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'Whinging' is an Australian combination of 'whine' & 'cringe'

To The Daily Sun,

This is the 17th of my reports to the voters of Hill and Franklin on what is happening in Concord. This week we passed two bills in the House that were long overdue. Sometimes it makes you wonder why there was opposition in the past since they seem so obvious and necessary. Of course, they would not be necessary if a little common sense had been applied over the years.

The fetal homicide bill, SB-66, is one I’ve talked about previously. We gave personhood to the child in the womb to allow a person to be charged with a murder if they attacked the mother and the child was killed. Obvious isn’t it? There is a specific exemption for the mother that kills the pre-born baby through an abortion or other means, but the pro-death crowd was out in force over that specific issue. The big issue was actually giving the baby in the womb a human status. Thirty-eight states already have this law and 29 recognize the baby from conception onward. Even the most permissive states of California and Massachusetts recognize the personhood of the pre-born. We didn’t meet this standard. New Hampshire set the bar at 20 weeks. I think the life of a pre-born begins at conception but am willing to compromise to get a bill passed into law.

The other bill that we passed, SB-3, seemed like a no-brainer. It addressed voting and requires all residents to meet an equal standard to ensure that every duly qualified voter who comes to the polls has the opportunity to vote. Somewhere in the past our nickers got into a knot over "domicile" and missed the mark. A person should have to provide proof that they are who they are and that they live where they claim to live. If the proof doesn’t exist, the ballot should be put in an envelope and held until they return with the evidence. I get push back from town clerks, students, and lawyers on this but it seems simple to me and this was not part of SB-3. I don’t understand why students aren’t required to vote absentee from their home of record. My wife and I did for this 20+ years when I was in the military. I received numerous emails and calls against the bill requiring these stronger standards from Durham and Keene that have a lot of college students. Interestingly I heard about a bill a few years ago that said all students who are on the local voter rolls should be paying in-state tuition. The colleges went ballistic over this, but are opposed to tightening the voter laws in New Hampshire. This is just CRAZY!

Last week I used a term “whinging” and the newspaper changed it to “whining” referring to some of my opposition. I lived in Australia for three years. “Whinging” is an Australian combination of whine and cringe that is used to define a pitifully complaining person. It is a good description.

The Legislature will wrap up its work by the end of June and start again in October. We have a few bills we will be studying but our work will be much lighter. This means I may defer my weekly reports until October, but we’ll see. Please contact me if you have any thoughts at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you may call me at 320-9524 with your comments or if you just want to talk.

Rep. Dave Testerman


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I ask for your vote in Grafton District 9; consider your options

To The Daily Sun,

Well folks, it’s time. Vincent Paul Migliore for representative for Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol and Grafton — Grafton District 9.

Having committed 10 years in service on Newfound School Board, two as chairman, one as vice-chair, I’ve learned much through experience, with 14 years of running my own business, meeting a payroll, and serving customers, I believe I *finally* have adequate experience to be bold enough to ask to represent you in Concord.

For four weeks, look to this source and I’ll provide experienced views on Northern Pass, wind, N.H. Kindergarten, the addiction crisis and economic development commentary through this paper. Or, we can speak in person. I’d be happy to attend “coffees” and share views. Perhaps more importantly, listen to yours. This is for state representative. I’m making my full commitment to serve.

Those who know me, understand I only *commit* to things, not just participate. I make 140 percent effort, so I’m happy with 90 percent of goal. That's not unreasonable, but takes a full-time effort to achieve. Run a successful business? That’s required. With that recently behind me, I’m now your full-time representative in Concord. I make that commitment to you. To do so, I must win the Republican Primary on Tuesday, July 18, in Alexandria, Ashland, Bristol, Bridgewater and Grafton.

Please consider your options, and then accept my request for your vote.

You must be registered in time as undeclared or Republican to cast your vote for me on July 18. Check with your town vlerk, and then decide on a candidate who will be allowed the privilege to represent you only by winning the general election, this fall.

Thanks for consideration. Reach me at 744-5800.

Vincent Paul Migliore


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