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Millionaires are keeping all the rest of us from . . . what exactly?

To The Daily Sun,

The unbelievable, illogical ramblings of Henry Osmer have once again sullied the pages of this paper. In his ongoing harangue of disjointed thinking, he tells readers that some 36,000 millionaires here in New Hampshire are keeping all the rest of the people from, from, from just what Henry? Getting an education, learning a skilled trade or perhaps developing an ambition to excel at something?

It seems his backward logic thinks if we did not have all those millionaires all the rest of would be, would be what, Henry, them or at least living high off the hog? So how is that supposed to happen, Henry? Would all those of us without collage degrees, or without marketable skills suddenly, magically acquire them along with the years of working experience to apply them?

I could be wrong but I think it was Henry who a couple weeks ago challenged another writer to name a rich person who ever gave him a job. This short circuit of brain function supposes that rich people hide their money under the mattress instead of investing it in business that return dividends.

Just for Henry, an example disproving his distorted logic would be Bill Binnie, who started a TV and radio broadcasting business in Laconia a couple years back. This business created jobs both directly and indirectly.

So how many business have you started Henry?

Henry just can't stand it that some people work hard, smart and are successful and he is none of the above. Too bad, but that's due to his failings not the fault of all those millionaires.

Let me jump to another subject that has irked me over the weekend. Down in Texas a small group of people held a gathering, an anti-Muslim gathering as it has been described as by liberal-media types. Actually it was an exercise in free speech as described by the organizers. A couple of Muslim terrorist wannabes decided to show up and kill as many of the group as they could. The plan didn't go as they wanted. Local cop killed them both before they even got close. Good job!

So now back to the liberal media who got on a spin to blame those who were at the meeting. They shouldn't have antagonized the Muslims. Yes, they had the right to say what they wanted, but should have shown restraint and respect. Bull hockey! Our Constitution protects all speech, especially offensive speech. Muslims have no problem being offensive to others and cite our Constitution allowing them to do so. If they don't like other people being offensive to their religion and decide they can't live within our laws and rules that they can't use violence against them, they should leave. The First Amendment protects all speech, not just unoffensive speech, and our liberal media above all should recognize that. If that were not the fact I could list a few hundred liberals who would be at a high risk of being tarred and feathered chief among them liberal-media types.

Steve Earle


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BOW WOW Fest raised more than $3,000 for local police K-9s

To The Daily Sun,

My heartfelt appreciation to everyone who contributed to making this year's pooch parade the best one yet. I'm proud to report that total receipts exceeded my $3,000 goal, with donations still coming in.

These dollars will be split with Laconia, Gilford and Belmont Police Department K-9s for their ongoing needs.

Thanks begin with my employer Melcher & Prescott, along with the Board of Directors of the WOW Trail, for giving me this special opportunity to be involved in my hometown in a way I could have never predicted.

This event runs smoothly thanks not only to my great committee: Ann Saltmarsh of Public Works, Cristy Martel of Four Paws Inn, Cathy Dumais and Lisa Green-Barber but to Janet Brough from SAU 30; Kevin Dunleavy, director of Laconia's Parks and Recreation; the two best parking directors, Tim Cavanaugh and Steve Smith; and the 54 volunteers on site who assist in innumerable ways.

It would be difficult to get the word out if it weren't for six amazing reporters: Michael Kitch, Roger Amsden and Karen Bobotas (Laconia Daily Sun); Tim Camerato and Bob Martin (Citizen); Erin Plummer (Gilford Steamer); Angie Sykeny (Hippo); and last but no way least, John Koziol (Union Leader). Great coverage! And for four great schools — Holy Trinity, Woodland Heights, Gilford Elementary and Lakeland — for their art work.

Our business sponsors: "Top of the Heap" five years in a row: Eptam Plastics. Gold Sponsors: Lake Opechee Inn & Spa, Inns at Mill Falls, AKA Tool, Patrick's Pub, Steve Smith Associates, Meredith Village Savings Bank, Tilton Veterinary Hospital, Stealth. Silver Sponsors: Franklin Savings Bank, Fratello's, Noreast Veterinary Associates, Colonial Craftsmen, Body Covers, and long-time BW supporter, Gil – big thank you.

