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Why has Rep. Aldrich refused to recognize harassment policy?

To The Daily Sun,

In January of 2016 the N.H. Legislature sent out a nine page anti-harassment policy (official title: Policy Against Sexual and Other Harassment and Discrimination) that had been approved by the Joint Committee on Legislative Facilities. A copy of the policy was sent to all members of the N.H. House of Representatives with a request to each member to sign a form acknowledging having received and read the policy. Repeated requests were made of members who had not turned in the forms, but in November of 2017, following one news story after another about sexual harassment, more members of the House turned in the signed forms.

As of Dec. 4, 2017, one member of the Belknap County Delegation had still not acknowledged receipt of the form. This representative is Glen Aldrich, an early member of the Free State Project. (The Free State Project organized in 2001 to entice people to move to New Hampshire to take over and dismantle government). It should be noted here that even Michael Sylvia, another Free Stater in the Belknap delegation, has seen fit to sign the policy in question.

Why does this matter? Signing the form, after all, does not signal agreement with the anti-harassment policy. It does not make the individual representative promise not to sexually harass anyone, or not to discriminate. All it does is acknowledge having received and read the policy. But even that toothless and minuscule request is setting the bar too high for some members of the House, including apparently Mr. Aldrich.

Our Belknap County Delegation has previously brought our county national shame and embarrassment concerning the former member Robert Fisher, who published endless anti-woman and pro-rape screeds under his online forum Red Pill. When that came to light, Gov. Sununu, then House Speaker Shawn Jasper, and state Republican Party Chair Jeanie Forrester all called on him to resign. Our county representatives, on the other hand, with one shining exception, turned a blind eye and made excuses for Fisher. Chairman Vadney: “He’s a thoughtful guy.” Rep. Abear: Fisher “hasn’t broken any laws or violated any ethics laws.” Rep. Spanos would not move to try to get Fisher to resign; and one of the only two women in the delegation, Rep. Fraser, said she had no idea what was going on and dismissed the call for Fisher to resign. Rep. Huot, then the sole Democrat in the delegation, was also the sole profile in courage, stating that Fisher’s views “are misogynistic and he should resign.” (For all of these quotes, see Laconia Daily Sun article of May 2, 2017, by Roger Amsden).

It would give me great pleasure to find out that my information is out of date and Mr. Aldrich has finally seen fit to sign the form. There is no need for Belknap County to again be a laughing-stock, even within the state.

Ruth Larson


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Jeffrey Clay: Alton board didn’t reject my proposal, they weren’t even told I made an offer

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to the N.H. Department of Education Office of Investigations:

Please accept this letter, along with all of its attachments, as my formal request for an investigation into what I believe constitutes the falsification of public documents with malicious intent by the chairman of the Alton JMA, Diane Beijer, and the superintendent of Prospect Mountain High School, Mr. Robert Cullison.

On Nov. 7, I sent email letters to Mr. Cullison and Diane Beijer expressing my desire to reach an out-of-court settlement with “the Prospect Mountain School Board.”

In response to my request, I received a letter dated Nov. 8 signed by JMA board Chair Diane Beijer which states in part, “the board has elected to decline your proposal for a confidential settlement.”

This letter, signed by Diane Beijer, is a falsified public document. A document created by her, Mr. Cullison, and attorney Matthew Upton in order to deceive me into believing the JMA board discussed, considered, and voted on my settlement offer, something the board did not do.

Further evidence of the malicious intent of Cullison and Beijer is found in the fact that the JMA board met on the evening of Nov. 7, where Cullison and Beijer could have presented my letter to the entire JMA board for its consideration and vote. This never happened. The meeting minutes, as well as Mr. Cullison's email to me, reveal the JMA board was never made aware of, discussed, or ever voted on my settlement offer.

On Dec.5, I notified Superintendent Cullison that I would be filing a criminal complaint against him and Beijer for falsification of a public document (which I did) and that I would be attending the JMA meeting of Dec. 5 (which I did), where I would expose to the entire JMA board to the illegal and unethical actions of both of them and too publicly request they both resign (which I did).

What took place at the JMA meeting of Dec. 5, was perhaps one of the most stunning acts of public corruption and coverup I have ever witnessed.

Diane Beijer brought forth her falsified public document to the forefront of the meeting, a document the entire board was now fully aware had been referred to law enforcement authorities for investigation as being a falsified public document (I informed them all prior to the meeting). Almost immediately, knowing full well the board never discussed or voted on the settlement proposal and the letter was a falsified public document, Mr. Leavit mad a motion that the JMA "endorse" Beijer's response letter to me, which they did.

Therefore, as a result of the JMA board's vote to endorse this falsified public document, I am requesting an investigation into this matter include the entire JMA board’s actions to endorse and cover up Cullison and Beijer's illegal activities.

Jeffrey Thomas Clay


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