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Urge VP Pence to begin constitutional process of removing Trump

To The Daily Sun,

Dear Trump voter:

It has been seven months since Donald J. Trump has been in the White House, and I for one, have not seen him fulfill one of his campaign promises. The miserable attempt at repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act was a total disaster. Had the Senate’s Bill passed, millions of you would be without health insurance. I am not aware of any infrastructure program that is putting millions of unemployed Americans to work. How would his tax cut for the rich plan help you?

He has delivered nothing on his promises, and managed to get us to the brink of a nuclear war with North Korea. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. He has demonstrated contempt of the United States Constitution by profiting financially from his position as president. He demands loyalty from his staff, but does not reciprocate, publically humiliates them, and fires them at will.

He criticized President Obama for taking vacations, yet he flies to his golf resorts regularly, at the taxpayers’ expense. He is an egotist, a narcissist, a racist, a womanizer, a liar, and is so thin-skinned that he vindictively strikes out at those who differ with him. He is perhaps guilty of obstruction of justice with his dealings with James Comey. His barrage of “tweets” makes him look like a spoiled, petulant little brat. Our allies do not respect him.

He ineffective, he is dangerous, and exhibits the characteristics of insanity.

Before he does any further harm, I urge you to contact our congressional representatives to support a bill of impeachment. If that does not appeal to you, urge Vice-President Pence to begin the process of removing Trump from office, using the provisions of Section 4, Paragraph 1, of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Ronald P. Blais

Center Barnstead

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Consider benefits of joining the New Hampshire Farm Bureau

To The Daily Sun,

My new issue of The Communicator from the N.H. Farm Bureau (Sept./Oct. issue) has arrived. It announces Belknap County's Annual Meeting of NHFB, as being Friday, Oct. 6, at 6:30 p.m. at United Methodist Church in Gilford. The same page has a long list of new members being welcomed. Going to the website, www.nhfarmbureau.org, is one way to become a member.

The issue also helpfully includes a two-page list of House and Senate bills, titled "2017 Legislative Review." I see definition of "pervious surfaces" under the Shoreland Water Quality Protection Act (SB118). I see "relative to industrial hemp as a controlled substance" (HB151). And many, many others.

I became a member after hearing an NHFB speaker at the Meredith Community Center. The Communicator also printed my account of my chickens being gassed to death by G.E.'s Rough Service Worklight bulb, coated with Teflon (but that wasn't information on the packaging). Sylvania makes a similar bulb and adds a stick-on label that warns against using it with birds. I never could get G.E. to provide that labeling on their bulb package.

Information, fairs, scholarships, farmers' markets report, "New Hampshire Agriculture in the Classroom," member benefits lists, farm properties for sale, The Communicator is 24 pages, this issue, of things to know. If you work with seeds, animals, food production, land, you might consider joining and being active!

Lynn Rudmin Chong

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