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If fetus you save is gay will you continue to protect its rights

To The Daily Sun,

John Demakowski, your letters in The Sun are always ones to make me smile. Let us start off with this: "The government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion. The United States of America should have a foundation free from the influence of clergy." That was George Washington, father of our country. And if your faith requires you to label, judge, dislike, misunderstand, and even hate someone because of your views and your interpretation of the Bible, then you need a new religion. My Irish, deeply religious, but always kind Aunt Nancy used to say to me, "Never look down on anyone. Only God is that high."

Which brings me my next comment, on President Trump. He, his wife, daughter, sons, and son-in-law are a complete embarrassment to the entire country. I cringe every time they open their vague, sneaky, hypocritical, clueless, and RICH mouths.

As for you bringing up being pro-life, if the fetus you save is gay, will you continue to protect its rights? Will you feed them? Adopt them? Educate them? House them? Why do Planned Parenthood buildings have "safety" rooms for the staff and patients in case of a mass shooting by a pro-lifer? Why do pro-lifers bomb these same buildings? Legalized abortions were not the START of women having abortions, John, it was the END of women DYING from unsafe and unregulated abortions! Think of Joan Crawford, John — “No more WIRE hangers.”

My thoughts on religious zealots: "A scientist will read dozens of books in his lifetime, but still believe he has a lot to learn. A religious person barely reads one book, and they think they know it all." — Unknown. So please, John, take it down a notch and try to "peace" out a little.

And now to wrap it up with a good laugh for the day. "In the 6th grade I would get very bad nose bleeds. I could tell about 2-3 minutes before it happened. I sat next to a deeply religious kid. So to scare him I would say ‘Hail Satan!’ as my nose started to bleed. He passed out every time." — Unknown. Laughter is always the best medicine, especially nowadays.

Denise C. Burke

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Let's put statues of African slaves next to Confederate monuments

To The Daily Sun,

I read with great interest Don Ewing’s most recent letter to the editor concerning the Confederate statues, monuments and memorials and their perceived importance in the history of this nation. Here is another good and very practical solution for the towns, cities, and states who are in the process of making the very difficult decision whether or not to leave these edifices in place to preserve the memory of a period of time in our nation’s history. I want all of these states, towns, and cities to begin commissioning sculptors and foundries to make statues that depict African slaves in chains and place them right next to the Confederate monuments, statues, and memorials. This should add the much-needed balance and perspective for those millions of people who are very concerned that these statues, monuments, and memorials as they stand now, only tell one side of the reason that the Confederacy and the Union fought in the Civil War.

We continue to try and make sense of chaos and deep-seated hatred that has been festering for centuries among or within nations. Its manifestation is purposely being fueled by those we place in positions of authority/power. Misplaced use of power is the bane of our existence. We have an intrinsic obligation to come together in peace and unity to save and protect the basic integrity of our fragile democracy.

Bernadette Loesch

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