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To clarify: Shaker teachers are among highest paid in the area

To The Daily Sun,

I did not intend to imply that the teachers (in the Shaker School District) are the highest paid in the state, but simply the fact that they are among the highest paid in the area and this has been causing major increases in taxes for number of years.

SB-2 is needed to be continued to help keep taxes lower. It has helped this year for sure.

Don Irvin


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A person's gender is not 'assigned at birth' by anyone

To The Daily Sun,

There has been a lot of discussion lately about providing special protection for persons who consider themselves to be "transgender." There is pending legislation that has not yet been voted upon by the General Court and efforts by some school boards in the state to adopt so-called transgender policies. In a careful review of a proposed school board policy under consideration in my town (apparently based upon a "model" policy promulgated by who knows who), I was struck and perplexed by some very interesting language in which a person's sex is referred to as "the sex to which they are assigned at birth."

Who "assigns" a person's sex at birth? Is it the doctor who delivers the baby? Is it the nurses who assist with the delivery? Is it the hospital in which the baby is born? Is it the health department officials who complete the birth certificates? The factual answer is "None of the above."

A person's sex is not "assigned at birth" by anyone. It is determined at conception, when life begins, when the father's sperm, which may carry either an X or Y sex chromosome, fertilizes the mother's ovum, which only carries an X sex chromosome. If an X comes from the sperm, the result is a female, while if a Y comes from the sperm, the result is a male. As scientifically advanced as modern medicine may be, it does not really know which of the sperm cells will fertilize the ovum and why.

So maybe the true answer is that a person's sex is assigned at conception by God. A truly radical thought.

State Rep. Norman J. Silber


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