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Wish them a life where they've no contact with carbon-based products

To The Daily Sun,

How befuddled the liberal mind. Jim Veverka gives Daily Sun readers another prima on energy and cigarettes no less, this time around. The hypocrisy and "bafoonery" that occupies the liberal mind never ceases to amaze me. All while people like Jim and Mirno Pasquali (certified weather man GUESSER for the year 2200 ) can't wait to buy gasoline to run their cars, lawn mowers, boats, snow mobiles, ATV's, snow blowers or fly on airplanes powered with oil. They gladly shop at the grocery stores filled with 30,000 products. Every one of those items stuffed with oil content either in the manufacture or delivery, most often BOTH. Nothing would please me more than put Jim and Mirno in a world where they have no human comfort from oil or carbon-based fuels. They wouldn't last a week. Neither man can let a day pass with out demonizing the energy industry, the tobacco industry, the banking industry, the insurance industry, health providers, corporate America or capitalism which underlies the power of all those endeavors.
Every one of those businesses is underpinned by greed, power and self interest. The same EXACT incentives and motivations that drive every union employee, taxpayer and politician — red or blue. Greed and self interest dominate human DNA. The best we can hope for is to channel those tendencies toward an ending that creates more good than harm. America has been the most successful country on earth in accomplishing precisely that. Is capitalism perfect? Nope. It's simply light years ahead of the next best economic model.
Capitalism has been the ONE IDEA that has lifted more millions out of poverty than any other idea on earth. Far left liberals like Jim and Mirno detest this most basic fact. That is why they never can shut up. Someone is always in their sights for vilification. They are the constant barbarians at the gates of capitalism doing their best to destroy what has made life so much better for so many billions of people, not just in America but around the globe.
The internal combustion engine created more good than almost any other invention on earth. You want to start walking to work again or getting behind a horse to till that garden of yours? Do you want to stop visiting your children of grandchildren south of the border, or stop your trips to Hampton Beach on a hot summer day. You have to wonder why people like Jim and Mirno don't simply leave America, given their constant griping, grumbling and complaining about everyone and everything. The two of them are indeed "nattering nabobs of negativity." They want your life to be made WORSE, and surely far more expensive. I won't let that happen!
Tony Boutin

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Why does Bristol chief believe town can support a K-9 unit

To The Daily Sun,

Last week Bristol Police Chief Michael Lewis brought a proposal to the Board of Selectmen to institute a a K-9 program in Bristol. He stated that through a combination of forfeiture money, grants and donations the program wouldn't cost the taxpayers of Bristol anything. As with all things "too good to be true," this is truly too good to be true.

In order to certify a K-9 unit both officer and dog must complete a 15-week training course. In order to maintain certification, monthly training is required. Additionally the recent Garcia Decision requires the town pay the officer beyond his regular shift for daily grooming. The dog requires a separate vehicle equipped for canine transport. If a dog officer makes an arrest the suspect cannot be transported in the same vehicle, a separate vehicle must be called in. When the Bristol officer is off on paid training another officer will be needed to fill his shift, most likely requiring overtime. The additional liability insurance cost for a K-9 unit is the same as adding an officer.

In Concord there are several bills pending in the Legislature that would direct forfeiture funds to the general fund, there has even been talk of adding an amendment to one that would make this retroactive. If forfeiture funds disappear what will happen? After the first year where will funding come from? What if the dog becomes ill or injured and has to be put down?

In an interview with the Grafton County Sheriff Douglas Dutile, he stated that he had researched the possibility of starting a K-9 unit to cover Grafton County. Even with 190 prison inmates he was unable to make the numbers work. He stated if he needs a dog he simply calls the State Police.

Why does the Bristol police chief believe that Bristol, with 3,054 inhabitants, can support a K-9 Unit? I think Bristol is just fine the way it is. So chief, if you need a dog simply call the State Police.

Paul Simard

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