Obamacare gives people a chance to buy insurance on the open market

To The Daily Sun,

I must have really hit a nerve with poor Tony Boutin.

I always felt that when you write a letter to the editor in a paper you own those words. All my letters are backed up with studies and statistics. I have always been ready to defend my work. Unfortunately, Tony seems to be following the lessons of his friend Russ Wiles. Just make up things, lie and hope that no one calls you out. And if they do, show no moral courage in defending your work.

I called out Tony in my last letter, about his nonsense about nurse practitioners (NP), his nonsense in what Obamacare means to the primary care provider, and his totally nonsensical remark about Ebola and health insurance. Did he address any of those outright lies? No, he did not. If fact he doubles down in his most recent letter, with more nonsense and outright lies.

First, Tony, in my 30 years of practicing health care, including two years in the Peace Corps in Liberia West Africa, 10 years working in pediatric intensive care, and six months training Afghan freedom fighters in Peshawar Pakistan in 1986, to suggest I have a lack of compassion for anyone who has had problems with health insurance is just insane. I am sure my patients would tell you I go out of my way to help all, with or without health insurance. Your remark is morally reprehensible.

All Obamacare does is give people a chance to buy health insurance on the open market. When I see a patient I have no idea if they taken advantage of Obamacare, and frankly I do not care. At least they have health insurance, and their children have insurance.

I cannot imagine the agony of a family without health insurance for their children. Worrying day in and day out about what is going to happen if they get sick. Close to 25 percent of the children in Texas do not have health insurance. These kids are America's children and they should be taken care of. Oh wait, isn't Rick Perry (R) running for president?

When I started at the hospital 16 years ago in my current position, out of the family practice group there was only one independent practitioner. Today there is only one independent practitioner. It's like you went to sleep in 1980s and woke up last year, looked around and decided to blame Obamacare for everything. The independent practitioner has been long gone Tony, long before Obamacare.

Again it seems Tony just likes to make things up. His comment that "the percentages of people with Medicare who have trouble finding a primary care doctor are now at record levels. That number is approaching 30 percent." Would you mind sharing were you got this number from? I noticed you did not reference it. I bet there is no reasonable study to back up your claim. Yes, Tony I am calling you out again. Will you please address this in your next letter? My guess is there is no such study.

Did you know that payments to physicians for seeing Medicare patients have actually gone up this year. But why would you know this, beside the fact your research abilities seems to severely lacking, and you do not see any patients?

Then he states, "the government is already paying 89 percent of all the medical costs in America." I am going to give you a chance on this one Tony. This had to be a typo, right?

This is interesting since according to the Natural Conference of State Legislatures in their report put out last year on the state of health care in the U.S., 64 percent of people with health insurance get their insurance through private parties. Only 34 percent are covered by the government. Maybe Tony can explain this seemingly contradiction of common sense. Especially if what he claims is true up to 30 percent of Medicare patients do not have primary care providers. Where then is all this money going?

Report on health care expenditures for 2013 on the four main drivers for covering health care costs shows that Medicare accounts for 20 percent of health care costs, Medicaid 15 percent, private insurers 33 percent, and out-of-pocket costs were 12 percent. Thirty-three plus 12 equals 45, not 11 as your numbers would suggest. Please explain this to all of us brain dead people out there.

Let's make it interesting. I have a check for $100 that I will send to the charity of your choice if you can prove those numbers to me. If not, you send a check to the New Hampshire Humane Society for the same amount. Man enough to take it on, Tony? I would guess not, seeing your complete lack of any moral courage.

Finally he states that the health outcomes for people with no insurance are no worse than those who are on Medicaid. This came out of one study in Oregon. Which lasted all of two years? How many of you have had a major health complication in the last two years? Not many, I guess.

Let's look at a few stats which may put a more real connection between having health insurance and not having health insurance. A study put out by Benefitspro in 2014 looked at states with the most uninsured residents. The top 10 healthiest states according to the report for 2014 were Nebraska, North Dakota, Colorado, New Hampshire, Minnesota , Utah, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and Hawaii. Eight of 10 have less than 12 percent of their population uninsured.

Which states are the unhealthiest, from the same study? Indiana, South Carolina, Alabama, West Virginia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Louisiana (Jindal R), Arkansas (Huckabee R) and Mississippi. All of these states have uninsured rates above 12 percent. And guess what they all were red states in the 2012 presidential election. This is what I give a rat's behind about, Tony. You and your fellow Republicans apparently do not.

