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Since when do parents not have responsibility to feed their kids?

To The Daily Sun,

On its surface the "Keeping the Bellies Full" front page article in the Friday, Jan. 13, Daily Sun warms the cockles of your heart. Attractive well-fed smiling children displaying healthy meals is a good reminder of the abundance of our country and how fortunate we are to live here.

What could be wrong? Three things instantly come to mind.

First, since when is it the community's obligation to relieve parents of their responsibility to prepare meals for their own children? If parents don't have time to prepare meals for their own children, what possible activities are they engaged in that are more important?

Second, stating that the program pays for itself, is ludicrous and untrue. Reimbursement from the federal government is not free money. Its source is taxes paid by the American taxpayers. Hence, the meals are a form of public welfare.

Third, in my day if you displayed the picture of welfare recipients on any page of the paper, let alone the front page, you would be facing the judge in the morning.

I'm all for good works, but for any organization to take credit for resources that aren't theirs is shameful.

Warren P. Murphy

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Holy Grail owners: Please give our restaurant a second chance

To The Daily Sun,

As sole owners of the Holy Grail Restaurant in Epping, voted "Best Irish Pub in NH" for the past seven years in a row, we had promised you a premier restaurant located at 12 Veterans Square, Laconia in the old Evangelical Baptist Church. We had promised you the same great food, stunning atmosphere and exceptional service that we are so very proud of at our Epping location. We sincerely apologize to all of you from the bottom of our hearts that we were not able to live up to our promise and ask you for a second chance. We would also like to thank those of you who have continued to support us consistently over the past year and a half.

Our food is prepared every day from scratch using high quality ingredients, we have 32 specialty draft lines, the most in the Lakes Region and have created a beautiful, cozy atmosphere inside one of the oldest historic churches in the State of NH.

To support the local community, we have partnered up with many local businesses and organizations, including Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce, Laconia Fire Department, Altrusa of Meredith, Bank of New Hampshire, Woodshed Roasting Co., Sweet to Eat Cheesecakes, Laconia Village Bakery and many others.

We have offered our food, services, gift card donations and discounts for many of the local charities, churches and fundraising drives to help support our local charities, churches and fundraising events. We want to play a part in the thriving of the Laconia Downtown and we support the City's effort to breathe new life into this area.

Again, we are asking that you please give us a second chance or try us for the first time.

David and Maureen Kennedy

Holy Grail of the Lakes


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