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The surge worked; thank you George Bush and General David Patraeus

To The Daily Sun,

"ISIL is a direct outgrowth of al-Qaida in Iraq. They grew out of our invasion which is an example of unintended consequences. Which is why we should generally aim before we shoot." And there you have it ladies and gentleman. Now in his seventh year as our President, Obama saw fit to blame Bush for the rise of ISIL in Iraq. Deception equals progressive/liberalism squared (D = PL2). Obama made this statement while being interviewed on VICE TV. How appropriate since making lies up out of whole cloth is certainly not a virtue.

I was waiting for blood to shoot straight out of my eyeballs when I found out those comments were not from an MSNBC host. Our president apparently has the ability to lie with a straight face just as shamelessly as Hillary "what difference does it make — all my government-owned, security sensitive e-mails have been turned over so move on nothing to see here," Clinton.

Shameless is a great adjective to describe our dear leader. ISIS is a direct result of his ambivalence, lack of bargaining skills or perhaps his intentional lack of will in attempting to hammer out a status of forces agreement that would have kept a residual force in Iraq and the ISIL savages out of power. Or because he planned to pull out all the troops regardless of the consequences.

According to Dexter Filkins of the New Yorker, there apparently was no guidance coming from the White House. American officials said, "We didn't know where the president was. Maliki kept saying, "I don't know what I have to sell." Sami al-Askari, the Iraqi member of parliament said, "The American attitude was: Let's get out of here as quickly as possible." "After taking office, I announced a new strategy that would end our combat mission in Iraq and remove all of our troops by the end of 2011" said Obama. "So today I can report that, as promised, the rest of our troops in Iraq will come home by the end of the year." A rare Obama promise kept. Iraqi citizens became nervous and soon wept.

Yes, it is true that the United States made a mistake by not getting out of Iraq after the initial success of getting the "Bully from Bagdad" out of power. And we should cease and desist from any more "nation building quagmires." Having said that, the surge worked — thank you George Bush and especially General David Patraeus. There was stability and relative calm in Iraq. A residual force would have greatly increased the likelihood that this victory against evil would last in that country. It would have made the rise of ISIL highly unlikely, with fewer viewings of beheadings for you and me.

So yes President Obama, it was your decision to pull troops out of Iraq. It was your decision that caused the rise of ISIL in Iraq. You are not going to get away with a revisionist history victory this time. Have you no shame Mr. President, I ask rhetorically? D = PL2.

Russ Wiles


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I you don't like what's written in this paper, stop whining, just don't read it

To The Laconia Sun,

There has been so many letters to the editor that need to be addressed that it's hard to know where to start. It should be pointed out that the right-wingers, from New Hampshire to the White House, have no idea what to do with the promises they made when elected. One thing we know is, from Romney to GOP senators, is number 47 has bit them in the butt again.

Since Mr. Hoyt took the blanket off the parrot cage, they have having hissy fits, squawking and whining about the right to free speech. Oh, oh, just got some breaking news from one of the parrots. Steve Earle is predicting that when Israel is gone, Obama will be safe and sound and blaming others. This is a good example of what free speech is and how it gets abused.The Daily Sun has a motto which is printed every day which is, "Seeking the truth and printing it."

I am sure that was on Mr. Hoyt's mind when he mentioned a quick check on what the content of the letter was, may have been a little far from reality. I know that I have had parts of my letters censored in the past which is now part of the normal letters written by the parrots.

I have a suggestion for Mr. Eddy: If you don't like what's written in this paper, stop with the whining, just don't read it.

A correction to a letter written by Mr. Meade was well done and factually written by Mr. L.J. Siden. The combination of Messrs. Meade/Wiles/Earle and others have been debunked so many times. They refuse to give a shred of evidence from where they wrote an opinion.

I have just gotten more breaking news. Mr. Earle has another earth-shaking letter in The Daily Sun on March 13. This may cause body functions to fail, so prepare for that or don't read it. Enough fair and balanced news for today.

Henry Osmer


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If gun control was the rule in the Wild West, maybe tht's why it was so wild

To The Daily Sun,

Interesting letter on Tuesday by Dick Devens urging transition to renewable energy. I'd be all for that if facts met with the idea. My problem with it is current technology only works up to a point. That point falls short on multiple levels though.

Take the electric car for instance. Advances have allowed them to go up to 100 mph and 200 miles, but then they must stop and be plugged in for long periods. Seems to me they also cost a great deal more then a conventionally powered car. Same seems to be true of hybrids, too. Until they can compete on those two levels it doesn't seem likely people will embrace them. Perhaps fuel cell technology will come to their rescue if they can ever get the costs down. Until then I'll wait.

Then there is energy production. Wind turbines and solar power are still very expensive and not as simple as they sound. Battery storage units are a necessity for both, which are expensive and must be replaced every few years, as are electric car batteries. Both of these sources are still rather inefficient and most people can't afford the capital investments required. Electric generating plants that can use green renewable fuels are limited to atomic and plasma generators. The atomic are not popular and little or ever do we hear about plasma generators. It's all solar panels and wind turbines.

So guess Mr. Devens will continue to fret over climate change until either costs come down or technology makes green things competitive, hope that's soon.

Good news, Jon Hoyt says he sees the transparency of Obama and his administration. Wonderful, now Jon is going to tell us the answers many without his sight have been asking for months or years now. For instance, who created the "Fast and Furious" gun-running scheme that killed hundreds of Mexicans? Who ran it and who approved it, what was its purpose?

