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So, green guys, go tell your story to China, India and Russia

To The Daily Sun,
While trying to stay on what I consider more important topics, I keep getting detracted by the constant debate over global warming. The sky is falling crowed is just so myopic in it's view, it's frustrating. They accept no other facts, views or opinions and won't even consider any other possibilities. For instance, those 97 percent of scientists who promote man-made change also admit it would take 20 years and for every nation on earth to strictly adhere to their green policies. So green guys, go tell your story to China, India and Russia, the three most prolific CO2-pumping nations on earth. See if you can get them to change their ways. Until you can, how about taking up a cause you have a chance in "heck" of effecting and let the rest of us alone because the vast majority of us can not afford to plaster our homes with solar panels or erect windmills in our back yards. Besides none of the catastrophic disasters predicted by these "experts" has happened, so don't blame people for being skeptical.
Now about real man made disasters, the ACA, "ObamaCare." Yes, you heard it from us, we told you so. United Health

Care has lost over a BILLION dollars trying to insure people with the great fraud of the ACA. They are getting out, dropping that white elephant and leaving; who knows how many will be scrambling to try to find some kind of coverage next year. Probable Medicare? With the largest insurer in the country choosing to save itself instead of the crooked politicians who invented this scheme, can other companies be far behind? No, because they are all loosing money in spite of raising premiums and deductibles all the while giving less for more. And, yes, we told you so.

Now, I faithfully read the letters here in this paper and in spite of asking. begging, pleading with anyone to tell me what common ground liberals have with Islam, no one has ventured to answer that question. I think they are either afraid or stumped. It's a simple enough question, so why does no one provide an answer? Those liberals who support and defend Islam should know why. Most of those same liberals freely condemn Christians on any number of issues. They also condemn Israelis (Jews) in the harshest terms and support Palestinian Arabs who attack, terrorize, murder and call for a genocide of all Jews worldwide. Do liberals professors in collages and universities even mention that to their students? I should ask Scott Cracraft, he's a professor of history. Hey Scott, do you history professors teach these facts to your students and if not why not? Is the history of the Muslim Brotherhood and the worldwide terror network not worth teaching about? Do today's students deserve to know why Muslim radical terrorists are murdering, bombing, killing innocent people all over the world? It is the world they will inherit after all and they deserve the truth. Will you tell them or duck out on the issue and play the politically correct card again?
One again then, what does liberalism and Islam possibly have as common values? Anyone? Anyone?

Steve Earle


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County participation quickly approved; what could go wrong?

To The Daily Sun,

At a recent meeting chaired by the commissioner of state Health and Human Services, federal and state revisions to Belknap County's services were revealed.

As part of a statewide agreement to accept $150 million from the federal government over a five-year period, we are expected to build our service delivery capacity through the first year of the five-year cycle and to change the way services are delivered, and for how they are compensated, in the remainder of the five-year period.

An Integrated Delivery Network will form the administration vehicle in geographical consonance with the health delivery networks and not by county. In the case of Belknap County, we are in IDN 5, which stretches from just north of Concord up to Thornton. Thornton may be described as remote and at the foothills of the White Mountains.

In exchange for accepting our share of the $19.5 million in statewide funding to build infrastructure, Belknap County agrees to perform according to standards set by state Department of Health and Human Services and by the federal Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services.

Reading from the Community­ Driven Project Menu, this will mean (unspecified) county nursing home transitions and enhanced care coordination for high risk, high utilizing, and chronic condition populations. Words, as we know, mean whatever we choose for them to mean. These particular words should strike fear into the hearts of those who are the most vulnerable in our society — the aged and infirm.

It was suggested by a county commissioner of long experience that the only ways to achieve meaningful cuts to nursing home expense is to reduce the daily rate and/or the number of allowable beds. A reduction in nursing home beds was last achieved some 20 years ago under Commissioner Morton.

In the instance of Belknap County, capacity shrank from 65 beds per elderly population of 1,000 to 40 beds per 1,000. Thus, it is at least plausible that a further reduction could be made, which suggestion did not draw a denial from either Commissioner Meyers or his deputy.

There is a lot more to this project than what can be presented here, including many missed deadlines for implementation of Medicaid Phase 2. When this second phase is complete, Belknap will be compensated for elder care, not by the state nor the federal government directly, but by some managed-care organization who will receive funds, and, it is hoped, disburse them to the county. We enter this brave, new world not kicking and screaming but instead with the willing compliance of two of the three member Board of Belknap County Commissioners.

Having received notice of the Delivery Service Reform Incentive Program waiver program late in the day on April 3; they proceeded to approve county participation the very next morning at a regularly scheduled commission meeting. What could possibly go wrong?

Dick Burchell

Belknap County Commissioner
Gilmanton Iron Works

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