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Angry men with poor judgement, unconstrained by the truth

To The Daily Sun,

Richard Burchell has a history of letting his anger control his judgment and his ability to state the truth. His letter to the editor of June 22 is a typical example of this.

His comments on the bond issue are totally incorrect. The fact is the bond issue will be put out to bid in 2018 and at that time the Board of Commissioners will select the best deal for the taxpayers of Belknap County, both young and old.

As for Mr. Burchell's remarks about the 2016 state Senate race, his factual assertions are again completely false. From the start I thought Brian Gallagher to be a poor choice and considered running against him. I then met Bob Giuda and found a man with good judgment and decided to support his candidacy.

Richard Burchell and his friend and political ally, Brian Gallagher, have much in common, as they are angry men with poor judgement and an unwillingness to be constrained by truth.

David D. DeVoy, Chairman

Belknap County Commission

  • Written by Mike Mortensen
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Please help us purchase air conditioners for Tilton senior citizens

To The Daily Sun,

A little over seven years ago, we started an air conditioning program for seniors in Tilton — particularly the seniors and disabled who live at 380 West Main St. Because of the ingress and egress issue, they are only allowed to have floor model air conditioners that are not affordable in low income housing. We reached out to the community and received an overwhelming response. Combined with a generous donation from Lowe’s, we were able to meet the needs of every senior that has a medical need.

Over the years, the air conditioners have been breaking down or are missing parts. We also have a few more residents who need them. Today, Lowe’s donated two more to help out. We are in need of at least two more this year just to meet the requests. If you can help us with a donation to the air conditioning account, Lowe’s will set aside our conditioners and make sure we have a few to give to our seniors in need. No donation is too small. If everyone gives just a little, we will be able to get a few. They are about $300 each.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 603-387-5711 or send in your donation to the Town of Tilton, 257 Main St. Tilton NH 03276. Please make sure to specify it is for air conditioners.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Selectman Pat Consentino


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