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More than 110 people enjoyed free Thanksgiving dinner at George's

To the Daily Sun

It is with great pleasure that we report the success of the free Thanksgiving dinner hosted at George's Diner. More than 110 people enjoyed Thanksgiving with us. We would like to thanks all of the volunteers that came and prepped, cooked and served, as well as the community businesses  who generously donated goods and services that contributed to the success of our dinner and Roger and Robin Rist for their continued support and use of their diner.

Without this overwhelming show of support from the community we wouldn't be able to put on such a  successful dinner and we genuinely appreciate having such a  generous small community around us. A huge thank you to those who came and dined with us and shared their holiday. We greatly appreciate it. We look forward to an even large turnout next year. Thank you!

Everett Duren and Owen Price


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Bring it on! I'll be smiling and laughing for the next four years

To The Daily Sun,

Oh my goodness, I must have said something to upset poor distraught Allen V., he has a "score to settle." I'm sure terrified and expect PRESIDENT Trump (get use to it Allen) is too. Name-calling is what all you lefties do when you can't win an argument or debate established facts. And call me buttercup if it makes you feel better but it will change nothing for the next four years, besides it's better then the slime and slanders the lefties are usually spewing.

Speaking of white supremacists, just this past week a whole bunch of them popped up in the news. That's right a whole 175 or 185 of them cheering Trump's victory some even giving the Nazi salute. Bet Allen thinks that justifies all his illusions of moral superiority and all. Really though, how does that compare with the thousands of rioting, looting burning and thuggery from all those wonderful collage kids who are smarter then me? I ask you does even one of them know what Marxist-socialism is and why Obama and Hillary's pictures should be in the dictionary beside the words? No, I suppose not; the poor delicate flowers need a "safe place" except when assaulting some poor guy just for voting for Trump and not the criminal Hillary.
So anyway Allen, bring it on because I'll be smiling and laughing for the next four years in spite of anything your and your "comrades" may say; sticks and stones, you know.
Steve Earle


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