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Thank you LRGH Senior Services Unit, you are truly exceptional

To The Daily Sun,

Our mother was recently a patient at the Senior Services Unit at Lakes Region General Hospital, where she left us to go home to the Lord.

We miss her very much. The staff at the Senior Services Unit made here last days with us truly bearable. We were a large group (with at least two of us spending every night in her room for 12 days) and they made any and all accommodations to ensure our comfort, to the best of their ability. They treated my mom and all of us with dignity, compassion and care. We are so thankful to them for all they did for us. They made a horrible, agonizing journey as easy as it could be, under the circumstances.

We would like to let everyone know just how grateful, appreciative and thankful we are for all their efforts. They are truly an exceptional group of people.

The loving children of Ruth A. Messier

Gordon & Peggy Walker

Bill & Shirley Messier

Marie & Hilton Perkins

Suzanne Messier

Terry & Mark Kimball

Lynn & Tom Atwood

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I'm appaled by gated community attitude toward WOW Trail

To The Daily Sun,

Allan Beetle should be commended. The idea to extend the WOW Trail to The Weirs is a no-brainer. It's a slam dunk for the economy and for residents alike. He is a successfulbusinessman in the region who has continuously gone out of his way for good causes as well as heightening the general public's quality of life for no other apparent reason than he has the power to do so. "With great power comes great responsibility" is a famous adage in the comic book world and like a friendly neighborhood hero, Mr. Beetle is greatly appreciated among my family's friends and cohorts who all use the WOW trail as another tool to stay healthy and enjoy the revival of the area.

The WOW Trail is an injection of style and class in an area that greatly needs it. I cannot stress enough how excited we are with the idea of extending it to The Weirs. I am a homeowner in the Lakeport area and I can guarantee you that my family and I would now include family bike rides, jogs and urban hikes as we call them to the Weirs and back, with of course spending some time and money in an area we generally don't frequent all that much.

I am appalled at the attitude of some homeowners and gated community dictators who are going to oppose this. I get it. You pay a lot for waterfront property and if this were a project that was placing the trail across your property in some sort of imminent-domain situation, I would be on your side. However, this is a dedicated railroad right-of-way. It technically is not your property.

Your snobby attitude and prissy comments are laughable. "But the current plan has it running through what is essentially our back yard." "Oh Muffin, call the butler to disinfect the air, a local just walked through it." "Essentially" and reality are two different things, Mr. Miller. Hearing you and Mr. Ratcliffe's comments made me laugh and furious at the same time.

The fact of the matter is, Mr. Beetle is very diplomatic and civilized and if approved I'm sure will add a classy little fence and spend the extra money to do this project right. God forbid if you disapprove or see a "chain link fence with trash glued to it." To tell you the truth, if I was in charge of the project I would build a 10 foot tall wall between the WOW trail and your houses so that the residents of Laconia walking the trail didn't have to see the trash that lived on the other side.

Thomas Lemay

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