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2nd LHS Team Spelling Bee collected 2,770 jars of PB or J

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of Laconia High School's English Department, I offer our sincerest thank-you to everyone who made our 2nd Annual Team Spelling Bee an unprecedented success. In collaboration with our district's schools and local businesses, we procured 2,770 jars of peanut butter and jelly for Got Lunch! Laconia.
Of all the schools in the Laconia School District, Woodland Heights Elementary School donated the most jars for our cause: 1,059! This number is proof of its staff's ability to create a positive school culture. The warm reception I received from "Whiskers," the WHS mascot, was matched only by March 31's "Morning Meeting" at Pleasant Street School. There, Principal Dave Levesque presented Laconia High School's English Department with over 600 jars.
Karen Bassett from Wayfarer Coffee Roasters, Gregory Packard from Burrito Me, Tara Madison from 98.3 WLNH, and Brian Burns from Hannaford served as the night's official pronouncers. Pat Kelly from 107.3 WEMJ served as our radio announcer. Sarah Gray from Body Covers designed and donated screenprinted t-shirts for the champions. Sarah operated our shot-clock, as well.
The roles these community members play are vital. The partnership between Laconia's schools and its local businesses reinforces one immutable truth: we all share a stake in our children's educational experiences. These business representatives understand fully this sentiment.
Hector's Fine Food & Spirits, Patrick's Pub & Eatery, Happy Cow, 405, Sal's Pizza, Dunkin' Donuts, Laconia House of Pizza, and McDonald's all donated gift cards for door-prizes.
I'd like to express my gratitude for Jason Lacroix's, Steven Bouffard's, and Ken Martin's contributions, too: popping popcorn, printing posters, and engraving the winners' plaque, respectively.
Because of all these willing volunteers, Laconia High School's English Department hosted a fun, academic challenge, which promoted students' success and supported one of our city's greatest altruistic organizations, "Got Lunch!" Let's continue to reclaim the narrative about Laconia's public schools, and let's work towards honing the shared vision of success that makes our city so special.

Tate Aldrich, Chair

Laconia High School

English Department

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Russ & the president live in a mental state of conspiracy

To The Daily Sun,

Russ Wiles started his letter to the other day by asking, "what is the most serious threat to mankind today?" He says it's climate change. I say its a draw between himself and his beloved president Donald Trump. Every scientist in the world agrees that the climate is warming (well, except for Russ's scientist of course). What they don't all agree on is why and what might be causing it. For someone to say that it is a giant conspiracy created by Democrats for the sake of making money is absolutely absurd. Almost as absurd as the president saying that the first 13 weeks of his presidency have been the best in presidential history. That came out of his own mouth! Or that the crowd at his inauguration was the biggest ever. Or that Barack Obama wiretapped his hotel, even though there is not one stitch of evidence to prove so.

Russ and the president live in a mental state of conspiracy. Everyone is out to get them. It seems like all that Trump wants to do is knock down every thing that President Obama did while president, good or bad. God forbid if he'll have a black man one-up him on anything. Even after turning back all the environmental regulations that were set by the prior administration, auto and energy producing companies are continuing to go in the direction of clean energy, even if it costs more money to do so. Burning more coal will create a couple hundred jobs while renewable energy is creating thousands. And with proof or no proof, why wouldn't you always try to make this world a better place? If we can run the world with solar power, why wouldn't we. If the river in my back yard will power my house why wouldn't I want it to.

Climate change is not fiction, it's a fact. Saying any different is insane. Its almost as insane as saying that you care about babies being gassed after you passed up on the chance to let these children into your country to escape this inhuman treatment. We had and still have the opportunity to save all these people. But In Mr. Wiles eyes and the eyes of our president, they are all terrorists. Politicians and our political system is the true terrorist. Both left and right. Do you know the one thing that I and every other American can count on you and all politicians (especially Trump) being? It's full of @#$&*%. This world has enough negativity in it. It doesn't need any more.

Todd Welch

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