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Trump may not be eloquent but his words make a lot of sense

To The Daily Sun,

Why I am voting for Donald Trump:

When the presidential campaign started for this most recent election, I was truly perplexed on who would get my vote. I listened to most of the candidates and the one that seems to make the most sense, so far, is Donald Trump. Although, he does not have the most eloquent way of expressing himself, the words that he says make a lot of sense.

America, the USA, is getting "screwed," to use his terms, by most of the world. We protect our allies, give countless aid to all countries (even countries that hate us), we have mostly open borders to our North and South, millions of welfare is given to non-citizens-including social security, and the list goes on.

Back in the mid-1950s, both of my parents immigrated to this great country from Ireland. My mother had a sponsor, my Uncle Martin, and my father signed up for four years in the U.S. Army to access citizenship. They both hoped to gain better life. I am all for legal immigrants, but somehow, the U.S. has lost its way on this issue.

Perhaps someone like Trump, who is not a career politician, can make some sense of this whole ordeal.

He is also for a favorable tax code for manufacturing. I know that this is the economic engine for any country and I think it should be a priority. If you hear Mr. Trump, as I did in Concord, about three weeks ago, then you know he has a good understanding of what is going on globally.

He is not in this for his own personal gain, but only to "Make America Great Again."

Sean W. Kenneally


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Please support Year-Round Library by voting 'Yes' on #4 & #21

To The Daily Sun,

Dear Gilmanton Year-Round Library Neighbors,
We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the strong show of support at the Deliberative Session on Saturday. We would also like to update everyone on the outcome of the meeting and outline our path toward voting day on March 8.
Warrant Article #4 on the ballot is our petitioned article requesting multi-year funding for the Year-Round Library. As you know, this article is the result of collaboration between town officials and the GYRLA Board of Directors. This joint effort has involved cooperation and compromise. We feel that getting to this point has been a huge step in a positive direction.
The original article was for three years of funding at a total cost of $150,000. This required a public hearing and a 3/5th majority to pass. The amended version, which was approved at the Deliberative Session, is for two years of funding at a total cost of $95,000. While this article will still require a 3/5th majority to pass, there is no requirement to have a public hearing.
Article #21 is our request for $50,000 to fund the Year-Round Library for one year. This article only requires a simple majority to pass. It will be void if Article #4 passes.
Every vote is going to be crucial in order for us to reach the 3/5th majority. It is also extremely important to note that "Yes" votes are needed on both articles. We are fortunate to have both articles recommended by both the Selectboard and the Budget Committee.
We encourage you to help spread the word to neighbors regarding the value of the Year-Round Library to your community. Your vote will make the difference on March 8th!

Chris Schlegel
The Gilmanton Year-Round Library

Board of Directors

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