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Real question: will CO2 emissions cause dangerous climate change?

To The Daily Sun,

In his editorial, "Not all ideas are created equal," E. Scott Cracraft states that the idea "that there is no human-caused climate change" is "in no way equal to the scientifically-proven ideas that climate change is real." Indeed, all competent climate scientists know that humans contribute to climate change through land-use change (e.g., urbanization), pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

But that is not the real issue. Instead, the key question is, "do the relevant scientists agree that our greenhouse gas emissions will cause dangerous climate change?" Only if it will be dangerous should this be a public policy concern. No one knows the answer to this question since such a poll has never been conducted.

Meanwhile, aid agencies are unable to adequately support vulnerable people being effected by climate change today. Because of overconfidence of environmental activists about our ability to predict and even control future climate, 94 percent of the more than $1 billion/day spent worldwide on climate finance is dedicated to mitigation, trying to affect events that may, or may not, someday happen.

One reason for this imbalance is that mitigation projects are far more profitable for large corporations than are the smaller scale boots-on-the-ground strategies needed to help populations adapt.

We may never properly understand the causes of climate change or its future trajectory, but we do know that people need help now.

Tom Harris, B. Eng., M. Eng. (Mech.)
Executive Director
International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC)
Ottawa, Ontario

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Donald Trump is a big of a loose cannon but he loves his country

To The Daily Sun,

There is no doubt in my mind that the #Never Trump gang has lost its marbles. A few months ago, I stated in a letter that my first choice was Cruz, but I would vote for Trump in a heartbeat against Hillary Clinton. Who doubts she would end up being the most corrupt president by far, should she somehow continue to lie, yet avoid indictment for the Benghazi, Clinton Foundation and email national security scandals?

Yet the club for establishment growth of neocons and quasi-conservatives, which includes Bret Stephens, George Will, Glenn Beck and Jonah Goldberg among others, actually are saying that "the conservative movement can wait out a Hillary presidency intact."

Donald Trump appears to have driven them to Democratic distraction. Jim Taranto and David Horowitz are absolutely correct, are they not, when they tell us the following:

1. A GOP-controlled Congress has been inept at trying to rein in President Obama's vast executive overreach.

2. Trying to undo the tremendous foreign policy wreckage of Obama is already a deadly difficult task.

3. Trying to undo the economic misery caused by this president will take many years to undo.

4. Hillary will add massively to our national debt, now more than $19 trillion.

5. If Hillary gets to pick two or three activist Supreme Court justices in the mold of Kagan and Sotomayor, then it's game over for this Republic.

Is Trump a bit of a wild card? You bet he is. Has he changed his opinion on many things that matter? You bet your Trump Towers he has. The fact that he was pro-choice and then after much reflection, decided that a baby is a gift from God rather than an inconvenience, is okay with me. We have all heard about him backing Democrats in the past, in no small part because he was trying to make the art of the deal a success. But has he been a bona fide Democrat since oh, about the day before yesterday?

I believe he was a big contributor to the Reagan campaign and that he did vote for McCain and Romney. And his political contributions since 1999?: 136 to GOP contenders, 86 to the Democrats and only to the GOP since 2008. Yes I know, 2008 is not so long ago, but let's see, just how far back did Obama and Clinton change their mind regarding gay marriage? Yes, just about as far back. Trump changed his mind about being pro-choice before he decided to run for political office. Obama and Clinton on gay marriage? You all know the reason behind their change of heart.

So all you "principled conservatives," who could not bring yourself to vote for Romney and now will also sit out this election because "winning an election is not worth losing one's principles," rest assured, you are supporting Hillary Clinton for president. There is no gray area here at all.

Okay, Trump is a bit of a loose cannon and he needs to cut out the personal attacks, but he really does love his country and he really does think that it deserves to be exceptional. And he is a leader who happens to believe that this country should remain sovereign and that we should close the borders.

Global community-loving Secretary of State John Kerry actually told graduating students that they will be living in an open-borders society. You know that is where Hillary Clinton's mindset is at, as well as most Democrats. Those would be the ones who do not believe this country is all that exceptional, and so must continue to scurry to find the next grievance group with which to attach the title of "victimhood."

In my opinion, to not back Trump is as delusional as the left believing that a Hillary presidency will be good for the country. And perhaps about as clueless as still not understanding why the middle and lower classes, the blue collar types and those in flyover country are so damn angry with the whole political establishment and are demanding change, now.

Russ Wiles

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