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Why should Hillary get as many N.H. delegates as Bernie?

To The Daily Sun,

Hello, does anyone else have an issue with this? Bernie Sanders takes 60 percent of the Democratic votes to Hillary's 38 percent. How is it possible that she has as many delegates from New Hampshire as Bernie does? I know the answer is that she has super delegates, so my next question is: Why?

How does that fairly represent the wishes of the voters in New Hampshire? I have been told that Hillary has secured enough super delegates to secure the nomination regardless. Does that really represent the wishes of the Democratic Party across this nation?

Today I learned that the DNC changed its rules so that lobbyists can contribute to Hillary's campaign. Bernie's too, maybe, but I doubt he will take it. Limited debates, changing the rules, and what about the questions to the Democratic candidates during those debates. If you don't watch a variety of television channels you might think Hillary was the only candidate running for the Democratic nomination.

So many questions, so little time for some to wake up and fix their own political party.

Althea Dunscombe
Center Harbor

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GOP obstructionism is why uninformed bully is leading in polls

To The Daily Sun,

To paraphrase Reagan, "There you go again," this is in regards to the GOP debate Saturday night where a number of presidential candidates expressed their opinion that Congress delay voting on any Supreme Court nomination that President Obama puts forward.

The President of the United States has specific responsibilities laid out by the U.S. Constitution. It states, "The president subject to Senate confirmation appoints ambassadors, justices of the Supreme Court, and all other offices of the United States."

Can you imagine the cry from, not just the GOP but all Americans, if the President did not fulfill his oath of office in other areas for the next year?

Mitch McConnell's edict, said in the early stages of Obama's Presidency; "The single most important thing we want is for President Obama to be a one-term president."

I know they want to continue their "do nothing" obstructionism but this is not governing which is why the truly uninformed, bully, and crass Donald Trump is leading in the polls. Those supporters are backing him because these GOP members of Congress did nothing.

As I watched the GOP debate on Saturday I was so disgusted at the level of petty, bad behavior of some of these candidates. They can't seem to get past the pre-school stage. Is this what America needs or wants? I hope not. There is way too much at stake and the rest of the world is watching.

"If you present good government, then elections look after themselves." — Jay Weatherill.

Paula Trombi


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