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How many Syrian refugees would you welcome into your town?

To The Daily Sun,

I see that the perennial do-gooders are flaunting their wonderfulness for all of us in the area to see. I'm referring to Dick Devens from the ultra-progressive hamlet of Sandwich, Jack Landow of Gilford, the super-sensitive Bernadette Loesch of Laconia and any others who want you to think that they are just the greatest people on earth.

It's not bad enough that our southern border is overrun with illegals coming in but these Mr./Ms. wonderfuls want us to accept thousands upon thousands of refugees from Syria, of which there is a percentage of ISIS members who are using this exodus to infiltrate our country.

I have a question for all of these people and that is how many are you willing to take into your town or city or are you willing to house some in your spare room? I think Mr. Devens ought to attend the next Sandwich selectmen's — sorry I meant to say selectperson's — meeting and suggest that the Sandwich Fairgrounds be turned into a tent city to house these aliens. Mr. Landow could also suggest to his town fathers that they take Meadowbrook by eminent domain and set up housing for them there and Ms. Loesch could push for housing at the Weirs.

Of course this would never occur but the point is that these people are always willing to step forward with their comments to make themselves look like caring people knowing that it will have no affect on their lives. The Syrians wouldn't be in the situation that they're in if Obama hadn't bailed out of the area and left a void that was soon taken over by some of the worst people I have seen in my lifetime.

I'll be anxiously awaiting a response from these people as to the amount of Syrian immigrants they are willing to take into their towns or neighborhoods.

Dave Schwotzer

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CNN Democratic debate was a breath of much-needed fresh air

To The Daily Sun,
I was privileged to be able to watch the entire CNN Democratic Debate the other night. I was intrigued and not in the least surprised that those candidates actually debated the current issues. It was truly a much needed breath of fresh air during this very lengthy political season. After watching the Republicans debate it was like going from the squabbling kids' table to the adults' table.
We've been over-exposed to the GOP/Tea Party candidates for months now, to where it's become truly mind-numbing and repetitious. Sadly, we haven't learned much in the way of concrete policy from the GOP/Tea Party since they and their sugar daddies have started spending their millions on their campaigns.

No doubt those on the right will try to spin last week's debate in a very negative light. Most people will be able to see through their usual smokescreen. Each one of the GOP/Tea Party ad buys, interviews and debates continue to convince us of something very basic. What might that be? It's that their shallow remarks, hollow promises, showboating, chest-thumping and misstatements (sometimes outright lies) show us why those GOP/Tea party candidates will only see the inside of the White House if they're invited to dinner.

Bravo to the Democratic candidates who debated. It was one of the most informative, intelligent, astute, discerning, insightful and perceptive debates that we've seen in some years. Many issues were covered. Actual, relevant issues connected to what matters to Americans. What a refreshing change from all of the misleading yada yada yada from the GOP/Tea Party candidates.

The CNN Democratic Debates held my interest for three hours. Thanks to the moderators, and thanks to those people who were able to ask questions via Facebook. That added a much needed expanded dynamic to the debate.

Bernadette Loesch


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