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Story about hate group would be OK but not recruitment letter

To The Daily Sun,

I was appalled to see on Nov. 20 that you published a recruitment message from Ryan Murdough of the hate group New Hampshire Nationalists.

Perhaps you thought that publishing the letter was a way to educate the public that there is a hate group in the Lakes Region. I feel it was a poor editorial choice to publish the recruitment message on its own. It would have been more responsible for you to have written a news story about the fact that there are hate groups in the Lakes Region who are actively recruiting new members.

That is newsworthy and would have served the public better than providing a platform to help a hate group push out its recruitment message.

Carmen Lorentz


  • Written by Mike Mortensen
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Alton Firemen’s Association should explain where money goes

To The Daily Sun,

Recently (probably like most everyone else in Alton) I received a fundraising letter from the Alton Firemen's Association.

My understanding of firemen's associations, which I freely admit is limited, is that they are formed primarily to provide assistance to families of firefighters should tragedy ever strike. This, however, does not seem to be the case with the Alton Firemen's Association fundraising efforts.

The Alton Firemen's Association fundraising letter reports using funds raised to support local charities, as well as for paying for renovations and repairs to the Alton Fire Dept. and providing necessary firefighter equipment.

Before anyone donates any more money to this organization, the Firemen's Association should inform the public exactly how much money has been set aside to assist a fireman’s family should a tragedy ever strike.

Jeffrey Clay


  • Written by Edward Engler
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