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Research dollars needed to fund fight against arthritis; thanks for your help

To The Daily Sun,

In December I participated in the third race of the Northern New England Jingle Bell Run Mini Series in Concord, which also included races in Freeport, Maine, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The JBR , the longest-standing, holiday-themed 5K race series, raises funds and awareness to cure America's #1 cause of disability. The Arthritis Foundation, which promotes these events, is the largest, not-for-profit contributor to arthritis research in the world, funding more than $470 million in research grants since 1948.

 Nearly 50 million Americans (1 in 5) have been diagnosed with arthritis by a doctor. By 2031, theses numbers could increase to 67 million (1 in 4). At present, there are 300,000 children under the age of 17 and 1 in 3 veterans affected with this crippling disease.

 I wish to thank my family, friends and especially the people of Laconia for their generosity. This support means it is possible for the Arthritis Foundation to continue serving people with arthritis and related diseases (>100), their families and the health care professionals who help them.

 The JBR series was very successful this year raising over $100,000. All three races finished in the top 100 nationally for fund totals: Concord 87th, Portsmouth 85th and Freeport 71st. This generous support provides funds for arthritis research, community programs, essential health care education, and government advocacy initiatives.

Gaye Jacques

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Sanbornton ups opt-out health insurance stipend by 350%

To The Daily Sun,

The Sanbornton Board of Selectmen of Dec. 4 approved meeting minutes contained an item of increased cost which surprised me. A motion by Chair Ober was made in regard to budget line (4155) to increase the employee opt-out medical insurance amount to $4,500. This would require an employee to request such a payment in lieu of medical Insurance coverage provided by the town. The minutes did not indicate that any discussion about the increase took place before the motion was approved by all.

As I recall, the current opt-out amount in lieu of an employee taking medical insurance is currently $1,000; the approved motion increases that amount by $3,500 to $4,500; that's around a 350 percent increase. I am interested in why this increase was introduced at this time and how many employees may select this option.

Ober also stated that this increase would be effective Jan. 1, 2018, pending Town Meeting approval, so will this item be be a separate petitioned article for us to vote on at Town Meeting, or will it already be in the proposed budget presented at the Town Meeting?

Please note that the selectmen, at their Nov. 29 meeting, made the following statement: "The selectmen encouraged residents to make an appointment with them, attend a Wednesday meeting at 5 p.m. or call them directly with any questions or concerns. Katy North #491-2522, Karen Ober #286-9995 or John Olmstead #528-3129. So if you have any questions or concerns give them a jingle!

Bill Whalen


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