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My opponent has cost Gilmanton taxpayers more than $4,400

To The Daily Sun,

The election, this Tuesday, for the Gilmanton Board of Selectmen, is about the taxpayer. Let us look at your choices.

Marshall Bishop, a paid public official, this past year disposed of anyone in his way — electrician, secretary, groundskeeper, and even tried to fire a ZBA member. He will not comply with planning regulations within the town, costing taxpayers over $4,400.

I, Don Guarino, unpaid president of the Gilmanton Fourth of July Association, planner and organizer of the biggest celebration in town, missed a very important court date, (which) I can attest (was) not on purpose, made an admitted mistake with an inspection sticker and paid society, costing the taxpayers, nothing, zero.

Marshall Bishop at the candidates' night made no proposals to save taxpayers money. I, Don Guarino, at candidates night made three proposals to save taxpayers money. A proposal to bid the bridges on Stage Road separately, to allow smaller bonded contractors the opportunity to bid. This is a real opportunity to save money. Another proposal to make recycling easier; taking anything out of the compactor results in immediate savings. A proposal for a large fundraising event for the Gilmanton Year-Round Library.

Please support me Tuesday with your vote.

Don Guarino


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Nickerson will be great addition and balance to Sanbornton Selectmen

To The Daily Sun,

I am supporting Dave Nickerson for selectman in Sanbornton. He has a proven track record of successful projects for our town. As a former selectman, he worked hard for the taxpayer while providing the essentials we all need for efficient government. Dave is also greatly concerned about the ability of our residents to afford to remain in their homes, especially as they grow older.

Dave Nickerson has a common-sense approach to the issues along with excellent leadership abilities. He is very concerned with the condition and maintenance of our roads. He knows that the Highway Department is doing the best they can and he realizes that more of an effort needs to be put into the department.

If elected, Dave Nickerson will review the findings of the Fire Department Regionalization Committee report to ensure the best outcome for the town. His opponent, Katy North, suggested at a selectmen's meeting last year that the Fire Department Regionalization committee be disbanded.

Dave Nickerson will also not support the current policy of sealing non-public meeting minutes. He believes the public has a right to know. I believe that Dave Nickerson will be a great addition and balance to the current Board of Selectmen.

Vote March 14 for Dave Nickerson to the Sanbornton Board of Selectmen.

David D. DeVoy II

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