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Ashland needs to replace the aging police cruiser

To The Daily Sun,

To the voters of Ashland: I call on you to support me and vote "Yes" on Article 8 for a lease/purchase to replace our oldest police cruiser as well as outfitting it. This will replace the aging Crown Victoria-style police cruiser that is no longer manufactured by Ford with the new style of Ford Police Taurus utility AWD, as well as provide the necessary equipment for the new vehicle.

Our cruisers are one of the most important pieces of equipment that we rely on daily for responding to calls. The police department is the only department that does not have the ability to get our vehicles out of the weather, so the cruisers sit outside in the weather 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which takes a toll on the car and its equipment. As it ages, the Crown Vic has been needing more and more high cost maintenance, often with days lost on the job.

The old equipment and cages from the Crown Victoria will not fit the newer style cruisers. The radio equipment (15 years plus in age) and other electronic equipment in the Crown Victoria is also at the end of its life span. In terms of public safety, it is not a good idea to use vehicles or equipment to the point of failure because when they fail, it will be at the time the public needs us the most.

I have been the Police Chief in Ashland for six years, and one of my goals when I started was to get the cruisers into a systematic replacement rotation so that we were not using them to the point of vehicle failure and crisis. The periodic rotation has helped to stabilize our small fleet of three vehicles, and by spreading out these purchases, we are trying to keep property taxes from spiking by minimizing the impact that purchasing vehicles on a crisis basis has on the taxpayer,

If we get off the cycle of vehicle replacement rotation, this goal will be lost. Without the rotation, you can be assured that it will cause a spike in the future taxes as we will very likely have to replace two vehicles at the same time, again something I would like to avoid.

The police department has a second warrant article (Article 9) for capital reserve funding in the amount of $30,000 which would be used for future replacement costs. While I would appreciate a "yes" vote on both Article 8 and Article 9, I understand not wanting to vote for both, so I ask that if you need to choose between Article 8 or Article 9 that you support Article 8 as that will take care of the immediate needs for the Police Department and allow us to serve you more effectively. Also, keep in mind that Article 8 needs 60 percent of the people that vote to approve the article or else it will be defeated which will put not only the police department in a tough situation but will ultimately put the tax payer in a tougher situation later.

So please support me in my efforts to stabilize our taxes and provide reliable equipment to better serve those in need, which may be you.

Anthony L. Randall

Chief of Police

and Ashland taxpayer

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Sanbornton DPW has done great job keeping up with winter

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank the Sanbornton Department of Public Works for the outstanding job they have done in maintaining our roads this winter.

Keep up the good work, guys.

Bill Whalen

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Rosemary Landry will support what's economically feasible

To The Daily Sun,

This March, Meredith voters will chose from a host of eight candidates running for two seats on the Board of Selectmen. Many of those running have varied backgrounds, with experience in business, and public service. Some have taken the opportunity of recent, to question the validity of a roundabout in addressing year round traffic congestion. One of those candidates is Rosemary Landry, an outstanding steward for the Meredith taxpayer and business community.

I met Rosemary last year as I campaigned for one of the four seats to represent Meredith and Gilford in the Legislature. In my opinion, Rosemary will bring not not only fresh ideas to the Select­board, but of equal import, engage and support what is economically feasible for its residents and business community.

Please consider Rosemary for Select­board member.

George Hurt

Gilford/Meredith Representative


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The Ashland Library has outgrown current space & needs room

To The Daily Sun,

The Ashland Town Library Trustees urge the voters of Ashland to approve Warrant Article 17 at the 2015 Ashland Town election. The article would establish a capital reserve fund, to be called the Ashland Library Building Fund, for the purpose of saving money to purchase, build and/or renovate an Ashland Town Library facility and to appropriate $25,000 for that new fund.

The current building, which has housed the library for 76 years, has significant life safety and handicap accessibility issues. The library has outgrown the current space and needs more room for collections, patron seating and work space, meeting and programs, patron computers, staff work areas and storage.

We will continue our efforts to find other funding sources to meet those needs. But, we do hope that the citizens of Ashland will support the town library in its service to the community by voting for Article 17 on March 10.

Alice Staples
Mardean Badger

David Ruell

Ashland Library Trustees 

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Hope Gilford voters find Community Action Program deserves support

To The Daily Sun,

As voters go to the polls to determine how tax dollars will be spent, Community Action Program, Belknap/Merrimack Counties, Inc. (CAP) is asking the voters of Gilford to support article 20 on the town warrant and appropriate $8,236 to support the local area center office located in Laconia.

Last year CAP programs provided Gilford residents with more than $351,208 of services, returning $42.64 of service to Gilford residents for each dollar spent in support of the Laconia area center. This request is not for any social service program but solely for the operations of the area center. Staff salaries are the major budget expense.

The area center serves the residents of the City of Laconia and the five surrounding towns. We ask the city and each town we serve to share the expense of maintaining the office so that, when residents experience a hardship and find themselves unable to obtain basic needs such as food, shelter or fuel, the area center staff will be there to help them access resources for these basic life sustaining elements.

CAP works in partnership with local town and city welfare offices to assist residents in need using resources other than local tax dollars. We are awarded contracts by the State of New Hampshire to administer programs to provide basic necessities to New Hampshire residents. We are also entrusted with grants from many businesses and individuals to provide needed assistance to residents seeking help in their time of need. All of the private funds donated to our agency are used exclusively for assistance. No administrative costs are provided, therefore we ask for the city and towns to share, with other federal and state funds, in the support of the area center so that staff will always be available to assist families and individuals in need.

Last year the staff provided over 138 residents with over 1,242 meals from the emergency food pantry. More than 240 Gilford households were provided with $180,960 in fuel assistance and 233 Gilford households receive a discount on their electric bill because of the work of the area center staff. Another $68,820 was spent weatherizing 15 Gilford homes and $1,064 was provided to residents facing a utility shutoff. Without the CAP area center these residents would have sought assistance from the town welfare office and local tax dollars for assistance which the town is required by law to provide. CAP provides other resources and not local tax dollars to help the town meet its legal commitment.

As a Gilford resident I encourage town officials to seek out resources other than my tax dollars to provide basic life needs assistance to local residents.

I hope the residents of Gilford find the work of the staff of Belknap/Merrimack Community Action Program worthy of support from their town.

Judy Scothorne


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