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There's pure unadulterated evil in the New Testament as well

To The Daily Sun,

There he goes again. Mr. Earle once again defends his advanced stage malignant bigotry with preposterous absurdities. He clearly thinks you're all idiots. He writes, "I have no evidence 'moderate Muslims' are doing a thing other than lip service to fix this problem." He's really going with that! Lip service? Like speaking out against violence? What else can Muslims do to placate a bitter and hateful old bigot? Millions have signed on to hundreds of Fatwas (official decrees) worldwide, condemning violence since 9/11. Mr. Earle wouldn't know evidence if it landed on his head from a Pterodactyl.

Steve says, "Did someone take a worldwide census of all Muslims?" He's going with that, too! Scores of polls and surveys have been conducted worldwide since 9/11. I cited the global study by Pew only a couple of letters ago to the other bigot, Mr. Ewing. Surveys worldwide show a vast majority of Muslims disapprove of ISIS and radical Islam. Most victims are Muslims, btw. And in Iran, the moderate just got re-elected president. There are 20 million Muslims in Europe and only a handful have committed terror acts. Of the 20 million, just 2000 went to fight for ISIS. There are 3 million Muslims in the USA and just a handful have committed terror acts. And American Muslims are more inclusive liberal than Evangelicals. In fact, Pew found only 35 percent of American Muslims think their religion is the only way to God. On the other hand, nearly a half a million Americans have died from gunshots since 9-11. Nearly 200,000 were murdered by Americans. Around 100 have died from jihadist attacks here since 2002. Get your priorities straight. According to the CDC "11,780 Americans were killed by guns a year on average". The FBI reported that there were about 15,696 murders and 90,185 rapes in the USA in 2016. But the Muslims! The Muslims are coming! The Muslims are coming!

He writes (without a source) that a Muslim network has conducted "31,000 lethal attacks since 2001." Another lie. The number regards the number of convictions since 9/11, not actual attacks. According to an NBC News report, The Associated Press "used freedom of information queries, law enforcement data and hundreds of interviews to identify 119,044 anti-terror arrests and 35,117 convictions in 66 countries, accounting for 70 percent of the world's population." Not lethal attacks. The report stated, "More than half the convictions came from two countries accused of using anti-terror laws to crack down on dissent, Turkey and China. Turkey alone accounted for a third of all convictions, with 12,897." For instance, Naciye Tokova, a Kurdish mother and housewife, was sentenced to seven years in jail for allegedly helping rebels who are described by Turkey as terrorists. Her crime? Holding a sign saying "Either a free leadership and free identity, or resistance and uprising until the end." (See http://www.nbcnews.com/id/44389156/ns/us_news-9_11_ten_years_later/t/rightly-or-wrongly-thousands-convicted-terrorism-post-/)

Mr. Earle also claims I would find it hard to find blood and guts in the New Testament. The New Testament tells women to shut up and obey their husbands; slaves are to obey their masters; gays and lesbians are worthy of death. And if you don't believe in Christ, you're damned eternally in the lake of fire. That's pure unadulterated evil. That's Steve's loving Christian God putting unbelievers in the ovens of hell to suffer unspeakable pains forever. The ultimate holocaust. The ultimate evil.

James Veverka

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Let's keep quality teachers & attract educated families to Laconia

To The Daily Sun,

As a Laconia citizen for 40 years, a parent who has three children who have attended and graduated from Laconia High School, as a former employee of the School District and library media specialist at the former Memorial Middle School and the current library media specialist at Winnisquam Regional School District, I sincerely hope the School Board finds a way to "fashion a deal to give teachers significant pay raises despite the constraints of the city's property tax cap."

I read this morning's front page and have kept abreast of the current situation. I am retiring at the end of June after 35 years in public education and I cannot tell you how grateful I have been for the opportunity and honor to be part of so many students' lives in middle and high school. I hope I was able to make a difference in a few students lives and encourage them to find just a few wonderful things about a library and a book and reading. But this letter is not about me. It is about the need for quality educators to continue to have a major impact on our youths' lives and futures.

We need to better compensate our teachers in a fair way, they need to be on target with other districts in the Lakes Region. As everyone knows by now, they are not. I know how hard teachers work in the classroom and out of the classroom. I know how much work they take home every single day and how much time they spend every single weekend on school work. I know many teachers who come to school for athletic events, concerts because they want to and because they care so about their students. I know they volunteer to attend and chaperone a dance on a weekend night because a student asked them if they would. And we hate to say no to that student because they want us to be there.

I read the Amanda Youssef's comments as a Laconia native, graduate of our schools, teacher at Elm Street School and a young mother preparing to send her daughter to kindergarten. I knew Mandy well as a little girl and young woman and we are always proud and happy when "our own kids" want to give back in their own community. I also understand her being "gravely concerned about the future of Laconia schools." I too, would be very concerned if my children were of school age.

Tate Aldrich, 2017 Teacher of the Year for New Hampshire, we are all so proud of his devotion to our schools and our students. Another one of "our own kids." And was it Tuesday that our middle school sent a small group of students to Tennessee for a competition to represent the Laconia Destination Imagination Globals. I wonder if some of our amazing teachers had any part in this? I think so. Oh, and was it last week that Pleasant Street School was named the Best Elementary School in New Hamphsire? I think the teachers may have a part in that too.

Those who have not had the opportunity to be in any of our schools really have no idea what takes place every day in the classrooms, the hallways, the cafeterias, the media centers. And as a taxpayer in Laconia and a homeowner for 39 years I know the burden. Mr. Hodgman, I understand exactly where you are coming from with your concern and your comment. I understand your concern about a static income, but with all due respect sir, without a pay increase for our teachers we will have a static school system and a static city with growing problems.

We will continue to lose experienced, quality teachers and we will not attract young, educated families to our beautiful city. The article also mentions that we can fill the positions with less experienced teachers that would be hired at lower rate. And yes, we were all new, less experienced teachers at one time, but if Laconia makes that choice we will lose the quality. Significantly. We need a balance of experienced quality teachers and new lesser experienced ones.

Please consider all of the strengths that we have in Laconia and our schools, teachers, administration. Please find a way to make this happen and compensate our teachers for what they do daily.

Marcia Grant Dionne


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