Jim Hightower - Fight is not about trade, it's about democracy

White House spokesperson Josh Earnest dismissed it as a procedural snafu, and it was — but not in the way he meant.

The "it" was the stunning June 12 vote last week in the House of Representatives that wrecked that high-balling freight train called the Trans-Pacific Partnership. TPP is the global trade scam that was being railroaded through Congress, carrying an unbelievably odious load of freight that would give more power to Big Pharma, Wall Street, Walmart, Big Oil frackers, Silicon Valley monopolists, agribusiness giants, climate change deniers, job exporters, exploiters of labor and other multinational corporate elites.

None other than President Obama was running this locomotive, and GOP congressional leaders Mitch McConnell and John Boehner were the chief freight handlers. With the full corporate establishment onboard the TPP, its passage was a done deal. Except for one unforeseen obstacle: you. And you. And you. In other words, the American people!

The more you learned about what the TPP is carrying, the more you realized what a raw deal it is for your democratic rights, your jobs, income, health, environment, food, etc. — so the more involved you got in the StopTheTPP.org movement. "You The People" rose up in nearly every congressional district, and even though the national media didn't notice you, Congress did. Thus, the done deal derailed — to the shock of Corporados and their politicos, nearly 70 percent of the House voted with the people against the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Of course Obama & Co. are trying to put their railroad job back on track, but that'll be a heavy lift. The wreck of the TPP was not due to a glitch in legislative procedure, but to the establishment's procedural miscalculation that we Americans will just sit still as it autocratically uses secrecy and lies to snatch away our democratic sovereignty.

The contrived wisdom foisted on us by the acolytes of the Holy Corporate Order is that ordinary folks can't stop the Powers That Be from enthroning both an economic oligarchy and political plutocracy over us. But as a friend of mine puts it: "Those who say it can't be done should not interrupt those who are doing it."
Indeed, the power elites on Wall Street, in Washington and up in the corporate suites got a major comeuppance when the U.S. House rejected their TPP scheme last Friday. The Trans-Pacific Partnership masqueraded as a free trade agreement, but of the 30 chapters of this thousand-page document, only six deal with trade — the other 24 add up to a book of anti-democratic horrors, further rigging the system to enrich the global corporate elite, while ensuring ever-widening inequities for the rest of us.

Yet, the elites got a comeuppance because ... well, because the grassroots literally came up. Such smart, savvy and scrappy public interest champions as Lori Wallach of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch and Larry Cohen of the Communications Workers of America dug out the details of TPP's secret power play and went to the countryside to alert regular Americans. They and many, many others strategized, organized and mobilized, creating a mass coalition to oppose the entrenchment of what would be a global corporate kleptocracy. This was building beneath the radar of the clueless establishment media, which continue to assert that opposition to the TPP is coming from labor unions. Labor has certainly been key, but it is hardly alone, for environmental groups, small businesses, mayors, state officials, religious leaders, family farm advocates and a wide array of other grassroots activists have enlisted in the crucial democratic cause.

What we have here is something big, something important for the long run: The beginning of a cohesive, comprehensive movement to restore a forward-looking people's politics based on the egalitarian principle that we're all in this together.

(Jim Hightower has been called American's most popular populist. The radio commentator and former Texas Commissioner of Agriculture is author of seven books, including "There's Nothing In the Middle of Road but Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos" and his new work, "Swim Against the Current: Even Dead Fish Can Go With The Flow".)

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Di Hillary really us her position at State to influence peddle?

To The Daily Sun,

Once again Hillary Clinton must be the victim of that vast right-wing conspiracy. Seems Time magazine, the N.Y. Times, Washington post and, well about every print journalism publication, has conspired against poor Hillary. The woman just can't catch a break.

All she did was ban a pool reporter she doesn't like from the campaign bus. Can't a candidate censor the reporting, refuse to hold interviews and take questions and still expect the media to have a slobbering love affair with the anointed Hillary? Apparently not.

Come on now media, you know she can't run on her record. She must depend on you printing pablum and keeping her failures out of the voters' minds. And for crying out loud, don't show those pictures of sparse crowds attending her second launch of her campaign. Must have been very disappointing.

