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Low cost energy for New Hampshire needs to be our rallying cry

To The Daily Sun,

Don Welch is the president of New Hampshire's Globe Manufacturing Co., and in my opinion he is our version of Paul Revere.

Recently Mr. Welch broadcast the message loud and clear: "Electric prices in New Hampshire are 55.6 percent higher than the national average, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. I already know the electric bill I am paying at my facility in Oklahoma is half what I pay in New Hampshire."

In other words: "New Hampshire's in trouble!"

Fellow citizens: If you were Mr. Welch and needed to expand your business which facility would you choose? New Hampshire is in dire straits. Current businesses are reluctant to expand here, new businesses are reluctant to move here. Some businesses leave here.

While Rome burns we endlessly debate how to move megawatts of Canadian power through our state out to Massachusetts and Connecticut while we receive little to none of it. Little to none for us. Really! What we do get with the current Northern Pass plan is major disruption to our roads, cities, towns and businesses during transmission line burial.

Worse, in those New Hampshire communities unlucky enough to host the elevated power lines, we get permanent blight and reduced property values. Imagine, miles of DC power lines draped over huge ugly transmission towers marring the scenic beauty of New Hampshire for our lifetime and likely our grandchildren's lifetime. Wake up New Hampshire. Take the energy.

Develop a friendly relationship with Hydro Quebec, or a hostile relationship. Either way take the energy. Do something to help New Hampshire ratepayers.

Build a New Hampshire-owned DC to AC converter terminal in the North Country where our economy suffers. Put permanent jobs where they're needed. Might we then send this less invasive AC power back down from the North Country through the state over existing AC power lines, (with) businesses and communities tapping in wherever they wanted, no burial, no new towers, and affordable energy?

Once we have satisfied our energy needs let us then, and only then, consider selling some of our surplus electricity into the New England grid ... at competitive rates. At a minimum make Hydro Quebec use state-designated power corridors (Interstate 93 for example), bury the lines, charge a hefty usage fee. Good grief, get something for our troubles.

Too draconian for you? Government overreach? So what. This is our state, Quebec is our neighbor, not Massachusetts' or Connecticut's. Which of our candidates for governor has the courage to propose such a radical New Hampshire-friendly plan, and the grit to make it happen?

Now is the time fellow citizens: No matter who you support — Chris Sununu or Colin Van Ostern — tell them that instead of exporting New Hampshire residents via an expensive commuter rail service out of New Hampshire that they should instead concentrate on attracting business into New Hampshire. Tell them your vote will go to the candidate who has the daring to stand up and fight for our future.

Make "Low cost energy for New Hampshire now!" our rallying cry this election.

Dave Rivers

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Thanks to GYO family for staffing our 'Reach the Beach' effort

To The Daily Sun,

This past Friday evening, residents of Gilmanton and the surrounding communities may have noticed the signage that appeared on various roads for Reach The Beach (RTB) but had no idea what it was all about.

I won't go into a ton of details about the race specifically but it's a running relay race that starts in Bretton Woods and ends at Hampton Beach. Teams of runners will run for a combined 200-plus miles over a 24-hour period. Gilmanton Elementary School is a transition area (TA) for where runners exchange positions on their way to the next transition area. To handle traffic flow through Gilmanton School, the Reach the Beach organization seeks out charitable organizations to provide staff for this event.

For the last several years, Gilmanton Youth Organization (GYO) has been asked to provide volunteers to park cars and record runner times. In exchange for this work, RTB compensates GYO in the form of a significant donation. This is not easy work in that typically there are 475-500 teams of 12 in which we will see (minimally) half of the 5,000-plus participants in an eight-hour period.

This event provides a significant benefit to our community in that the last two years GYO has partnered with Gilmanton Cub Scouts Pack 242 to provide food for the runners. Between both organizations, this one night will net nearly $2,000 in total for these organizations.

On behalf of GYO and Scouts Pack 242, we would like to thank all of our volunteers who gave up a night of sleep and to Reach The Beach for giving us the chance to raise funds without having to focus solely on the parents within our own community.

If you would like more information about how you can help GYO or Gilmanton Cub Scouts Pack 242, email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Patty Cameron at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Adam Mini


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