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Moderates must stand up and make themselves heard

To The Daily Sun,

As WW II was ending I was on a mine sweeper preparing for the invasion of Japan. At that time the Japanese thought that anyone who wasn't Japanese was subhuman and could be used for bayonet practice.

On the other side of the globe the Nazis had been defeated and their hideous crimes against all who were not of Aryan blood exposed. The members of the armed forces of the U.S. had been giving their lives to defeat these ideologies.

Now I am viscerally disturbed by the show of racism in the form of Nazis and other hate groups in our wonderful country, which has benefited from its history of accepting immigrants of all sorts.

These are terrifying times. There are enough words and analyses around without my dwelling on them and what they portend. I want to think about how this country we love can come out of these times in a strong position. Aside from some who envision a country that conforms to their sick views, the vast majority of Americans want a country where all can sleep peacefully in safety and reasonable comfort.

So those who see the dangers of the current course we are on will have to get to work. Moderates must stand up and make themselves heard in their actions and words.

— Each of us, liberal or conservative, will have to make compromises with our wishes for political programs. This means for the liberals that some social programs may not be be passed. Candidates may not be in favor of every program we want passed.

— Conservatives will have to vote for higher taxes on those who can afford to pay for programs that most Americans want. Real tax reform will be needed.

— Gerrymandering will have to be done away with. States will have non partisan committees who draw new districting lines. This would mean that federal representatives would no longer have to cater to the extremes of right and left.

— Those who can't earn a livable income will need supplementary federal income so that they will be able to have satisfactory food and housing.

To accomplish this new course we must carefully choose presidential candidates with proven records of accomplishment. The governors of states are the most likely candidates because they have open records of how they govern. We will have to elect congressmen who show a willingness to work across the aisles. This means a careful screening of candidates to find the ones who will.

Problems often are an opportunity to solve long standing issues as people are exhausted by the conflict and ready for compromises. Let's get to work.

Kent Warner

Center Harbor

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I'm on the side of our treasured artists; it's time for Trump to go

To The Daily Sun,

I read today that President and Mrs. Trump will not attend the Kennedy Center awards ceremony. I know this is not nuclear war, but I believe this truly means "game over" for his presidency. If he cannot bring himself to recognize excellence in American arts, and if American artists cannot bring themselves to receive recognition from his hands, then our society is truly broken. For the record, I'm on the side of the artists. Time for him to leave.

Johan Andersen


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