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To Military Mothers – A Mother’s Day Tribute

To The Daily Sun,
This Sunday, moms across the country will be treated to breakfast in bed, homemade cards, bouquets of flowers and fancy dinners in restaurants. But for those who have sons and daughters fighting wars overseas, Mother’s Day won’t be all roses.
The term “Military Mothers” describes two distinct groups of women. On the one hand, it describes mothers whose sons and daughters are members of the military. On the other, it describes mothers who are themselves members of the military.
Though many military mothers have grown used to their children’s absences on Mother’s Day and other special occasions, it doesn’t make those times any easier, especially for moms whose sons and daughters are in the line of fire in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Mothers whose children are in the military and deployed to military bases around the world or serving in a war zone far from home, live with daily fear and worry for the lives of those to whom they gave birth, and nurtured into the fine young men and women they are. They worry that those children may return home with missing limbs or with PTSD, and may not be the same person who deployed, or that they may return in a flag-draped casket.
And mothers, who must leave their children behind to go to a war zone far from home live with daily fear for their own lives because they worry about the possibility that their children may have to grow up without a mother. And they worry about the impact their absence will have on little psyches, and whether that impact will be lasting.
We assure you, both groups are heroes.
And we’d like to wish them, and all the other mothers out there, a Happy Mother’s Day!
Karen Thurston
Blue Star Mothers of New Hampshire, Gilford

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Join the Tagg Team in the Pub Mania Shuffle each Wednesday

To The Daily Sun,

We live in a wonderful, caring community that brings together businesses and people for the common good. I want to publicly thank the dozens of businesses who donated prizes and all supporters who attended the Pub Mania Gift Certificate Gala at Patrick's Pub on May 7. Together with volunteers Debbie Frawley-Drake, Adam Drake, Mark Emery and Tammy Emery, we raised more than $2,000 for the Greater Lakes Region Children's Auction.

But, we're not done! There are certainly many ways to be involved!

Join us every Wednesday at 6 p.m. through June 7 to participate in the Pub Mania Shuffle. You can enjoy a casual stroll or run with friends and family from Patrick's over to the Bank of NH Pavilion (or stroll right into the Pub), win some raffle prizes and donate to the Pub Mania team of your choice. Your $10 donation includes a complimentary beverage. Café Déjà Vu team also sponsors friendly games of cribbage on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. through May 31 in Patrick's Emerald Room.

Tagg Team is offering raffle tickets to win a one-of-a-kind quilt created using Pub Mania T-shirts from 2009 to 2016. The lucky winner of this keepsake quilt will be drawn in December. Our team is also publishing a Lakes Region Restaurant Guide featuring 100 recipes from restaurants and specialty shops of Lake Winnipesaukee. There is no cost to restaurants to participate. Proceeds will benefit the Children's Auction and the Boys & Girls Club. Interested restaurants should email Kathy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

Pub Mania teams will be busy all year to prepare for the ninth annual Pub Mania on Dec. 7-8.

Visit www.patrickspub.com or join the Pub Maniacs Facebook group page to stay informed about future events.

Judi Taggart

Tagg Team Pub Mania Team


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