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Every individual should have right to protect his/her family & self

To The Daily Sun,

In the aftermath of the tragic Oregon shooting President Obama announced that gun control should be politicized and candidate Hillary jumped right on the bandwagon to promptly blame the NRA.

Well it looks to me that those folks have to demonize something. In 2008, it was Bush, in 2012 it was the Republican war on women and now it is the NRA.

Sorry folks, I don't buy it. I have concerns that the politics of this will go too far and cause more problems than it solves. It has already happened in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and many other states whose legislatures are funded by Mike Bloomberg and anarchist billionaire George Soros. They spend many millions to get them elected. A gun confiscation program is their ultimate goal, like Britain and Australia. Bloomberg has already pledged $50 million to anti-Second Amendment campaigns and Mrs. Clinton, graciously received $10 million from Soros, as has been reported.

To press for stricter gun laws that have severe penalties for law-abiding citizens who legally responsibly possess and use firearms for sport, hunting and self defense is not common sense.

These laws turn law-abiding gun owning citizens into felons without reducing crime. In fact these so called reasonable gun safety laws are anything but.

Some 2.5 million Americans use firearms every year to defend and protect themselves. This is not an NRA statistic, it is the Department of Justice and FBI figure. It is sad these don't make headlines. In 99 percent of most defensive firearms use, a shot is never fired. There must be many more not reported.

We have a problem now in this country of ours and it's not the Second Amendment. There seems to be a loss of respect for life that has grown out of an entertainment industry that glamorizes violence and never seems to present a favorable moral to the story. Sad but true. This is what needs to be looked at and looked at hard. We also have to empower those that see a threat, like the Colorado theater killers psychologist, who heard graphic details of that killers twisted plans, yet was not obliged to report these threats for investigation.

I also believe that the disbelievers in Christianity share the blame for these events. It all seemed to start and spread when you forced God out of our schools and are continually spinning our faith with your anti-Christianity agenda.

The common link to almost all of the tragic shootings has been that they occur in gun free zones. In Oregon, law was passed that allowed responsible carry by legally qualified individuals. At the campus this was prohibited by the school administrators. It amazes me that we have much armed security for sporting events, yet we refuse to protect our students. This needs to happen.

It is terrible that self defense is the topic we forget about. If you feel safer without a self defense capability, that is your right, but it does not give you the right to prevent that individual who has lawfully made the decision that he or she will have a chance to save his or her life, maybe even yours, in an emergency.

I give praise to Democratic presidential candidate Jim Webb for bringing up the issue of self defense in last Tuesday's Democratic debate. He pointed out that everyone on stage had armed bodyguards and that citizens also deserve the right to protect themselves and their families. I guess all the anti Second Amendment rights lives are worth protecting but the citizens should face life threatening restrictions.

Every individual should have the God-given right to protect his family and his or herself.

Twenty thousand-plus gun laws have not prevented the senseless crimes that have occurred. Lawfully armed citizens have done so,many times. No news there. But those rights will be eroded and there will be crime in a politically created atmosphere of more gun control, for political gain, and more government control over Americans with less security.

J.F. McCarthy

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Our culture was ready for the abortion lie, we wanted it, we embrace it

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank E. Scott Cracraft for his recent column (Tuesday, Oct. 13) in which he has brought clarification to the subject of misinformation and disinformation. Although I believe some of the examples he has offered are more political than academic, I appreciate the "teaching moment" he has presented to us.

I disagree with his assertion that the German population, during the rise of Hitler, were a "smart people" although they were an educated people for sure. Educated does not necessarily mean smart. Mr. Cracraft alluded to the evil method used by the Nazis to persecute the Jews to illustrate that a population can be indoctrinated into a "Big Lie" if it is told often enough. Mr. Cracraft also instructed us that "empirical evidence" should be part of any statement for it to have any "weight".

I believe this to be the case in the ongoing and hotly debated subject of abortion on demand. There are "opinions" on both sides of this issue which certainly seem reasonable to the person defending either side. Some say it's a "womens' health issue" and others say "it's a life". Some say it's my "choice" and others say "choose life".

Mr. Cracraft also brought up the subject of "Innocent vs. Willful Ignorance". His definition of "innocent" ignorance is simply believing false information. Whereas, "willful ignorance" is believing something you want to believe in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

Does this sound familiar to the "Big Lie" the Nazis told the German population? Millions of Jews were exterminated based upon what thought process? Innocent or willful? If they were so smart, why didn't they reject the lie? I would make the case that they were ready for the lie, they wanted the lie, they embraced the lie. I would also make the case that there has been a "Big Lie" circulating within our culture that has resulted is the loss of "empirical life" within the wombs of our population under a similar evil propaganda method. We, as a culture, were ready for the lie, we wanted the lie, and we continue to embrace the lie. We too, are an educated population, but we are not wise.

You want empirical evidence? When the heart of a human being "stops beating" we are declared dead. Under Mr. Cracrafts criteria for an opinion to have weight then I say when a heart "starts beating" it is life, it is human, it is worthy of defending. How do you form your opinions? Are you influenced by media and popular culture? Are you really thinking things through?

Mr. Cracraft is wondering which category different writers to the editor belong to. I have a pretty good idea what category he belongs in.

Joe Higgins

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