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Hynotist will perform to riase money for Dana Farber Challenge

To The Daily Sun,

We are proud of our daughter Beth (Roberts) Connolly who, for the second time, is running in the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge, fund raising for cancer research. Beth is a local athlete that graduated from Belmont High School.

This Sunday, March 13, we will have lots of laughs at the Pitman Freight Room in Laconia. From 3 to 6 p.m. we are very fortunate to have live entertainment in the form of an ace hypnotist, Steve Coppola.

Steve Coppola has donated his time to assist Dana Farber and Beth with this fund-raising effort. This show is one of the most entertaining and enjoyable events I have ever seen. Steve entertained us last year when he donated his talents to the effort and put on a magnificent show.

The cost is $15 per person with raffles, entertainment, and light refreshments included. All of the proceeds go to Dana Farber cancer research. This is a wonderful afternoon to be entertained and enjoy family and friends.

Please support Beth and Dana Farber. Details are available on the Pitman Freight Rooms web-site http://www.pitmansfreightroom.com/UpComingEvents.html

Roy & Terry Roberts

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I knew Ronald Reagan, Mitt, and you are no Ronald Reagan

To The Daily Sun,

Did you hear Romney on Fox? Why didn't he throw his hat in the ring? Why didn't Mitt endorse Ted Cruz? He spoke highly of Rubio and Cruz.
I knew Ronald Reagan, Mitt, and you are no Reagan! Do they believe an establishment, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Republican is going to knock off Trump from the primary race? I heard Speaker Ryan speak of how Trump was hurting "the party" twice in two sentences on Thursday morning. That is the point: Jeb, Sen. Ayotte, John H. Sununu, Jennifer Horn, the elite and establishment, you see us common sense, principled, America-first folks as just votes and contributions, and then laugh at us. That is why Trump is doing so well without our help. I admit to being a Cruz supporter — love and protect what is great about America. We are not thinking "party," we, Democrats and Republicans, are groups of patriots who know what has to be done. We know the answers, stop asking what is in it for us.
Niel Young


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