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Tired of Democrats leading from behind? Vote Republican on Nov. 4

To The Daily Sun,

As we approach the November elections do not be fooled by the feel-good policies of Democrats that only lead to higher taxes, more regulations, and stagnant job growth. If you have a job and are working 40 hours a week or more, or even work part-time, understand that when the Democrats push for a minimum wage increase, they are essentially forcing with the heavy hand of state government to force businesses to raise the cost of doing business.

The increase that the Democrats want, will actually cause higher prices of goods and services because business owners will need to raise prices just to maintain current staffing levels. They may also choose or have to cut hours or staffing in order to keep the cost of doing business down, so they can prevent increases to their customers. Either way it's a lose-lose proposition. It sure sounds good, but it is like a bouquet of cut flowers. They look good when delivered but soon wilt and don't look so good.

Remember, the Democrats also are mandating via Obamacare that small businesses shoulder a higher burden of health care costs. They want government involved in every aspect of your health care and personal private information. Doing this all while adding to the cost of doing business which again means higher prices for you the consumer. Democrats seem to only have one solution to everything, and that is raise your taxes.

Let's face the facts. In the last six years the national debt has climbed to a staggering $18 trillion. We cannot afford to keep listening to the pie-in-the-sky ideas and policies that every Democrat supports.

Their policies may sound good on the surface and have nice names, but they only seek to control, limit and stifle economic freedom and growth of each and every American. The policies of the last six years have put our nation in grave danger domestically and globally.

The truth of the matter is as Dr. Adrian Rogers clearly stated, "What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else." And that somebody else is you, Mr and Mrs. Taxpayer.

Remember government is not a business, and the revenue that it takes in comes from us the worker. The Democrats' policies that force change and increases on free enterprise and business, only hurt the individual worker in the long run, resulting in smaller raises if any at all, job loss, higher taxes and fees. The solution and answer to these do-nothing, feel-good policies of the Democrats is to vote for Republicans.

Republicans offer realistic solutions to the issues. Republicans trust the individual to do what is right and want to see people keep more of their hard-earned income. Are you that trusting of the Democrats, who apparently cannot keep track of and lose a year's worth of IRS official e-mails? Are you really going to trust that they will keep your personal health care information safe? Vote for Republicans who support keeping taxes low, and less government intrusion. Send a message at the ballot box.

Remember these post Halloween scary facts in November. Median household income has been going down since 2009. Remember it was President Obama and Democrats that allowed the Bush tax cuts to expire which raised every middle-class working Americans taxes and less take-home pay. Remember, it was the president and Democrats that barricaded the World War II monument in Washington, D.C., preventing our veterans from visiting this open air monument to the Greatest Generation. It was under President Obama's administration and Democrats that allowed the Veterans Administration to neglect care to our nation's veterans. It is Democrats who refuse to secure our borders. Democrats who negotiated with terrorists and released five known murderers, only to rejoin the Jihad or terror against America.

Democrat solutions sound good on the surface, but when you really look inside they are just empty rhetorical political promises. Hope and change, that has become fear and despair for working families who are just trying to make a living. Tell the Democrats to keep their hands out of our pay checks and healthcare.

If you are tired of going from crisis to crisis in our government, tired of Democrats leading from behind always reacting to problems and never leading, always placing blame rather than accepting responsibility, if you agree with these facts the solution and fix is the Republican answer. That's cutting taxes, eliminating regulations that stifle small private sector businesses from growing. We need to unleash the spirit of American entrepreneurs again. Republicans will help respond responsibly to issues, and lead the way at every level of government. Remember, vote Republican this Nov. 4.

Gary Torressen


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Let's re-elect Chip Albee as county commissioner for Carroll County

To The Daily Sun,

I encourage you cast your vote in November to re-elect Chip Albee as County Commissioner for Carroll County.

Mr. Albee was a driving force on building a new nursing home for the county. At the time the old nursing home was running a $500,000-$600,000 deficit. With the new nursing home, the deficit is close to $0.00.

