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Laconia PD, rethink destroying old guns - sell them to citizens

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in regard to the destruction of old guns by the Laconia Police Department.

Destroying 22 firearms, in my opinion, amounts to "nothing at all," except destroying 22 pieces of history. The firearms could be sold to law-abiding citizens or some of the policemen on the force. The money could be used to purchase more safety equipment for our officers, used to combat the opiate crisis, or given to a charity.

People who purchase would go through the normal procedure of a background check, and the risk of one of the firearms being used in a crime is no greater than the hundreds of other firearms purchased legally in New Hampshire.

I was glad to hear that Honorable Judge James O'Neill III had not made an immediate ruling on their destruction. LPD, please rethink your decision to destroy.

Cheryl and Rod Cramer

  • Written by Ginger Kozlowski
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Does Gov. Sununu stand with Trump or Granite Staters and our needs?

To The Daily Sun,

Following a meeting on Monday (Oct. 2) with the president, Gov. Sununu described Trump as having a “wonderfully refreshing attitude.” Sununu may be eager to express support for Trump at every turn, but Granite Staters most certainly aren’t.

We didn’t think Trump was “wonderfully refreshing” when he parroted the same voter fraud lies Sununu spread during his campaign. The Republican Party’s pattern of promoting lies about illegal votes to justify voter suppression laws like SB3.

It also most certainly wasn’t “wonderfully refreshing” when the president called New Hampshire a “drug-infested den” and later refused to apologize for his words. Gov. Sununu has willfully forgotten about this, but we haven’t.

There was also nothing “wonderfully refreshing” about Trump’s response to the devastation in Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans are without clean water, electricity, or easy access to food. As they suffer, Trump has insulted the San Juan Mayor, complained that Puerto Ricans were not doing any work themselves, and stated that Katrina was a “real tragedy” because more people died after that urricane. This behavior isn’t wonderful; it betrays a terrifying lack of empathy that deserves Sununu’s condemnation.

He also wasn’t “wonderfully refreshing” when he proposed a tax plan that is this administration’s version of the Bush era tax cuts. This same tax plan plunged America into the largest economic recession since the Great Depression and caused the unemployment rate to spike at 10 percent. Gov. Sununu might embrace this plan as a way to help his donor friends, but the rest of us see this legislation for what it is.

Despite Sununu thinking Trump’s withdrawal of the Paris Climate Change Agreement was “wonderfully refreshing,” Granite Staters are worried about the future of our planet. Sununu has expressed support for this decision and even gone onto claim that no one knows what causes climate change, but our towns and citizens oppose this opposition to facts. We understand that climate change poses a real and present threat to our state.

Since taking office, Trump has proven he is not fighting for the people of New Hampshire. In flattering Trump, Sununu is building up a man whose policies would devastate our economy, our climate, and our future. It’s time for Sununu to once and for all decide: Does he stand with Trump and his “wonderfully refreshing attitude” or will he fight for Granite Staters and our needs?

Sue Ford

Former Democratic House Representative from Grafton District #3.  Currently, she is the Grassroots Coordinator for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.


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