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Interlakes Summer Theatre is musical theater at its finest

To The Daily Sun,

I hope you made it down to Moultonborough to catch "Nuncrackers" over the weekend. Another great show put on by Team Interlakes, headed up by the one and only Nancy Barry.

The cast was outstanding, led by two veterans of Interlakes Summer Theatre: first, the multi-talented Mikey LoBalsamo who has appeared in many Interlakes productions over the past several years and become a crowd favorite for, and second by the beautiful and equally talented Julia Suriano who won hearts over for her performance as Maria in "West Side Story," and Eliza Doolittle in "My Fair Lady." We are fortunate to have had these two actors grace the stage at Interlakes Summer Theatre the past several seasons. And a special thank you to the younger members of the cast, all of whom did a wonderful job.

So that closes the book on the 2016 season at Interlakes Theatre. But what a year it was! And what will 2017 bring? A newly renovated theater. New shows. Another group of outstanding actors waiting to sing and dance their way into our hearts. As is the usual case with Nancy Barry, we certainly can expect a surprise or two along the way. This is musical theater at its finest. Right here, in Meredith.

Don't miss any of the happenings at ILST in 2017. Go to and purchase a season's pass. That way you won't miss any of the music, the singing and dancing, and the joy and sometimes tears that are the result of the musical theatre experience. Oh, by the way, a pass can also make a wonderful gift for that special person. So get on board and join the Interlakes Summer Theatre train. You'll be glad you did.

Vincent Martino
Braintree, Mass.

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Liberal philosophy is a route leading from nowhere to nothing

To The Daily Sun,

To the naysayers and negative people who write their sour drivel to The Daily Sun.

Your minds need to open up to a brisk wind to blow away all the darkness and boogeymen of mind-numbing liberalism, progressivism, and leftist propaganda you have been indoctrinated in. Do you really think that spouting off the way you do, in any way makes you superior to the rest of us? I wonder if your own self worth is in the gutter and by acting so high and mighty and trying to impress us by your supposedly superior intellect we should bow before you? I think not.

The wise through excess of wisdom is made a fool sums up succinctly some writers to this paper. That being said, I do appreciate the well written, straight talk rebuttals written by other clear thinking citizens which leaves me in high spirits. I say thank you for taking the time to put common sense and truth to paper and refusing to back down.

Let me finish by saying that liberal philosophy is a route of many roads leading from nowhere to nothing.

Roger E. Kohls, Sr.


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