Hillary is only going to pick up where Obama lets off, a 3rd term

To The Daily Sun,

I hope the people of New Hampshire are smart enough not to ever vote for Hillary Clinton. If you like Obama what he is doing to our country, then Hillary is your girl. How is Obama and all he has done working for you now?

I think we have had enough of Clintons and Bushes. We need someone other then those two. Do you not think it is time to break up this dynasty? Pretty soon Hillary's daughter will be the next in line to become president. Is that what you want?

You know what Obama has done to America. And all the free things they have given those who are sucking the system dry. Charity begins at home. Fix our mess first. We, the people, mean nothing to Obama. Hillary is only going to pick up where he leaves off. So he will get a third term through Hillary Clinton.

So think before you vote for the same people. We cannot afford another mistake. All I can say is God bless America.

Anna DeRose

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All Americans now have health care! Oh what a day!

To The Daily Sun,

The following is my take on the song "Oh What a Night" by the Four Seasons back in 1963. It goes like this:


Oh, what a day.

Late in June in 2015

What a very special time for you and me

As I remember, what a day

Oh, what a day.

The Supreme Court has ruled again

And nothing was ever going to be the same

Oh what a court, what a day


Oh, what a great feeling when they gave their approval

As I remember it sounds so right.

All Americans now have healthcare

Oh what a day

Oh, what a day


Why'd it take so long to see the light?

Seemed so wrong, but now it seems so right

What a President, what a day

Oh, I feel such a rush for everybody like a rolling thunder taking care of my body forever

Let's remember what a day.


Thank you President Obama and the justices of the Supreme Court of the United States.


Paula Trombi


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Please don't suggest any of this Colonial Theater money is 'free'

To The Daily Sun,

Had a great show today. Upon my return home, Betty tells me that Mike Kitch called. He just needed a phone number. However, as is often the case, Michael wants to debate something. Okay, I'll play!
According to Michae,l the last quarter hour of yesterday's show was full untruths reagarding the Colonial Theater. If there were such a case of misleading info, it did not come from me.
My position has been consistent beginning with my very first vote (after voting for mayor) as a city councilor — 1/28/74. I was right to vote against accepting "grant" money for "the Old Mill" (sweatshop) back then. Grant money or "seed money" means Laconia property taxpayers will be stuck with the costs of operation forever. Council just increased the fire department by four — once again because of accepting seed/grant funding. My belief is that the same will happen to Laconians who pay property taxes, again! Understanding that America has changed a lot over the past 14 years, common sense should tell us that we cannot spend our money from federal income tax and local property taxes with such a large part of our citizens (legal and ILLEGAL) are using our money to live better than many of us who are working and struggling to maintain some quality of life, that we have earned.

And please do not suggest to me that any of this money is FREE money. If it were free, then we wouldn't be paying taxes, right? I am certain that Michael and I will have more discussions, until the Obama Federal Police Force removes those pesky First and Second Amendments.

Niel Young


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We need cooperation during state budget negotiations

To The Daily Sun,

A thank-you to state Sen. Andrew Hosmer and state Rep. Cindy Rosenwald.

I read your column published in The Laconia Daily Sun. The two of you have taken the time to spell out step by step what the House and Senate Republicans are proposing in their budget. Are they being less than truthful with the citizens of New Hampshire "about what their budget actually funds"? The GOP budget includes "unpaid-for tax giveaways for big corporations that will blow a $90 million hole in future budgets." Say what?

We have to ask the New Hampshire GOP to stop running attack ads on TV. That ploy does not work. We do respectfully request that Gov. Hassan and the entire legislative body get together to work out a viable budget. Half truths and misleading statements on the part of those in the GOP are not what we should be hearing. We need straightforward answers. We need cooperation during negotiations. We ask that these talks take place in good faith, not continuous partisan bickering.

Bernadette Loesch


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Hate is everywhere.It's in some of the letters in this forum

To The Daily Sun,

It has been a week since the murders of nine members of a bible study group in Charleston, S.C. I've been pouring over the volume of facts and analysis, trying to comprehend — to try and make some sense of this. To me, this incident illustrates humanity at its absolute worst and its absolute best.

Dylann Roof states in his "manifesto" that he didn't come from a racist family. When he went online, however, he found enough hate and rage to inspire him to buy a gun and murder nine innocent souls. In the aftermath of this, the survivors and the family members had the opportunity to confront him. With heartbreaking words, they spoke of their agony and loss. Then, in perfect imitation of Christ on the cross, they forgave him.

There are no riots, no looting — only a community standing together to help each other heal.

This incident has, and will continue to prompt, serious discussions on gun control, mental illness, the Confederate flag, and racism.

Hate is everywhere. It's in some of the submissions to this forum. It's on radio talk shows. It's in the workplace, in social situations. It's online. It's passed through generations, right alongside Grandma's biscuit recipe.

Somehow, this needs to stop. Bigotry stems from ignorance. We need to do a much better job educating our children (and ourselves). You know, right-to-life is a noble cause. All life is sacred.

Where is the outrage for the hatred in society? A number of politicians are speaking out on this. Where are the others? They must not want to offend the haters. How can individuals call themselves "persons of faith" and then plant the seeds of hatred in others?

All of us share in this guilt.

We need to start taking responsibility for our words and actions.

June M. Huot


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