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Alton Firemen’s Association should explain where money goes

To The Daily Sun,

Recently (probably like most everyone else in Alton) I received a fundraising letter from the Alton Firemen's Association.

My understanding of firemen's associations, which I freely admit is limited, is that they are formed primarily to provide assistance to families of firefighters should tragedy ever strike. This, however, does not seem to be the case with the Alton Firemen's Association fundraising efforts.

The Alton Firemen's Association fundraising letter reports using funds raised to support local charities, as well as for paying for renovations and repairs to the Alton Fire Dept. and providing necessary firefighter equipment.

Before anyone donates any more money to this organization, the Firemen's Association should inform the public exactly how much money has been set aside to assist a fireman’s family should a tragedy ever strike.

Jeffrey Clay


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Lakes Region Porcupines are again making Christmases brighter with donations of toys - and you can help

To The Daily Sun,

Thanksgiving has passed, Black Friday is done, Cyber Monday is over. What is starting is, for our fourth year, the Lakes Region Porcupines Toy Drive. Last year we had an early funding drive by none other than television star Anson Mount, raising enough over the year to finance a great Christmas morning for close to 100 kids and serving 40 families.

Having started the LRP Toy Drive three years ago, with Representative Glen Aldrich, we have steadily grown thanks to your donations and support. Our goal has always been to put 100 percent of all funds raised right to toys for the kids, everything on the support side comes from our own pockets. We ask that nominations are made for families in need, and this year we have no shortage of people who could use a little help from Santa. Will you help us help Santa?

We work it the same way every year, accepting nominations for families, finding the kids' Christmas lists, raising funds and distributing these lists so donors can purchase toys directly from it, combine those toys with generic toy gifts we receive, bagging up the gifts in black plastic so no sneaky eyes are aware. We even give wrapping paper and tape, because we elves hate wrapping and we leave that pleasure to the parents. This year, we even have Santa available for photos with the kids while we drop off.

You can help us with a monetary donation through PayPal to PayPal.me/LRPTOYDRIVE or Youcaring.com/LRPSANTA. We also can pick up a check, cash, and any toys you may decide to donate along the way. Just contact the elves at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are always looking for sponsors for the paper, tape, gas, and other elf necessities.

From all of us at the Lakes Region Porcupines Elf Team 4, we want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you will consider us when donating to your favorite charities this holiday season.

Tony Jankowski
Lakes Region Porcupine Santa

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