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Planned Parenthood does so much for so many women

To The Daily Sun,

The following letter was submitted in response to a letter in opposition to abortion written by Doris Morrissette which appeared in the Friday, Nov. 24, Sun:

My name is Denise. Please feel free to use it if you are going to reference me or my letters. I’ve tried to stop explaining myself once I finally realized that so many people only read what they want, remember what they want, and then use only what they need from this Letters section. So what that means to you is, you will only ever understand from your own limited perception. Which you did gloriously!

I’m also a mother and am deeply concerned for this human race and planet. I, too, am sick and tired of reading about so many killings and senseless deaths these days, both in the papers and online. I too wish for lasting peace and the return of civility toward everyone. I’m also tired of seeing so many stories in the paper regarding mothers and fathers killing their own children. Aren’t you as well?

Secondly, it’s obvious that you have not done any research into just what Planned Parenthood does for so many women and children. They do so much more than you claimed in your letter. As a matter of fact, they use government funding to offer a huge number of services to help many women and children ... instead of just "murdering" the unborn. They don't sit back and “rake in the money” from all those aborted fetuses that you and those that think like you want to believe.

Additionally, please tell us just what you consider "amoral." I imagine that for you, that could be women who get pregnant and aren’t married, or have no baby daddy around — correct? Do you still consider them “amoral” if they choose to carry full-term and have that "amoral" child? Or are they forgiven for all their sins?

Here is the most abused quote from the Bible, "Judge not lest ye be judged" - Matthew 7:1. So until you can walk in their shoes — or those of any other human being — please keep that passage in mind. And try to remember daily (if you can) that we all get to have choices in our lives every single day, whether 100 people agree or 1 million don't.

So, may we all have peace in our lives this day and the next. Because that is how God would like to see us all — at peace with one other and with ourselves. May everyone have a blessed Christmas and may we all have a peaceful 2018!

Denise C. Burke


  • Written by Mike Mortensen
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‘Women do more than breed these days’ insults past generations

To The Daily Sun,

I am profoundly touched by a superbly written letter by Doris Morrissette published in the Nov. 24 Daily Sun in defense of the sanctity of human life. To me, her letter is an absolute classic. She referred to my letter of Nov. 18 supporting an unborn child’s right to life and submitted a perfect rebuff to the rejection of this principle portrayed by Denise Burke’s letter of Nov. 21. Our nation is undeniably deeply divided on this issue.

Denise took exception to my comparison of the Nazi death camps to our abortion mills, the largest being run by Planned Parenthood. I stand by my comparison. She stated that my analogy was “like comparing a great white shark to a guppy.” The Nazi death camps can certainly be compared to a shark, having exterminated six million “undesirables,” but our abortion death camps are hardly a toothless guppy, having exterminated 60 million trapped and defenseless unborn children. The only way this can be legally sanctioned is to take away the humanity and personhood of whomever you want to exterminate. This was done by the Nazis and is the modus in our own country. This makes the contents of a pregnant woman’s womb legally worthless.

Denise also stated in her letter that “this is not the 18th century and women do more than 'breed' these days.” I take this to be a condescending and shameful insult to women of past generations. Not having the so called “blessing” of abortion nor the opportunity to pursue a career in the many modern fields of opportunity available today does not mean that they did not make an absolutely essential and lasting contribution to their families and to our nation. Our nation in its early years was primarily rural, consisting mostly of family farms, and these women worked exceptionally hard. They were essential in every way to make things work and without them the whole system of society would have collapsed. I am 83 years old, a former farm lad raised on a small family farm, and I go back just far enough to have experienced this interaction. These women cannot be labeled “breeders” just because they did not abort their babies and become entrepreneurs.

Abortion is not the seamless, safe and unburdening procedure it is advertised to be. I do not have the space here to relate the many abortion-related horror stories impacting mothers and families. Contrary to the liberal rhetoric, many women experience deep remorse for having killed their own flesh and blood. Then there are the women who have died while undergoing so-called legal, sanctioned abortions and there are the inspiring testimonies of abortion survivors. I am ready with many examples.

If any liberal abortion-minded people reading this letter wish to tell me, “You are not a woman, you don’t understand,” I refer you to the profound letter by Doris Morrissette.

George Brunstad

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