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We must open our minds and hears to to give Pres. Trump a chance

To The Daily Sun,

The morning air was fresh today. The ground had a powdered sugar look with the morning frost. Election signs are coming down, slowly but surely. The phone is now silent with the absence of political jargon. We can feel our lives having some sense of normalcy. It is now time to heal.

Yes, many people voted and selected Trump to be our 45th president. This writer was not one of them. However, in a sense, we can say the political process did work, regardless of the means that was used to seek this responsibility. We must move ahead, forward and let the system play out. We cannot undo the will of the majority, but seek to unify our country as a whole.

This is a tremendous responsibility that falls on Mr. Trump's shoulders. His acceptance speech following the election's end was presidential, and Ms. Clinton's concession speech signaled the need for all of us to move forward. She and President Obama offered to ensure the transition goes smoothly. All of us must work to make this happen. The people have spoken.

More important, all of us need to observe and understand the meaning of people's trend of thought. Why are people bigots, why is there so much discontent, why we believe as we do, and how do we seek resolution. How do we open our minds to the multiple faiths and religion so protected by our Constitution? There are no simple answers. We must try to make our country grow strong by being whole rather than be fragmented.

The world is watching how we absorb our new president, and how we move forward. This is not about Republicans, Libertarians, Democrats, and many more different groups of ideology. Rather it is about us, as a nation. It is not about faith, Christianity, Hebrew, Muslim, and other religious groups. It is how we learn to get along, and research the history and development of each faith.

While we may have (and hopefully so) a honeymoon phase post election, we need to go beyond, in the upcoming years. Strength comes from within, and from a nation as a whole. Listening and researching ways to make our country greater, is essential for everyone and every political party. This includes those who are rich, middle class, and those less fortunate. The rich needs to remember, their wealth comes not from themselves, but those who work for them. They have a responsibility to give back to all of us.

To make our great country greater, it takes burying the hatchets. Words of slander, off-color, abuse of women, those of minority races, disabled, different religions are no longer appropriate. Many of us have mixed races in our blood, with multiple cultures and countries that define each and everyone. Each of us has something to contribute to this nation regardless of their backgrounds. Work settings embrace the many employees with variable skills and backgrounds, and sexual orientation. It takes all of us to make or break a business or large entity. It is incumbent for all of us to move our employers forward, and the employers reward those for its successes.

Hopefully, as indicated, this transition is successful. It will pave the way for our country to move ahead, and to set the example for the rest of the world to see. We need to demonstrate that this transition is one of peace and hope, and make it a better place to live for everyone. Only, as the history of this country shows, by supporting our new president we can show how great this country is. The eagle, the flag, the seal of this country define that our nation is strong, for its citizens, and the entire world. Working together we can continue to be strong. We are citizens of this United States of America.

Unity must come from within as well as without. To survive as a nation, we must again mold together and work with our new president to ensure this happens. We must open our minds and hearts to give Trump a chance, in spite of his campaign rhetoric. Protest is fine, but this discourages unity. At one time, we were called the melting pot of the world. We still can be as we are all in this together. We must work together, play together, raise our families and contribute to our communities, state and country's welfare.

Mark Twain said it best: "Support your country, and the government, if it deserves it." If there is ever a time for unity to grow and develop, it is now.

Robert T. Joseph, Jr.
New Hampton

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Community's response to challenges faced by Genesis Behavioral Health was tremendous

To The Daily Sun,

'Tis the season of giving — and of giving thanks. We at Genesis Behavioral Health have much to be grateful for this year and would like to extend to you — our community — our heartfelt appreciation.

2016 was a year of celebration and challenge. You helped us commemorate 50 years of service to the community with a fundraising dinner at the annual meeting and signature fundraising event, the online auction. Both exceeding our expectations thanks to your support and participation.

We celebrated our growth as a community mental health center, noting that prior to Genesis' existence, mental health care was provided by Concord professionals reaching only 15 percent of those in need, and today we are serving nearly 4,000 Lakes Region residents. We celebrated improved access to care with transportation grants, the integration of physical and mental health care, the augmentation of managed care with umbrella programs delivering a full range of services to support those with mental illness, and the future of mental health care as it blends with technological advances to shine for a bright future.

