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We left Iraq early because Obama doubted the immunity clause

To The Daily Sun,

Mr. Ewing might want to re-­read the agreement and get his facts straight. Bottom line was the Iraqis wanted out so bad they would have done just about anything to get us to leave. We had no trust or working relations with them by this time. They hated the parts in Status of Forces Agreement that gave us immunity from prosecution for the work we were doing. But they did love Bush, so much so, that one man gave him a pair of shoes. Well, he actually threw them at Bush while shouting "You Dog" or maybe it was give them to your dog knowing Bush had one.

Another time, tens of thousands burned Bush in effigy ironically in the same area where we had pulled down Saddam Hussein's statue a few years earlier. We started pulling out in 2008, more in 2009 and the rest before the end of 2011 to beat the deadline of years end. Our mission was coming to a close and felt we were enablers and were doing them a favor with all our help. But most combat troops were starting to leave in 2008 and (Secretary of Defense) Gates felt we would still leave up to 70,000 troops after that. The Iraqis still doubted we would ever leave and protested the agreement because it extended and legitimized our presence. Maliki was concerned because he felt we were over-extending our jurisdiction in "now his" country.

Bush hailed the passing as a great accomplishment. But outside the countrymen were burning our flags in protest. By that time we had little choice. We left early because Obama doubted the immunity clause in the agreement would be honored by Iraq. The generals in the field also doubted Iraq was ready even after all the training and gear we had give them.

Jon Hoyt


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I can be deciding vote to bring good goverance back to county

To The Daily Sun,

My opponent's letter published in the Oct. 7 edition of The Daily Sun demonstrates the sharp contrast between myself and him for Belknap County Commissioner.

I will end the acrimony and he will continue it. He is already throwing arrows at the delegation and criticizing the court's decision on the role of the delegation. My opponent will not heal the wounds in the county, but will allow them to stay open.

If elected, I will be the deciding vote to bring good governance back to the county. I will work hard to build trust with my fellow commissioners, county employees, and the delegation. I will cast the deciding vote to end all lawsuits. Employees will not be fired for having a different view point. If elected, I will ensure the jail plan will respect Laconia's tax cap, thus protecting city employees from layoffs. My opponent's jail plan is more expensive than the City of Laconia, or towns, can afford.

I know many Belknap County employees. My mother was a county employee for 30 years in another county. People are important and I will protect jobs, while ensuring the best quality healthcare for all.

I admire how the City of Laconia worked with their unions to get employees to change health plans to avoid future taxes with the Affordable Care Act. This tax will cost the county $600,000 every year if we do not change the way we do business.

Please consider voting for me so I may serve as your County Commissioner and end the toxic climate that currently interferes with good government in our county.

David DeVoy


Candidate for Belknap County Commissioner


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We'll all benefit from Tom Dawson's new approaches & energy

To The Daily Sun,

I have only one political sign on my yard this year unlike other election years when I have had up to 10. This year, I could have chosen signs for other candidates, but have decided to put up only one to introduce a new worthwhile individual, Tom Dawson, who is running for the State House of Representative.

It is hard to get your voice over the cacophony of an election period, but that is what we need to do to bring an introduction of Tom Dawson to voters in Laconia. Tom's history in public service is well documented, but what may not be apparent is his commitment to action and solving problems. Once he decided to run for office, he sprung into action and has organized a strong grass roots campaign, knocking on doors, listening to constituents — when involved, he gets active and does the work needed to get the job done. This is the type of "community representative" we need in the Statehouse.

There are lots of candidates running for state representatives in this year's campaign, but don't miss Tom because he is new. We all can benefit from new approaches, new energies, new skill sets and a new way of working with others. Tom's past experience on the School Board, as the State Fire Marshal, and as a professor at our local Lakes Region Community College make him well qualified to represent us in Concord.

Vote for Thomas William Dawson on Nov. 4. See his signs on the streets of Laconia and learn more by checking out his experience at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Elizabeth "Liz" Merry

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Why was it necessary for Sun to slant council story that way?

To The Daily Sun,

Sometimes newspaper reporting isn't always accurate or is incomplete.

Three weeks ago at a City Council meeting, the discussion was on a resolution for the Planning Board to examine zoning laws regarding a decision to deny a merchant a change in his business use. In an exchange with Councilor Bownes, who made the statement that the council does not serve for one individual and the resolution shouldn't be considered, I countered with the remark that he was wrong. We are there for each and every resident. We get phone calls and letters weekly asking for help or information for many different problems they are faced with, and we do our best to take care of them. I did not ask the council to change the decision of the Zoning Board. I asked that the Planning Board hold a public meeting on the matter and whatever their decision, to get back to the council.

In covering the original story, reporter Michael Kitch didn't mention Councilor Bownes' statement, only that I said we are here for one person.

Today, in a related story on the council sending a resolution to the Planning Board to review the entire zoning code for the Weirs section, he again pointed out that I said we are here for one person. That was never said in this meeting. I wonder why it was necessary to slant the story this way?

We all love and read The Daily Sun every day. Moreover, most of us have a tendency to believe what is printed, so when something that is not correct, it does harm.

Brenda Baer

City Councilor, Ward 4


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I've known Lisa Scott for 40 years; she'll be a fine Register of Deeds

To The Daily Sun,

The residents of Carroll County need a highly experienced Register of Deeds to decisively lead and develop an essential online registry of records to fully serve the County. Lisa Scott, the Republican candidate, has the know-how and big-picture perspective as a skilled real estate and probate paralegal to get the job done.

For 30 years she has problem-solved issues for clients by thoroughly researching real estate documents utilizing various systems in all 10 counties of New Hampshire. And as a small-business owner for 25 years, she provided excellent customer service, managed staff and prepared budgets.

I've known Lisa Scott for over 40 years and she consistently works hard, is an active community member, and is a proactive leader. Indeed, she carefully studies situations, listens to different perspectives, is technically savvy and security conscious, and is overall detail-oriented.

As a librarian, I am confident that she would efficiently design an online registry system that would greatly enhance services for the residents of Carroll County and other end-users.

Alice Abraham

Jamaica, Vt.

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