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A lot is being made of an old geezer popping some disruptive leftist

To The Daily Sun,

Oh my gosh, I have to say Scott Cracraft is just amazing. He has reinvented history all by himself — not an easy task when there are other people who can call his latest letter what it is: bull!

About a year ago I wrote that I'd bet a coffee and a doughnut no liberal would go to a Tea Party meeting. Scott announced I owed him such and we agreed to attend together. He never showed; he said he had to prepare for tests. Right! So still he is trying to compare the Tea Party to Nazis and fascists.

So let's compare, those two groups represented big, top-down control, limited individual freedom governments. The Tea Party represents small federal government, local controls, low taxes, and more individual freedom.

Then he tries to blame the Trump supporters for all the demonstrations and hate speech going on and compares them also to the fascists and Nazis. Again we compare. Hitlers "Brown Shirts" the SA's job was to disrupt, shout down, threaten and assault political enemies.

So who does that sound like, the Tea Party, Trump supporters?

I have yet to see or read about either of those groups invading a Clinton of Sanders rally, have you? No, it's the left's people, thugs encouraged by college leftist professors following the decades old strategy of trying to silence the opposition by any means necessary, legal or illegal, ethical or unethical. What's more Scott knows it, he's a history professor, not an honest one though.

Now a lot is being made of an old geezer popping some leftist clown who was trying to disrupt a Trump rally. I say good for the old guy, the punk was asking for it by his actions and behavior. I'm surprised it hasn't happened before, and past time the right started making it clear they won't accept or tolerate it any more.

And by the way, the media is as much to blame as the thugs by giving them exposure and glorifying them. Time for some standards there, too, because as it is now they are as trustworthy as a bunch of skunks.

Steve Earle


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Can't see spending $300,000 on a road with 2 residences on it

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to express my concerns over the Wareing Road Project that the Belmont Board of Selectmen are proposing.

It does not seem to make a lot of sense to upgrade and pave, and spend $300,000, on a road that only has a total of two residences on the unpaved portion.

There are many roads in Belmont that are in desperate need of paving, and upgrading, all of which have many more residences than does Wareing Road.

I don't know how Wareing Road ever got to the top of the priority list.

If reducing the amount of truck traffic on Main Street is the only goal of this project, then my suggestion is to leave the road as it is, since the "pit" in question has almost exhausted it's material. In a few years the problem solves itself, and the taxpayers don't have to spend their tax dollars on a short term problem.

I also do not understand why the Board of Selectmen are in such a rush to proceed with such a controversial project. There are plenty of other roads that need repairs and are utilized much more than Wareing Road.

I think it is a mistake to proceed down this path. Being tone deaf to the true needs of the tax payers is not helpful. It is not too late to for the Board to make a different decision.

For those who are interested in this issue, The Board of Selectmen will be meeting on Monday April 4 at 5 p.m. to discuss this.

Brian Watterson



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