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I will continue to vote on bills before the N.H. House based on input I get from you

To The Daily Sun,

As a state representative, I take pride in my work on behalf of the people of Tilton and Sanbornton, and I am humbled by the support and encouragement I have received from voters to seek another term in the House of Representatives.

For the last 30 years, I have enjoyed the opportunity to serve our state and its people in the New Hampshire House. We are a volunteer Legislature — we only get paid $100 per year — and I believe serving in the Legislature is a way for me to give back to the community, state and nation that I so dearly love.

Over the years, I've had the chance to work on many important pieces of legislation. This past term, I was proud to have sponsored a bill commemorating the 100th anniversary of the New Hampshire Presidential Primary, which I believe is critically important we preserve, and plays a vital role in how our country chooses its presidents.

I will continue to vote on bills based on your input, and help guide our state government in a way that works in the best interests of the people of Tilton and Sanbornton. I will always vote against increases in taxes. I will vote for policies that will attract jobs and higher wages to our area, and I will support legislation that keeps New Hampshire the best place in the nation to live and raise a family.

I ask for your vote in the Republican primary for state representative on Tuesday, Sept. 13, and in the General Election on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Rep. Dennis Fields

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A vote for Rep. Glenn Cordelli will be a vote well spent for the benefit of all of us

To The Daily Sun,

Occasionally, in politics, local, state and national, there comes a person who is dedicated to the principles of the founding fathers that public service is just that: to serve the public for the benefit of the public. In today's political world, that person is a more rare entity than ever before in our history.
I have written in the past about my confidence in the job that Glenn Cordelli has done. He continues to deserve my support. He is a man that comes prepared. Comes prepared to meetings of the Carroll County Delegation, at selectmen's meetings of the towns he represents, town hall meetings of his constituency, and to his primary responsibility his seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. He shows up prepared and committed to his principles. Glenn's preparedness is evidence of his hard work and dedication to those he selflessly represents.
I initially met Glenn shortly after he had decided to make his first run for the seat in the New Hampshire House representing Tuftonboro, Moultonborough and Sandwich. I came away from that conversation convinced he was different from the many others I had to choose from over the years. If he were half as committed as he seemed to be, he would stand head and shoulders over the brood we send to Concord on a regular basis. He got my vote then and I have never regretted it.
Glenn has been the voice of the citizen, the taxpayer and the voter in issues like the Carroll County conundrum, with his huge efforts on the Education Committee and his dedication to the Home Education Advisory Council.
One example as to Glenn's amazing impartiality and sense of fair play came when I observed, one bitter cold and windy day, during a campaign season. As I was driving by, he had just negotiated his way across a busy hi-way to place his sign among the many signs on a piece of the political landscape that has been a favorite spot of signs for years. As I passed the spot, safe and warm in my truck, I saw him pick up a sign of a competitor that had blown over and replaced it back to its original position. He had no idea anyone was noticing, he just did it like the sign was one of his own. He won that election.
I have a close family member who served many terms in both the New Hampshire House and the New Hamsphire State Senate. I know from his hard work and dedication what it takes to do the job justice. Glenn has those same qualities. A vote for Glenn Cordelli would be a vote well spent for the benefit of the towns he represents and the state of New Hampshire.
Rick Heath


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