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Muslims don't believe in any of those things Mr. Veverka says he does

To The Daily Sun,

Well, last week I wrote that violent crime in Sweden has gone up 70 percent. James Veverka claims it isn't so. Well, I'm going to stand by my sources and James can stand by his, believe who you want, readers. Keep in mind James's sources are undoubtedly Saturday Night Live, ABC, CNN and MSNBC, among the most corrupt of the mainstream media. If you doubt my sources, watch the Don Lemon CNN interview with the investigative reporter who broke the story on Sweden and hear the deaf, dumb and blind Lemon trying to discredit the reporter without success.
For decades, before Muslims were brought into Sweden, the crime rates were infinitesimal compared with most of Europe. The Swedish liberal controlled government is desperate to keep the illusion of a Swedish paradise in Europe alive and have been cooking the books for years. But listen to interviews of police officers and the people of Sweden and the truth comes out. It is the same truth as we have seen in Germany, France, Belgian, Britain and all over Europe.
James Veverka claims he's a liberal, believes in human rights, women's rights, gay rights, democracy and all the rest but then lines himself up with Islam, not radical terrorists, but mainstream "moderate" Muslims. The problem with that is that Muslims do not believe in any of those things, not one. A person cannot be a Muslim if they do not believe in Sharia, and the Koran demands all Muslims must follow Sharia. Don't believe me? Go to your public library and read the Koran. It's there for all to see.

Steve Earle

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People of Ashland in need of a better building for their public library

To The Daily Sun,

Public libraries serve the people. Public libraries give private, unmonitored access to information through printed books, which is extremely important, especially in this modern day of pervasive surveillance.

Public libraries give all people access to the internet, which should be a modern right, not a privilege. Public libraries offer services to the community, which enrich the people, often times especially children. Public libraries increase literacy and respect for the free exchange and discussion of ideas. People who love their democracy, love their library. In the past people have fought for the right to access public libraries. A library card used to be a cherished possession, that is how important a quality public library is to the empowerment of the people.

Now I have my suggestions for strengthening the current library improvement plan, which you can find on my website VoteSivalinga.com under the entry Sivalingam, 2017 Warrant Article 3.

For example, if we are going to take up the tax burden of a new library, we must offset the cost in other areas, in part by increasing reliance on volunteers. However, it is my opinion that the people of Ashland are in need of a better building for its public library, and Ashland's historic school at 41 School St. is a great choice.

I encourage the voters to fall in love with their library again, and vote "Yes" to warrant Article 3 (Library Building).

Tejasinha Sivalingam


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