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Our kid's kids have been indoctrinated at school & they come out angry

To The Daily Sun,

I cannot comment on the City Council meeting Monday night. I have been to plenty since 1974 where the school teachers were angry. As a city councilor I remember how my colleagues were treated, how Laconia residents who opposed the spending were treated during that "long walk back" to their seats.

The reason for my brief letter is that our children's children have been indoctrinated in the government schools. Today that age group has a large percentage of young people who are angry.

Question for parents: Do you know why they are angry enough to want to break things, burn things, harm their fellow Americans? How many high school and college grads want to get into law enforcement? Those who are interested in keeping the peace at home in the USA must see how our police are treated, and say to themselves; why would I subject myself to those who do not know the U.S. Constitution, and the Rule of Law?

Niel Young


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Stop choking teachers out of Laconia; don't drive intelligence away

To The Daily Sun,

As a tax paying home owner in Laconia, I find that paying our teachers a higher rate of pay only betters our city. Those that do not see this due to the "majority of our population" obviously are not in support of our local population increasing in intelligence. I understand that many do not want to break the tax cap for many reasons, but I believe we need to make the exception here for the sake of our communities future. If we can't keep great teachers, who will teach our kids? By keeping proper salaries from our educators, we are also cutting our kids intelligence levels. Why are we actively keeping Laconia known as a low poverty city?

There are those who are against the pay raises for the teachers but I'm sure they themselves do not have that low balling salary and do not go without an increase in their own careers. I had to pay my own way through college and I can tell you, someone who has a Bachelor's Degree and is only getting paid $34,000 a year or so, does not pay that bill every month, let alone the rest of life as well. Those educators also pay for most of their own supplies in order to be able to give their students the tools they need to succeed. So do the math folks on a salary of $34,000 (or so). Our community needs a positive change and it starts with our educators. A greater school system will continue to bring a better population to Laconia to raise or start their families.

What people fail to remember is that the only reason, including all members of City Council, our doctors, our police, our fire, our EMT's and so on, are all where they are today because they had a fair shot in their education and most importantly their educators. No one would be where they are today if it wasn't for our teachers we all grew up with. Stop choking them out of our city and draw some intelligence to Laconia rather than driving it out.

Claudia Marchesseault

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