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Voters should stick with Jeb Bradley; he's done a great job in the Senate

To The Daily Sun,

State Senate candidate John White recently said at a forum in Moultonborough that there is no such thing as a donor town. Maybe he missed the long controversy of the statewide property tax and the fact that Moultonborough was one of the biggest donor towns in New Hampshire.

I'm not surprised however. Mr. White has long advocated for an income tax. He is opposed to lowering taxes on small business owners. Now apparently he doesn't understand how donor towns impact property taxpayers in this Senate district.

Voters should stick with Jeb Bradley, who has done a great job. Bradley has sponsored legislation that helps small businesses create jobs: lower workers compensation costs and taxes. Bradley has worked for reasonable budgets that don't pinch taxpayers while meeting the state's needs.

Bradley has also recently received major awards for his work to pass Medicaid Eexpansion that has helped 50,000 Granite Staters and legislation that provides more resources to fight drug addiction.

It is not always easy to find compromise that most people can support. Anyone aware of Jeb's work in Concord knows that is exactly what he does, and the critical role he plays in moving important issues forward in Concord. That is why we need to send Jeb back to Concord.

Erik Taylor


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Donation from Lowe's has saved Town of Gilford thousands of dollars

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of the Town of Gilford and the Parks and Recreation Department, I'd like to thank Lowe's of Gilford for generously donating a new deck for our restroom/lifeguard building at the Gilford Town Beach. This was a project that needed to be addressed and their donation of not only the materials for the project, but labor provided by their staff volunteers was invaluable.

Over a three-week span from Sept. 29 through Oct. 17, a number of Lowe's employees spent parts of five different days performing demo on the old decking, making repairs, replacements and additions on the current joists and installing new composite decking.

We'd like to recognize the following employees from Lowe's who gave their time and effort to help with this project; Kevin Wagner (Store Manager), Roberta Choquette, Moira Cuthbert, Michael Giovanitto, Jason Hale, Laurie Hutchinson, Bronwyn Jenna, Susan Laflamme, Angela Lianos, Tom Lustenberger, Don Mason, Dan Noyes, David Thorne and any others we may have missed.

Having received this donation when we did has saved the town thousands of dollars that we would have needed to expend to complete this project in the near future.

The completed project looks great and it is my hope that the residents of Gilford are as appreciative of this gift as our department is. Thanks again

Herb Greene, Director

Parks & Recreation Department

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