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I salute the civic mindedness of these 3 Prospect Mtn. students

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to applaud the exceptionally well-written letter (April 6) by the three Prospect Mountain High School students who articulated so well their dismay toward the Alton Central School Board's behavior at their April 4 meeting. You three point out that you received a firsthand lesson in civics, and indeed you did — welcome to Civics 101. What you witnessed was a small group of elected officials who consider themselves the foundation of democracy rather than simply servants who sit upon, and should be supporting by their actions, a foundation which is already the very backbone of our country. Indeed, they should be guided by it, not ignoring it in favor of their own personal agendas and ideologies.

In contrast to you three, I am actually embarrassed to think of the things that were important to me when I was in high school. Safe to say, at the time, I might have lacked a certain depth of character which you have demonstrated, and which I congratulate you for. I also commend you for acknowledging the influences of your teachers; by doing so, you underscore the very fact that if the Alton Central School system is producing civic-minded young people such as yourselves, than it should not be tampered with by a bickering and divided School Board whose ears are deaf to its community.

Thanks so much for taking the initiative to step forward and speak your minds. Your voice was heard ... and appreciated.

Al Blake

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Sensible people discard long-term global warming projections

To The Daily Sun,
The worshipers at the man-made global warming/cooling/climate-change alter (see Mirno Pasquali's March 29 letter) are increasingly frustrated by the public's increasing disbelief and disinterest. The "climate-change-is-one-of-the-greatest-threats-of-our-time" alarmists have cried "wolf" too many times to be taken seriously. Everyone knows that the climate constantly changes. Humans survived many climate extremes. Warmer, with more CO2, is better for life.

Since the alarmists' short-term predictions didn't occur, sensible people discard their long-term projections. Our earth hasn't become unlivable. The northern ice cap hasn't disappeared. There hasn't been mass starvation, and hasn't been unusual numbers of droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, escalating global temperatures destroying life on earth, etc.

Since people disbelieve, politicians are using government to threaten companies into supporting the climate change hoax. They think if Exxon, et. al., can be forced to support their hoax, then people will acquiesce.

The alarmists' solution for the different alleged problems of man-made global warming/cooling/climate-change is always the same: reduce fossil fuel use, increase taxes, increase people's living costs, and reduce people's freedoms. Yet, at best, all this harm to people only briefly delays, doesn't stop, any of the alleged adverse impact.

Science is a process of creating and then challenging theories with open minds. But the alarmists are afraid to allow challenges to their conclusions, processes, or data so they declare the issue closed and try to make dissent illegal.

While there are undoubtedly honest scientists, the history of alarmists falsifying data, eliminating undesired data, and losing data claimed to support their results, etc., makes sensible people skeptical.
Since almost all the alarmist scientists' funding, which they want to continue, comes from government, they provide the results that their funders (politicians) demand.

Greedy politicians, crony capitalists, and a few others promote the man-made global warming/cooling/climate-change hoax to enhance their own power and wealth. Many other supporters, probably like Mirno Pasquali and like most of us on other issues, have simply been deceived by people they trust.

Don Ewing

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