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Grey’s character is being attacked by the big spenders

To The Daily Sun,
I am appalled at the character assassination of Roger Grey. He has angered the liberals and big spenders in town with his efforts and is being attacked for his determination to reasonably control spending. I have known Roger Grey for a number of years. He not only works for you in the Budget Committee in town, but has also selflessly worked on some areas of the Belknap County budget. Roger is an honorable man who is working diligently for the taxpayers of Sanbornton. He is smart, detail-oriented and puts his heart into his research and decision-making process.

I urge those who care about the spending level in Sanbornton to Support Roger Grey in his re-election for Budget Committee. Vote for Roger Grey on March 14, and attend the annual meeting March 15 so your voice will count.
Colette Worsman

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Gilford schools will be able to make do with default budget

To The Daily Sun,

The Gilford School Board is proposing $26,019,631 for the 2017-18 school year.

To the dismay of the school people, the Budget Committee examined their proposal and calculated they should be able to "function" properly with $25,903,694. A difference of $115,937.

Someone (I don't know who) at the deliberative session got a motion passed to reinstate everything that the Bud Comm subtracted after many, many "man hours" of careful scrutiny. (This same disheartening thing happened last year.)

As a result of the impasse, we are now operating under a default budget for this year of $25,872,143. which is $147,488 (a little more than one half of 1 percent) less than the School Board proposal. However, those same school people, when confronted with the reality of the default budget, (considered to be a "bare-bones" budget), became very industrious and discovered an extra $118,000 for raises for the noncontractual employees, (after the voters had voted the raises down, as part of the School Board's proposed budget).

Therefore, I am relatively certain that these highly dedicated folks can and will find an extra $30,000 to meet any real need this year.

Based on the above and barring any new information, I will be voting "No" to Article 2 General Budget Funds.

I don't mean any disrespect when I say "school people," I just don't know who is running the show, the School Board or the school administration, or both.
Harry H. Bean
Gilford Budget Committee member

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