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Miller will live on in his ideas, his spirit & his progeny; thank you

To The Daily Sun,

The Miller Lovett Family is overwhelmed and thankful for the far reaching support of sympathy from friends, colleagues and acquaintances at the time of Miller Lovett's death in October. His life was well acclaimed due to the kind words, donations to the Lakes Region Scholarship Fund in his name, and the attendance at his services and celebrations. His memories will live on in his ideas, his futuristic planning, his spirit and his progeny.

Words cannot express the comfort given to us at this difficult time. A heartfelt thanks to all.

Ginny Lovett


  • Written by Edward Engler
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N.H. Nationalists do not apologize for being white Americans

To The Daily Sun,

Are you tired of your government flooding your country with third world immigrants? Are you tired of your state being a dumping ground for "refugees?" Are you tired of schools teaching your children to feel guilty for being white?

New Hampshire Nationalists do not feel guilty about how this nation was created and we do not apologize for being freedom-loving, white Americans. We are tired of slavery being used to browbeat whites into submission in order to silence any inconvenient racial truth that might go against the typical anti-white, liberal narrative. We do not let others use slavery as a means to make us retreat from standing up for our interests. New Hampshire Nationalists are sick of hearing about racial injustice and inequality while 13 percent of the population commits over 50 percent of the violent crime in the United States.

I created New Hampshire Nationalists so white men and women can work together to fight for their rights, survival, and those they love. It is my hope that it continues to grow and becomes and brotherhood/sisterhood. We do not condone illegal activities and violence. We are men and women with families who work hard every day to make our lives better. We are law-abiding gun owners who are more than able and willing to defend ourselves and our families. We don’t hate anyone for the sake of hating, but we do hate those who believe white people don’t have the right to exist, preserve our identity, and a future for our children.

For more information about us visit https://nhnationalists.blogspot.com/ or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ask about membership.

Ryan J. Murdough


  • Written by Mike Mortensen
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