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What would happen to student who wore a ‘White Lives Matter” T-shirt to a public high school?

To The Daily Sun,

The mainstream media and the cultural Marxist indoctrination centers known as public schools would have you believe that straight white men rule the country because there are so many of us. The truth is that we used to rule it but not anymore. Young white men now live in a country where it is almost illegal to identify as a white man.

A high school in Montpelier, Vt., recently raised a Black Lives Matter flag at their school. What do you think would happen to a white student if they came to school wearing a 'White Lives Matter' T-shirt? What do you think would happen if a white student suggested to the principal that white identity and white achievement be recognized for a week? How many white students are afraid to openly oppose the raising of a BLM flag for fear of being called names and possibly being bullied?

Young white people have very few ways, if any, to express white identity. In most cases the only acceptable way to express white identity is in a self deprecating, self defeating way. What is a white kid supposed to do if the only way to discuss being white is in a way that insults himself and his family? It might not be illegal to be proud of your white identity but it might as well be when you consider the ramifications for doing so.

Ryan Murdough

  • Written by Edward Engler
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Requiring parents to "opt-in" will hinder Laconia's ability to attract school-related grants

To The Daily Sun,

The Laconia School District receives annual funding from competitive federal and state grant opportunities which allow us to support our students and families in ways that fall outside of academics. We receive funding through the School Climate Transformation Grant (US DOE), the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Grant (US DHHS, SAMHSA), the Student Assistance Program Grant (NH DHHS, BDAS), the System of Care Grant (US DHHS, SAMHSA), and the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant (NH DOE).

 These programs allow us to support some of our most vulnerable students, including those with behavioral health issues and substance use disorders.

 All of these grants require surveying students and reporting on our outcomes. SB-431 is a bill that will be up for a vote this week in the New Hampshire State Senate. It allows us to continue surveying our students effectively and reporting accurately on our grant progress. If SB-431 does not pass, it will be very difficult to meet the outcome data requirements, leading to potential funding loss and ineligibility to apply for future funding for much-needed programs and services for our most at-risk students and families.

Requiring parents to opt in directly jeopardizes the number of responses we receive, and the potential funding associated with these grants. Given that no one has chosen to opt out in the past, I am not sure the change to opt in does anything more than to make the process more cumbersome, confuse families by changing the procedure, and potentially endangers our needed funding.

If the Senate does not pass SB-431 with the amendment proposed, the Laconia School District is at risk of losing federal funding to support our children and families. I hope that the state senator representing Laconia will take this into consideration and vote yes on SB-431.

McKenzie Harrington-Bacote
Grants Administrator
Laconia School District, Office of School Wellness

  • Written by Mike Mortensen
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