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I trust Clinton, Hassan & Shea Porter to create more jobs

To The Daily Sun,

Turn on the TV and we get negative ad after negative ad. Sensational comments but no proof. Turn on the computer and Kelly is trashing Maggie but then Maggie is trashing Kelly. Go to the mail box and find negative flyer after flyer. What is really true?

I try to focus on issues that I feel are important like Social Security, Medicare, health care, national security and the creation of jobs. Donald Trump has never cared about the little guy, so why should he change? Kelly Ayotte's voting record against Social Security, Medicare and health care are a matter of record, and Guinta is in a class by himself. There is absolutely no question that Social Security, Medicare and health care are in better hands with Hillary Clinton, Maggie Hassen and Carol Shea-Porter.

National security is something everyone wants. It is the details that are important. I feel that if we want to strengthen the military, we need to be willing to pay for it. Put the credit card away. We need to be willing to pay more taxes. It is unfair to pass the responsibility on to our children and grandchildren. Don't forget that we need to take care of the people we send into harm's way. Have you heard anyone talk about paying for it?

Do you want to create jobs? Increase the minimum wage. We have a consumer-driven economy. Put money in the hands of people who have lots of needs and they will spend it. More cars will be fixed, home improvements will occur, and stores will be busy. Employers will need more employees and therefore more jobs.

I trust Hillary Clinton, Maggie Hassen and Carol Shea-Porter to create more jobs. The GOP is not going to increase the minimum wage and trickle down does not work.

In this world of negativity, you have to have a way of making sense of it all.

Paul Bonneville
Lochmere (Tilton)

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Bob Giuda has quietly helped many of us & people should know it

To The Daily Sun,

I am home-bound with terminal emphysema and confined to a wheelchair. But I do have several bright spots in my life, and one of them is Bob Giuda.

Bob regularly comes to our home to bring communion and visit me and my husband. He has quietly helped other people behind the scenes too, and I think that people should know it. He cares deeply about his neighbor and about our country and our state, and he would make a great state senator.

Bob Giuda is a kind, caring man with amazing life story, and I hope you"ll join me in voting for Bob for state Senate.

Judy Jameson

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