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Tardif is 3-0 in cases he has personally brought against officials

To The Daily Sun,

The Laconia Daily Sun had an article on July 4 by Roger Amsden that was titled, "County expected to pay $19,000 for defense in Tardif appeal." The article fails to point out that most of that $19,000 in legal fees is because of the Belknap County Delegation's counter claim against Thomas Tardif. The delegation claims and advised by Paul Fitzgerald, that Tardif's past lawsuits come under the provisions of, "RSA 91-A: Remedies II, The court may award attorney's fees to a public body for having to defend against a lawsuit under the provisions of this chapter, when the court finds the lawsuit is in bad faith, frivolous, unjust, vexatious, wanton, or oppressive." RSA 91-A only allows a public body to defend against lawsuits, not mount counter claims using past lawsuits that have nothing to do with the present lawsuit.

Roger Amsden points out that Tardif won most of his recent court cases. In 2007 Thomas Tardif and Doug Lambert won a huge pro-se Supreme Court Case against the Belknap County Delegation. Thomas Tardif and I, pro se, won a court case against the Belknap County Delegation in 2013, with Fitzgerald represented the delegation. Amsden missed a lawsuit that Tardif won pro se against the Laconia City Council, represented by Attorney Walter Mitchell in 2016, that would have given the city manager the power to accept and expend sums of less $10,000 in drug forfeitures money according to the previsions of RSA 32:95-b. Nothing frivolous about those court cases.

In the old court cases in which Tardif was one of many litigates, they were represented by an attorney. How can those cases go on his won-lost Record? This article points out 3 wins, 0 loses.

The Big Lie about the delegation posting their meetings for April 4, 6, and 8, 2016 continues. The only notice posted, "Belknap County Meeting Notice, The delegation will meet Monday, April 4, 2016 at 6 p.m .at the County Complex, Laconia, NH in conference room #1 to consider cost items for a collective bargaining agreement. The public is encouraged to attend." If the meetings on April 6 and 8 were posted, why did former Chairman Frank Tilton recess the Meetings of April 4 and 6? Why didn't he just convene the meetings like any other posted meeting. Posted Meeting don't need to be recessed.

Tardif doesn't have any appeals to the N.H. Supreme Court at this time so why does Belknap County need $19,000 to defend against a Tardif appeal?

David Gammon


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Pres. Trump is in way over his head, it's just as simple as that

To The Daily Sun,

This will not be one of the almost daily long diatribes about President Trump. Very simply, the man is in over his head. Bullying, threatening lawsuits, and using bankruptcy laws don’t work in his current job.

Joel Edinburg

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