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Bristol needs a person who will look at issues with objectivity

To The Daily Sun,

By now you are tired of the letters to the editors, endorsements, and promises and maybe you're unsure who to believe and put your trust in. I will say this about the four other candidates running for Bristol Board of Selectmen, they are all qualified in their own way and they want to help Bristol move forward in a positive manner. Bristol needs a person who will look at issues objectively and provide fresh ideas. I believe I'm the person that can provide innovative and creative ways to move Bristol forward in a positive manner. I listen, I plan, I analyze and then I act.

I ask for your vote on March 8th and please come out to the Town Meeting on March 12 starting at 9 a.m. to add your voice.
John Sellers

Candidate for Selectman


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Fickle weather can't dampen our spirits in Center Harbor

To The Daily Sun,

The Center Harbor Selectboard would like to thank all the visitors, residents, volunteers and businesses who came together on our town beach on Saturday the 20th to celebrate winter and the variety of experience and life in New Hampshire. Local businesses, too many to mention, working in conjunction with the town's Parks and Recreation Department, served up a wonderful event featuring music, a bonfire, free food and beverages and an opportunity for everyone to get outdoors. The weather was unusually warm, and the ice on the lake was unusually spotty, limiting the skating to the town rink, yet the celebration went on as over 350 people enjoyed an afternoon and evening together. Instead of skating and snow sculpting there was a pick-up basketball game on the town courts, children were playing on the swings and the town's playscape while the adults enjoyed conversation, catching up with old friends and free food and refreshments.
Thank you again to our local supermarket, restaurants and retailers for a wonderful afternoon, and for reminding us all that the fickle nature of New England's weather will never dampen our spirits!
Harry Viens, Chair

Richard Hanson

Richard Drenkhahn
Center Harbor Board of Selectmen

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