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36,000 more Granite Staters now have health insurance coverage

To The Daily Sun,

Today, more than 36,000 formerly uninsured Granite Staters have health care care coverage, thanks to Governor Hassan's health care expansion plan, which passed the Legislature with bi-partisan support. The beneficiaries of this plan are hard-working folks who, if Republicans currently in the state Legislature get their way, will lose that recently acquired health care coverage.

In her balanced budget proposal Governor Hassan seeks to protect these citizens by including the funds needed to continue this health care expansion plan. Ensuring that more people have access to health care coverage is a smart move for New Hampshire, not only because it's the right thing to do, but because it's a long-term investment in the quality of our workforce and economy and is essential for the viability of our health-care system itself.

That truth seems to be lost on the many Republicans in the state House and Senate who oppose allocating the funding needed to continue this program. We just learned from a new report that the number of uninsured individuals seeking care in our hospitals is rapidly declining. So the expansion program is clearly working. And yet, Republicans are perfectly willing to pull the rug out from underneath the 36,000-plus Granite Staters who are covered by this expansion plan and the hospitals that serve them.

I urge everyone reading this to speak up against this cruelty. Please talk or write to your state legislators about joining Governor Hassan in her efforts to keep New Hampshire healthy.

Anne Rogers


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I'll be applying for appointment to one of the two vaccant board seats

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank all the people of Meredith who came out and voted, and to the ones that voted for me a special thanks.

Even though I didn't win it was a great learning experience for my first time running for an office. I would also like to say job well done by all, and that Ray Moritz and Bev Lapham will do a good job for us as selectmen.

I do wish more people would get out and vote as it is your right and it does make a difference, but thank you again for all those that did vote for me. And I will be applying for one of the two unfilled seats on the Board of Selectmen

Jonathan James

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Democrats blackmailed week Republicans with Homeland Security

To The Daily Sun,

Recently, 257 Congressmen joined 68 Senators and President Obama in stabbing most Americans in the back. To curry favor with their supporters and to benefit themselves, Congress and President Obama are enacting legislation that will make our lives, and the lives of family members and future generations, much more difficult.

If you have a job, this legislation will increase the number of people who can legally compete for your job. That means fewer and lower pay raises and possibly replacement of current employees with people willing to work for lower wages.

If you are looking for a job, this legislation will increase the number of people competing for the job you need to have a shot at your American dream. It will be harder for you to get a job and the pay will be less.

If you have children in public school, this legislation will put more poorly educated, non-English speaking children in our public schools where they will divert teacher attention from your children. And, some of these newcomers will bring contagious, rare, and potentially lethal diseases into the classrooms with your children (they have already and more are coming).

If you require and are scraping by on public assistance, don't expect an increase because this legislation adds millions more people to the public assistance rolls.

If you struggle financially, your taxes may increase because this legislation increases the cost of government by at least $50 billion to $100 billion.

If you are waiting for a loved one to immigrate legally, this legislation will probably increase your wait time.

If you use risky roads or bridges, you'll probably wait longer for repairs. This legislation prioritizes rewarding illegal aliens ahead of infrastructure repairs.

You or a family member are more likely to become a crime, accident or terrorist victim because this legislation allows even convicted violent criminals to stay in this country legally, and it encourages millions more foreigners, including violent criminals and terrorists, to come here illegally.

This legislation makes a mockery of our laws by generously rewarding law breakers (illegal aliens).

This legislation makes a mockery of our Constitution by financing implementation of President Obama's rewrite of our immigration laws, which is a usurpation of an exclusive authority of Congress.

The president's new immigration "law" (his amnesty plan) legalizes 4.5 million illegal aliens, gives them work permits and Social Security numbers, authorizes welfare, and enables rewarding low-income illegal aliens with up to $24,000 (or more) per head of household.

By threatening to shut down the Homeland Security Department unless the new immigration plan written by President Obama was funded, Democrats blackmailed weak Republicans to fund President Obama's unconstitutional usurpation of Congress's exclusive authority to create our laws.

Those who benefit from amnesty, (the rich, politicians and special interests) apparently don't care how much these actions hurt other Americans or our constitutional form of government.

Out of 523 members of Congress, 325 members including Senators Ayotte and Shaheen, Congresswoman Kuster, and Congressman Guinta voted to put their personal interests and the interests of their special interest supporters ahead of the interests of most Americans. In addition, they showed that they will do nothing to curb President Obama's inclination to make unilateral decisions, evade legal requirements regarding transparency in government, violate court orders, and exercise dictatorial powers. The president is increasingly limiting our freedoms, threatening and using government power against political opponents, and his actions have made the rich richer, and the rest of us poorer.

Only 198 senators and congressmen, all Republicans, stood up and fought for middle-income and poor Americans, for a decent future for subsequent generations of Americans, for the rule of law, and to preserve our constitutional republic.

This action clearly showed that the president and Congress have sided with the rich and special interests against the best interests of the American people and our Constitution. Will we just let our freedoms and prosperity be taken from us? It is long past time for the American people to wake up and fight back.

Join a TEA Party and help us restore government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Don Ewing

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How many would have died if nobody had been vaccinated

To The Daily Sun,

Gene Danforth's letter to the editor in Tuesday's edition of The Sun about the fallacies of vaccinations apparently required a lot of research and consumed a lot of time.

I just have one question for him which he probably won't be able to find the answer to through research but I think is important to the discussion. How many people would have died if nobody had been vaccinated for these diseases?

Dave Schwotzer

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There's difference between legal immigrants and illegal aliens

To The Daily Sun,

I continue to believe that my displeasure with how folks who hold elective office just undermines our nation, our state, and my hometown is not being challenged. There is a difference between a LEGAL immigrant, and ILLEGAL aliens who break our laws by breaking into our country, with encouragement of Barack Obama and Eric Holder. Then, WE reward them by giving the lawbreakers the same benefits as an American citizen, and we call it helping OUR economy? Sounds more like Obama's "Re-distribution of wealth" to me!

I am inviting Laconia Mayor Ed Engler to join me on the radio at 8:30 am this Saturday.

A new member/panelist to The Advocates radio program also has a great guest for 9-10. Mark promises "a guest with knowledge and experience to speak on the topic . . .  a naturalized U.S. citizen, from Ethiopia, who has multiple degrees, works full-time, plus works as a translator. He is involved in the immigrant community. His story is actually quite interesting."
This gentleman is a great American, and I expect to learn from a valued member of the immigrant community who did it the right way.

Niel Young


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