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There are no marbles left in Belmont, we have lost them all

To The Daily Sun,

Belmont has some serious problems with the Mill, the former Bank Building and the Gale School. We purchase a bank building to tear it down. We save a historic building, now let's tear it down. And forget our most valuable building, the Gale School — tear it down. I am starting to think that our current boards in this town have lost their marbles.

Find a use, here are some uses the town needs: Town offices, SAU offices, classrooms for full-day kindergarten, a recreation building for our youth, a police station, a library that offers the community far more than it does now, a building for historic Belmont artifacts and history, a community theater to support our arts students. And what about our elderly citizens?

Seems like neither the Board of Selectmen nor the Shaker School Board can even work together to come up with any feasible solutions. Proposing to kick out LRGH from the Mill, but being so kind as to offer them the bank building. If I were LRGH I would tell them to stick it where the sun don't shine. Seriously, we put them in the Mill, kick them out, but then offer them another building to sink their money into.

We have building space. We have buildings. Why build new, when the buildings we have weren't taken care of. Buildings are not disposable, last I knew. What is becoming of this town?

I've been a resident 45-plus years, a volunteer for the town, and a former employee. My family has deep roots in this community and I have never seen such dysfunction in my entire life. It saddens me to see destruction of everything our founding and former fathers have worked so hard to achieve. To see that personal agendas have taken over, and taxpayers have been funding it. I once was proud to live in this community, and now I've become ashamed to even mention it.

I have heard from the community time and time again, "We need to wipe the slate clean and start over from the top down." To create such distaste in the mouths of our community certainly speaks volumes about those running it. Spending taxpayer dollars for this study, that study, and then not following it (the Mill), time and time again with the (Gale School), with the (Bank Building), the (Library, Police Station, Town Offices) the list is endless. How many studies and taxpayer dollars do we need to spend before we actually work as a community and start using our common sense.

I think those in charge need to take charge. You were put in your positions by residents of the community. Start working for them. Why not hold a town hall meeting for residents to express themselves openly without a moderator constantly shutting them down. (Rant done.)

Diane Marden


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Christians, let's join together, put aside politics & defend our rights

To The Daily Sun,

I enjoy reading the letters to the editor in The Sun concerning religion and our Founding Fathers especially, those of late from Mr. Veverka, who appears to be very unhappy with life in general and his in particular. I have read the submissions made by Mr. Danforth concerning the United States as founded on Judeo/Christian principles. I found his arguments well researched, factual and very compelling.

I checked out Mr. Danforth purely out of curiosity. He is a 100 percent disabled veteran, Marine who has a graduate degree in constitutional law — a real one, not one from Harvard. Mr. Veverka on the other hand is a self described "godless secular progressive" who appears to me as very emotional when faced with irrefutable evidence of the religious leanings of the Founding Fathers. He stated that anyone could find numerous quotes supporting any position you desire concerning the intent of designers of the Constitution and Freedom of Religion. I find that to be an opinion not supported by the facts or quotes and merely the wishful thinking of a godless secular progressive.

I myself found that many of founders were religious, they believed in a supreme being and followed a deistic philosophy based on Judeo/Christian  beliefs. Others were members of organized religious groups and most were members of the Masonic Order. It is natural that they should be intent on ensuring the freedom to worship as they pleased. This is particularly important since many of the original colonists came to America to escape the religious persecution that was pervasive throughout Europe.

Mr. Veverka neither found nor produced any culpable evidence to the contrary. It is unfortunately a misinterpretation of the constitutional intent that is fueling the present anti-Christian persecution we are presently experiencing throughout this country. It is time that all those of the Christian faith join together and reclaim their rights to unfettered freedom in exercising their beliefs. Put aside your politics and defend your constitutional rights.

George A. Clarke, Lt. Col. USA (Ret)

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I look forward to continuing goal of quality education for all

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank all the voters who supported my re-election to the Gilford School Board.

It has been an honor to serve the community in that capacity and I look forward to continuing the goal of providing a quality education for all our students.

Susan D. Allen


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And now, we have our very own Steve, The Great Prevaricator

To The Daily Sun,

Historically, our great nation has produced such men as Henry Clay — The Great Compromiser, Abraham Lincoln — The Great Emancipator, Ronald Reagan — The Great Communicator, and most recently, in the Lakes Region, we have Steve — The Great Prevaricator.

In his letter to this forum, dated March 13, he entertains us with a copulation of all the lies his "blogger buddies" have relayed to him during the course of the Obama administration. As we have learned, there is no lie so outrages that Earle, a professed "hater" of President Obama, will not share. His intent is to deceive by passing along these malicious lies to convey to the readers of this forum a false impression of the president.

In his letter, Earle lies with impunity, by rationalizing this diatribe by stating, "I can't attest to the accuracy of every detail." Of course not! Earle "doesn't have to prove anything."

To exasperate the hypocrisy of his letter, he has the audacity to accuse Obama of lying, rightfully or wrongly, but has no qualms about spreading lies of his own. It appears he holds himself to a different standard, whereby he can lie and relate lies and "doesn't have to prove anything"; by doing so, Earle loses all credibility.

It's one thing to blather on in the absence of facts, but it's quite another to deliberately ignore evidence. At some point, you'd think it would become embarrassing.

To further shed some insight into Earle's thought process, I refer you to an opening statement in which he claims of reading "a couple of things which might shed some light on these issues". Apparently this "light" is inspired by an article written by "Benjamin Weingarten, publishing manager of The Blaze."

While I would not be so arrogant as question Earle's right to his sources, I will point out that The Blaze is a conservative news and entertainment television network founded by libertarian Glenn Beck, an outspoken critic of President Obama — hardly unbiased.

L.J. Siden


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An impromptu gift of $100 cash was bright spot in a dark day

To The Daily Sun,

Reading this newspaper on a regular basis, I learn about the problems in our community. People are overdosing on drugs. Drug addiction in general is a problem, as is all the crime that goes hand in hand with it. We hear of robberies, assaults and people on the verge of dying almost daily in our community. All of this can take its toll, causing a jaded view of our community.

Over the weekend, I witnessed an act of kindness that I feel compelled to share. On Saturday, March 14, I was at the scene of the car fire in Laconia at Jon's Roast Beef. The young driver of the vehicle is my son, and his passenger is a close member of our family. These kids made it safely out of the vehicle just before it quickly burned to ashes. It was an extremely emotional experience for all of us.

In the midst of everything, an unknown woman walked up to my son's friend, and very quietly and discreetly handed something to her. She then continued to walk down the street. The gift she gave was $100 in cash. I don't know who she is, but I would like to say thank you. These are good kids, who had a terrible thing happen to them that day. This act of kindness was a bright spot in a dark day.

Carol Cheverie


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