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Frustrated with Republican politics? Get involved

To The Daily Sun,

To Democrats and Independents:

I am sure that most of you are frustrated with the Republican-controlled administrations, both at the federal and state levels. Rather than sit by and observe the shenanigans from a distance, why don’t you get involved? Start at the local and state level. I will bet that some of you do not know who represents you at the town, county or state level. Next March, only six months away, towns will hold their elections before Town Meeting season begins. It is not too early to start to know who the incumbents and challengers will be. Attend one or two selectmen and school board meetings and see what is happening. Attend Get to Know Your Candidates events. Make a note of who shows up, and, more importantly, who does not. Listen to what they have to say. Perhaps when you cast your ballot in March 2018, you will make a more meaningful choice. Maybe you will even decide to go out and take the time to vote, since the turnout at these local elections is dismal.

How about our state senator, legislators and county representatives? Do you even know who they are? Do they represent more than one town? Where do they live? Is your town part of a gerrymandered district? We are all aware of the political situation at the national level, however, we sometimes pay very little attention to who is representing us at the county and state level. These people have a direct effect on our daily wellbeing.

Next month, I will tell you how to find out who those folks are, how they have voted in the past, how many times they failed to attend or vote on important issues.

Ronald P. Blais
Center Barnstead

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LRCC Fall Festival celebrated college's first 50 years

To The Daily Sun,

On Sept. 29 Lakes Region Community College held a Fall Festival to celebrate the first 50 years in existence as a college. I would like to thank all those who participated in making this a wonderful event.

First, the hard-working committee members, including Randi Provencal, Kathy Mather, Bill Walsh, Roger Lajoie, Todd Calder, Penny Garrett, Marsha Bourdon, Kim Bean, Jazmine Jackson, Dr. Larissa Baia, President of LRCC, Mike Place, Andree Thibault, Ray Corliss, Chris Crowley, Carlene Rose, Jack Bernard, Don Morrissey, Tom Goulette, Cyndy Davis, Fran Seigle, Julie Morin, Jason Graves, Jim Holmes, Darrien Holmes, Liz Wilson, Jennifer Aiken, and Andy Duncan.

Secondly, our wonderful food vendors, including Local Provisions, Magic Foods/Rubbin Butts Barbeque, Christopher’s Food Concession, 405 Pub, and Wayfarer Coffee Roasters.

We were honored to have Alan Robichaud, a member of the first graduating class, as our guest speaker along with Tom Goulette, former vice president for academic affairs of LRCC, as well as former student and faculty member. They shared some great stories of the impact that this college has had on it’s students since its inception.

Additionally, WLNH 98.3 joined in with a remote broadcast from our campus, Vertical Entertainment LLC, set up a rock wall and bungee station, Larry Frates put on fabulous Magic Show and drew many remarkable caricatures for those attending. DJ, Andre Jackson, entertained the community with some great music and commentary. Craig Brown offered airbrush tattoos, and Makayla McManus, president of the C.A.R.E. Society (student), painted the faces of young children with pumpkins, butterflies, and assorted fun decorations.

This was a fun evening that took a real team effort.

Once again thank you to all who participated.

Linda Ferruolo

Chair, LRCC Fall Festival Committee

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