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Hillary stickers wouldn't have attracted the ridicule you heaped on

To The Daily Sun,

Wow isn't that Alan Vervaeke (Tuesday, May 30) just the most perfect person, buying only chicken and veggies? How wonderful for him as he points out a poor ,obese family's dietary faults and a rich woman's not so much. Each had the cardinal sin of having Trump-Pence stickers on their cars.

His message was loud and clear: only the extremes of society voted for Trump. Oh yea Alan, how about all those blue collar workers in the rust belt who voted for Trump and the coal miners and the middle class that was an endangered species thanks to Obama, Clinton, you and the rest of the liberal-progressive-socialists bent on ruining this country and setting up a one-party totalitarian state. Well they voted against you and Hillary (the liar) and Obama and his fraud of forced, unaffordable health care.

So get over it Alan, you lost, to bad, so sad — not . Bet if those two examples you spoke of had had Hillary stickers they would not have been subject to the embarrassment and ridicule you heaped on them. But that's what you lefties do, isn't it? Rather then honestly dealing with problems, making life better for the poor you exploit them, promise them, but never actually fix anything because then you would have no causes to run on. Without those causes you have no support, no cause, only the lust for power and control. To bad, not this time; hopefully never.

Steve Earle


  • Written by Mike Mortensen
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Congrats Laconia on the wonderful improvements to Lakeside Ave.

To The Daily Sun,

With Memorial Day weekend in our rearview mirror, the summer tourist season begins with a huge success. Anyone who may have visited the Weirs Beach area on Saturday or Sunday could not help but notice how busy it was. I believe there is a reason for this and it is quite simply, but most importantly, the result of the many renovations the city has made to one of their many jewels: Lakeside Avenue. For many years, this area has been referred to by visitors and vacation writers as slightly run down, "honky tonk" and old resort area. Well, no more my friends, as the city has stepped up to make a major investment to renovate the aging infrastructure and most importantly refresh the tired look of the Weirs so as to enhance what is considered the most scenic port on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Judging by the Memorial Day weekend crowd's reaction, it was a huge success. The area was abuzz with activity, with families strolling along the new sidewalks, taking in the clean, new look and enjoying the many offerings the Weirs has to offer. I truly believe and certainly hope the revitalization of the area will have a very positive effect on attracting new businesses in the future that will enhance the area even more.

For this long-time business in the Weirs, we congratulate the mayor, city manager, city councilors, Public Works Department and taxpayers of Laconia and all involved with this major project. You have built something to be proud of.

On behalf of the owners and crew of Mount Washington Cruises, thank you. We are very proud of calling the Weirs our home port.

Jim Morash

Owner & Captain

Mount Washington Cruises

  • Written by Edward Engler
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