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We're all that stands between extremist destruction & progress

To The Daily Sun,

Gov.-elect Chris Sununu has announced his priorities as our new governor and they are not awe-inspiring. His top priority is to fix a problem that doesn't exist: voter fraud. He wants to end same-day voter registration and thereby deny lawful citizens the constitutional right to vote. His next priority is to make sure people can carry a concealed weapon without a permit.

I only have one question: Are you people out of your mind?

Look around for a moment. New Hampshire has many real problems to solve and unfortunately, the New Hampshire party of old white men think that wearing a concealed six-shooter will solve them. They spout the far-right talking points like "right-to-work" and "school choice" direct from the Koch brothers training manual because that is what their base of old white men wants to hear. It doesn't matter that it is just nonsense and does nothing to address what really needs to be addressed.

How will they address the opiod epidemic, the shrinking workforce, the aging demographic, the crumbling infrastructure, the ever-increasing burden of property tax, and the lack of education funding? Will carrying a concealed weapon solve these problems? Will denying health insurance to the unemployed solve these problems?

We Democrats did very well in New Hampshire, picking up seats in the House, sending an all-female, all-Democrat delegation to Washington. But we missed on a very important checks and balance position, governor. No one at the top to balance and veto the many extremist bills that will come from the far right. We, the people, are all that stands between extremist destruction of our great state and progress. God Bless America.

Carol Stappi

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Rep.-elect Abear will sto political manure spreading in 'Cow' N.H.

To The Daily Sun,

California lawmakers want to create legislation to stop cows from farting? Oh my God! Really? What's next? Stop cows from pooping?

Since this is "Cow" Hampshire, I want to thank Rep.-elect Abear for his fiscally responsible management, and for not wanting to waste taxpayer's hard-earned money on such political manure here in "Cow" Hampshire. 

I highly doubt that even President-elect "The Donald" Trump could create legislation that could stop a cow from farting or pooping wherever it happens, even in these great United States of America.

Lori-Ann Roy Hayes



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