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We worked hard to bring SB-2 to Shaker; it holds people accountable

To The Daily Sun,

We as a community worked very hard to implement SB-2 for the Shaker Regional School District. Give it a chance; hold our school business administration, as well as our school board, accountable as to how they spend our tax dollars.

I urge you to vote NO on Article 8 on Tuesday, March14.

Jon Pike



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None of Trump's blustery statements have ever cost us an American life

To The Daily Sun,

The Susan Estrich column entitled "Truth or Consequences" tows the party line yet where was the outrage when President Obama lied about the cause of Benghazi solely for political purposes? The lies she claims that Trump has said are at best bluster. No lives lost, no risk to national security, and no impact on a finished election.
Democrats are heading at any straw possible to avoid admitting they abandoned middle-class Americans and drove class warfare. They reduced full-time, good wage job opportunities while pushing welfare benefits, including free cell phones to create a dependent society. They seethe at the thought of a self dependent middle-class that prefers to provide an earned living for themselves and their families because they owe no one. Then they rail about successful entrepreneurs, "You didn't build that" is their mantra to justify taking increasingly more in taxes (called fair share) to support their dependent society.
No statement about the size of inaugural crowds, or illegal immigrant voting, will ever rise to the level of abandoning a U.S. diplomat, State Department employees, and other Americans charged with embassy security to prevent the truth from impacting a presidential election. Obama intentionally lied to the American people and directed Susan Rice to go public with those same lies, all the while having undisputed proof it was a terrorist attack.
So give it a rest, you can dispute claims of popularity, crowd sized, etc. but remember, none of those statements have ever cost a life, nor withheld a fact that impacted national security and none directly impacted the results of a presidential election.
All this from the party that excused "It depends on what the meaning of the word is is." That was an excuse for the lie under oath that cost President Clinton his law license and earned him an impeachment vote. Fortunately for him, the Democratic party held the Senate and voted along party lines to excuse his lies.

Alan Doyon

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