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I’m running because Bristol’s taxes are driving away families

To The Daily Sun,

I have decided to seek the open Bristol Selectboard seat vacated by my good friend, Paul Manganiello. I would ask you one question as I seek your vote March 13.
Are you better off than you were five years ago?

Since 2013, Bristol homeowners funding this “service enterprise corporation” (the Town of Bristol), have seen an overall 5 percent loss in the value of their homes. Over the same five years, you have also seen your property taxes increase on average of 11-12 percent. Yes, there are many parts as to how we fund our county, state governmental services, and both state education. and local schools with property taxes. So while it is true that the municipal taxes only make up a portion of this overall bill, one must look at comparisons to other towns to gain a better understanding of how Bristol is doing.

There are 11 towns throughout New Hampshire with a population of 3,000 (+/- 500). Looking at these 11 municipal rates, Bristol is third highest of the 11; and we may gain the No. 2 spot after this spring’s budget season. We are losing our competitive edge in attracting companies, individuals, and younger families who are considering where to buy a home.

To that point, I was speaking with a young family person this past week in my busy travels and learned that their family purchased a home near Bristol. I have watched their career, and it brings back memories of my own research for my home in Bristol 20 years ago. They told me that they had looked into Bristol; but upon doing research, decided to buy elsewhere in a town near ours. I questioned them further to inquire as to the reasons for their decision not to purchase in Bristol. Bristol’s cost of living is higher; Bristol’s municipal tax rate is nearly 2X their town’s rate. “And to be frank, the Bristol schools were subpar to our town’s schools.” While looking up this town’s tax valuation, it is a few million dollars less than Bristol’s, but that town has 20 percent more in population. This person was also familiar with some of Bristol’s service departments and the “cost burden” upon homeowners for those services. We here in Bristol lost out on a wonderful family for our community.

Your family and future families like this one are the reasons I’m running for Selectboard.
Please join me on this adventure at the next Budget Committee’s Public Session Mon., Feb 12, 6:30 p.m. at Minot Sleeper Library. And I am asking for your vote March 13. Follow me next week as I share more positive ideas in The Laconia Daily Sun.
Until next we chat,

Wayne H. Anderson

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Joyce Weston for state rep in Grafton House District 8

To The Daily Sun,

I am very pleased to report that my friend Joyce Weston, currently the chair of the Plymouth Area Democrats and a 14-year resident of Plymouth, has decided to throw her hat into the ring in the 2018 campaign for New Hampshire House.

Says Joyce, “I am excited about this challenge. With my term as chair of the local Democratic group about to expire, this opportunity seems a perfect fit in continuing to work with the community and doing what I can to promote fairness and justice. I hope to be able to contribute to maintaining sound environmental policy, encouraging job growth here in Plymouth, Hebron and Holderness, and protecting the civil rights of all our citizens.” Joyce has already started preparing—not just for her campaign, but for her service in the legislature — so she’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

Joyce was born and raised in New Hampshire and has proven her commitment to progressive values. I hope you’ll join me in supporting her as a candidate for House District 8.

Valerie Scarborough

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