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This is national volunteer week and Hospice VNA appreciates ours

To The Daily Sun,

Right here in our community, six trained volunteers are working with Franklin VNA and Hospice and giving selflessly to others nearing the journey at life's end. They give of themselves to ensure that our friends, neighbors, co-workers under hospice care find dignity, hope and love. Our community is a better, more compassionate place because of their service.

April 23-29 is National Volunteer Week and every single volunteer deserves our appreciation and grateful acknowledgement.

These volunteers tend to patients at the bedside, support family caregivers, help families during one of life's most stressful periods, raise awareness, provide grief support, help raise funds, and so much more.

Hospice volunteers make more special moments possible for the patients and families they serve every day and are integral members of the hospice team.

An estimated 430,000 trained volunteers give more than 19 million hours of service every year in hospices across the country, reports the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. During National Volunteer Week, these dedicated individuals deserve our appreciation.

We encourage others to learn more about hospice by contacting Franklin VNA and Hospice at 934-3454.

The Rev. Tobias Nyatsambo

Hospice Chaplain & Volunteer Coordinator

Barbara Scott RN

Hospice Program Coordinator

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Shea-Porter's picture should accompany 'demagogue' in dictionary

To The Daily Sun,

Look up the word "demagogue" in the dictionary and you'll find this definition: a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.

There should also be a picture of New Hampshire's U.S. House Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, although "leader" is a stretch. I'm puzzled by her recent trip to Laconia to "demagogue" Trump policies concerning targeted cuts in welfare and aid to the poor.

Last I heard, we're still working off the Obama budget, and we have yet to pass a budget under the Trump administration. Seems like we hear Shea-Porter and her ilk spouting off daily that Trump has accomplished nothing, but somehow he has already halved funding, "from $50 million to $25 million while eligibility standard has been tightened, leaving many needy individuals, couples and families without the means to power and heat their homes" (with someone else's money).

Reading through the demagoguery of Shea-Porter, my take-away is that the poorest citizens will actually be getting the help as more citizens can find jobs and no longer need assistance. Doesn't it make sense that if, according to them, Obama brought us out of the recession and created all those new jobs, shouldn't there be less need for welfare assistance?

Terry Stewart

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