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I congratulate Sonny Patten and thank Ron Cormier for his service

To The Daily Sun,

I congratulate Sonny Patten on his election to the Belmont Selectboard last week, and thank Ron Cormier for his service in that position for four terms.

As Belmont citizens in this great state and country, we vote daily by our community actions, participation and ethics. I look forward to continuing involvement as a resident, local business owner and volunteer.

Brian Watterson


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Bare minimumof federal under-pinning should support local citizens

To The Daily Sun,

What will be our next 50 years in the world power struggles as the world population nearly doubles in that time period? Yes think about it, a fight for energy, food, water, and land while keeping an environment that will sustain the world? Who will have it and who will not? Who will want to take it is the most important question and how? It can be economically by buying it all if they can or by force if they can't, the most likely option.

These are think-tank questions that have to be addressed today to protect the future. For the most part the western world and major countries are very aware where we are headed.

When I see our U.S. future military weapon systems today, like the prospective F/A 37, I feel confident the rest of the world is many years behind and trying, as they always do, to steal our technology. America leads by decades with inventions that are now "Star Wars" comparable. This forces all sides to the table of peace and working out the problems with logical humane solutions.

But our U.S. spending habits and work-force ethic and their precipitation has to increase, our trade and federal deficits have to decline with our entitlement spending taken control of immediately and responsibly.

Of the many issues we face only the largest should be taken by federal enterprises and hopefully then with private solutions. Education, energy, health care, and many other smaller entrapped social programs should have never been grabbed by the federal government to strong arm with its control. These enterprises do fine with competition, local control, and free choice.

Only the absolute bare minimum of federal under pinning and rules should have our support from our state and local citizens. Our original Declaration and Constitution empowered "Life (A government's first priority to protect), Liberty (An absolute right in life) and Happiness (The individual's culmination of choosing their liberties they love and to express themselves in life, without dictates from big brother.)

The "basic food group" ideal for federal oversite is the best platform for continued economic power or we just turn into another weak, over-played-out socialist "dictated" nation and then who is going to protect us from the expansionists if the United States is too poor to make the likes of the next generation F/A- 37 to bring our enemies and allies to the table of peace.

Jeff Frost

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