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Thank you, Belmont Police, for thinking of at Thanksgiving

To The Daily Sun,

Thank you Belmont Police Department and those who donate to people in need. We had an officer come to our home and we thought there might be something wrong. It turned out the officer was there to bring our family a Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings. Thank you for your kindness, your caring, your comfort and your compassion for making our holiday a special day.

May God bless all of you and your families and keep you safe, healthy and happy.

The Young Family


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New Horizons will be starting our Christmas concert series in December; look for announcements

To The Daily Sun,

In this season of Thanksgiving, the New Horizon Musical Organization of the Lakes Region would like to take this opportunity to express its deep and sincere appreciation to all those businesses and patrons that support us through our playbill and concerts. It is because of your generosity that assists us in keeping music alive for many people. There is nothing more inspiring and gratifying than to attend a live concert and see many people you know still engaged in music.

The New Horizon Musical Organization is an international organization and three exist in New Hampshire. The organization’s philosophy allows individuals to dig out their old instruments or learn a new one performing to the best of their ability. “Making Music for Life” is our motto. If you have not attended one of our concerts, we will be starting our Christmas series in December and ending January 5 in Meredith. Look for our concert announcements in the newspaper and join us for some Christmas spirit.

Cindy Ossola, President
New Horizon Musical Organization of the Lakes Region
New Hampton

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