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Can't agree that I have moral oblication to take in Syrian refugees

To The Daily Sun,

With all due respect to Jack Landow's letter of Oct. 6, I must respond.

We have a moral obligation to extend the arm of sanctuary to these Syrian's? I'm sorry I really can't agree.

Perhaps at one time this would be true ... perhaps it still is; however, it begs the question: Who is going to pay for their housing, their clothing, their food, their schooling and their transportation? They can't. They're refugees ... no jobs, no income, nothing but what they brought with them.

This country is already strapped to its limits with taxes, no jobs, many, too many welfare recipients and food stamp recipients, many through no fault of their own. There are no jobs. They're being shipped out. Our president doesn't see fit to help us, he keeps taxing us. He's put this country into the worst debt ever in just 6 1/2 years. All the other presidents together never amassed this amount of debt.

Next. do you want raping, pillaging, and looting to become more commonplace? All you have to do is look what they're doing to their "hosts" in Europe, not only are they raping the European women, they're forcing the government (in Germany) to have people leave their homes so these refugees have a place to live. Now where will those people find new homes?

I'm sorry, I don't agree, I think we need to keep our country safe and secure and free from any possible terrorist sneaking in under the guise of a refugee and I don't think we need to spend our hard-earned money taking care of them when it's almost impossible to take care of ourselves some days.

Judi Leavitt

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Thanks 'Nice Lady'; you reaffirmed for me that most people are good

To The Daily Sun,

Thursday I shopped at Shaw's in Gilford around 11:25. When I got home about 11:50, I discovered that I did not have my purse. Trying not to panic, I drove back to Shaw's, and looked in the cart collection area where I'd left my cart (sure I'd left my purse in the bottom). My purse was not there. Still trying not to panic, I went inside to customer service. The nice young lady on duty there, was happy to retrieve my purse from her back office. She had taken out my driver's license (for identification purposes), but everything else in my purse was as I'd left it, including cash. I asked if one of their employees had found it, and she said that it had been turned in by a nice lady about 11:50.

"Nice lady", thank you so much. Not only do I appreciate your honesty and integrity, but I appreciate you reaffirming for me that most people are good people. I wish there was a safe way to reach out to you without inviting not-so-good people from contacting me. Thank you, Shaw's, Thank you, Nice Lady.

Joyce Dunwoody


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