E-mail indicates Gruber was near heart of Obamacare strategy

To The Daily Sun,

In spite of my better judgment, I sometimes can't help checking in on MSNBC's "Morning Joe." Every once in a while they accidentally spill the beans and some glimmer of truth and objectivity slips out.

Recently Mark Halperin, Bloomberg Politics managing editor, appeared on the show. During the discussion the subject of how much input Prof. Jonathan Gruber (the MIT economist) had in creating Obamacare was brought up. The White House, Nancy Pelosi, Ed Reed, etc. maintained it was very little. Nancy even asked "who was he?" Turns out from newly discovered e-mails it was no little involvement, according to Halperin. "The Republicans were right," Halperin stated referring to his Republican sources on the issue at the time.

Once again we have proof of liberal lies right out of their own mouths. Guess they have just not learned the fact about e-mails, they live longer the radio active isotopes and are nearly as deadly.

During the show, only one other member of the panel, Mika Brzezinski remarked, "Certainly appears that officials did not tell the truth." Appears to me an understatement and I noted that no other person on the set said or acknowledged the fact that you can always depend on this administration to flat out lie to the American people's faces.

Today President Obama is meeting with families of Americans being held hostage overseas by one bunch or another. Boy, would I like to be a fly on the wall for that one. I wonder how he will explain he has no plan or even an idea what to do. Watch for the no news, no intelligent comments to come. Well, except for perhaps a couple families who pay a ransom or the beheadings of some hostages.

It may be interesting to note Hillary Clinton's comments on the issue a while back. "People die in America everyday," she stated. Comforting isn't it to know she cares so very deeply?

What I would consider an appropriate presidential policy to be would have our president announce the following: If someone takes an American citizen hostage we will be coming for you. That will mean scorched earth, boots on the ground, your friends will die, your family will die and you will die. Then prove it, and let all the liberal bleeding hearts tear their hair out. Hostage taking will fall out of fashion faster then bell bottom pants.

Steve Earle

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Laconia Area Bicycle Exchange needs a bigger space; know of one?

To The Daily Sun,

I am a member of the Advisory Board of the Laconia Area Bicycle Exchange and have been impressed by the number of bicycles that have been given out since its inception.

The Bicycle Exchange provides refurbished used bicycles at little or no cost to people who need an affordable means of transportation or who do not have a driver's license. Most people obtaining these bicycles are referred by a community service organization. Often the recipients need a way to get to work. Last year, we helped more than 100 people, and so far this year more than 40.

Last year the Exchange was located in a 20-foot by 20-foot garage on 229 Messer St. The building was sold in October so the Exchange moved to its current location at 343 Court St., a garage space 9 feet by 12 feet with storage.

Currently, the Exchange has about 120 bikes in storage but very limited space in which to work on them. Do you know of or have a space near the center of Laconia to rent or donate to us? The Exchange is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Please contact John P. Rogers at 603-630-7571.

John Allen


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We've profound gratitude for people in towns of Bristol & Alexandria

To The Daily Sun,

Our sincerest thanks to the towns of Bristol and Alexandria New Hampshire.

It's not every day you must thank entire towns but, given the way in which my sister and I were treated by everyone, thank you is the least we can say.

My name is Kendra Trujillo Bradberry and my sister Deedra Eckhoff, wish to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Our parents, Nancy and Ken Trujillo retired to Bristol/Alexandria in 2001. As a native New Englander, our mother hungered to return home. So when retirement approached, New Hampshire became their final stop after a Navy lifetime of moving and travel. Mom and Dad had 14 wonderful years in your lovely community but on Dec. 25, 2014, Ken Trujillo died at 77. Only five months and five days later, our Nancy died at 66.

As you can imagine, the stress of losing both parents so closely together was nearly crippling. Because we both live so far from New Hampshire (Utah and Arizona respectively), we had to rally and take care of our parent's affairs in less than a week.

This letter is to express our profound gratitude to all those who helped us through this incredibly difficult time. And, to share the angels that live among you in the wonderful towns of Bristol and Alexandria. Although there were countless folks who were kind, below are those that truly saved our sanity. If you ever need any of these services, I implore you to go nowhere else.

Thank you to...
— Emmons Funeral Home: Cindy at the Emmons Funeral Home was a genuine guardian angel. Last year she spent Christmas Day taking care of our father and five months later, mother. We cannot thank her enough for her patience, commitment but most importantly the loving attention she provided me and my sister. We will be forever grateful.

— Henry Whipple house: Each time in Bristol I had the pleasure of staying at the Henry Whipple House. Sandra has always treated me like an honored guest. Her Bed & Breakfast must be ranked of one of the best in New England. Once she learned of our parents, she was quick to offer help by way of calling about recycling and offering to let us use painting materials. She was truly a comfort in a difficult time.

— Baker Valley Floors: We met the owner, Karen, and explained our extreme timelines. Given we were out of state and had to get our parent's house ready for sale, Baker Valley Floors bent over backward to help us get the materials we needed in less than 24 hours, including the installation crew. Special thanks to Jason and Tom for working so hard for three days straight.

