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Thanks to all of you who helped with fund raiser for Lynn Martin

To The Daily Sun,

On Sunday, June 5, a fund raiser was held at Leavitt Park for Lynn (Dore) Martin, who is terminally ill with bone cancer. Entertainment was provided by LA East R&B Band, with members Ray Corliss (drummer), Bill Fitzmorris (bass) and special guest Arthur James (vocals and lead guitar). The place was hopping! Thanks to Andre Thibeault for creating posters that were distributed in the area and who held the receptionist duties at the door.

We would like to thank all the stores and restaurants who contributed gift cards for the raffle. There are: Prescott Florist, Sal's Pizz, Shaw's-Gilford, Cafe Deja Vu, Shooter's, Shang Hi, 405 Pub & Grill, Big Lots, Talon Hair & Nail Salon and Aldair-Dunkin' Donuts-South Main. A special thanks to Vista Foods for donating food and Sandra, manager at Job Lots-Meredith, for catering supplies, and Lakes Region Party Supplies for their assistance with decorations. And a great big thanks to "K" for organizing the clean-up crew.

Last, but not least, is Valerie Thompson. Thanks for her endless drive to organize the event, handle food prep and make numerous efforts to make this event successful. Can't thank her enough. She's always there with her support.

Even though the event was successful, donations are still needed for Lynn. You can make donations to Meredith Village Savings Bank. Make checks payable to: Valerie Thompson ITF Lynn Martin.

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all who donated and participated in the fund raiser. There are no words to tell everyone how grateful I am for the outpouring of love and support.

Lynn & Own Martin

Valerie Thompson


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Do you really want Hillary to nominate Supreme Court justices?

To The Daily Sun,

Jeff Sessions is forced to state the obvious due to politically correct, multicultural madness. He reminds us yet again for the seemingly millionth time, "most Muslims are not radical or terrorist, but quite a number are." He only has to repeat this well-known fact because the left claims that conservatives, Republicans and Tea Party types believe that all Muslims are evil.

Now, one can certainly make an argument that sharia law is radical, but I will leave that debate for another day. Anyway, Jeff then reminds us that the president of the United States has the right to bar entrance to anyone deemed a potential threat to our country. You know, that wild concept of putting our country first. President Obama and the left apparently prefer to believe that the president has an obligation to let anyone in without proper vetting because it is humanitarian to do so, regardless of how many more Orlando, San Bernadino, Chattanooga, Boston Marathon and Fort Hood, Texas, jihadist massacres occur. Yes, I know, some are/were citizens, but they were connected to radical Islamists from here and abroad.

Please check out these statistics from the Department of Homeland Security's Yearbook Immigration Studies with regard to green cards issued under President Obama's watch through FY 2014, which includes a total of 832,000 issued: Syria - 18,000; Lebanon - 20,000; Yemen - 20,000; Iran - 85,000; Pakistan - 102,000; Iraq - 102,000. According to this study, Barack Obama has removed less than 1 percent of aliens who overstayed their visas. That equates to 2,400 out of 482,781. We now hear that President Obama is set to issue over 1 million green cards to migrants from Muslim-majority countries.

The Pew Research Center asked folks from Muslim countries if they like having sharia law in their own countries. Afghanistan - 99 percent; Iraq - 91 percent; Pakistan - 84 percent. South Asia - 84 percent; Southeast Asia - 77 percent; Middle East/North Africa - 74 percent; sub-Saharan Africa - 64 percent. Those are the percentages who said yes during this survey. Some 850,000 of the approximately 2.75 million Muslim Americans living in the United States see conflict for devout Muslims living in modern societies like this country. Already, we see the results of that conflict in European countries. Once settled here, 70 percent of Muslims are more likely to become Democrats while only 11 percent are more likely to become Republicans.

Undaunted and oblivious to the health of our society, the White House naturally wants to speed up the refugee admittance process. You don't have to be a card-carrying member of the Mensa Society to connect these dots do you? A petulant and perturbed President Obama let the tyrannical cat out of the bag (last) week when Supreme Court told him he can't unilaterally give amnesty to 5 million people her illegally. And I quote, "I have pushed to the limits of my executive authority. We now have to have Congress act." So sorry Mr. President, but you are not an emperor and you can't just write laws. Unbelievably, there are four Supreme Court justices who seem to think that our president does indeed have imperial powers. Apparently, he thinks he should and thus he can make such a statement with a straight face and a frustrated tone in his voice.

How many of you really want President Hillary Clinton to get to choose one to three Supreme Court justices who will act in the same manner as the four activist judges currently trying to disassemble our Constitution? How many of you would like to have a third term of President Obama's policies? Policies that are fundamentally transforming this country into one run by soft tyranny, while watering down American citizenship, dismantling our military and putting this country at great risk for more devastating radical Islamist mass murders. The left and radical Islam are both hell-bent on destroying the best country the world has ever known. Can someone please tell me why the left has that desire? I know why radical Islam has that desire.

Russ Wiles

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