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I don't want anyone to go to bed hungry; does that make me a liberal?

To The Daily Sun,

I am continually amazed at this so-called presidential campaign and the way candidates, especially the Republicans, are continually tearing down this country, blaming Mr. Obama for just about everything, including the problems in the Middle East. I disregard everything the "local clowns" like "cement head" Boutin and of course "iron head" Young say. We all know they "don't like Obama" and the real reason for that.

No, I am talking about the candidates: Bushy 3, Blow his own Trumpet, Cruz (who is ineligible to be president). How about Carly, CEO of two, yes two failed companies. She was fired from Hewlett Packard and the rest. All are against everything and for absolutely nothing.

Where do the Republicans come up with these candidates? I am sure the past Republicans Like Bob and Elizabeth Dole, Bob Taft and even Romney must be appalled.

I am looking for candidates who are for something, who can lay out a plan for ensuring that nobody in this country goes to bed hungry, that everybody has a roof over one's head, that everybody in this country has access to reasonable, affordable health care, that children be able to pursue an education without fear of getting shot, that our young men and woman not be sent to fight in some foreign land to get some politician's company rich. Finally, that the seniors in this country be treated once again with respect by supporting improved Social Security and Medicare benefits they so richly deserve.

That is who I am looking for. That is the candidate that will get my vote.

Also, if that is being a "liberal" I plead guilty.

Bill Knightly

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Your suffering can be alleviated if you have ear of the political class

To The Daily Sun,

According to a recent Gallup poll, our government is the biggest problem facing Americans. For the second year in a row, Gallup says that few of us think it represents us. That is a serious problem for what is supposed to be a "representative government." The things that politicians have done for decades appear foolish, ridiculous, brainless ... but that's only from the perspective of taxpayers, and regular people.

The presidents and the Congress making all those boneheaded moves haven't suffered a bit. The weight of their incompetence falls entirely on our households, our businesses, and our heads. But we don't have a stupid problem in government, we have an ethical problem. Those we have trusted to represent us are representing their political party and themselves. We charged them with creating a level playing field where we all have an equal opportunity to succeed through the merits of their efforts. Instead our elected officials have tilted that field harming us all . . . and both parties are complicit.

If you have the ear of the political class, the power to help them enrich themselves or perhaps to deliver them a block of votes; your suffering can be easily alleviated, and perhaps the tax-money spigot can even be turned on to your benefit. From the District of Columbia to our state capitol, the gravy flows like a river of goodies. Politicians have hiked up pay for governmental jobs, finagled perks, per diems and other benefits. They rewarded themselves with pensions while exempting themselves from paying Social Security taxes.

If we want legislators to feel what we the people feel. Let's stop forcing struggling people to pay for health insurance and allow them to get health care. Let's stop providing lucrative pensions and lifetime health care to politicians. Did you know Congress is no longer even required to vote on their automatic pay increases? They don't even have to go on record as voting to raise their own pay.

You and I see transparency as a no-brainer, as the very least we expect from government. But politicians consider it a dirty word. Those who work for us hide their wheeling and dealing from us, using private emails and personal cell phones, so the public cannot see what's going on. It's not just Hillary who has conducted public business privately. Even while her scandal blossomed in the headlines, Defense Secretary Ash Carter did likewise. So has Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. And the list does not end there.

We need to change the rules so that those who work for the public cannot do our business privately. No law should be enacted, no statute on the books should be permitted to stand, which affects the public while exempting politicians. This is basic equal protection of the laws ... without which our servants in government have become our masters. What do you think; can we count on our elected representatives to rectify their ethical lapses?

Sorry Washington; I'm Cruz'in with Ted.

Marc Abear


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