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Conservatives need to attend Sanbornton Town Meeting again

To The Daily Sun,

Sanbornton taxpayers, what happened to the democratic power of Town Meeting?  Answer: It all went to the progressive side (which is in the minority) of our population of 2,800 people when the conservatives in town got fed up and stayed home.

Average attendance at Town Meeting was between 150 and 165. However, last year's Town Meeting attendance surged to 310 when taxpayers learned that the proposed FY17 budget included a request for two full-time firemen, a $7,000 raise for the fire chief, a $7,000 increase for the library, and a new $100,000 recreation building.

Budget Committee member Roger Grey was instrumental in alerting taxpayers to the above increases. He worked alongside a group of concerned Sanbornton citizens to make a townwide mailing explaining the importance of the upcoming Town Meeting and urged residents to attend. Ultimately 310 voters showed up and voted their conscience.

I believe we need to keep Roger Grey on the Budget Committee. He is currently the only member speaking on behalf of the average taxpayer. As a former business owner he understands the budgeting process and how to be fair and reasonable.

I sincerely hope that the conservative families in our town will turn out to re-elect Roger Grey on March 14 and then attend the March 15 Town Meeting thereby restoring a two-party system in Sanbornton.

John Robinson


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I am seeking re-election to the Sanbornton Budget Committee

To The Daily Sun,

It has been my privilege to serve on the Sanbornton Budget Committee the past three years. I am seeking re-election to the Budget Committee and I am asking for your vote on Tuesday, March 14.

Three years ago my position was that the Budget Committee and Board of Selectmen should cooperate with the goal of reconciling budget differences prior to Town Meeting. Since I was elected, the Budget Committee and the Board of Selectmen have improved communications and meet both at the outset of the budgeting process and after the Budget Committee review. This has resulted in substantive differences being brought to the voters.

Budget disagreements cause Town Meeting to be excessively long and drawing attention away from the largest drivers of town property taxes, warrant articles. As promised, I have made every effort to see that the product of the budgeting process provides clear and meaningful choices to the voters at town meeting.

I would appreciate our vote and support on Tuesday, March 14. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Town Hall.

Ralph Rathjen


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