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Editor owes me & hundreds of others apology for crematorium story

To The Daily Sun,

For the most part I have enjoyed reading your newspaper, but I have to say I was shocked by what I read on the front page of the April 21 paper.

"Smoke, ash, and smells" hardly expresses how I feel about the burial rite of my husband of 40 years. This article should have never been printed for the public to read. The editor is the one responsible for making that decision and she should be held accountable.

I left a message for your reporter who wrote this article, Michael Kitch, about my concerns and have yet to hear a response. Losing your best companion of 40 years is bad enough, now I have to wonder if it was his ashed that were "blowing in the wind" over Meredith. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

I'm sure that you will not print this letter in your paper, and that's too bad because I am sure there are others who are heartbroken by this foolish decision. I have to wonder what did you wish to prove? You definitely owe me and the hundreds of others an apology for this abusiveness.

Carol Stewart




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So many people to thank for another BOW WOW event

To The Daily Sun,

As the founder of Laconia's annual pooch parade, I would be remiss if I didn't convey my sincerest thanks and appreciation to all those involved in continuing this tradition upon my retirement.
While I don't possess the specifics on this year's T-shirt sponsors nor all the vendors, I know how important you all are to its success. So, thank you, for your generosity and time commitment on a weekend day.
Proceeds from this year's event were directed to the New Hampshire Humane Society. Thank you, Marilee and Molly, for your support, participation and dedication.
As usual, the heavy lifting came in the form of Laconia's Department of Parks/Recs and Public Works. For six years these folks have put in countless hours to organize BOW WOW into the framework we take for granted as onlookers. Huge kudos to Kevin Dunleavy for all his work — on and off site — as well as doubling as this year's "grand marshal." You're my hero!
To Ann Saltmarsh, my long-term co-coordinator, your attention to detail is remarkable and BOW WOW needs you! Public Works employees, Dan and Tyler, two heavy lifters who never complain about sore backs; Amy, Ann's assistant — she needed you this year!; to this year's BOW WOW committee, Cristy, Cathy, Molly and Lisa — thank you for all your hard work.
BOW WOW wouldn't be the same without the presence of our local K-9 police officers and their handlers. We were blessed with three departments: Ike and Adam from Gilford; Vito and Evan from Belmont; and Max and Dennis from Franklin. We received an extra-long demonstration on their capabilities across a wide range of duties. Thank you for your ongoing service to our communities.
Special guest Lucky Sanborn proves you don't have to be human to give back. Lucky devoted that Saturday morning to his ongoing fundraising efforts for our upcoming Happy Tails Dog Park, while getting a chance to meet new friends.
Nazzy and Mya from NH1 media with assistant Javier once again kept the crowd informed and entertained throughout the event. Thanks for being there!
Michelle Dupont, property owner, Lake Opechee Inn & Spa: thank you again for your unwavering support. Holly and her staff from Melcher & Prescott Insurance managing registration for the sixth year in a row — appreciate your help and especially all the signage through the week. Pastor Boutin from the Congregational church with his beautiful Golden — thank you for such a thoughtful blessing. To The Laconia Daily Sun, Franklin Savings Bank, Laconia Pet Center, Insurance Outlet and the WOW Trail Board — six years of consistent support, thank you again. To Mayor Engler, Councilor Hamel Senator Hosmer and Executive Councilor Kinney, and every single person that I am humbly admitting that I missed in specifying: a great big hug of appreciation for your involvement — big and small. And a special woof-out to all the dogs that may have missed this year's event. Sure hope to see you again next time!

Claire Hebert-Dow


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