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I am asking for your vote in the Democratic Primary on Sept. 13

To The Daily Sun,,

On Sept. 13, I will be on the ballot for state representative for Laconia. In my prior time in the Legislature, I focused my efforts on improving the care and support for those dealing with mental illness as well as on bringing federal funds to expand our high-speed internet services to schools, libraries and hospitals. As a member of the House committee which examined new options for revenue, we worked hard to ensure there would be no further downshifting of state costs to local communities and towns.

My background in business has spanned over 30 years, working in the U.S. and internationally, primarily in the telecommunications sector. In my career, I have had to work with people of different values to seek fundamental change and business improvement by sharing common goals and objectives. Again I will bring this experience and skill set to the Legislature and also to the Belknap County government, where the state representatives participate in setting priorities and determining funding levels.

I have lived in Laconia since 2011 when I moved with my husband, Marty, from Sanbornton. I retired in 2015 and now work as a volunteer on the Board of the LRGHealthcare system, Genesis Behavioral Health and on the N.H. Endowment for Health's Advisory Council. In 2014, I was elected to the American Hospital Association's Committee on Governance and joined the Board of the Foundation for Healthy Communities in New Hampshire last year.

I am asking for your vote in the upcoming Primary on Sept. 13. Please save the date on your calendar. I look forward to meeting you so I can hear your views about our city and learn how I can best represent you.

Elizabeth "Liz" Merry

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Why should we be against harmless happiness and fun?

To The Daily Sun,

Free the Nipple and body-freedom campaigns are designed to make the human body and body parts normal and natural. The only way this will happen is for people like Heidi to make it a normal and natural part of daily life.

Is it mentally or physically healthy to be ashamed of the natural body? Is it equal for allowing the showing men's boobs (moobs) and not women's or the same line of reasoning to pay men more than women for equal work? Is Heidi's sensitivity to the issue any more or less valid than Marie's sensitivity to safe drinking water? Are breasts really sexual at all?

Doesn't body freedom touch on other issues like censorship (corporate media and Facebook frequently censor female breasts) or do we like censorship? Should the government or church really be dictating what we can wear or not wear, or should we be micromanaged? What harm would be befall a child who sees a nude/top-free adult? (In fact, all psychological studies show children raised around nudity have a more realistic body consciousness and image. Also, they are better adjusted.)

Plus, undeniably, on a nice day, it's way more comfortable and fun to not wear clothes than wear clothes. Or should we be against harmless happiness and fun?

George Davis

San Francisco

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