The new home was built on time and $3 million under budget. Chip Albee worked in a bipartisan way, with the other commissioners to build a $20 million Mountain View Nursing Home without increasing taxes by instituting a sound operating and management plan. Chip understands how much work goes into running a $27 million operation with over 159 employees open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Mountain View Nursing Home is now rates in the top 100 nursing homes in the U.S.

Chip Albee was named Commissioner of the Year in 2010. Chip, as a native of Carroll County, will help make the Carroll County the most efficient, the most innovative, and the most progressive in the country. So please consider re-electing Chip Albee Carroll County Commissioner.

John Morrissey


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Dems have started to undo some of damage GOP did after 2010 vote

To The Daily Sun,

The people of Sandwich, Moultonborough, and Tuftonboro will vote on Tuesday, Nov. 4, for two candidates in District 4 and one candidate in District 8 to represent them in Concord.

I will be voting for candidates who show promise of being more in tune with the needs of the people in these districts than has been demonstrated by the policies supported by the GOP incumbents. Democrats Ken Hill and Nick Vazzana are seeking election in District 4 and Gloria Hoag in District 8. Ken is a teacher and researcher who believes that we must provide adequate funding for good government policies such as maintaining our roads, and that even more can be done to assure that everyone has better health care and a living wage. Nick is a businessman who knows what it takes to successfully create jobs. And Gloria is co-owner of a small business that has continued to succeed through benefits that are now available to its employees through the Affordable Care Act.

With the leadership of a Democratic majority in the House, the last legislative session started to undo some of the negative changes that were made after the 2010 election. We must assure that the progress continues, and that means electing a new slate of representatives for Sandwich, Moultonborough and Tuftonboro. The candidates are Ken Hill, Nick Vazzana and Gloria Hoag.

Ronald Lawler


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Astonishing how GOP has succumbed to ideology of Ayn Rand

To The Daily Sun,

It's always puzzled me why both political parties have always struggled to get their base to the voting booth. As an independent I'm happy that I'm not part of a base, whatever that means.

The United States ranks dead last of the top 11 developed nations in health care and health outcomes such as infant mortality and life expectancy. We rank 17th in reading comprehension and 21st in math. However, we do rank No. 1 in violence having 88 guns per 100 people.

If that’s not enough to fire up the Democratic base, Democrats might want to consider the recent remarks by a GOP state Rep. Steve Vaillancourt concerning Ann McLane Kuster. Steve is a graduate of Plymouth State University and living proof that some students slip through the cracks.

Another reason the Democratic Party shouldn’t have any trouble getting their base to vote is the recent tongue lashing given by Richard A. Posner of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals on the subject of voter ID laws. Posner is a Reagan-appointed conservative and arguably the most influential judge in the U.S. He recognized that voter ID laws were racist in nature and designed to favor the Republicans who stand to benefit from them.

It is astonishing how the Republican Party has succumbed to the ideology of Ayn Rand, a second-rate writer and philosopher. Yes, she sold a lot of books, but so did Grace Metalious.

How can Ayn Rand still be a "thing" in the 21st century? She’s something that one gets over and discarded like blue suede shoes. No amount of phone-calling during supper and knocking on doors will get people to vote. Voting should be a visceral experience coming from deep within us. It is the outward manifestation of seeing the world as it is and wanting to improve it.

George Maloof



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Lions Club Electronic Waste Collection Day was a great success

To The Daily Sun,

The recent Laconia-Gilford Lions Club Electronic Waste Collection Day on Oct. 4 was a great success, and the club is grateful to all those who participated in it. Thanks to you, we filled up one and a half large trucks with recyclable electronic items.

Special thanks to Lowe's in Gilford and to Pike Industries for the loan of their sign. The money the Lions raised will allow the club to meet pressing needs in our community including Christmas food baskets to needy families, eye exams, eye glasses, scholarships, and assistance to local food pantries among other local charities. The club greatly appreciates all of your support and looks forward to seeing you on April 18, 2015, for our next Electronic Waste fundraiser. Thank you all.

Marylin Brown

Laconia-Gilford Lions Club

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