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Apologies to all who were interested in new year’s at the Mill

To The Daily Sun,

The Belknap Mill Society extends gratitude to all community members who showed interest in attending our New Year's Eve Gala. Unfortunately, due to the impending storm on Thursday and more snow expected on Saturday, tickets sales were not what we had hoped. As a 501(c)(3), fiscal responsibility is our number one priority to the society, our members, and the community as a whole.

A full refund will be issued to all ticket holders. We are truly sorry for any disappointment or inconvenience that this may cause. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 603-528-8813.

Jennifer Anderson
Acting Executive Director

Belknap Mill Society


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Three main reasons why Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump

To The Daily Sun,
Still wondering how Hillary lost? Here are the three main reasons.
1. The running game of Democrats for 2016, unchanged from 2012. Blacks still first with the working class, mostly whites second. The black dependence was so heavy Hillary Clinton had to announce repeatedly she would simply be the third term of Obama’s presidency. That declaration, despite the fact Obama had just produced the slowest economy since 1949. Hillary couldn’t distance herself from Obama’s economic failure without loudly and vigorously criticizing Obama which would potentially upset millions of black votes that Democrats can’t win without.
Hillary was on a fool’s errand. How could Democrats win an election dependent on 100 percent black votes while they are running a white woman of privilege, from America’s top 1 percent, tied to Wall Street with more tentacles than an octopus. Voters also noticed Hillary’s persona and resume fit the exact description of evil in America and politics as defined by Bernie Sanders.
2. If Democrats had run Bernie, not Hillary, they would probably have won, given what we now know today of voter motivation, especially in the Midwest. Trump won on toilet-paper-thin margins, not the double-thickness variety. So thin, in fact, his vote tally was less than 100,000 combined in three key swing states. That is literally nothing.
No one atop the Democratic party wanted Bernie. It was believed he could not carry the black vote nearly as well as Hillary. Like a bet on the roulette wheel, Democrats still had all their money bet on the black, not the working-class people. Bernie Sanders outperformed with in many primaries defeating Hillary. It was clear – white Hillary Clinton was not the same drawing card to blacks that a black political rock star like Obama was.
It is almost certain Bernie Sanders would probably have won the 2016 presidential election. Bernie would have carried many of those unhappy, white voters in the Midwest that Hillary did not. He did not need many. Even with fewer black votes for Bernie the states Hillary won would still have been held because she won by such large margins.
3. The last failed Hillary strategy. She swallowed the “fear theory” of the popular vote hook, line and sinker. The fear theory suggested she could lose the unimportant but socially significant popular vote. She remembered well the harassment Democrats handed Bush back in 2000 when Al Gore won the popular vote, but lost the Electoral College to Bush. Every poll, pollster and pundit assured Hillary she would win the electoral vote. That she would win the popular vote, not nearly as certain. If she lost that, Republicans would do to her what Democrats are now doing to Trump. Doing their best to dilute the significance of his incredible victory. To avoid that possibility Hillary spent far too much time in the last weeks campaigning for popular votes instead of electoral votes. It was another failed political strategy of choice by Hillary and the Democrats that sealed their loss that had zero to do with any outside influence, Russian or other wise.
Democrats made all the decisions alone that led them to one of the most embarrassing losses in modern history. It would be like Republicans losing to Klem Kadiddlehopper, garbage man, and part-time dog catcher in Peckerwood Tennessee, home to the nation’s only moonshine festival.
Tony Boutin

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