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Clinton is hard-pressed to claim just one accomplishment

To The Daily Sun,

The double standard alluded to by Carol Stappi on Dec. 8, is the pernicious rhetoric espoused by liberal pundits who spew terms like racist, homophobia, misogynist, etc., when they don't agree because they are frustrated and can't think of any thing else.

Clinton did more than generate three e-mails with a small "c." She lied to Congress about the server, Benghazi and a litany of other offenses too numerous to mention here.

The foreign donations the Clinton foundation took in pay for play with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc., leave a lot to be desired.

Donald Trump won the primaries and the presidential election with his own funding. Hillary Clinton spent about 10 times the amount he spent and lost the election. She won the popular vote in California by over 2 million votes and in New York the same way. Trump carried most of the other states, grabbing more electoral votes.The total of 306 to 225, put him over the top.

California, New York, and Massachusetts totaled about half of her electoral votes. The numbers are misleading.
Clinton,with the 30-plus years as first lady, senator, and secretary of state is hard-pressed to claim just one accomplishment.

You are right that Donald Trump has yet to be tested with a real crisis,but your childish comments convey your hatred of the next P.O.T.U.S.

Rich Tjaden

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If Gunstock is lying about it height, what else is it lying about?

To The Daily Sun,

I'm writing again this year about Gunsock's inaccurate elevation statistics. I've been effectively "tilting at windmills" for years trying to get some errors fixed. I have been in contact with the general manager and the Gunstock Commissioners with no luck. They even have gotten back to me to insist that the information is right.

This year, I contacted the new marketing manager with no success. Gunstock has a nice website and publications but after this period of time, with the statistics not corrected, they are now lies or just gross ignorance, and not errors.

These statistics are claimed: Summit Elevation 2,267 feet. Actually it's 2,244-2,245 feet. Vertical Drop: 1,400 feet. Actually it's a little bit more than 1,300 feet.
(Sources of this information: and a nice new publication: See p. 34.)

Back in the 1930s, when the Belknap Area was being constructed, I can see such numbers as being estimates, especially before lifts went to the summit of Gunstock Mountain. But there's no excuse these days. You can go to an application like Google Earth and measure yourself. Or, go to: and look at Page 16, to see that the summit lift has a vertical of 1,299 feet, which is nowhere near 1,400 feet. You can get a little more than 1,299 by measuring to the load station of the Penny Pitou lift.

Strange to see they're just exaggerating by about 100 vertical feet. If you're going to lie, call it 1,600, 1,800, or whatever.

I skied there from when I was a kid, back in the 1950s. I currently hold a lifetime season pass. It is very disappointing to see my local ski area not telling the truth. If they are lying about such straightforward dimensions, what else might they be lying about, such as finances?

Ed Brazil

Laconia & Seffner, Fla.

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