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Buckle up, it's going to be a rough ride for fair-minded people

To The Daily Sun,

Dark days ahead ... bleak ... at best. This nation, under President Trump, along with Steven Bannon in the West Wing, others who will be appointed to his administration, and thousands of other political appointees are posed to do considerable damage to the well-being and safety of the citizens of this country over the next four years. The damage created will just about wipe out all of the good that President Obama has done for this country during the eight years of his administration.

Those on the right have been sharpening their talons while waiting for this day to come. The GOP/Tea Party is going to take us back to the time when parents taught their children that babies were delivered by the stork. The handwriting is on the wall. The GOP/Tea Party is going to try, with the blessings of the extremists, every tactic in their playbook to wipe out all of the accomplishments achieved by President Obama, one by one.

We must give our full support to those in Congress who will try to keep our government of checks and balances in place. We must continue to ask for moderation, and reject extremism. Now more than ever all citizens have to protect and defend our democracy. We cannot forget that many moderate clear thinking GOPers did not vote for or support Trump. Millions upon millions of voters were able to see through the lies and smokescreen.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was recently interviewed by Matthew Weaver of The Guardian UK. During this interview he said in part, "He [Trump] goes into this White House as the least popular presidential candidate in American history. Trump's agenda is a minority agenda, not supported by most people. Our job is to mobilize and educate and to fight back at every instance."

I am truly frightened to the core of my very being. Scary and very sad! Fasten your seat belts folks, it's going to be a very rough ride for liberals, moderate Democrats and Republicans with their fair-minded agenda. During Trump's campaign (or should I say scorched earth march) we were witness to just the tip of a huge conservative iceberg.

We now have no other choice but to believe that what he has advocated will come to pass.

Bernadette Loesch

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Gilmanton Elementary School recognized our nation's veterans

To The Daily Sun,

The Gilmanton Elementary School under the co-direction of Cathy Lines and Zac Babcock organized a Veterans Day Observance.

The assembly was opened by Blake Bolduc, Annabelle Eisenman and Jon Buttrick. Rachel Bradstreet then discussed "What is a Veteran," followed by Chaz Townsend presenting a history of Veterans Day. Jenny Laurendeau then did introductions to Grades K, 1 and 2 which sang patriotic songs, including "It's a Grand Old Flag" and "Fifty Stars." Third-graders Kylie Kelly and Wren Reinholz wrote and read an acrostic poem. Fifth-grade students presented all veterans in attendance with personal letters asking many questions about their service and experiences. Brian Brennan read a heartfelt letter to his Dad, Sgt. Casey Brennan of the Gilmanton Police Department expressing his family's feelings during his absence through three deployments. Grace Denny and Sydney Rainville then did a Patriotic reading of "I Am the Flag."

The overall responsibility of running the assembly was shared by students Annabelle Eisenman, Pat Bolduc, and Jon Buttrick.

Mary Sawyer, the Elementary School music director, had her students perform an inspirational rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner" as well as patriotic music as guests arrived. Also, student members Emma Ramsey, Noah Bilodeau, and Haven Montoya provided snare drum cadence for the Color Guard of the American Legion Ellis Geddes Levitt Post 102 of Gilmanton. The Color Guard consisted of Glen Lines, Don Ouellette, Walt Barton and Fred Clifford. Approximately 25 veterans were in attendance including members from other local Posts.

The overall program was a stirring tribute to the men and women who have or are presently serving our country. To Cathy and Zac and all those involved we say "a job well done."

M. Young, Commander

American Legion Ellis Geddes Levitt Post 102


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