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Thankfully, I didn't fall prey to mindless dribble of hippie generation

To The Daily Sun,

I read with some amusement the letter by Elliot Finn in the March 27 edition of The Laconia Daily Sun. He finds it odd that conservatives should read Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals." Really? Gee Mr. Finn ... ever hear of "know thine enemy?"

Apparently in Mr. Finn's world it's unheard of to study what the other side is all about so you can form educated opinions as to whether their ideas are good or bad. I've known all my life there is nothing good about progressive ideas, which is simply a polite term for socialism which of course is just a nice way of saying communism. Perhaps it helped to have a parent who lived under tyranny and another who fought against it.

My husband and I are both avid readers, and Phil in particular will read anything and everything he can get his hands on about politics and government, be it federal, state, local or foreign, left or right. You have to do your research and study well to know how the other side thinks, in Mr. Finn's case ... how the liberals skew things.

That said, Mr. Finn might do well to study some conservative literature. He may actually come away learning something useful and develop some common sense which apparently he is in short supply of. Many of the so-called progressives today are nothing more than the anti-government protestors of the 1960s. How ironic then that those same anti-government, sit-in-a-circle and sing "Khumbiyah" types are now running things and gleefully embracing the very big government they so abhorred like it was a giant reefer.

Phil and I grew up in the 60s, have been musicians all our adult lives and I can proudly proclaim performing in a warm-up band to the likes of Muddy Waters and Chicago. But thankfully I didn't fall prey to the mindless dribble of the hippie generation. I avoided it like the plague.

Some of us are endowed with good common sense and we're not afraid to get into the belly of the beast. We study the likes of progressives and read all we can about them so we know our enemy, Mr. Finn.

Christine Wittmann

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Scott Brown owes it to his newsly adopted state to take the Pledge

To The Daily Sun,

There has been a lot of recent discussion surrounding the current U.S. Senate race and the People's Pledge. I am writing to encourage Scott Brown to sign the pledge and run a campaign worth of the people of New Hampshire.

Senator Shaheen, who has been loyally serving our state since 1997, has made clear she will listen to our needs and concerns by signing the Pledge. Scott Brown owes it to his newly adopted state to do the same.

It is difficult for me as a longtime New Hampshire resident to see Brown coming into our state and refusing to play by the same rules he created in Massachusetts. As someone who should be making an extra effort to respect our viewpoints Brown's current hypocritical position is disconcerting.

Senator Shaheen understands that her constituents deserve to know who is behind campaign advertisements. She is making sure that her campaign is accountable to us, not to outside interests and dark money. It is time Scott Brown held himself to the same standard.

Richard Marini

New Hampton

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Thank you Republicans for saving taxpayers at least $12 million

To The Daily Sun,

Fortunately for Belknap County residents, the Republican majority on the Belknap County Delegation has been considering taxpayers and fighting to ensure that needed county services are provided effectively and efficiently.

And, wow! Listen to the special interests squeal. They aren't used to anyone daring to question and oversee government spending or slow the flow of hard-earned taxpayer dollars into their coffers.

The squealing, the lawsuits, the personal attacks, the threats, the loud complaints are just the tools of the special interests and their protectors to try to make our representatives approve their spending demands.

During these last several economically stressful years, the private sector has been hurting, with most private sector workers earning flat or declining incomes. Senior citizens on Social Security have received small, and rare, increases.

Despite the financial stress on Belknap residents, the county commissioners recommended significant increases this year and last year. County employees have done well, most getting decent raises and enjoying benefits rarely, if ever, available in the private sector.

Considering the volume of the hysteria you might think that the delegation was demanding huge cuts in county spending, services, and jobs, but they are not. The delegation is evaluating new funding requests and pursuing efficient and cost-effective delivery of needed county services.

Remember last year's demands for a $42 million prison with its high operation costs? Remember the outrage and hysteria leveled at Republicans who rejected that plan and demanded that it be reconsidered?

Now the commissioners say the prison cost is under $30 million. Thank you Republicans for saving the taxpayers at least $12 million (more like $24 million when including interest).

With further consideration, hopefully the cost can be reduced much more because even a $30 million prison will add $4-5 million to county costs annually (for debt service and additional operating expenses) which would increase the amount to be raised by taxes (i.e., your county taxes) by approximately one-third.

The Republican majority, and mostly Chairman Worsman, has been hysterically and viciously attacked for simply considering the taxpayers' burden while fighting to deliver needed services effectively and efficiently. They deserve the thanks of Belknap County residents, especially struggling taxpayers.

Note that these Republicans, who are fighting so hard to provide a quality, responsive, efficient and affordable county government, are fighting just as hard in Concord to make our state government provide its services in a quality, responsive, efficient, and affordable manner.

Thank you Colette Worsman and the Republican majority. Please keep up the good work.

Don Ewing


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An unbelievable act of going above & beyond what's expected

To The Daily Sun,

I wanted to share the amazing experience I had at the Interlakes Animal Hospital on March 22. I brought my indoor cat, "Jack", in for his checkup and when I was walking across the parking lot to leave, the crate door on my cat carrier opened and "Jack" escaped.

For over three hours in the cold, snowy weather the entire team at Interlakes stayed late, crawling around in the snow, on the cold ground doing everything they could think of to catch "Jack". With perseverance and patience we were finally successful.

The kindness and compassion of Dr. Julie, Dr. Chris and their entire team was without a doubt the most unbelievable act of going above and beyond what is expected. How blessed we are in the Lakes Region to have such wonderful, competent, compassionate people to care for our much loved furry family members.

Sue Batstone



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School Board needs vision before it hires new superintendent

To The Daily Sun,

Franklin, don't miss a great upcoming opportunity to satisfy the community stakeholders desire to improve public education.

The recent Franklin city elections have indicated that the community wanted changes in public education. Faster student improvement and a better "work-together attitude" seems to be a general goal.

There are a number of new, energized School Board members and a generally strong City Council. The mayor is also a strong supporter of public education. I also believe that an increasing number of parents are more comfortable with the school staff in helping to solve student issues by working with the parents.

In the next several weeks the School Board will start interviewing prospective superintendents to operate the Franklin School District for the next few years. The great opportunity is that our School Board members will be able to hire someone who understands and supports the School Board's vision for public education representing all of the community stakeholders.

The School Board needs input from the community as soon as possible because it is very important that the board have an approved community-supported Education Vision before the superintendent interviewing starts. Having a community-supported (stakeholders) Vision for public education is one of the primary responsibilities of all public school boards.

A few examples of possible vision statements for the community:

A. The reputation of our entire community improves as graduation rates improve significantly. An increasing percentage of our students are academically prepared to lead full productive lives.

B. The reputation of the entire Franklin community will increase significantly as the average level of students' performance level rises in all key (reading, math) subjects to 80 percent or better. (That would probably be in about the top 15 percent).

C. The Franklin school system will achieve a significant improvement level of students testing proficient or higher in key subjects.

D. The Franklin School District will ensure that every student with a low or failing performance level will have access to an (IDP) Individual Development Plan including one teacher or staff member and one parent and the student.

These are just a few possibilities.

Call your three School Board members (three in each Ward). Tell them the education vision you have or you would like for our community and ask them what they think. Call your School Board members soon as it is very important for them to have your input and then they can better determine the correct choice for superintendent. We all do not want our School Board to hire a superintendent before the board has at least a good idea of what the direction and vision that the stakeholders can and will strongly support. It is really important to determine the vision for the district before we start to interview for a superintendent.

Bill Grimm


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