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I'm proud to be a member of 'bulldog' wing of liberal letter writers

To The Daily Sun,
Did Tony Boutin call me a "nincompoop liberal" in a recent letter to The Sun? I would have thought an intelligent guy like Mr. Boutin would have come up with a better insult than that! Referring to protests against Trump, he also writes, "this style of vengeful protesting outrage is now taught on campus by people like Scott."
Mr. Boutin, we have had very civil conversations in the past. From your many letters, however, I know you do not like educators. You may call me names — sticks and stones. But, you have no right to tell lies or to make assumptions about what I teach if you have not been in my classroom. When I write for The Sun, I never write on behalf of my employer. I write only as a private citizen. Educators have the same 1st Amendment rights as you.
You have never been in my classes, Mr. Boutin. You are welcome to visit as my invited, special guest. You may express your views and I guarantee you will be treated with respect.
In my course syllabi, I make it clear that students have a right to their opinions. I have never graded a student based on his or her ideology. Students pass a course because they do the course work!
As far as your implications that I teach students "subversive" ideas, I suppose someone like you might find some things threatening. I teach history and the social sciences which are hardly "neutral" subjects. As for those "subversive" ideas you think I teach, they include encouraging students to register and vote and to become involved in their community and in the political process no matter what their politics may be. And, I encourage them to act peacefully and lawfully.
I also encourage them to think critically, to read books, to write, and to "fact-check" and not believe everything on social media. I encourage them to question things including questioning ME! In many classes, I require my students to read and understand the U.S. Constitution. In addition, I organize such "un-American" events as Constitution Day and Veterans' Appreciation Day where we honor our veterans. Pretty subversive stuff, huh, Mr. Boutin?
Finally, Mr. Boutin, I want to thank you for including me in the "'bulldog' wing of Laconia Sun liberals," along with Ms. Loesch, Mr. Veverka, Mr. Vervaeke, and Ms. Sappi. I am very flattered to be included in such a fine group!
E. Scott Cracraft

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More than 110 people enjoyed free Thanksgiving dinner at George's

To the Daily Sun

It is with great pleasure that we report the success of the free Thanksgiving dinner hosted at George's Diner. More than 110 people enjoyed Thanksgiving with us. We would like to thanks all of the volunteers that came and prepped, cooked and served, as well as the community businesses  who generously donated goods and services that contributed to the success of our dinner and Roger and Robin Rist for their continued support and use of their diner.

Without this overwhelming show of support from the community we wouldn't be able to put on such a  successful dinner and we genuinely appreciate having such a  generous small community around us. A huge thank you to those who came and dined with us and shared their holiday. We greatly appreciate it. We look forward to an even large turnout next year. Thank you!

Everett Duren and Owen Price


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