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Dick Burchell is combative and refuses to work with anyone

To The Daily Sun,

We have a clear choice on Sept. 13 in the Republican primary for county commissioner.

Glen Waring has experience in putting budgets together that protect taxpayers, while also providing the critical nursing home services and public safety that the county provides. His know-how will be a welcome addition to the commission.

Currently we have a commissioner in Dick Burchell who is combative and refuses to work with anyone and who serves no one. Please join me in supporting the common sense choice Glen Waring for county commissioner on Tuesday.

Tanya Phillips

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Waring will be focused on making fiscally thoughtful decisions

To The Daily Sun,

I'm writing to endorse Glen Waring for county commissioner. My family and I have known Glen Waring since 1992, when he joined our family automobile dealership as its office manager. At the time, Glen was only 23 years old and fresh out of college with a Bachelor's degree in accounting. Within a short time, Glen became our CFO, overseeing every aspect of our growing business. Glen paid close attention to every spending decision. He would say "If you watch the pennies, the dollars will follow."

Even then, just starting out, Glen impressed everyone as focused and mature beyond his years. He's conservative, thoughtful, and deliberate in every decision he makes. He pays attention to the details. That was 20 years ago.

Glen's qualities and strength of character remain impressive today, and his experience has only improved. As the past county finance director, Glen has the unique combination of public and private sector business experience. He understands the sensitive balance between keeping taxes low while providing essential county services. No one else has Glen's in-depth level of understanding of county operations — he's seen it from within.

Glen can be trusted to always do the right thing, to listen to the people he represents and to make wise, business decisions. Glen's not a politician, he's a no-nonsense business person who will not waste time politicizing a level of local government that should not be mired in political or personal drama. Glen's driven to make a difference. He has experience collaborating with others to build consensus and achieving results, and he understands that personal agendas distract.

I know Glen will remain singularly focused on fiscally thoughtful decisions for the good of the county. There's work to be done, and Glen Waring is a serious-minded, hard worker, best suited for the job.

I urge you to vote Waring for commissioner on Sept. 13 and return the Belknap County Commission to a functioning board, working to meet the needs of the taxpayers.

Donna Gaudet Hosmer
AutoServ Dealerships


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