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Why does state still own those two homes on Main Street in Laconia?

To The Daily Sun,

Why is the state of New Hampshire in the house rental business in Laconia?

Back in October 1999, the state bought the home at 14 Main St.. Several months later, in June 2000, the state the bought the home next door at 24 Main St.

The intent in purchasing these homes, as I understand it, was that these homes were in the path of a proposed new off-ramp from Route 106.

That plan was never developed and the state still owns the homes. The state pays the City of Laconia taxes on these homes and the taxes are up-to-date, according to the tax collector.
The state now rents them and has for many years. Both are occupied.

I am curious why the state doesn't sell these home as there are no known plans to ever build a new off-ramp from Route 106 to the intersection of Route 107.

Gordon D. King

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Why are flotation devices banned from City of Laconia beaches?

To The Daily Sun,

I am hoping to get a reply, and or even a change to the following subject:

Why does the City Hall/Recreation Department, of the City of Laconia not allow float devices, water wings, and life jackets in the water?

We purchase stickers to let us use the beaches and lake sides.

I asked one of the attendants on my way to the Bond Beach Sunday morning, July 3. Her response was, "It gives the kids a sense of false security, as there are lifeguards on duty."

Excuse me. They use life jackets and water wings to increase their security and safety in the water, no false security. We all purchase floating devices to enjoy on the lakes, only to be told we cannot use them at the beaches.

So on this American Holiday Weekend — Fourth of July — I am asking the City of Laconia why? How can this be changed? It is all part of summer and why we live in New Hampshire.

We are the Live Free or Die state, are we not?

Stephanie Chandler

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