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Sanbornton Planning Board hearing on senior housing is Monday

To The Daily Sun,

First, I need to tell everyone that although I am chair of the Sanbornton Planning Board, I am not representing the board in this letter. Although they may agree, I did not get their permission to speak for them. I speak as Evelyn Auger, who happens to serve on the board.

On Monday, Feb. 1, the Sanbornton Planning Board will be holding a public hearing on senior housing. Although folks in our town have expressed their support for senior housing for years, two failed attempts of projects to create this housing failed. After the last loss, a past Planning Board put an article in the warrant to remove senior housing from the town's zoning ordinances. The need, desire and support continued however, so the current Planning Board has prepared a new policy and we want to present it and answer your questions.

As the Planning Board is a "land use" board, we can work on many of the uses, sizes, etc. of the land and plan for senior housing. Unfortunately, the issue of financing always comes up in discussions of senior housing. The Planning Board can't tell someone buying land and building a house who or what financing they may or must use and we cannot do so with those building senior housing. It cannot put financial regulations in our zoning ordinances. So please read what we propose, question how and why we got there, for although we understand why everyone wants to control the financing it is not allowed.

Hope to see you Monday.

Evelyn Auger


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Results of Vision Survey have been shared with Mill's Advisory Panel

To The Daily Sun,

The Board of Directors of the Belknap Mill Society would like to extend their sincerest gratitude to the various members of the community who have graciously volunteered their time and expertise through participation in a Vision & Long Term Planning Session conducted at the Mill on Jan. 21.

The board was joined by its Advisory Panel members, Pastor Mark Warren (Grace Capital Church), Matt Lahey, and Paul Fitzgerald (Wescott Law Firm) and friends of the Mill, Alan Veazey (Boulia-Gorrell), Mary Ellen Boudman, and David Stamps (Stamps Associates).

The Mill's Advisory Panel was created this past summer in an effort to expand our outreach and broaden our collective understanding of the history of the Mill and the needs of our community.

In addition to those listed above, we are grateful for the service of Advisory Panel members, Mayor Ed Engler, Justin Slattery (BEDC), Rod Dyer (Wescott Law) and Debbie Frawley-Drake. The recent planning session was the second opportunity for our Advisory Panel to meet with the board and other interested community members to discuss the results of a Vision Survey, distributed to previous and current Mill Society members. The input we received from this survey has helped reaffirm our mission to continuously expand our programming for the community to enjoy. Engaging in this discussion has cemented our commitment to actively seek collaboration with other organizations regarding educational, historical, and cultural innovations.

We remain grateful for volunteers at any time of the year, and we can accommodate a variety of commitment levels. Whether serving on the board of directors or a sub-group, or volunteering for an event or our award winning 4th Grade Program, any time you can spare for us is appreciated and necessary for the sustainability of the oldest unaltered textile mill in the country, the Official Meeting House of New Hampshire — our Belknap Mill.

The Belknap Mill Society

Board of Directors


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