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A right to health care based on that right, not on ability to pay

To The Daily Sun,

I think that It is sad that a number of writers on the right, and most recently Bob Meade in his column in the Laconia Daily Sun on August 1, continue to use the case of Charlie Gard .the little child from England, to advance their political agenda against socialized health care or single payer health care. If this was not the case then I would have thought that Mr Meade would at the least spend some time to get the facts of this case.

Charlie Gard, for those you not familiar with the case, was born with a very rare condition. The basis of this defect was that his RNA, which translates the codes locked in our DNA, could not communicate with his DNA, when it came to supporting his Mitochondria, which are the body’s source of energy in each cell on our body. Charlies brain, which is very metabolic had no way to continue to support these structures. Mr. Meade, stated he felt that it was wrong that the health care system in England did not allow Charile  to participate in a trial of a new medication that could have possible have allowed him to live,” — "the court deny little Charlie life.” There is no evidence that these new meds even cross the blood-brain barrier. To benefit Charlie theoretically they would have to clearly do this. While it is heart breaking when a child dies, there is no proof of any benefit from these meds, or from some magical surgery as espoused by a local talk radio host.

Mr Meade may be more honest if he argues that it is okay to experiment on children during drug trials.

There was no nefarious plot by the physicians or the courts to deny Charlie life. My view is that they kept Charlie on life support to give the parents time to accept their fate. When it was obvious that this was not going to happen they made the correct decision to remove his life support. Decisions like this, believe me from someone with 30 years in medicine, are made each and every day in this country.

Finally Mr Meade thinks that they should have let the parents take Charlie home to take his last breath. His last breath was when the ventilator was turned off. He died under hospice care in the hospital. One question I would propose to Mr Meade: what do you think was the cost to keep Charlie on life support for eight months? And what was bill given to his parents after he died?

No, Mr Meade, who stated “we see the worst part of health care in England’s recent legal decision concerning Charley Gard.” No, Mr Meade, we saw a health care system which worked as it was designed for, to give everyone the right to health care, based on a right, not on their ability to pay.

Finally, Mr Meade makes one last shot at single payer care. Unfortunately again he gets it totally backwards. Mr Meade thinks that there are medical tourism companies, designed to bring people from health care poor countries like Canada into the states for elective surgeries. I find this hard to believe. While Medical tourism companies do exist they exist to allow people from the states to go to countries like Mexico, Thailand, India etc. for low cost elective surgeries.

Mirno C Pasquali PA-C


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Trump appears to be an idiot but he expertly packages his lies

To The Daily Sun,

In a recent submission to this forum, Mr. Demakowski supplied us with the perfect example of “whataboutism.” His letter goes on in great lengths to narrate the unfortunate murder of Seth Rich a DNC staffer. The conspiracy theory he exposes is that Rich “was the source of the leak of emails of the DNC” in the summer of 2016 and he was murdered to eliminate any testimony he might give — playing into the “murders and mysterious deaths that follow the Clintons. A clear pattern of murders upon murders to silence witnesses of corruption.”

This “Fake News” story was part of an attempt to discredit U.S. intelligence communities by the wright-wing conspiracy theorists, by flouting unproven theories that Rich was the person who provided WikiLeaks with the DNC emails, and suggests his death was retaliation for the supposed leaks — leaks totally unrelated to Rich. Malia Zimmerman, a Fox News reporter who lends her editorial heft to conspiracy theories, and Ed Burtowsky, a Dallas-based financial advisor and Fox News contributor, along with Fox News, created a “fake news” story to distract from the Russian investigation and advance Trump’s agenda. Rod Wheeler, claiming to be a private investigator, and longtime paid commentator and Fox News contributor, has been quoted in several news articles recanting his original story. All claims made by Wheeler are false and take fake news to a new level.

It has also been alleged, that the White House was briefed in advance of this baseless Fox News report, with hopes of diverting the public attention from their chaotic administration and possible Trump ties to Russia (whataboutism). If these allegations are true, it is beyond vile that the White House — and possibly Trump himself — would use the murder of a young man to distract the public attention from their chaotic administration and alleged Trump ties to Russia.

Fox News almost immediately debunked this false report and retracted the Zimmerman story a week after it was published, but not before the report caught fire with Trump supporters such as Mr. Demakowski. They then descended into the sewer by promoting this long-debunked conspiracy theory.

When Mr. Demakowski and other right-wing activists complain about the nature of media coverage, they are actually demanding that the media abandon an independent journalistic stance and champion their cause by reporting what they want reported. This is in effect what people from the right constantly do: attack the media with the hope that they will bend in their direction, then blame the media if their program fails. Blaming the media draws attention away from the failed policies and the chaos of Trump administration (whataboutism).

Trump may come across as an idiot, but he can deftly employ the liberal media bias framework, packaging his lies by claiming that it is actually a truth being suppressed by the political correctness, who are protecting pro-terrorist types for nefarious, if obscure, reasons.

Robert Miller

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