You and your friend Russ Wiles continue to partake in the politics of fear. You have no shame, no moral courage to defend your writings. You lie at will and make up the most ridiculous nonsense. My question to you is how do you look at yourself in the mirror each morning after writing this drivel?

Mirno Pasquali PA C


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Go Trump: about time someone has the guts to speak the truth

To The Daily Sun,

I think Obama has lost his mind. He made a deal with Iran? Is he kidding? Now we are really in for it. We should have never stopped sanctions that we had on Iran. Iran has said, "Death to America". No one is doing anything about it. Both sides are to blame.

The illegal who killed Kate should have no rights and no trial. Jail for the rest of his life. Trump was right about what he said. About time someone has the guts to speak the truth. Why is the border a wide open door for these dirtbags to come through into our country? Send them back — no rights or trial.

So now you should be aware of good old Hillary who is going to pick up where Obama leaves off. Is that what you want? Who cares that she could be the first women president. She is as evil as they come.

What will it take for America to rise up and not let Obama do anymore damage? We are asleep at the wheel, just like we were when Pearl Harbor was hit. This will only get worse, not better. You bet I am mad. What about you?

Anna DeRose

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Kate Steinle murder rests on hands of our 'open borders' president

To The Daily Sun,

You know, the more that the GOP establishment tries to paint Donald Trump (DT) as too radical and too much of a wild card, the more I like the man. No, he is not Ronald Reagan. But the establishment did paint Reagan the same way, giving him no chance to win the presidency. Two of my favorite columnists don't seem too warm for The Donald's bombastic form. Jonah Goldberg thinks he may be hurting the GOP's chances. Charles Krauthammer thinks he is nothing more than a "rodeo clown". Little ole me thinks they are both dead wrong. I think he will lasso the phonies and throw them to the ground and kick the establishment contenders right out of the rodeo. Perhaps DT is TNT to the GOP, but I think it is time to blow up the Carl Rove gang of entrenched insiders.

Do I think Mr. Trump is in it to win it? I don't have any idea if he really wants to go all the way. What I do believe is that he loves this country in a way that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton do not. I think he has been willing to lose a lot of money and lose a lot of business because he has an insatiable zeal to make this country exceptional again. Whether that is going the distance or just to pick a fight with the left and the right, I think his punch into the gut of the complacent GOP will be good for this country.

The border needs to be closed, ASAP. Sanctuary cities need to be banished before more really fine people like Kate Steinle are murdered, while the White House pretends it's a non-story, an anecdote, a rare occurrence. The Government Accounting Office (GAO) reports that though illegals and non-citizens make up 3.8 percent of the population, they commit at least 22 percent and perhaps as much as 37 percent of all murders. To put it another way, people who are here illegally, have a murder rate roughly eight to 10 times the murder rate of U.S. citizens. Oh, and as to the Kate Steinle is merely an anecdote theory, the GAO statistics show that there have been 25,604 such cases in less than a decade. Thank you Mr. Trump for making this illegal immigrant/open borders issue a top priority.

A recent Center for Immigration Studies report shows that there are now 276 sanctuary cities in 43 states. New Hampshire is not one of them, thank God. All told 8,145 illegal immigrants with criminal records or facing charges have been released in recent history. The Washington Examiner reports that the sanctuary cities have ignored federal requests to turn these people over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials. Over an eight-month period, 7,500 illegal immigrants were rearrested with charges ranging from murder to child sexual abuse.

Official sources have confirmed that people here illegally comprise 3.5 percent of the population, yet also comprise 36.7 percent of federal convictions. President Obama canceled the successful Secure Communities Program and replaced it with the Priority Enforcement Program. This program has given sanction for sanctuary city officials to disregard ICE notifications to turn these people over to them and just "let them go". How else could the low-life, scum-sucking weasel with seven felony convictions on his record, be allowed to roam the streets of San Francisco, after having been deported five times, to go kill a beautiful young woman?

The tragic Kate Steinle murder rests squarely on the hands of our "open borders" president and his progressive, Marxist gang who detest the very thought of a sovereign nation with our very distinct borders, language and culture.

President Obama and his acolytes are clearly anti-American, anti-religion and anti-liberty. Under the guise of altruism, the progressive left continues to cause untold death and misery. It would be bad enough that after subscribing to Thomas More's "Utopia," the result of their actions would be merely conformity and equality of mediocrity. But they want more and that includes the fundamental transformation of the best country on the planet.

