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Here's who I'm going to vote for in Sanbornton on March 14

To The Daily Sun,

Sanbornton's Candidates' Night (thanks to Andy Sanborn and our wonderful library venue/staff!) took place and blossomed into an informative night. Town Meeting is the night of Wednesday, March 15 at Sanbornton Elementary School, with voting at Old Town Hall the day before, Tuesday the 14th. School Meeting is Saturday, March 25 at the high school, 9 a.m. start. The school's budget is the greatest part of our tax bill, and deserves our attention and support. Get yourself there.

We heard from three candidates for Budget Committee — and I'll give my two votes for 3-year seats to Ralph Rathjen (incumbent) and newcomer John Vorel. A 2-year seat gives us the choice of Justin Barriault or Bill Whalen. Mr. Barriault is now filling in the seat vacated by Katy Wells North when she became selectman — and I will vote for this young adult who was born and raised here and cares very much about our town. The electman's seat pits Sanbornton's long-time involved Katy Wells North against Dave Nickerson, who didn't show. Selectman Ober in the audience praised the amount of work done while Katy has filled in Johnny Van Tassel's seat the past five months. Applause followed. My vote goes to Katy Wells North.

A contested seat is for school board, three-year term. Sean Goodwin has ably done the job since 2007 and has two school-attending children in our system. His challenger didn't show. I'll vote for Sean Goodwin. Dana Knute has served ably on School Budget Committee, representing Sanbornton, and asks to continue. He has my thanks and vote.

The night closed with Tom Salatiello's praising our citizen legislature, which is Town Meeting. We get to discuss, resolve, vote. He reminds me of Granny D's urging: "Democracy is not something we have; it's something we do." Tom is on the ballot for Town Moderator, but he paused several times to praise the job Tim Lang has done. Tom told us his treatment for pancreatic cancer (5 years) includes the advice, "Do what you always do." So he got himself onto the ballot. I'll vote for Tim Lang.

A controversial Warrant Article is #12, to discontinue the method in place for funding future emergency rescue apparatus. Budget Committee member Roger Grey and petitioners put this to the voters. The Budget Committee voted not to support it, 6 – 1. Grey's vote for support is the only one it received. Come to Town Meeting and stay long enough, please, to defeat this article. Hear the common sense arguments for keeping the current system, then defeat Article 12. It comes last.

The Candidates' Night success owes thanks to moderator Pat Clark, who visits us from Tilton and keeps it all on track and friendly.

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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Time for change before we see even more people leave Bristol

To The Daily Sun,

After getting elected to the Budget Committee in 2016, I can say that Bristol has been over-taxed for at least a decade. The fact that all the collected, and yet unspent taxes in recent years continues to be added to this unreserved fund, points to the need for a change in direction of leadership. The Selectboard has allowed this confiscation of wealth far too long. It is past time for better skilled people to manage this governmental enterprise that we call Bristol. And it is time to give back at least half of this unreserved fund to the rightful owners, we the taxpayers of Bristol.

Thank you Shaun for the best endorsement that I've seen yet for electing John Sellers to Bristol's Selectboard (your op-ed dated March 2 in the Newfound Landing, Section A, Page 6). Shaun Lagueux, you simply stated that John has done the job I expected you and Rick Alpers to do on the Selectboard: to provide accountable oversight on spending of the general fund, so that Bristol fulfills its governmental role in providing the necessary governmental services to its people. You and Rick Alpers have failed the Bristol taxpayers to the tune of $1.2 million that is now locked away in an unreserved fund. I applaud the creativity of the departmental managers for wisely spending their budgets, and thank them for their service to the town and its people.

I am encouraging all concerned Bristol residents to come to the town meeting Saturday, March 18, to vote for SB-2, which shall allow for greater participation in the democratic process here in Bristol via a ballet vote on all future spending. Furthermore, I urge you to consider who you trust for serving on the Selectboard going forward. Rick Alpers has been on this board for 14 years. Now, seeing how much he has led on this confiscation of your wealth through over-taxation demonstrates he also lacks the necessary skills to run this town's governmental services.

It is time for a major change before we see more people leave Bristol for surrounding towns. We must change to avoid the loss of property value due to unnecessary taxation. Simply put, Bristol is not growing, and this is one reason why. But it is not too late to turn this trend around. You can make a difference with your one vote.

It is time to vote for change Tuesday, March 14. I am supporting John Sellers for Selectboard, and I am asking you to join with me and cast your vote for him as well.

Wayne H. Anderson

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