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People don't want a ruling class that knows what's best for us

To The Daily Sun,

On the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, I have been mostly a sideline observer, but the recent videos of the architect of this legislation, Jonathan Gruber, has really opened my eyes to how corrupt this current presidential administration really is. In the video clips, Gruber, admitted that the "law's lack of transparency" was designed to dupe the American public. He brags and laughs to his fellow academics, at a conference, saying "Americans are too stupid to understand" the health care bill.

Well, I guess the real joke was on the taxpayers.

Most of the Democratic Party senators who voted to pass this act likely never read the bill and voted for it anyway. Nancy Pelosi herself said they had to pass it to find out what was in it. Billions and billions were spent on the government website before they insured one single citizen on Obamacare. Then it failed.

The state of Massachusetts spent almost $1 billion on their own website and, at this time, it is not functioning properly. These costs are unacceptable.

Now, I do think it is noble that all Americans have access to affordable health insurance. However, the way this administration went about it was deceitful and very heavy-handed. Mark Twain once said "Honesty is the best policy when there is money in it" and also said something to the effect, if you tell the truth you don't have to have such a great memory. President Obama and his administration did not tell anything close to the truth with the ACA and to me has lost all credibility.

People want government leaders that they can trust, not a ruling class that thinks they know what is best for us. The recent remarks by one of the president's advisers prove it all too well that they don't have all the answers.

Remember what Lincoln said at Gettysburg "a government of the people, by the people, for the people."

Sean Kenneally


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Did they call your name out loud on election day? How did you feel?

To The Daily Sun,

Last Tuesday, I voted in the mid-term elections at the St. Andre Bessette Parish in Laconia. Imagine my surprise, when after I "checked in" at the polling table, my name was announced out loud throughout the whole polling hall. It was extremely unsettling to me. I  thought that the right to vote should also protect your right to privacy. I understand that one og the clerks needs to check your name off to prevent "voting fraud", but I didn't expect the clerk across the room to also have to check off your name.

I have voted before in New Hampshire and in other states and this is the first time this has happened to me. The next day, I phoned the office of Secretary of State New Hampshire. I was told that this was the state law and that the law has been effect for the past four years. I was told that the law was passed to prevent "voting fraud". I voted two years ago and I don't recall this happening.

What would happen if a neighbor that a voter is trying to avoid because of a local dispute, hears your name and after you vote confronts you outside the voting hall or in the parking lot.This could prevent other voters from coming to the polls to cast his or her votes.

I am considering contacting my elected officials and if necessary the American Civil Liberties Union to try to get this law overturned. I am sure that having their name called out in the polling hall happened to other readers, since I did hear other voters names called out when they voted in this polling place. How did they feel when they heard their name our loud?

Mark Weinreb


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God is unsearchable; you'll never be able to know all about God

To The Daily Sun,
I'd like to respond to Thomas Lemay's letter of Nov. 8. Though I didn't read Bishop Blake's letter in question. I have read some of his letters. Though he often writes in Christianese which unbelievers are not accustom to hearing, he is usually sound in doctrine. As a rule, I'm not certain about his Halloween letter as I said I haven't read it, but as a rule I'd take his letters seriously.

Having said that, I'd like to address some things you said in your letter. From your letter I perceive that you have had some less than positive experiences with Christians. Let me apologize for our less-than-stellar witness to you. We, the Christian church, are far from perfect, but we are a work in progress.
In your letter you comment on how the Christian church was persecuted in the beginning "but once it got rolling, oh how the tide has turned..." It seems that you consider the corruption of the church as the genuine article instead of the other way around. Please Tom, do not consider the unfaithfulness and corruption of some or even many Christians or if you will, so-called Christians as indeed some are, to be the message of the Christian church. If you do, it will only be to your loss.

Now as to the authority of the Scriptures. They are divine thoughts given through divine words, not merely the words of men. Tom they are true words. How do I know this? I have come to know the living God and his Son Jesus Christ. He is real. His word is true. If you could make a time machine and go back to the beginning you would find Adam and Eve in the garden. A little latter Noah's Ark and the world wide flood etc... You wouldn't find men evolving. But you can't do these things so it takes faith to believe it. That's the only way someone can believe in evolution also. Except believing what is false turns out to be delusion.

Christians are just honest about the faith part, evolutionists aren't. Christian faith is not blind faith though. If you seriously study God's word, the Bible, it proves it's and God's faithfulness.'

