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It's just not safe to vote Democrat at this time in world history

To The Daily Sun,

The foundation of holding public office is a devotion to the position and the people it represents. This is bedrock. Hillary Clinton has repeatedly violated this most basic principle of public service. While purporting to represent the American people as secretary of state, she enriched herself, her husband and family by selling the future of America, by extracting contributions to the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments. With the latest barrage of email releases confirming what most have suspected for years, there is no denying this any longer. She has proven that she does not represent the people in public office, only herself.
By selling her future position as president, Clinton has compromised our government and every American in the process. She has sold this country to the highest bidder, using her public position for personal enrichment. In doing so, she has exposed national security secrets, left herself wide open to blackmail if elected and uttered lie after lie trying to cover up this criminal behavior. Does anyone think this will stop if she achieves the presidency? It will only get worse.
Now the world is on fire and more dangerous than at any time in recent history. We have weekly attacks or news of atrocities from radical Islamists. North Africa AND the Middle East are in chaos thanks to the policies of Obama and Hillary as secretary of state. This is their legacy, which has even awakened the Russian bear. And our military is at the lowest level of preparedness since WWI. With the world getting more unstable by the day and a corrupt candidate who would sell any state secret if someone is willing to pay, it's just not safe to vote Democrat this time.

David Strang

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Trump is a pig but he won't sell-out our nation for some donations

To The Daily Sun,

Hey, has everyone heard and seen Robert Creamer, founder of Democracy Partners, admitting — no bragging — that Hillary Clinton was directly involved with the "Donald Duck" (code words) dirty trick plan to create violence and disruption at Trump campaign events? Of course you haven't. The mainstream media is once again shielding Clinton and keeping information from potential American voters and the public.

It's not just Creamer, Brad Woodhouse of Americans United, also was caught confirming this. Nothing new here. They also tell the camera the DNC was involved as well as the White House. Maybe these guys were lying, just showing off, like Trump and his dirty mouth, but I wouldn't bet on it.

The Clintons have a long, long history of dirty tricks, as recently as fixing the primary so Bernie didn't have a fair chance. (Any means justifies her ends). Oh, and the usual Hillary blind-deaf-and-dumb supporters will come out and excuse these tapes because they were gotten by sneaky methods, like the Planned Parenthood tapes they say are discredited. Only problem is all these people admitted on tape to wrongdoings, even crimes. And, oh yes, coordinating between her campaign and these PAC's violent campaign laws.

This is another example of Hillary's "public positions" vs. her "private positions," such as supporting women. The Clinton Foundation only pays it's women executives about two-thirds of what it pays the men. While secretary of state, Hillary took huge donations to the Clinton Foundation from foreign states like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, nations whose records on human rights and women's rights are monstrous. It's a case of her public position being what sounds good as opposed to what is good. Or in other words, another lie.

Women beware, Hillary will say anything, do anything to get elected. But just like she has promised blacks for decades to improve things, she will only do what is good for Hilary.

Trump my be a pig, a louse, a jerk, but he will not sell out our nation for his own agenda by making deals as Hillary has already done by making deals with Iran, allowing them a free path to nuclear weapons, and allowing a Russian company to purchase an American uranium mine. Was this before Putin made a huge donation to her foundation? And her ads say Putin doesn't want her to win, who is she kidding?

Now about all those women who think "it's time for a woman president," can they really say she is for women's rights after they go online and fact check what I have written here today? If they still do you know they never checked.

Steve Earle


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