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Avoid the snow, come to the Bristol polls early and vote for SB-2

To The Daily Sun,

Bristol is fortunate to have many eager candidates for various seats in this year's election cycle. There are two seats open for selectmen, and just so you know, I'm torn between Fred Eichman and Eric Rottenecker (the write-in candidate) for one Selectboard seat. The other seat I'm all in for John Sellers. John has proven himself to be a strong voice for the voters of Bristol on the Budget Committee. I believe he will be a strong advocate on the Selectboard as well.

Another contest is the Budget Committee with three available seats. There are two candidates I can speak for based on past experience. One is Dave Carr who's served us well for years on the Budget Committee. All year long he's not stop diligent in focusing on every aspect of the budget. The other is Kevin Maccafrie who's shown himself to be a good friend of the taxpayers here.

The weather report sounds snowy for Tuesday. So come early, but please come. Bring or ride with a neighbor. Don't forget to vote "Yes" for SB-2.

J.P. Morrison


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Alpers & Milbrand will always keep Bristol taxpayers in mind

To The Daily Sun,

Here comes the month of March, when Bristol has its annual town meeting. This year we are being asked to vote on a new warrant article changing this town into an SB-2, which eliminates our yearly meeting and changes the nature of the democratic process which is apt to cause less input on budget issues by voters.

I believe one reason for this warrant article is because some people feel we don't have enough taxpayers and residents in attendance at this meeting. As I recall we had approximately 150 voters in previous years who have concerns about how our tax money is being spent.

I have also read that some towns who are currently SB-2 are considering reverting back to town meetings so their voices can be heard. So think twice about your vote and the impact an SB-2 could have.

Also when contemplating candidates for the Selectboard, consider Rick Alpers and Don Milbrand who will always keep the taxpayers in mind when making final decisions.

Lorraine Bohmiller


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