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Mike Cryans driven by what is best for all, not by ideology

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to voice my support for Mike Cryans who is running for the open District 1 Executive Council seat.

Mike has admirably served the residents of Grafton County for many years. He is an intelligent and capable person who has demonstrated that he is not driven by any ideology but by what is best for all which is clearly shown by the broad bi-partisan support he is receiving.

Not only does he have the support of Ray Burton's three siblings — two are Republicans — he has also gained the endorsements of many prominent Republicans in the state. To receive such bi-partisan support is impressive and speaks to the fact that Mike is someone that will represent the needs of us all.

Please join me in voting for Mike Cryans on March 11.

Betsy Raffaele

Center Harbor

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Meredith is special and I would really like to keep it that way

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to Meredith voters:

I am Hillary Seeger and I am running for Selectboard in Meredith. Meredith is a unique and amazing town that has gone through quite a metamorphosis in the past 30 years. I would like to be part of the process to sustain it.

I have no political experience, but don't think that experience is really key in this position. The willingness to listen and be accessible to the people of Meredith and to be able to work collaboratively with the other Selectboard members, town employees, businesses, non-profits and all who have a stake in our beautiful town is what I can bring to this position.

I am fiscally conservative and have a strong interest in keeping taxes reasonable, all within the framework of retaining excellent services. I also support the conservation of our natural resources and am a big fan of the Village Pathways.

Meredith is special. I'd really like to keep it that way. I may have a lot to learn, but with your help, I will do it with a thoughtful and caring ear.

I would appreciate your support.

Hillary Seeger






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Alton workforce housing vote has nothing to do with HUD funds

To The Daily Sun,

When in Laconia last week, my husband picked up The Laconia Daily Sun. We live in Wolfeboro, but a letter to the editor from a Mr. Wittman regarding the Workforce Housing Law contained so much mis-information that I feel I must respond to the people of Alton.

The N.H. Workforce Housing Law simply codifies settled legal case law. It protects communities from the costs of anti-discrimination suits, and provides opportunity for those who work in a community to live there. Because it promotes the economy by providing a stable employee base, it is supported by the NH Business and Industry Association.

It requires that communities do not discriminate through zoning restrictions against reasonable workforce housing construction. It only requires that a community provides opportunity. Each town develops its own plan where and how this will be done.

The amendment in Alton is not a law or vote supporting the Workforce Housing Law. It is a local zoning amendment to remove barriers and set up criteria that your Planning Board feels most appropriate for Alton.

The article has nothing to do with HUD funds. In fact, the primary source of Workforce Housing development is private equity through a tax credit program developed under President Reagan. While some HUD grants may be utilized, such as Community Development Block Grants that support a lot of types of community development activities, it is not a major or "controlling" source. Workforce Housing is not welfare housing. Those who live in it must have resources to pay the rent.

If Alton were to vote down their ordinance amendment, it would not affect the state law. Most of our area communities have already updated their ordinances. If Alton does not address potential barriers, it would keep it open to costly court challenges.

Edith DesMarais


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Joe Kenney is most qualified to represent all residents of District 1

To The Daily Sun,

I am supporting Joe Kenney for District 1 Executive Councilor in the Special Election on March 11. I am voting for Joe Kenney because I know that he is the most capable, experienced, and qualified to serve all of the people of District 1.

I have known Joe Kenney for over 12 years, and I can attest to Joe Kenney's superior skills and talents for effective public service.

It is not in a vacuum that I make these assertions about Joe Kenney, as I also have had the unique opportunity to serve closely for two years as a Grafton County commissioner with Joe's opponent in this Special Election. There is, in my opinion, no comparison between these two candidates.

Joe will never be a rubber stamp or a yes-man for the special interests. Joe will ask the crucial questions in a timely manner to make sure that the best decisions are made. Joe will do his homework and read requests for spending before casting his vote on the Executive Council, and Joe will protect the taxpayers and still be responsive to the most needy in our communities.

Joe Kenney is a man of the highest integrity and I urge all of the voters of District 1 to elect Joe Kenney as our next Executive Councilor on March 11.

Omer C. Ahern Jr.


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Mike Cryans has a positive outlook on the political process

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to urge my fellow voters in Executive Council District 1 to mark their ballots on March 11 for Mike Cryans.

Mike is running for the seat held by his friend and former Council member, the late Ray Burton. Cryans and Burton served together on the Grafton County Commission for more than a decade, and in recognition of their close alliance Ray's brother and two sisters are publically supporting Mike in the upcoming election.

As Grafton County Commissioner, Mike Cryans has worked hard to protect taxpayers, strengthen the middle class and invest in the economy. He is also forward-thinking, having worked as commissioner to level the old jail, to create a public park, and managing to cut heating costs in county buildings by building a biomass energy facility, and had money left over to return to the taxpayers.

At a recent meeting he had with voters, Mike especially impressed me with his positive outlook on the political process, his understanding that public funds, responsibly used, are essential for the functioning of our communities, and his firm belief in the privacy of the individual. I personally find his opponent wanting in all of these categories.

Please join me in voting for Mike Cryans on March 11.

Ronald G. Lawler


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