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The only thing President Trump works overtime on is his golf game

To The Daily Sun,

I managed to get through six lines of Bob Meade's column Tuesday, and then I read about Trump's "working overtime" on his campaign goals. Even Kellyanne Conway would have trouble saying that with a straight face.

The only things our president works overtime on are his golf game and watching "Fox and Friends." Even the most ardent Trump fan would hesitate to call him a diligent, hard worker.

Johan Andersen


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Republicans were too big on repeal and not enough on replace

To The Daily Sun,

In the act of governance, it should not be about control. Instead, it should be about achievable goals accompanied by a plan to see them through to an end worthy of the effort. Impatience is allowed in the process but you must be ready for some give and take.

This past week was a collective disaster. There were a lot of mistakes made. The self-described unified party could not harness enough of the elephants to get the bill anywhere near the House floor for a vote. It would seem that, perhaps, the House was too big on repeal and not enough on replace. Is it possible that they should have studied the process whereby the Democrats created and passed the Affordable Care Act? Maybe they could have discovered some kernel of knowledge about how cooperative effort aids the process. They might have also focused on that skinny black guy as he made leadership look oh-so easy.

Yeah, there was a lot of panic back in 2008, too. The differences are stark when compared side-by-side, and it will stick in a few million minds for a while as they wait for the next act. The tweeter-in-chief tried to play let's-make-a-deal. By the end of the week, he couldn't remember who he had promised what. It was like one of those old Abbott and Costello movies of yesteryear.

So, slapstick aside, it's on to tax reform, ha, ha. Good luck with that one, Paul Ryan, wherever you are.
May the conservatives be with you.

Bill Dawson


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