If nothing else, Donald Trump will force Republicans to deal with the progressive left in a way that the feckless John Boehners and Mitch McConnells of the world are unable to do. Go Donald, this is your biggest project ever, should you choose to accept the challenge. It is not yet "mission impossible."

Please don't let this country down. Prove all the naysayers wrong. It's not arrogance and hubris if you actually do what you say you will do and do it with integrity.

Russ Wiles

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Column had to do with failure of recent immigrants to assimilate

To The Daily Sun,

I want to thank Dave Pollak for pointing out that one of my citations, from the "NationalReport.Net" website, was bogus. However, Mr. Pollak goes on to make a number of claims or assumptions that are simply not true, that I would like to address.

First, my Tuesday column said nothing about "smashing the church/state barrier", as Mr. Pollak claims. The column had to do with the failure of immigrants in this country, and in much of Europe, to assimilate themselves into their host countries, and how that has led to a series of accommodations by all levels of our government.

Next, he makes the statement that, ". . . Bob has made it clear that he has no use for academics, unless they agree with him," I gather that Mr. Pollak believes that academics should not be subject to questioning, or perhaps he believes that tenure is more desirable than merit. Or maybe he believes that students don't read the opinions their teachers write in the newspapers and are therefore not academically or politically influenced by them. Perhaps he should explain how he came to that opinion.

Now, as to Mr. Pollak's charge that I am guilty of "motivated reasoning", he might want to look at some of the research that I did in preparation for writing my "opinion" piece. Among the items reviewed was an extensive column in the Washington Post on how the government and businesses are accommodating Muslim customers-employees-students-or-clients. The article includes numerous citations by the author of the article. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/wp/2014/02/20/providing-accommodations-that-benefit-muslim-customers-employees-students-or-clients/?wprss=rss_national

Another review was from Wikipedia which showed that the president of the Dearborn City Council is a Muslim Arab American and the majority of the council members are Arab American. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dearborn,_Michigan

And, Mr. Pollak might want to review another part of my research for the column, by checking a video which shows a small group of Christians attempting to hand out a biblical tract outside of a Muslim festival which was being held on the city streets of Dearborn. The Christians did not speak but simply offered their tract to people passing by. A swarm of police confiscated the video camera of the Christians, arrested them, and when they were subsequently released, were required to stay a minimum of five blocks away from the festival in order to hand out their tracts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG7ZhEReUFM

So, the citation of the National Report website, though in error, seemed to be consistent with the other valid research cited above. I stand by what I wrote in Tuesday's column.

Bob Meade


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New Hampshire's working age population is getting smaller

To The Daily Sun,

Paul Krugman wrote an article about 20 years ago titled, "The Myth of Asia's Miracle". In it he made some observations that are still valid. Growth in any economy is the result of increases in labor force participation and productivity. The main drivers in labor force expansion are demographics and education. The main drivers for productivity are capital and technology. Without those factors an economy cannot expand.

The population of New Hampshire is growing at 0.35 percent per year based on the information from 2014. The growth is made up of 0.11 percent from natural change (births less deaths) and 0.24 percent per year net migration (comings less goings). About 47.75 percent of the residents of the state are currently employed. The population under 18 is 20.4 percent of the total which decreased 5.6 percent in 2014. The population age 65 and older is 15.4 percent of the total which increased 11.2 percent in 2014. New Hampshire's working age-population — those aged 18 to 64 — is the remaining 64.2 percent of the total which decreased by 1.4 percent in 2014.

What these statistics tell us is that our working-age population is getting smaller. Our population is getting older fast. The working-age population is being eroded from both ends, meaning fewer young people are entering the works force here and more older people are exiting the workforce. The number of people working to pay for promised governmental benefits is declining. Productivity must rise to avoid the need for decreasing benefits levels or raising taxes.

Our governor wants tax receipts to rise so that she can be seen to be giving us more, which is why she vetoed the state budget. The problem with her economic approach is New Hampshire's economy has structurally limited expansion capacity. We know we have declining labor participation. The governor wants to add tax payment which decreases investment and leads to erosion of productivity. Her vision for New Hampshire amounts to a guarantee of more and deeper levels of poverty. It is unsustainable. It may make for an opportunity for demagoguery when running for office, but it is bad economics and worse policy.

Marc Abear


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