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There are good and bad people in this world, regardless of faith

To The Daily Sun,

Steve Earle, so sorry to disappoint you, but you're clearly not on any rational level to debate with. I was not on here to debate with you as your ego allowed you to believe. Thinking I would fall into your angry race/religious/statistics/history daily lesson was your misunderstanding. You can play your game elsewhere with others. I have a life to live, a family, friends, and a job to go to every day. So my time is taken up by a better purpose(s) other than writing into the Sun every day with letters on nonsense, lies, anger, denial and hate.

Whether you lump the people in with their religion or the religion to the people in general, it is all the same. Christianity historically was a violent religion. Some may say it still it is. I am a Catholic. Does that mean I'm a violent radical woman? I don't even own a gun Steve. I have friends who are Jewish. Are they in your equation for a world takeover? How about some nice Indian families I know. Are they on your list to turn on the USA some day and destroy it? The point is that not all who believe in Islam, or any group that follows it, are terrorist or will become one. There are good people and really bad people in this world globally. That's a fact Steve that none of us can deny.

I used Hispanic, African American, and Chinese as just small examples of racism and hate. What you took away from my letter is what you took away from it. It is all about how you interpreted it. And judging by your letters, you will not change your mind or see any other way. You believe yourself to be the teacher and we the readers your students. Well, your lesson is over with me.

Good luck. And any day you need a hug or a smile I will gladly give you one. You need it more than most, I fear.


Denise C. Burke

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Christianity’s message has proven impossible to silence

To The Daily Sun,

Andre grew up in Russia. He remembers his grandmother spending hours in long lines for a loaf of bread. She often spoke in hushed tones of God and her Bible she had hidden away. The destruction of anything that even hinted of the Christian religion was forbidden. Bibles were confiscated and burned. Priests were kicked into the streets and the chapels were either burned or turned into Bolshevik sanctuaries. Gun fire from execution squads echoed throughout the night.

He was 14 when he started hearing the name Ronald Reagan spoken in low tones. Then he heard the Berlin Wall came down. He met two Christian missionaries soon after. And as he states, "I became a Christian." He learned that He had been taught untruths about Christianity by atheistic ideology that had imprisoned his people to to a godless philosophy.

Lei served in the South Vietnamese army as a lieutenant. I had the good fortune to have met him when he attended the service of a wonderful woman who had adopted his niece and nephew when they escaped Vietnam as Saigon fell. I asked him where he was from and he responded "Saigon." And then went on to tell me that he and many of his soldiers were arrested and imprisoned for over three years. Some disappeared. Then he was sent to reeducation camps for over three years. I asked him if it did any good? He responded with a smile, "No, not at all." Following the attempts at brainwashing they were sent into the jungle to clear land by using only hand tools.

Vietnam is gradually opening up to visitors from the West. Old combat vets with hopes of finding old friends travel to former killing grounds. Many have found peace. A younger generation hopes to have a friendship with the Americans. Tourists add to the economy and create lasting friendship. There remains much improvement though. As Lei informed me that I can find him on Facebook, that the government keeps shutting down. "The North is gradually abandoning hardcore Marxism for a softer socialism," he says. And many are finding Christianity.

Much of Africa became enticed by the rants of Marxism in the 1960s and '70s and its many empty promises, godless and barbaric ways. The same practices occurred as in other lands. Killings and destruction of people and their homes and lands. South Rhodesia erupted in violence. Farmers who lived on the land since the 1500s were murdered and driven from their homes — a Marxist trait. Again Christianity was suspended in heinous ways.

Zimbabwe was born from the murderous spree. Soon they were starving and the economy was failing. Mugabe came to power and lacked the wisdom to bring about good changes in the country. He had been taught by Marxist agents who knew nothing of such things. Now, Christianity is flourishing and the people have hope. Christianity is growing in many parts of Africa. Economic principles are strengthening.

Take a look at Venezuela where the Utopian dream of Marxism and progressivism reeks.

A high ranking officer who has spent nearly a decade in Iraq and Afghanistan and speaks their language fluently has informed me that Muslims are joining the Christian religion. After which their lives are in danger from other Muslims. Many who have never heard the name of Jesus are asking to know about him. These are places where sharing the Christian faith is forbidden.

There is no denial that a separation is occurring. The godless are boasting in their vile attempts to demean God and discredit our country's founding. They strive hard to convince others of their ways and yet have not done so. Are they attempting to convince themselves?

"A nation of well informed men who have taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins." Benjamin Franklin.

Nearly 2,000 years ago a messenger was crucified in hopes of silencing the message. Decades later his apostles were silenced in horrendous ways. And yet, the message is stronger than ever. And has spread to most of the world. Even forbidden areas are seeing the light.

Lenin taught to "silence the messenger, you silence the message." Well! It never worked.

Gene F. Danforth


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