Another question is why Ambassador Stevens was sent to Benghazi in the first place after several attacks had occurred there before? Why was his security detail so sparse? Why weren't our military and security forces allowed to at least try to save the ambassador and his team? Whose decisions was it not to try and why was the senior military commander in Tripoli relieved of his command for trying?

And about that little thing about some YouTube video causing all the fuss, since debunked, but promoted for weeks by Obama and company, who ever came up with that and were they ever held to account for the lie? Another unclear question never fully answered was who instructed the IRS to target conservatives and stonewall conservatives for the year before presidential elections? Has anyone been held accountable for any of these "transparent" questions? Why was not an independent counsel appointed to investigate these things because there have been no clear answers to date? But never fear, Jon will be able to answer these and many other things without resorting to administration talking points and distractions, right Jon?

George Maloof tells us gun control was the rule out in the Wild West. Must be why it was so wild; even today we see how our gun-free zones attract the crazy homicidal types. Actually though gun control was far from the rule and was most often enacted in cattle towns where drovers broke lose after months on the trail. It was always also a local ordnance based on a local need not a national political movement to deprive honest citizens of a constitutional right.

Steve Earle


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Teachers to be commended for giving up a Saturday for PI day

To The Daily Sun,

Last Saturday, March 14, was PI day and it was celebrated with lots of activities at Gilford Middle School. I was privileged to accompany my granddaughter that morning and saw first hand the hard work on the part of the Middle School math teacher Mrs. Fox and the others. They are to be commended for giving up a Saturday morning to make this educational experience so much fun for the children. Hats off to all of you and a big thank you.

Joyce McMath


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After 24 combat operations in Vietnam, we knew we wouldn't succeed

To The Daily Sun,

Very early in 1969 I was watching news on television with my mother. President Nixon was speaking. I sat up and took special notice when he said, "I have not sent troops into Laos." To say the least, I was flabbergasted. I turned to my mother in disbelief and muttered, "But we were there just a couple weeks ago."

I served with a golf company and a hotel company and served once with Echo. I participated in 24 combat operations, so had enough time to understand that there was something terribly wrong with the way the war was fought. Enemy supplies were getting into South Vietnam via the Ho Chi Minh trail. And from what I understood talking to pilots, they were not permitted to bomb it. So what they did was to save one bomb from their missions and stray over to the trail and drop one bomb. Many in my unit knew we would never succeed if we fought the war like we did Korea. It finally turned out that way.

Another thing that bothered anyone who gave any thought to history: during World War II we loaned Russia what we referred to as Liberty Ships. They never returned them. And was now using them to ship supplies to North Vietnam. And we found supplies that had been furnished to North Vietnam via the United Nations.

In late 1968 my unit met up with 3rd Recon in Laos near a road. Russian trucks were found and other Russian battle equipment. Soon the sky was filled with Hu1es, not to assist but they commenced firing upon the recon unit. Luckily the recon Marines were well trained and survived the ordeal. We never knew who sent the helicopters. We had felt that headquarters was infiltrated, perhaps by United Nations personnel.

Another time we were called out on an operation at night. When we landed, a radio operator looked baffled and handed me the handset. It was Hanoi Hanna with these words, "Good morning Gold company, we would like to welcome you to......" We had not known where we were going but the enemy did. General Douglas MacArthur found this same occurrences during the Korean war. That was one reason he made the Inchon landing as secret as possible.

Prisoners had been taken by the North Vietnam Army during the battle of Hue. Hundreds were brought outside the citadel and executed. It did not appear to catch interest of the controlled media. My unit marched three days without water or rations to rescue prisoners who were being taking to Laos. Not minutes after engaging the enemy we were ordered to break off. We bean to feel that we were in the middle of a large chess game being played by some secret government. Pawns in some terrible game.

The summer of 1969 was worse than my time in Vietnam. I was glad I made it home safely. But things got worse. Racial attacks occurred until one night in July a friend was killed by a mob of malcontents. They were given special privileges but still were not satisfied. Life magazine did a story on the killing and leaned toward blaming the victims. Their rationale was ludicrous. I wrote the magazine and explained I was there and gave what I saw. I still have their response. It serves as a constant reminder how twisted the media can be.

I spent time in a Navy Hospital during the summer of 1968 but cannot find any record of it. My mother was contacted three times and a brother and sister remember it well. So to all those who make a claim that if the government doesn't have a record of it, it didn't occur, you have not looked hard enough.

My good friend Bob Smith was a U.S. Senator on a committee with John Kerry and John McCain investigating POWs. They had enough documents to prove there were still POWs being held in Vietnam. So what did Kerry and McCain do. They voted over Smith's objections and had the records destroyed. So does that mean there were no POWs? Even Casey, ahead of the CIA claimed if the people knew this injustice they would be furious.

During Bill Clinton's presidency he ordered all covert action records destroyed. So here again there are soldiers who cannot prove they were in combat or even wounded. Does the destruction of records prove it didn't happen? No, It shows that there is another side to politics and foreign relations.

The Democrats were vociferous over Nixon's missing 18 minutes of tape recordings, but are collectively silent over thousands of e-mails in the Hillary's State Department and missing e-mails and memos within the Internal Revenue Service. So, does it mean that if its been censored, deleted, lost, hidden, misplaced, or stolen it didn't exist? That goes for every department within the federal government, even the Center for Disease Control.

Redact is a familiar term with anyone who has dealt with getting records and information from the government through the Freedom of Information Act. The proper definition is "To Force; to reduce to form." But has become an acceptable substitute for "delete" and "omit."

Gene F. Danforth


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