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Lower the property tax burden to lower the cost of housing

To The Daily Sun,

Where would you locate your new home or business? The Central N.H. region is a tourist-based economy and as such becomes more seasonally populated than not. That makes for a need to sacrifice to those who accept this way of life we call Central New Hampshire  — or “The Lakes Region.” The demographics of our population continue to edge upward in average age, with fewer and fewer young people staying in N.H. (statewide) when they graduate from either high school or college. Why is that? It’s primarily due to the cost of workforce housing.

Others assume it has to do with the lack of jobs — wrong. Perhaps the lack of a *variety* of jobs, but not just jobs, per se. Look around you — there are plenty of “NOW HIRING” signs in all sorts of businesses. Fruedenberg-NOK, Bristol’s largest employer (the school district is second) is eager to attract professional engineering talent and a variety of professional talent in many other areas of specialized expertise.

The major contributing factor to the problem that is exacerbated by many other small ones is the fundamental cost of housing. The reason our school population continues to decline is because parents of school-age children are finding they can give themselves a raise by making the same money in a greater variety of professions in the South and Midwest by reducing their cost of housing! So, they move. Were we to find a way to lower the tax property burden on home owners, it would attract more residential buyers to the area to take advantage of that phenomenon, produce the need for more goods and services, increase the demand for businesses to support a growing economy, and broaden the tax base. This results in a smoothening of the tax burden amongst a larger local population — stabilizing the student population. And by the way, this action, it should be noted by all, would *also* increase the value of current property owners! There *is* a solution to this problem, but it will take full-time leadership and commitment to bring it about. I have a strategic plan and it requires far more time and space than we have in this medium to present and explain. But after 10 years of ongoing public service, I’d
like the chance to voice it, and to present it. It deserves both a hearing as well as a debate.

Vincent Paul Migliore


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We don't have time to train an inexperienced rep for District 9

To The Daily Sun,

On Tuesday, July 18, there will be a primary election to determine party candidates for state representative in Grafton, District 9. I will be voting for Paul Simard; he has served responsibly as the District 9 representative before and has the experience to serve us again. With only one year left to this current session and with all the important questions coming before the Legislature, we don't have the time to train an inexperienced candidate to represent us.

In the past, Paul took a stand to bury Northern Pass in the state's right-of-way and stood with those who were concerned that wind turbines would ruin the natural beauty and property values of the Newfound area. He stood with us in the past, now it's our turn to stand with him. Please vote for Paul Simard on July 18.

Betsy Schneider


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