— Kenny's Kennels: Mom and Dad were avid dog lovers. They found a home away from home with Kenny's Kennels. We donated a dog bed and the owner personally thanked us and offered condolences. They knew my parents well and spoke very kindly of both Mom and Dad.

— Bristol Diner: It's shameful to say we didn't learn anyone's name, but they must be mentioned as they knew just how my sister loved her home fries with onions and peppers. The coffee was flowing and they were respectful of our daily planning sessions. Keeping us fed with wonderful food gave us the energy we needed!

— Minot Sleeper Library: My mother's connection to every town was the local library. Special thanks to Cindy who attended both services. But, her life-saving contribution was taking my mother's books for a local event. Mom would have been ecstatic to know her books went to the library.

— Diane and Phil: We had the pleasure of meeting the neighbors on our last visit. Our parents were not much in way of visitors as they had so much family; which is a true shame because Diane and Phil are amazing people. Within hours of learning our situation, they rallied 18 kids from their church youth group who swept in and packed, cleaned and organized the whole house in less than two hours. They are even looking after the house during the sale. We cannot thank them enough for all their help.

— Henry: We also want to mention Henry. He was not only the helper with odd home improvement jobs but a friend to the family. Henry found time to attend both services. That meant a lot to us.

Kendra Bradberry & Deedra Eckhoff
Kaysville, Utah

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Senator Andrew Hosmer & Rep. Cindy Rosenwald - The false promise of the Republican budget

We stand with Governor Hassan in her decision to veto the fiscally irresponsible and unbalanced Republican budget, which we can only describe as a trail of false promises.

You may have heard Republicans claim that their budget increases funding for critical priorities like substance abuse treatment, mental health services, and our seniors. But there's one very big problem. Republicans' fiscally irresponsible budget isn't actually balanced, placing every single one of those priorities — and more — at risk.

This budget overpromises and under-delivers. Our Republican colleagues know that their budget doesn't actually do what they say it does, but that doesn't seem to bother them.

Instead of making tough choices and being honest with the people of New Hampshire about what their budget actually funds, Republicans would rather pass a budget riddled with magical thinking and false promises.

Republicans know that because their budget is unbalanced as written, they are simply passing the buck onto state agencies who will inevitably have to decide what critical services to cut down the road to keep the state in the black.

Even worse, their budget hurts our state's long-term economic outlook by including unpaid-for tax giveaways for big corporations that will blow a $90 million hole in future budgets.

By blowing a massive hole in future budgets, it will be impossible for our state to invest in critical priorities like holding the down the cost of tuition, maintaining safe roads and bridges, and ensuring access to affordable health care.

We don't have to guess what would happen as a result of these large, unpaid-for tax giveaways. We only need to look at the example of other states across the country, particularly Kansas.

The G\governor of Kansas proudly declared that his state was a real-world experiment in trickle-down, Koch Brothers' economics when he pushed through massive, unpaid-for tax giveaways in his state.

What resulted? The state teetered on a fiscal cliff, deficits exploded, bond ratings sank, and none of the economic benefits that were promised actually materialized.

From Kansas to New Jersey to Louisiana and Wisconsin, we've seen what happens as a result of unpaid-for tax giveaways: first deficits balloon, and then critical economic priorities must be cut.

New Hampshire's economic outlook is promising. In 2014, New Hampshire's economy grew the fastest in New England and faster than the national average. Not to mention that our unemployment rate is fifth lowest in the country, and our businesses have recovered all of the jobs lost in the recession — and then some.

This is the time to build on our progress by investing in our people and businesses, not let Republicans turn us into Kansas.

House and Senate Democrats will continue to stand with Governor Hassan as we fight together for a responsible budget that is balanced and that will live up to the promises we make to our families and our businesses.

Rather than repeating the mistakes of states like Kansas, we encourage our Republican colleagues to come to the table and negotiate in good faith so that we can pass a responsible budget that will build on our economic progress and move our state forward.

(Laconia Democrat Andrew Hosmer represents District 7 in the N.H. Senate. Nashua Democrat Cindy Rosenwald represents Hillsborough County District 30 in the N.H. House.)

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Stop trying to change what is beautiful about Moultonborough

To The Daily Sun,

Well everyone, I am back. Remember me? It is I, Anna DeRose.

What are they trying to do to our beautiful town of Moultonborough? First Subway, now Dollar Store and Dollar General. Are you kidding me?

Now you want the Berry Pond motel to be turned into a rehab center for druggies?

Now you want sidewalks too?

Why are you trying to change a beautiful rural town into a city?

If people want a city they should go back where they came from. People here just like it the way it is. Do not change a thing. They wanted another playground at the Lions Club some time ago. What for? Look around and see no kids to do that. So you fixed the old one up. That is what you should have done to begin with.

I am sure the people of Moultonborough are just as upset as I am for what is happening to their town. I say hands off. This is a great town, and does not need the stores like Dollar Store or Dollar General. A rehab center in Moultonborough? Are you kidding me?

I love New Hampshire and the town of Moultonborough. Also, leave the Lions Club alone. You know who you are. They do many good things, like Meals on Wheels. Stop changing what is beautiful about Moultonborough. That is the town we love so much for the country look.

So be it. Stop shoving your way down our throats. That is the way most of us feel.

Anna DeRose

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