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Read the Koran for yourself & see if Islam is a religion of peace

To The Daily Sun,

A short response to the letter from David B. Stowe, where he claims Islamic terrorists are only a minuscule fraction of Muslims. I beg to differ sir, they may be a minority, but are far from minuscule.

From Jan 1, 2016, until July 16, 2016, there were 1,274 Islamic terror attacks worldwide, with 11,774 people killed and 14,303 injured. Also, from 9-11 until Dec. 31, 2015, there were 30,224 Islamic terrorist attacks with more than 70,000. causalities. No minuscule fraction of Muslims could carry out such a war (and war it is) over such a length of time with such devastating, cruel and inhumane results.

Terror organizations have a vast support system beyond those who carry out their attacks or they could not do so.

I expect Mr. Stowe is a reasonably intelligent man but a man ignorant of the ideology of Islam. So sir, before you can claim to be more knowledgeable on this subject than me, I invite you to read the Koran for yourself and then decide if Islam is a religion of peace or not?

Being blinded by the politics of political correctness will do nothing to change, alter or stop this horrific practice. It must be openly and honestly exposed. (Tyranny flourishes when good men do nothing.)

Steve Earle


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Mayor & two councilors will be my guests on radio Saturday a.m.

To The Daily Sun,

This Saturday morning, three members of the Laconia City Council will join me for a Q&A and comments from citizens — Mayor Ed Engler, Ward 3 Councilor Henry Lipman and Ward 4 Councilor Bob Hamel. We knew it had been awhile for us to get together, and I appreciate this opportunity for myself and residents. This will happen from 8:05 to 10 a.m. at WEZS 1350 AM, streamed to the world wezs.com, and the podcast will be available soon after the program ("The Advocates"), for one week!

One of the great joys of my life; being able to ask questions of our representatives.

Niel Young

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