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Come to Town Meeting to participate, not just complain about it

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is a response to John Robinson's letter and his request for conservatives to show up at Sanbornton Town Meeting on the evening of Wednesday, March 15.

What happened last year was a sudden amendment to the budget by Roger Grey, who should have left the Budget Committee table and come into the audience as a townsperson separate from the BC. The sudden amendment needed legal consultation on the spot, because it lumped together our fire chief's raise, the library's funding and town employees' raises. (Note: either John Robinson wasn't there or he's forgotten. Not among the amendment's budget cuts was our recreation building. This inflates the "case" that Robinson tries to make.) Grey's amendment lacked the money-figure impact on the budget.

Grey also, violating law, left literature on the meeting's chairs. Some people need watching like a hawk.

While Robinson calls for restoring a "two-party system" at Town Meeting, the legislative body sign in as voters, I'd say party-less, because we listen together, reason aloud together, deliberate, with our moderator's help and take a vote. No one goes off to party caucusing. No cabals exist. Husbands and wives may split on a vote. We seem to have a "this side of town" and "that side of town" on some issues, but not always.

I urge all registered voters to come to Sanbornton Town Meeting on Wednesday, March 15, 7 p.m., at our elementary school.

Article 12, submitted by Dave Nickerson will harm our taxpayers. Don't be like Roger Grey; read the town report and come to Town Meeting prepared to participate in the process, not just complain about it.

Christine Hobby


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I have lived in Belmont & participated in Belmont life for 37 years

To The Daily Sun,

I have lived in Belmont with my family for 37 years. My children and grandchildren have attended Belmont schools. I have operated a successful business here and have served as a member of the Planning Board for 26 years. I have also served on both Master Plan and Capital Improvement Committees.

I have assisted in the approval process for the Belmont Elderly Housing, Sandy Ledge, and Maple Hills housing projects. My participation was instrumental in the complete rewrite of the 1992 Zoning Ordinance as well as 65-plus commercial and residential development projects. Please vote Sonny Patten for Belmont selectman.

Sonny Patten



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