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Let's respect rights to have differences of opinion on WOW Trail

To The Daily Sun,

With regret, I read a recent letter to the editor in The Laconia Daily Sun from Mr. Milligan, reporting his interaction with one member (out of 600) of the South Down/Long Bay community. With regret, I have also read a previous letter to the editor in The Sun that made a lot of personal, name-calling attacks on the South Down/Long Bay community.

South Down and Long Bay have never identified and withheld business from any business supporting the WOW Trail; nor would we recommend doing so. Whomever contacted Daniels Electric does not speak for the community.

It's obvious that people have strong feelings on both sides of this issue. There are those of us who want to preserve our community. There are others who want to change that. The issue will most likely be decided by the courts. In the meantime, I ask that we respect each other's right to hold different views and let the process play out.

Bruce D. Miller, President

South Down Shores Recreation Association

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Bishop not worthy of the title he has anointed himself with

To The Daily Sun,

I was reading this morning about a pompous, arrogant, bloviating person who likes to take credit for things he had nothing to do with. In his eyes and the eyes of some of his fawning followers he is an uber Christian who does no wrong.

No. I'm NOT talking about President Trump (this time). Instead I'm speaking of Paul Blake, the false prophet of Laconia — the man who LEAST epitomizes Christ and Christ's modest, humble, and compassionate example.

Get off the cross Paul, the rest of us need the wood. I've read your rantings and you are not worthy of the title that you've anointed yourself with. Why don't you try writing about how TRUE Christian brotherhood and it's tenets are missing locally and nationally before blathering on. Try being reverent before you consider yourself revered. You are in a glass house. Put down that stone. Try doing some actual GOOD.

Alan Vervaeke

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