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The N.H. Legislature accomplished a great deal this year

To The Daily Sun,

With my first session as the Senator representing the people of District 7 behind me, I wanted to take a moment to thank the people who sent me to Concord to serve them.

The New Hampshire Legislature, working with Governor Chris Sununu, accomplished a great deal this year. We expanded programs to help fight the opioid crisis and mental health to establishing more educational choice for students and parents.

There were three key accomplishments that will impact the communities in District 7 most prominently.

Every two years our state is required to pass a balanced budget. The budget we passed this year cut taxes for small businesses and even repealed the electrical consumption tax. It increased funding to fight the opioid crisis and doubled the money going into our alcohol fund. A scholarship program was even established to not only encourage New Hampshire students to attend institutions of higher learning in our state but to also stay here putting their skills to work after they graduate

Governor Sununu ran on establishing full day kindergarten for every child in the state. This was a promise he made and the legislature helped him keep this promise by delivering a bill for him to sign. Every child in New Hampshire will have greater access to educational opportunities because of this program.

Finally, the state has been trying to sell the old Laconia State School property for years with little success to show for it. This year, I worked with Senator Chuck Morse to develop a plan to establish a Lakeshore Redevelopment Planning Commission. This commission will develop a plan to use the property, similar to the Pease Trade Port on the Seacoast. We expect this to bring greater economic development and jobs to the greater Laconia area and I look forward to working with the commission to ensure this project moves forward promptly.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you in Concord and I look forward to doing even more in the next session for my community.

Senator Harold French

N.H. District 7


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Join us on Saturday, August 19 for Gilmanton Old Home Day

To The Daily Sun,

Dear Gilmanton residents — current and past:

N.H. Governor Frank West Rollins created Old Home Week with a great thought in mind, "I wish that in the ear of every son and daughter of New Hampshire, in the summer days, might be heard whispered the persuasive words: Come back, come back. Do you not hear the call? What has become of the old home where you were born? Do you not remember it — the old farm back among the hills, with its rambling buildings, its well sweep casting it's long shadows, the row of stiff poplar trees, the lilac and the willows?"

With this in mind, return to your home and join the town for it's 119th annual Old Home Day Saturday, August 19 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Smith Meetinghouse (Meeting House Road, Gilmanton).

Yes, they didn't forget the traditional bean hole bean dinner but new this year is a silent auction which will include gift certificates from many businesses. You won't want to miss the antique cars, the antique friends and all the new ones!

Cameron Hamel

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