If I can perhaps help you with some of your objections. You mention 1,283,000 mass killings in the Bible. I'm not sure where you got the number, but perhaps this will help you understand a little. God is unsearchable. You will never be able know everything about God. But we know that he is good, that he is righteous, that he is all-powerful. He is also the creator of all things. As he is the creator, if he kills somebody who is there to charge him with wrongdoing. So how do we follow his example then? That's where Jesus comes in. Jesus is God the Son. He is thus God and he is man. Jesus gave us an example of what God would do as a man as well as providing a means of salvation for us.

The Crusades? So many times men get it wrong and don't understand what God wants them to do. I think the Crusades were one of those. Though God will use anything to accomplish his purpose even our mistakes.

As to the realness of the existence of God we know that life comes from life. I would challenge you or anyone to show an experiment were you start with a inanimate object or substance and create a living being from non life. It doesn't happen. Creating an amino acid is not that. In this way science confirms the need for a creator. These things being so, it would behoove a reasonable man to find out just who this God is, and what is required to please Him.
Well, God bless and I hope I've been of some help.

John Demakowski


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It's an honor to be your representative at the Statehouse in Concord

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank my constituents for their support, efforts and votes which, helped make my campaign successful. It is an honor to be your Representative in Concord and in the Belknap County Delegation.

I look forward to working for all the people of District 8 and will listen to anyone who has concerns or ideas that will help keep New Hampshire a great state to live in.

Raymond Howard Jr.


State Rep.-elect, Belknap District 8


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Liberals successfully expend tremendous effort changing culture

To The Daily Sun,

Okay, Republicans, time to put on your big boy pants and show the nation what real leadership looks like. You have two years and your time starts now. The mid-term elections sent forth a screaming mandate throughout the land, "We are sick and tired of Democrat politicians taking more control over our lives and diminishing the likelihood of the American dream journey being passed on to our children and grandchildren." At least that is how I have paraphrased Paul Driessen's message in his recent column.

John Ransom makes it really easy for you — jobs, jobs, jobs. Give it your laser-like focus and top priority. It should be an easy sell now that we are fully aware of President Obama's six year non-job recovery. The unemployment rate is down to 5.8 percent and isn't that just marvelous? John asked Peter Morici who said, "that has been mostly accomplished by encouraging prime working-aged adults to sit out the labor market-neither work nor look for work." Peter went on to say that 400,000 jobs per month is needed to get real unemployment numbers down to acceptable levels. Month after month, year after year, this economy has struggled to exceed much more than half that amount.

The 5.8 percent unemployment level is really 9.8 percent when you factor in all those who would like to work, but remain idle. The Democrats want to put the blame on the baby boomers, but one in six folks in the 25 to 64 age group is jobless. Over the past six years, the average family income has fallen from $57,000 to $52,000. Two-thirds of the jobs created in 2014 are just above the minimum wage. In 2013 that percentage was less than 50 percent.

Peter Morici, economist and business professor at the University of Maryland urges our government to finally confront Chinese protectionism and open up off-shore drilling. John Ransom declares that Republicans must ignore the fact that a push for job creation might help our president's legacy and march on and attack job creation in every way possible. He says, "Pass every bill that creates jobs from Keystone XL to repealing provisions of Obamacare that have screwed up the labor market badly, including repeal of the individual mandate and the company mandate."

Okay, Republicans, free market economists have given you your marching orders which align with the angry Nov. 4 voting smackdown of Democrats. Unleash the power of the private sector that will create jobs and increase tax revenues, Social Security contributions, income, GDP, wage inflation and consumer confidence. Most Democrats will fight you tooth and nail, still persisting in their delusional belief that only the government can create jobs, the past six years notwithstanding. Stay strong and do not be deterred by progressive tactics of name calling and other diversionary measures.

Mark Steyn reminds us in his recent book, "The Undocumented Mark Steyn," "that liberals expend tremendous effort changing the culture. Conservatives expend tremendous effort changing elected officials every November — and then are surprised that it doesn't make much difference."

I believe that the young, fresh faces who will make the senate 12 years younger including Tim Scott (re-elected for full term), Joni Ernst, Cory Gardiner, Tom Cotton, Shelley Moore Capito, Steven Daines and others will not fall into the distraction trap that Barack Obama and the Democrats are already setting up for the GOP. Yes, it's already happening. Young and talented faces like Mia Love, Will Hurd and Elise Stefanik in the House will bring integrity and optimism into the political process. Marilinda Garcia would have been part of this movement as well if not for some of the most disgraceful and dishonest advertising in recent memory by the Kuster campaign. Amy Holmes of the Blaze.com notes that we have hopefully entered into the "post Obama era of politics." Mark, I believe these new faces will make a difference.

Anyway, to recap: Republicans, please, please, remember your top priority: Fix the economy with jobs, jobs, jobs.

Russ Wiles


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