Really Democrats, is this the best you can do for the nation? Could she win be your only concern? How about can she restore our economy, bring business back to the U.S., come up with a competent foreign policy?

So far she has shown zero evidence of having any idea of how to do even one of those things. Critics keep asking her supporters to name one achievement during her time in the Senate or as Secretary of State, only to be met with silence. And no, getting elected to the former and flying all over the world for photo ops on the latter do not count as achievements nor does parroting Obama count as leadership.

Then there are the long list of lingering questions of ethical/legal actions over the decades. Did she and Bill really use her position at State to influence-pedal? Funny how huge donations to the Clinton Foundation followed Hillary's approval of questionable business deals overseas that enriched them and harms us. Also funny how she keeps talking about supporting women's rights but takes big bucks from Muslim princes who have no concept of rights of women and not even mentioning gays.

Hillary's outrage is selective and aimed only at political targets here at home like Christians.

So again, is this really the best Democrats can do?

Steve Earle


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First requisite for effective communication is common language

To The Daily Sun,

Watch your tongue? Political correctness will crush freedom of speech. The first edict of a socialist dictatorship is scrutinize what you say or suffer the consequences.

We are traveling down that road. The masses now invading our southern border are adamant. No English senor!

The First Amendment of the Constitution protect citizens from those consequences. But how are we to know when multiple languages legal, inviolate but untranslated are towers of Babel leaving the Anglo's in the dark. After all we are the well established English-speaking majority. We function effectively. Our confidence and well being are at risk as well as our survival. Today's problems demand solid adhesion among we Aborigine. George III had no problem reading the Declaration of Independence. Rising as more divisive than the Civil War 150 years ago we embark upon the most disturbed epoch in U.S. history. We've been betrayed from on high and threatened by savages, is it possible no one cares? It seems so. Back to the lorders.

The borders, language and culture must be protected, nourished and respected lest we become a beehive of confusion and frustration with loss of our identity.

People flock to America because their homelands are unbearable, dysfunctional and dangerous, with no hope for a dignified future.

To provide those expectations the first requisite is understandable, common, effective communication. Yes, the King's English.

Ward H. Flanders





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Mr. President, why not assure nation that all black lives matter?

To The Daily Sun,

I admit to being quite baffled by the actions of the black mayors of large cities.

Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake is exhibit number one. Why does the mounting evidence lead to the belief that she actually told the police to stand down, while the protesters where becoming rowdy and eventually, out of control in the aftermath of the death of Freddie Gray, while in police custody. Why in the world would she do that? Even more perplexing is her statement, heard and seen on video where she told her community, "we will give them space to destroy". Why would she encourage the protesters to destroy the property of her own city, thereby absolving them of the responsibility for their actions?

Michael Bargo, Jr. claims the reason is due to the dilemma black mayors find themselves in when they get elected. "It is symptomatic of a dilemma faced by black leaders throughout the United States when they rise to power. Black leaders get elected by assuring their electorate that they will stand by them and join in their battle against white oppression." So Michael believes that her first instinct was to sympathize with the rioters. Apparently, they needed this outlet to vent their anger and frustration at being stuck in poverty created by "an oppressive white society". A lie repeatedly told to them by their black leaders and liberal educators. The responsibility lies not with them, but with their white oppressors.

Michael claims that the problem is created by the intersection of the many black churches that teach "black liberation theology" and an elected black official that has become part of the city administration. "They can't readily order police to stop riots without appearing to be part of the white establishment oppressors." If this is true, this is a very sad reality of what is occurring in this country in 2015. It would explain why President Obama has seemingly declared a "war on the police". After all, for 20 years he did sit in the church of Jeremiah Wright, the racist preacher, who has been spreading his black liberation theology message of hate for decades.

"They can't sympathize with angry outbursts and then stifle them," says Mr. Bargo. Though apparently, that is what President Obama is trying to do at this very moment. From early on in his administration, when he claimed the police acted stupidly regarding the Professor Henry Gates matter, to virtually every speech he has made since, Obama has put the blame squarely on the shoulders of our police force. Yet suddenly, he is calling for more police enforcement. So after he, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and many inner city mayors have created the racial powder keg in the nation, our President thinks he is going to ride in on his multicultural horse and play the role of "savior" for the crisis he helped to create.

