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On the 4th, families from all over celebrating made Weirs a glorious site

To The Daily Sun,

As a permanent resident of Laconia I would also like to comment on what I saw on my early morning walk coming from Tower Avenue along Lakeside Avenue on the Fourth of July. First I saw an updated boulevard, flowers dangling from lamp posts, with no electric wires hanging about, and bright new sidewalks. And for that I want to salute our city officials who work hard in both maintaining and updating this PUBLIC area.

Next, as opposed to this temporary resident, I was not surprised to see the glorious site of families from all over, taking advantage of Weirs Beach again — one of the signature summer spots not only in the Lakes Region but in all of N.H. I, as opposed to others, take it as the highest compliment, that for years individuals from ALL over and from ALL cultures would come here to celebrate a unique day in the history of our great country. And finally, as far as coming too early, eating homemade food and sandwiches, sitting on a crowded beach, etc., — hey, that's part of the special experience of 'going to the beach' on Independence Day.

Here's to a continued great summer in Laconia!

John Browne
Weirs Beach

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You want to set up two lines at Weirs Beach, racially segregated

To The Daily Sun,

I'd like to respond to the letter that was on the front page of the paper the other day talking about policy changes at Weirs Beach. I have some great ideas that Mr. Illidge might approve of. First we could set up two lanes of traffic, one for white people and the other for Hispanics. All people who are white and from this country will be able to park in the front row and have first access to the best spots on the beach. All Hispanics and any other foreign person will first have to be searched for weapons and any other illegal materials. Then they will be made to take showers and be fumigated so they don't pollute the beach or the water. Not that the 600 boats waiting to get through the channel are having any adverse affect. Then, once they are through the cleaning process they will have their immigration status checked and if they're not citizens they will be immediately deported. Now, if they make it this far we will park them down in Lakeport somewhere and make them walk back to the Weirs on the railroad tracks, because I would imagine that's how most of these people got here to begin with. (But that will cause a rift with the people who run South Down Shores because they don't even want white people riding their bikes through.) And finally, they will be forced go buy some overpriced food or a souvenir. Sounds like a good day.

Enough is enough. I've been enjoying the Weirs for over 30 years and will be the first to admit that the changes around the fourth and some weekends have been a bit shocking but that's just the way it is. The world is changing, and whether I like it or not I need to accept that and instead of butting heads with the change we should be conforming to it. I'm lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful areas in the world. I would be an idiot not to think that other people would not want to come here to enjoy it as well. Especially if you're coming from the city areas. I do wish that everyone would pick up after themselves better and leave the beach the way they found it. Maybe on certain days there could be more trash cans or even a dumpster. It seems like the amount of trash outweighs the places to throw it away. And if you're worried about paying for it, raise the parking fees. You're giving away the parking as it is.

I don't know how many people you might get to sign your petition? At a time that we seem to be regressing instead of moving forward you may get a bunch of signatures, which is sad. I know you'll get two signatures for sure. Donald Trump and Russ Wiles.

Todd Welch

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