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Commissioners: delegation has spoken, learn to live with it for once


To The Daily Sun,

After many months of witnessing with dismay from a distance two of the senior Belknap County commissioners attempting to negotiate a larger county budget increase and trying to force additional spending on the citizens of Belknap County for two of the county departments with higher levels is very disappointing.

The county delegation actually increased the budget by approximately $1.5 million more than what was spent in 2016. In addition over $1 million was left unspent in the last budget, according to Chairman DeVoy on May 22nd this year. I am very disappointed as a taxpayer in Chairman DeVoy and Clerk Taylor for their continuous desire and appetite to continue to cause and create a tax-and-spend approach on the citizens of Belknap County.

Shame on you both! Stop it now! Gentleman, you have been guided by your decisions from the delegation and the delegation has spoken. Learn to listen for once. Please begin to learn to manage the $27-plus million you are entrusted with and show us taxpayers you are capable stewards of this duty or else let others who can lead this county do the job. Enough of the grandstanding for all of us, especially Mr. Taylor. Please take your duties with responsibility now!

Brian Gallagher

  • Written by Mike Mortensen
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Corruption in our county government goes back at least 10 years

To The Daily Sun,

I read the letter published in the June 7 issue from State Representative Norman Silber concerning our county government. What he says does not surprise me one bit. I experienced how our county government conducts business up close and personal. I have written here in the past, stating that Belknap County government is plagued by poor leadership and bad management and it has been that way for years now. Mr. Taylor is just a slick-talking New Jersey Lawyer who will manipulate the facts to meet his own agenda. Mr. DeVoy was elected because he flat out lied to the voting public about how he was going to fix the problems with county administration. As soon as he was elected he did a 180 degree about face and protected the status quo. Why is the question?

Our county administrator is unqualified to be in her position and she was awarded it based only on her connections and not by any objective measure of credentials or qualifications. Tell me how does a gal with nothing but a high school diploma get the highest paying position in the county, even when the job description clearly states as a minimum requirement that candidates hold an advanced degree in an appropriate field? Anyone want to take a guess on how this happened? She and the commissioners going back at least for three administrations have been a disaster for county government. Poor decision making and mismanagement is what defines our county government. Mr. Richard Burchell knew this and wanted to do something about it but he was ganged up on by DeVoy and Taylor and forced out.

There is corruption in our county government that goes back 10 years, at least. Many of our elected reps know about this but they refuse to rock the boat. I know this to be true because I have been told by some of our reps that they know what I am talking about and know it to be true. I have been calling for an investigation for years now and it falls on deaf ears. Perhaps now is the time.

Gordon Blais

  • Written by Mike Mortensen
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