The past year was also one of challenge. We faced financial and workforce challenges, a tenuous political climate, and an increase in the number of people in need of help from Genesis Behavioral Health and many of our community partners.

The community's response to these challenges was tremendous. You showed your support by giving your time, talents, and financial support. You acted as advocates for us when we needed a strong voice for mental health, a sector of health care that is so often silenced because of persistent stigma. You partnered and participated when asked as vital alleys. You supported our mission through in-kind donations and were most generous with donations to our auction.

These are uncertain times and it was humbling and heartwarming to witness the community's generosity and support throughout the auction and celebration. You donated, you bid, you contributed to a successful event that raised much-needed funds to support essential behavioral health care services for nearly 4,000 of our neighbors in the Lakes Region.

Sponsored by our Champion Sponsor, Bank of New Hampshire, with support provided by the Bank of New Hampshire Charitable Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, and our many partners including Proforma Piper Printing, 104.9 The Hawk, 98.3 LNH, WEMJ, Genoa a QoL Healthcare Company, Northway Bank, Well Sense Health Plan, and The Standard, we exceeded our auction goal. Their support helped stretch a limited budget and ensured a lovely event for all in attendance. The support of the business community is key to our work. We are grateful for all you do to contribute to our mission and we look forward to next year.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation go to the following businesses and individuals for donating items and services to the auction:

A Dream A Day, LLC, All My Life Jewelers, Awakening Chiropractic The Family Wellness Center, Bayside Service, Blue Tree Marketing, Board Members of Genesis Behavioral Health, Boomerang Used Furniture & Funky Stuff, Boston Red Sox, Brittany Maia, Carol Pierce, Castle in the Clouds, Chelsea Lemke, Ciao Pasta, Clients of Genesis Behavioral Health, Coppertoppe Inn & Retreat Center, Cottage Goods Shop at Cottage Place on Squam Lake, Covered Bridge Farm Table, Dawn Lacroix, Dean Zindler, Downtown Pizza, Ed Drury, Ed McFarland, EKAL Activity Center, Elaine Morrison, Ellen Olson, Fireside Inn & Suites – Gilford,

Also: Franklin Opera House, Franklin Savings Bank, Gabriel's Salon & Day Spa, Genesis Behavioral Health, Genesis Behavioral Health Adult Services Team, Genesis Behavioral Health Business Office, Genesis Behavioral Health Child and Family Services, Genesis Behavioral Health HR and QI Departments, Genesis Behavioral Health Supported Employment Team, George's Seafood & BBQ, Great New Hampshire Restaurants, Gunstock Mountain Resort, Harris Family Furniture, Hart's Turkey Farm, Hermit Woods Winery, Ippolito's Furniture Inc., Jannine and George Sutcliffe, Jean Cadrette, Jie Riel, LMT, John Kealey.

Also: Jordans Ice Creamery, Kelley White, Kil'n Time Art Studio, Kim Sperry, Lakes Region Community College, Lithermans Brewery, Liz Merry, Logan Lights, Lori and Ray Boelig, Lori Ann Chandler Independent Hair Designer, Lynne Pedersen, Maggie Pritchard, Meredith Village Savings Bank, Mill Falls at the Lake, New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Patrick's Pub & Eatery, Plymouth Animal Hospital, Prescott's Florist, LLC, Rhino Bike Works, Rick Hagen, Robin White, Shackett's Brewing Company, Shibleys at the Pier, Shooter's Tavern & Pizzaria, Side Trax Jewelry, Silver Screen Salon, Snap Fitness, Squam Lakes Natural Science Center.

Also: Staff of Genesis Behavioral Health, Story Land, Sue Drolet, Sunshine Fisk, Susan Stearns, Sweets Jeannie, Tanger Outlet Center, Tenney Mountain Pizza, Teresa Taylor, Terri Potter, The Common Man Family of Restaurants, The Fitness Edge, The Galleria Salon & Day Spa, The Margate on Winnipesaukee, The Studio, The Wine'ing Butcher, Tina Hayes, and Zulu Nyala Game Lodge.

Maggie Pritchard, Executive Director

Genesis Behavioral Health

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