To The Daily Sun,

The shrill voice of the left in the form of James Veverka hit the pages of The Sun once again. Seems James is all outraged that President Trump included leftist goons, thugs and anarchists along with those other goons and thugs of the KKK and white supremacist rioting last week. I understand James outrage because he religiously refuses to see anything wrong with his side's violent, criminal activities. Speaking of which, another terrorist mob of Antifa's attacked and beat peaceful demonstrators they objected to out in, yes once again, Berkeley, Cal. Now just why James is all in favor of violent suppression of free speech I don't know. What I do know from history is that is exactly the tactics used by every totalitarian movement in the last century. The Italian fascists of Mussolini, the Nazis of Hitler, the communists of Stalin, Mao, Castro and the many other human rights suppressors in history. Ironic these current leftists mobs James is so enthralled with call themselves anti-fascist when what they ascribe to is class 101 fascism. James may refuse to recognize this but I don't, I won't, and President Trump telling the obvious truth about two different but equally evil groups and offending James is "tough cookies."

Seem's Jame's outrage is not limited to just that his list goes on an on. About the President pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio, good for him! My opinion is that was a politically motivated, illegal prosecution the foundation of which was absurd. Arpaio accused of targeting Hispanics when it was illegal Hispanics committing a disproportional number of the crimes in that region defies logic. Who was he supposed to target, "old white men" in nursing homes?
Look, I could go on and on about James' false narratives, intentional distortions, and leftist propaganda but if readers can't see these things for themselves its because they refuse to look. No cure for that disease.
Steve Earle


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