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Veverka and Cracraft continue to perfect the art of namecalling

To The Daily Sun,

James Veverka, like Professor Cracraft, it would appear, have nothing of substance left with which to make a cogent argument. The "not so kindly anymore" professor has repeatedly resorted to name-calling, to the point of making it an art form.

That is no surprise because the progressive left fascists have made name calling an art form. Their intellectual vapidness, ladled onto the acquiescent pages of the mainstream media with a generous dose of condescension, smells like a noxious waste dump. Why is the professor not speaking out about the crushing loss of free speech on college campuses when even Bernie "the socialist" Sanders and Bill "foul mouth" Maher have said things have gotten out of hand? Your silence speaks volumes Scott.

Back to King James and his asinine moral equivalency between Christianity and Islam. Why the man positively gives atheists a bad name. Jimmy V, who most recently besieged us with a flailing flock of climate change statistics that he deemed proof positive of a looming man-made catastrophe, doubles down with a double dose of leftist lunacy. In his most recent missive, the man claims that because the Old Testament has many passages relating to violence, we Christians should not condemn Islam for its violent Koran passages.

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, you are better than that, aren't you? Are Christians running around the globe yelling, "God is Great" or, "In Jesus's name" as they bomb, burn, cut off heads, kill gays, while butchering and sexually abusing women and children, all the while proclaiming to the world that they will kill all infidels?

Well, I guess there is the nasty Westboro Baptist church morons and a handful of fundamental Christian nuts running around. But I'm not sure they equate to ISIS, al-Qaida, the Taliban, al-Nusra, Boko Haram, al-Shabaab, the intolerant Salafi and Wahabi ideologies and of course the beloved Muslim Brotherhood, so loved by Barack Obama.

Sorry, James, but conservatives and Christians are calling out you and Professor Cracraft for your callous, capricious and mendacious efforts to malign conservatives and Christians and the president of the United States. Oh, and please do keep on writing because your hypocrisy and lack of honesty are essential factors as to why middle America chose Donald Trump over the irredeemable character of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Deplorables indeed!

You say Sharia Law ain't so bad. I say our Constitution is so much better. You say open borders. I say, borders, language and culture.

Russ Wiles


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This is national volunteer week and Hospice VNA appreciates ours

To The Daily Sun,

Right here in our community, six trained volunteers are working with Franklin VNA and Hospice and giving selflessly to others nearing the journey at life's end. They give of themselves to ensure that our friends, neighbors, co-workers under hospice care find dignity, hope and love. Our community is a better, more compassionate place because of their service.

April 23-29 is National Volunteer Week and every single volunteer deserves our appreciation and grateful acknowledgement.

These volunteers tend to patients at the bedside, support family caregivers, help families during one of life's most stressful periods, raise awareness, provide grief support, help raise funds, and so much more.

Hospice volunteers make more special moments possible for the patients and families they serve every day and are integral members of the hospice team.

An estimated 430,000 trained volunteers give more than 19 million hours of service every year in hospices across the country, reports the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. During National Volunteer Week, these dedicated individuals deserve our appreciation.

We encourage others to learn more about hospice by contacting Franklin VNA and Hospice at 934-3454.

The Rev. Tobias Nyatsambo

Hospice Chaplain & Volunteer Coordinator

Barbara Scott RN

Hospice Program Coordinator

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