Mr. President, if you want to be a "savior" to all the black youth in this country, then why not stop lamenting about how white oppression is keeping them from having a chance to succeed. Why not assure the nation that all black lives matter, not just the very small percentage shot by police. Why not provide them with the inspiration and motivation to succeed. Tell them that they can make it if they stay in school and stay out of gangs.

Then Mr. Community Organizer, caucus with all the big city mayors. Tell them to be strong and not kowtow to the teachers' unions. Mr. President, tell the parents of these children that you want them all to have a chance to succeed. You tell them that school choice must be on the table in every city across this country. Assure every one of these black children that they deserve to have the same quality of education that Malia and Sasha are receiving, and you will do everything in your power to make it happen. That would be a legacy you could be so very proud of, and the nation would salute your leadership.

Frederick Douglass told us, "Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe." Does anyone know if President Obama or Mayor Rawlings-Blake have ever read this quote? They might understand that Douglass is referring to their current behavior.

Booker T. Washington said, "Great men cultivate love . . . only little men cherish a spirit of hatred." As our first black president, why do you not heed these words of wisdom?

And finally, Mr. Washington reminded us, "Few things can help an individual more than to place responsibility on him, and to let him know that you trust him." Yet progressive liberals continue to promote the lie that blacks and other minorities can only make it if the government takes responsibility for them.

As a conservative who loves this country and wants everyone to have the opportunity to be a responsible, contributing member of society, the behavior of my president and his liberal comrades makes me very angry and very sad. I wonder if there are any black children in those failing schools who are even aware of the greatness of Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington or have even heard of their names.

Russ Wiles

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Please make the commitment to Stand Up for Laconia with us

To The Daily Sun, 

Although the school year is over and the slower and more relaxed pace of summer is here, Stand Up Laconia is not taking the summer off, but picking up speed.

Substance misuse continues to be a significant issue here in New Hampshire. Only your involvement can help us to keep this issue on the front burner where it belongs. As we know, the effects of substance misuse reach and corrode all fibers of our community, whether it be relationships, health, safety, or our economy. Although this issue is certainly not unique to our community, our community's reaction to this issue is.

Throughout our state, people are beginning to notice Stand Up Laconia, a small but committed and growing group of people. Our mission is simple: We want the drugs out, and a safe, vibrant community back. Many of us are refusing to just close our doors and pretend it is not an issue or complaining that it is just too complex of an issue to tackle. So Laconia and Lakes Region — Way to Go.

However, we still have lots of work to do. This issue is huge and we need every member of our community to get involved. And there are so many ways to become involved. We recognize everyone's time is precious and some may have more time than others to commit to this coalition. If we all give in whatever way we can, the momentum will gain and positive changes are then inevitable.

The only thing that will decrease the impact of the coalition is feeling, "Oh it's a growing coalition and they have enough people," or "I'll get involved sometime down the road when I have time."

There are 16,000-plus people who live in Laconia. Stand Up Laconia has about 250 coalition members, and about one-third of those are active members. If with those small numbers we are making positive changes, can you imagine with a substantial amount of involvement the positive changes that would take place? A year from now this community would be a completely different place. People would be lining up to move here. This is not a dream and could absolutely be a reality. If together we make this issue a priority this summer, get involved and see what 16,000 people Standing Up together Laconia can achieve.

Here are upcoming ways for you to get involved:

— Thursday, June 18, Monthly coalition meeting at Laconia Middle School from 5:30-7 p.m.

— Thursday, June 25, Free movie event "Anonymous People" at Lakes Region Community College

— Saturday, July 4, Stand Up Laconia table at Opechee Park.

— Monday, July 6, Make A Difference Monday – Fundraiser at Winni Playhouse in Meredith.
— Aug. 4, National Night Out

These are just a few ways Stand Up Laconia is getting involved, increasing awareness and creating a louder voice to ensure our community is a leader in prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery.

Make the commitment to Stand Up with us and come to this Thursday's meeting. Bring a neighbor, family member or co-worker with you. I sincerely hope we see you on the 18th. If you cannot make it send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let me know how you can help us grow this coalition.

Clare Persson


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