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Dr. Carson, not Cruz, is to blame for what happened in Iowa

To the Daily Sun,

Who's to blame for the rumor that Ben Carson was suspending his campaign after the Iowa caucus?

Was it CNN which accurately reported that Ben Carson was returning to Florida after the caucus, wouldn't go to New Hampshire or South Carolina, would go to the Washington prayer breakfast, would be speaking at 9:15 regardless of the caucus results, and speculated that a serious presidential candidate wouldn't act this way? Was it the CNN tweet: "After the #IAcaucus, @RealBenCarson plans to take a break from campaigning."

Was it the Marco Rubio campaign that "was pushing the narrative hard" that Carson was dropping out? Was it the Ted Cruz campaign that passed the CNN report to its caucus leaders? Was it the Rand Paul campaign that apparently did the same?

Was it Carson's staff which, hearing of the CNN report, didn't correct the speculation? Or was it the Carson campaign itself for giving CNN the information that led to the report and the subsequent speculation which they reported as "Breaking News"?

The media, the political establishment, and his political opponents say the caucus winner, Ted Cruz, is to blame.

Did Ted Cruz or his campaign create the news or speculation? No.

Did they invalidly pass on the CNN report? No.

Was the Carson campaign prevented from correcting the impression given by the CNN report? No.

Is there evidence that a single vote was changed? No.

Would Carson haved place third or higher if the CNN information hadn't gotten out? Not likely, Carson needed 25,000 votes to move into third place. Carson placed where the polls projected, fourth.

Since Iowa, Donald Trump has viciously attacked and lied about Ted Cruz's role in what happened. That is the price of beating Trump, who is sore loser, but a loser nonetheless.

Hypocritically, Marco Rubio has joined the attacks on Ted Cruz, who he can't best on the issues.

And the media, which wants an establishment candidate — a RINO — to win the primary, has also been attacking Cruz. To create a false impression the media withholds the actual information, e.g., the actual CNN report and the related tweets. The media doesn't ask why the Carson campaign provided the information (unusual for a serious candidate) that caused the speculation.

For the timeline of this situation with the CNN report and the tweets, see: http://goo.gl/XOHj8R

I admire Dr. Ben Carson; he would be a fine president. I will happily vote for him if he is the Republican nominee. But he is running a strange campaign, and his own actions and his campaign are to blame for what happened in Iowa.

Don Ewing

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Effort to help on the Peter Weeks farm was led by Terri Bobseine

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to acknowledge at this time that I appreciated The Laconia Sun doing the article on the Peter Weeks farm. There were a lot more friends of Peter's that didn't get mentioned in the article but did their part to help Peter.

They were all led by Peters friend, Terri Bobseine, who gathered everyone together. The other people who helped with the animals were Robert Fay, Jake Maxwell, Bruce Gard, Tom Alley, Jack Woodward, and Chris Anderson.

Those helping with food, etc. were Diane Mitton, Donna Clifford, Pam Fay, Alvina Heine, Susan Leach, Abbey Maxwell, Jean Evveard, Linda Keith, Ginny Littlefield, Shirley Woodward, Rick and Miayo Shubert and Karen Fay.

If I have missed anyone I apologize but your help was greatly appreciated.

Merrill P. Fay


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