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People could buy a lot of food with their beer & cigarette money

To The Daily Sun,

Stop the smoking and drinking! The government would have a lot more money if they would stop buying booze and cigarettes for people who live in low income housing. Don't they realize that people who don't smoke have to smell that awful cigarette smell in their hallways everyday, plus if they fall asleep with a cigarette not only will they burn, several other places will too! Because they are all connected. Second hand smoke is bad for people as much as first hand is.

The cost for both cigarettes and beer are very high now. People could buy a lot more good food with that money, and everyone would be much safer. It should not be allowed on government property in the first place.

Diana Fields


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I'm ashamed both our senators support funding for illegal aliens

To The Daily Sun,

Saturday night U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz forced the Senate to vote on the amnesty bill as part of the vote on the $1.1 trillion spending bill for 2015. He argued that Obama's amnesty plan was unconstitutional because Obama's amnesty plan had no input from Congress.

Less than half the Republican senators voted with Sen. Cruz. Sen. Ayotte and Sen. Shaheen both did not vote with Sen. Cruz.

Both our New Hampshire U.S. senators are in favor of funding to go to illegal aliens. Both our senators are in favor of giving work permits to illegal aliens and taking jobs away from New Hampshire citizens.

I am ashamed of our senators. Unfortunately, one of them was just re-elected to another six-year term.

Linda Riley


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Why is governor not an advocate for burial of transmission lines?

To The Daily Sun,

I want to comment on the article that appeared in your paper on Dec. 9, regarding statements made by the outgoing N.H. Transportation Commissioner Chris Clement. Clement discussed an expected shortfall in the highway fund of $50 million by the middle of next year. Clement further discussed how he would solve this deficit, including another gas tax increase, a hike in vehicle registration fees, or charging a premium tax on individuals who are environmentally sensitive enough to drive alternative fuel vehicles and whom he feels do not pay enough in gas tax for road maintenance.

I am wondering why Mr. Clement did not mention the creation of an energy corridor. Back in 2012, state Sen. Jeanie Forrester chaired the SB 361 Commission, where the Department of Transportation commissioner was designated as a member of that commission. This commission, including Mr. Clement's designee, Michael Pillsbury, the deputy Transportation commissioner, determined that it was feasible to bury electric transmission lines underground in state-owned rights of way. By creating an energy corridor, proposed energy projects, such as the Northern Pass, would be buried along state-owned rights of way and the state would reap the revenue paid by Hydro Quebec for the use of the state's rights of way. In that instance alone, it has been projected the state could earn up to $50 million a year.

It is a complete "no brainer," but here we are two years after this determination and still talking about raising taxes as the solution. Why are we not following suit along with Vermont, Maine, New York, and other forward-thinking states?

Why is our governor not speaking out on our behalf and using the bully pulpit to advocate for the burial of HVDC transmission lines? Through her inaction, it appears that she is on the verge of allowing the destruction of this beautiful Granite State. The Northern Pass project, with its proposed 1,500 made-in-China, lattice style steel towers, will deface the White Mountain National Forest and destroy property values for 187 miles.

Lee Ann Moulder


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Remember and be thankful that your mother chose life

To The Daily Sun,
Just a note here about the disgusting act of abortion.

Did we ever notice that on TV and at the movies the birth of a child is shown to be a sweet and rewarding experience, the baby a joy to behold? Ever wonder why abortions are not shown? Well, showing an abortion with the baby being killed would be repulsive, disgusting, and shocking.

To have an abortion is a horrific experience, the murder of an innocent infant. Please consider the choices and choose life. To anyone who is pro-choice, remember and be thankful, your mom chose life.
Life is precious.
Harry Mitchell

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Budget deal unbelievable act of betrayal of American people

To The Daily Sun,

Washington Democrats and Republicans just passed a budget that rewards the special interests at the expense of the American people. Senators Ayotte and Shaheen and Congresswoman Kuster voted for the special interests. Congresswoman Shea-Porter voted for the people over the special interests.

The budget was created by the political party establishments, including President Obama, Speaker Boehner, and Majority Leader Reid, and special interest groups. The 1,600-plus page document is heavy with pork, favors for supporters, and support for wasteful, ineffective, and unpopular programs.

In an unbelievable act of betrayal of the American people, this budget puts taxpayers back on the hook for potentially trillions of dollars of losses incurred by the big banks. Congress repealed the Dodd-Frank provision that prevented banks from gambling with taxpayer insured money, a factor in the 2008 financial meltdown.

This budget deal denied the recently elected senators and congressmen the opportunity to start fixing the problems, created by current and previous Congresses, that the voters sent them to address.

Among other things the budget deal fully funds Obamacare (through September), funds President Obama's amnesty for illegal aliens (through February), increases the power of political parties over the people, overrides Washington, D.C., voters relative to marijuana, bails out Blue Cross Blue Shield, provides corporate welfare via OPIC. It freezes Vice President Biden's salary, forces the Postal Service to deliver mail on Saturday, demands that nutrition assistance programs include white potatoes (everyone knows how essential they are!). It blocks a rule that truckers get more sleep before driving, blocks funding for sprucing up U.N. buildings (a token for the people), provides money for livestock killed by wolves, approves increased NSA spying on Americans, etc.

One would think that some of these things could have been handled normally by Congress rather than crammed into this last-minute bill in the middle of the night. One wonders how many more items, important or trivial, good or bad, were slipped into this bill that not a single Senator or Congressman read before voting?

About 40 percent of the Republicans (led by the TEA Party members, showing why they are attacked by the party establishments) and about 40 percent of the Democrats voted for the people, not the special interests.

By the way, the Washington Post says the politicians supporting this pro-special interest bill received, on average, twice the amount of donations from the finance/insurance/real estate industries as the politicians opposing it (http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/wp/2014/12/12/democrats-who-voted-for-the-spending-bill-have-received-twice-as-much-money-from-the-finance-industry-as-the-no-voters/).

The passage of this budget deal is further proof that the majority of the Washington politicians of both political parties don't care what the people want or what's best for the vast majority of Americans if those things are contrary to special interests wants.

Don Ewing


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