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Trump wants to make Washington work for the American people

To The Daily Sun,
Are you tired of the mess in Washington? The corruption, broken promises, higher taxes and expenses, fewer jobs, increasing threats, immoral debt, morally bankrupt leadership, disregard of our Constitution, our country's traditions and culture, etc.
The Washington establishment, politicians, bureaucrats, and special interests, created this mess to enrich and empower themselves; they protect themselves by electing supporters and destroying anyone who threatens their control.
One of the Washington establishment's own is running for president, Hillary Clinton; they know that Hillary will govern for them. Their down-payment to Hillary and Bill for protection and influence is about $200 million.
Donald Trump refused the Washington establishment's attempt to buy him; he's only obligated to the American people. He wants to make government work for the people; this threatens the Washington establishment which is fully behind Hillary and totally against Trump.
Donald Trump's finger-prints aren't on the Washington mess. He didn't create it; he knows it's wrong; and he wants to eliminate it.
Voting for Hillary is voting for more corruption, fewer jobs, and less safety. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for change, a vote for government that works for the American people.
Don Ewing

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For 75 years, the country has been going in the wrong direction

To The Daily Sun,

This election cycle has been like none other in history. The average citizen, taxpayer, and voter has been demonstrating, in no uncertain terms, that he/she is disgusted with the established way the political class has been taking the rest of us for granted, and they're simply not going to take it anymore. They want their country back, and the ideals that made it great by serving "We The People," the owners of the country.

They are disgusted with top government officials when they get caught trying to do things in a deceptive, illegal manner, using a "boot-leg" private email system, that would allow them to hide tens of thousands of their secret emails from the public they work for, and then lying about it.

They are disgusted with heads of governmental agencies who have been held in "contempt of Congress" for refusing to be held accountable for their behavior in office, and for refusing to turn over documents to legitimate congressional hearings.

They are disgusted when top government officials are caught red-handed delaying or actually disapproving applications for tax-exempt status for political opponents, and then be allowed to plead the Fifth Amendment and refuse to answer legitimate questions of congressional oversight committees.

They are disgusted with the president's cabinet members when they insist that our military couldn't have gotten there in time to do any good to save four Americans, including our ambassador to Libya, who were brutally killed in a terrorist attack. And then lying about why the attack even took place, blaming it on a stupid cartoon.

Top State Department subordinates plead the Fifth Amendment, and then are given immunity by the FBI before testifying before Congress. Or when a top diplomat at the State Department attempts to offer a bribe to an FBI agent to alter a "classified marking" on one of those damaging emails.

What we have here is a criminal "political ruling class" of deception and dishonesty in charge of running things in our nation's capitol. Who do they think they are? They pass laws that exempt themselves, but rigorously enforce them against all the rest of us. They think we work for them. Disgusting and outrageous!

More than 80 percent of all VA civilian employees are members of a public sector union, and presently they cannot be fired for any reason. As a four-year veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard during the Vietnam era, I am outraged.

Regarding the issue of who pays what taxes, more than 70 percent of the total money that's paid to the government every year, is paid by only 5 percent of the citizens. If you are talking to someone who tells you the top wage earners aren't paying their "fair share," please know that you are having a conversation with a thief.

If we are to achieve the standard of excellence that our country's founders envisioned three centuries ago, and that our grandparents and great-grandparents worked so hard to achieve for the future of their families, we must admit that for at least the last 75 years, the country has been moving in the wrong direction, due largely to the baby boomer generation, and their progressive worldview"that bigger government is better government.

Ronald Reagan said, "... the government can't fix the problem, because the government is the problem!" And Thomas Jefferson said, "... the government is a necessary evil..." And someone smart said, "Political power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

If I am honored to be elected to the state House from Belknap District 3 as a Republican (Laconia Ward 2) on Tuesday, Nov. 8, my efforts for you will include a concentration on the concept of putting "servant" back into the phrase "public servant." I will be a tireless "public servant" for you.

Jim McCoole
Candidate for N.H. House of Representatives

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