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I will work to find proper balance if you elect me to school board

To The Daily Sun,

I would love the opportunity to serve our community as a member of the Gilmanton School Board. Raised in Gilmanton for my entire childhood, I moved to Maine following my graduation from the University of New Hampshire, where I earned my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. In 2010, a relocation landed my husband, our three children and myself back in my hometown. Since returning to Gilmanton, I have been able to share many of my fondest childhood memories with my own children, including those made at the Gilmanton School.
My three children our currently students at Gilmanton School, with the oldest graduating from the 8th grade at the end of this school year. As a parent and community member, I believe that our children's education is of the utmost importance toward cultivating them to be successful in all of their future endeavors. Our Blue Ribbon Award-Winning Gilmanton School is providing our children with a high-level of education, as a member of the School Board, I will work with our community to ensure that we continue to maintain that level of excellence.
Serving as the Gilmanton School PTA President for five years provided me with insights into the curriculum and enrichment programs that our school provides. Since my "retirement" from the PTA, I have continued to serve on subcommittees for the school, including the School Improvement Committee. As a taxpayer, I know that a balance must be met in providing a quality education at a cost that we all can afford. Using my background in accounting and financial services, I will work to find that balance if selected as your next School Board member for the Town of Gilmanton.
Please remember to visit the polls on March 14th.
Michelle (Smithers) Heyman
Gilmanton Iron Works

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Wife & I see the value of having Year-Round Library in Gilmanton

To The Daily Sun,

In case all of the great folks in Gilmanton are not yet aware of it, the Year-Round Library is one of those places you have to actually visit to understand how cool it is.

As a recent addition to Gilmanton, when we first drove by it, we knew we had to stop in and see what kind of library is in that neat old barn building. Oh, you can check it out at, and I encourage you to do that, to see a sample of everything that is available, but there is nothing like a physical visit to really check it out.

Even though we are retired and have no children living here, we see its value to the town and we both volunteer there. I serve on the board and my wife has done a myriad of volunteer activities.

If you are fairly new to Gilmanton, you may not have discovered the Year-Round Library across the street from Gilmanton School. You may have seen a library — or two — because there are three in Gilmanton. All are unique, and all are good. Only the Corners' Library by the Town Hall is town-owned. You ought to go check it out also. The privately owned library in the Iron Works is closed for the winter. Come see it in the spring.

You may also not be aware how important it is that you register and vote at the town election on March 14. Gilmanton offers same-day registration and voting so you can register and vote in one trip. Easy peasie.
(Warrant Article 23 covers partial funding for the Year-Round Library.)

Terry Melle
Gilmanton Iron Works

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