Our vendors: Brendon, My Coffee House who donates half his proceeds to the K-9s, Kelly, Doggone-It-Training; Alix Marcoux, Homeward Bound; Ginny of Happy Tails Dog Park; Marilee of NHHS; Cristy & Danielle of Four Paws Inn; Beth, Meredith Emergency Vet Hosp; Peter of Handmade Pet; Katie of Vet Tech Club; and of course, Aaron Bassett of Burrito Me for much-needed water stations. Woof!

Special thanks to our emcees Nazzy and Mya of Binnie Media, who kept things organized and all of us in stitches with Javier; the Very Rev Marc B. Drouin, V.F., from St. Andre Bessette for his blessings; our photographers Bonnie Carnivale and Joanne DeCesare; our judges: State Sen. Jeanie Forrester, Mayor Ed Engler and Governor's Councilor Joe Kenney with Patrick & Kyle Gandini; our face painters, Jade, Lilly and Amber; Haley of Big Cat Coffee and Lois of Franklin Savings Bank for their giveaway pouches; Meredith Village Savings Bank, Interlakes Animal Hospital and the Insurance Outlet for their sign support; Gator Signs for our new banner and directional signs; our Dalmatian twins, Allie & Lauren, who had way too much fun!; and last but not least, Brett and Bethany of Laconia Pet Center for their generosity in promoting the event as well as providing our contest prizes and more.

Raffles were a new addition this year and over $700 in prizes were received. Several friends contributed an array of gifts in addition to local businesses — Opechee Inn & Spa and Sunflower Natural Foods — as well as our vendors.

Of course, BOW WOW 5 may not have achieved the same level of popularity without our "Star" Hulk. Seeing him sit patiently for pictures with small children, big and little dogs in full sun was nothing short of remarkable. A huge thank-you to his owners, Marlon and Lisa Grennan, for this opportunity.

To all of you (and any I may have missed) a great big thank-you woof for your support, your enthusiasm and your dedication to helping our K-9 officers, our very own unsung heroes, continue to thrive in our community.

Claire L. Hebert-Dow

Community Relation Associate

Melcher & Prescott Insurance


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It’s rewarding to know our community loves students at LHS

To The Daily Sun,

It is so rewarding to know that our community loves our students at Laconia High School.

On behalf of the Laconia Sachems Band Boosters, we would like to thank all who supported our annual Sweet Walk on March 17 at the District Band Concert.

Thank you to the following businesses which donated sweet goods: Hart's Turkey Farm, Fratello's, Patrick's, Goody Good Donuts, Wicked Sweet New England Treats, Annie's Café, Water Street Café, Vista Foods, as well as from other private supporters of the booster group . All monies raised go directly to help fund the Laconia High School Band , Chorus and Color Guard.

The booster group's monthly meetings are the first Wednesday of every month at 5:30 p.m. in the LHS Music Room.

Thank you all again, so very much.

Lisa Fortson

Co-President, Laconia Sachems Band Boosters

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Winnipesaukee Wellness Center is a great local gem

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to tell you about a great local gem you should look into. My wife and I go there the three days, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, they are open from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Winnipesaukee Wellness Center (WWC) is located at 78 Whittier Highway (Rte. 25) in Moultonborough (next to Dunkin' Donuts). They are a nonprofit facility under LRGHealthcare, but are self-sustaining.

There are many different exercise machines as well as weight strengthening classes, as well as a mind challenging word game on the board. 

All are supervised by a health professional. If you have a particular problem they will set you up with a program designed to help get you going. We are a great group and have fun while getting fit.

We are grateful that we have the WWC to enjoy a much more active lifestyle. Come and check us out.

Clifford Andresen


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If the town had kept the Belmont Mill is good repair . . . maybe

To The Daily Sun,

I read with interest a letter in today's papers saying how wonderful the old mill building is in downtown Belmont. The suggestion that the taxpayers would even consider spending money on the old building is foolish. Perhaps, had the town maintained it over the years and not allowed it to become such a mess then, perhaps, we could do something with it.

What don't the selectmen understand — we simply can't afford it — period; end of story. We are already overtaxed beyond our means and the school (department) has seen to that recently. If you want to buy the mill you will need to first give taxpayers a huge break as of now they can't afford it period. Sell it. Rent it. But do not buy it under any circumstances. The building is not worth the estimated costs to renovate, etc.

If the building is owned by the town and thus by the taxpayers then we should say no to this foolish idea. Many of us would love to own waterfront property or drive a Lincoln, but no we really can't afford them, and the taxpayers of Belmont can't afford this either.

Don Irvin


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