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Veverka’s arguments are empty; leave Denise Burke alone

To The Daily Sun,
Well, here on Wednesday, James Veverka, responding to Alan Moon, pointed out that spoiled entitled brats of all ilks, religions and station can be stupid jerks.
Take the rioters at Berkeley and other university’s for instance. Thing is, Mr. Moon’s letter regarding a Muslim man reflects the ideology of Islam. In the Koran it says, quotingMohammad, “Is not the value of a woman’s eye-witness testimony half that of a man’s? That is because a woman’s mind is deficient.” (Bukhari 3,48,826)
There are many ways women have second-class rights under Sharia Law. It is ingrained in the culture and irrelevant to economic class or stature. One set of laws for men and a different set for women which are written in the Koran.
It amazes me that James, a well established religion hater (Christians especially) will go to the lengths to defend Islam, a religion that has no values whatsoever in common with what he says are his values. Of all the arguments he could use to defend his leftist views this shows just how empty they are.
Denise Burke has apparently been the recipient of some nasty unsigned letters. Whoever that cowardly low life is, knock it off. If you won’t sign them you have no opinion worth hearing.
Steve Earle

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Student labor has a cash value; forced labor is not altruism

To The Daily Sun,
Two recent letter writers to the Sun, Denise C. Burke and Alan Vervaeke, addressed my contention that it is illegal for school boards to require community service for a high school diploma. Both Ms. Burke and Mr. Vervaeke discussed community service as a good experience for students and dodged the issue of legality. I hope you will print this, my fourth letter on the topic, because my position presents a difficult concept.
Student labor has a cash value. Therefore, mandatory altruism in the form of community service is either a graduation fee or graduation tax. Neither levy is legal.
Ruth Dunnavan

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