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Republicans trying to kill EPA's new clean water guidelines

To The Daily Sun,

We must highlight and bring to the attention of your readers the fact that a GOP dominated Congress has tried to get a bill through which would have killed the EPA's new clean water guidelines. We must ask that crucial question: what in the world are they thinking? Does the GOP believe for one minute that they can "get away" with further trying to degrade our quality of life?

Most important to remember is that the GOP won't stop trying to repeal the ACA time and again (in doing so wasting millions of dollars in taxpayer money). Now this ludicrous action to degrade and destroy what little clean drinking water the U.S. has access to which is free from pollution.
In the aftermath and horrendous results of the lead poisoning of residents in Flint, Michigan, President Obama has vetoed a Republican bill that would have killed the EPA's new clean water guidelines.

If it weren't for the legislative actions of President Obama this country, no thanks to the GOP, would certainly be classified as a third-world country. In what respect you may ask? Well, it's very clear as we can see each and every day, the rich get richer while the poor get poorer.
And, sad to say, the middle class as we know it, is slowly but surely disappearing.

Bernadette Loesch

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More than any others, Governor Bush will be ready to go on Day 1

To The Daily Sun,

The upcoming national elections are very important. As we all know, the world is rapidly changing in many ways. Unfortunately our current president has achieved a very poor record of real accomplishments in the last seven years on many fronts. Getting the new president up to speed quickly will be very, very important.

There is one candidate that stands above all of the others in my opinion. That candidate is former Governor Jeb Bush.

Governor Bush has a very large number of admirals, generals, and many other American veterans who support him and will advise him. Recently, Senator Lindsey Graham has indicated that he supports and will help Governor Bush. This will help allow him to more quickly come up to speed by perhaps up to three to six months prior to all other potential winners. More than any others, Governor Bush will be ready to go on Day 1.

I am a former naval officer and my son was also a naval officer serving four times In Iraq. I believe Governor Bush would be better able to confront ISIS and start to disrupt the stated claims by ISIS and others.

I am also very impressed with his approach to significantly improve public education in our country. He understands the importance of having well run public school boards to focus on establishing clear measurable performance targets providing total and clear accountability. He understands that it is the public school board that works with the community to achieve the two or three year vision (with the clear metrics of success). It is the superintendent who drives the ship day-to-day.

Bill Grimm


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