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Sanbornton candidate for BudCom is wedded to deceit & fear

To The Daily Sun,

Alarmist campaigns are the tool of deceit. Sanbornton is experiencing one this year. One of our Budget Committee candidates is running on a campaign of deceit and fear

With regard to Mr. Grey's dire predictions and demonstrated mastery of the use of numbers and projections to beguile and incite the masses, isn't it strange that other, well informed and qualified business people and conservative retired executives reviewing the same budget plan are not and will not be convinced of his position or proclamations. When questioned about specifics after loudly complaining of a destiny of fiscal catastrophe, the answers are vague and the examples are either alternate facts or out of context issues.

I would invite Mr. Grey to substantiate the outrageous first sentence of his recent letter.

For months now, Roger has used his position on the committee as a platform for touting himself as a champion of the taxpayer and savior of the town. Unfortunately, he has also failed to come forward with a single useful remedy for all of his fiscal fairy tails and numerical inventions, because no reasonable amendments exist. One might be lead to believe that in fact, the problem is not with the town's budget, it is with the town crier.

Andrew Sanborn

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My goal is for Sanbornton taxpayers to be getting the best value for thier dollars

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Bill Whalen and I am running for the Sanbornton Budget Committee to fill this year's two-year-term vacancy. I have been a Sanbornton resident and taxpayer for over 30 years and have served both as a member and past chairman of the Planning Board and as a member of the Zoning Board.

My business career spans over a 30 year period. As a member of the senior management team of a major insurance and investment company, I managed various planning and internal services. During my time in the corporate sector, I oversaw both departments and projects that were responsible for multi-million dollar budgets and the staffing of hundreds of employees.

I also headed up a management consulting company which specialized in computer center development and relocation planning, as well as project feasibility, analysis and budget oversight services.

My goal as a member of the Budget Committee is to ensure that the committee's version of the budget has been thoroughly reviewed and vetted, thus ensuring that when it is presented at Town Meeting, taxpayers will be getting the best value for our tax dollars.

I am asking for your vote as a candidate for the Budget Committee on Tuesday, March 14.

Bill Whalen

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