Climate not same as weather; models predict trends, not events

To The Daily Sun,

I guess Don Ewing is not up to the challenge. He would rather make excuses, like discarding my rebuttal of his claim the warming trend of 160 years ago is also responsible for the present warming as minutiae. An increase in the sun's output is responsible for our leaving the LIA behind but the sun's output dropped significantly, beginning in the 1950s.

If the sun caused the 19th Century warming, why is warming accelerating if the sun began to cool more than 60 years ago? Don? Because he can't answer, he goes back to the standard CATO-Koch Brothers parroting and cherry picking. Nice try, Don, but you didn't answer the question, and again in this last letter just went rambling off into the usual right-wing cloud of unsourced talking points. I debunked two other bits of minutiae in the same letter. Russ Wiles made false claims about the polar regions which were easily refuted with scientific data and the technology we use. Footnotes were provided from NASA and more. Minutiae!

It takes far fewer words to make a claim than to provide a rebuttal. So it's easy for Don to ramble off a lot of Exxon-supported, unsubstantiated claims in a short time. Rebuttals demand constructing faceted explanations so that is why I chose just three of the popular myths of the denial crowd. As you can see by his latest letter, Mr. Ewing strings together the same old right-wing propaganda. Complicated answers are required for simplistic claims, so he may consider it just troublesome minutiae to be found in error. "Saying it's so" is how Mr. Ewing rants, while never citing sources or references. Of course, his sources are corporate-funded, too. Everything he writes can be refuted, but it has to be done claim by claim. Science brings many lines of evidence together to make a case so counter claims have to be addressed in similar fashion.

So while we are at it, let me get to some more minutiae. Besides the fact that Mr. Ewing has no answers as to why the sun's output and temperatures are going in opposite directions now, Mr. Ewing states, "based on the failed predictions of the consensus of his "scientists" over the last 20-30 years, is unpredictable." Unfortunately for the purveyors of pseudoscience, the predictions have not failed. The IPCC predictions on sea level are right in line with satellite data and tide gauges over the last 25 years. [1] Tide gauges show that the sea level has been rising since 1970, when installed.

Furthermore, forecasts of global temperature rises have proved to be remarkably accurate according to a paper published by the journal Nature Geoscience. Myles Allen and colleagues at Oxford University accurately predicted the warming in the past decade 1999-2010, relative to the decade 1986-1996, to within a few hundredths of a degree. [2] Predicting greenhouse gases will warm the planet isn't new. In 1861, chemist and physicist John Tyndale predicted eventual warming due to CO2. Nobel Prize-winning chemist Svante Arrhenius (1859-1927) was a Swedish scientist who claimed in 1896 that fossil fuel combustion may eventually result in enhanced global warming.[3] He was also a physicist.

Climate models predict trends, not events. Climate is not the same as weather. If Russ Wiles had known the difference between weather and climate, he would not have cited the views of meteorologists as relevant on climate change consensus. Consensus among climate scientists is very strong. I will explain in my next letter. I hope I didn't waste any of Don's time with the minutiae of debunking his claim about predictions. Of course there are many more examples of accurate predictions but, hey, this isn't a thesis.




James Veverka


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Memorial Day should return to real date set aside in 1868

To The Daily Sun,

"In 1868, General John A. Logan inaugurated May 30 as a day for decorating graves of Civil War veterans who have died during the wars." — Columbia Encyclopedia 1969.

"The few surviving Civil War Veterans who answered the call to the colors of the war, together with their colorful auxiliaries and organizations, united here on May 30, to pay tribute to their fallen comrades." — Laconia Evening Citizen Newspaper, Saturday 1998, in the column called "Our Yesterdays, 75 Years Ago."

What a fitting tribute to those who have served in the wars, We need to be thankful for their service, and that of their families sacrifice during those times they protected, and are still protecting our nation. The real date set aside by Gen. Logan in 1868, has slipped away to a new day, a week earlier, for a holiday that fitted within a political agenda in satisfying a "legal holiday," pushed by lobbyists and constituents. When did this change, and why, can be found under any search through Google, Bing, or others, and probably at your local library.

This shouldn't have changed, and should have been kept on the actual day that it was first set aside on back
in 1868. Memorial Day should be about those whose service in the wars, we are proud of, as a nation. No political agenda. Not a time for politics in any parades. Just a simple time to honor the many veterans. A simple and time honored tradition on May 30. How hard is that, to keep this real day set like it was originally. It shouldn't be a three-day  weekend, for many, but for many to set their time aside for these veterans.

Our government is set up under "We the People, by the People, and For the People." Let's get this time-honored tradition on its rightful day, where it truly and rightfully belongs.

And, remember, even today, and every day, we need to thank those who still serve to protect our freedom.

Denis Dionne

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We are again asking for your support of Emergency Food Pantry

To the Daily Sun,

The Meredith Emergency Food Pantry would like to thank all the of the organizations, churches, banks, businesses, schools, charitable foundations, and all the individuals for their tremendous support.

Thanks to all we were able to get through a very long and hard winter. Winter is over, but there is still a large number of people in need. Our pantry shelves are at an all-time low and our donations have dropped off tremendously. The food is going out faster than it is coming in. We are in dire need of your support.

We are asking if once again you could support us with a nonperishable food item or monetary donation. No contribution is too small. Your support can help us to help others and would be greatly appreciated.

Donations may be dropped off Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. at 147 Main St., Meredith, NH 03253. Our phone number is 603-279-1115.

Thank you all so very much.

Paul Rowley Director

Meredith Food Pantry

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Peter Spanos lost the vote but his position was courageous

To The Daily Sun,

Let's applaud and support elected representatives who take position of integrity versus simply subscribing to extremism because it's the party platform. If politicians remain in the remote corners of their polarizing platform, less gets done. We need thoughtfulness, courage and occasional compromise, not hyper-partisanship.

I applaud Peter Spanos, Republican representative from Laconia, who is pro-gun based on his voting, for having the courage to draw a line when it came to standing as the "lone member of the Belknap County Delegation to vote not to repeal the state's license requirement to carry a concealed handgun." I realize he lost the vote but his position was courageous and, I think, correct. In speaking to my local police chief about this, he said "Police chiefs approve over 99 percent of requests for concealed carry weapons. The less than 1 percent turned down should be turned down, they're crazy."

I can understand everyone having access to a weapon, but often we know who's unbalanced and sadly, there is a lot of untreated mental health situations in our workplace and community. More often we don't know. This is a minor filter to ensure public safety. I want to see this process continue to ensure some measure of public safety, and it seem to be working well. It impedes less than 1 percent of applicants seeking concealed carry, but even that was too much for my party? The governor vetoed the bill regardless, and Spanos gets lambasted by his own party. We have serious problems to combat in this state, and we need to know that our progress isn't diverted by nailing the candidate who didn't pander to well-funded, extremist views. I'm proud of Peter Spanos' courage and we need more like him.

Dennis Gaudet


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Don't raise the gas tax; sto wasting the money we give you now

To The Daily Sun,

"60 Minutes" did a program on the infrastructure on the bridges and roads. It said so many bridges were in disrepair and needed to be fixed. Yes they do.

But they want to raise the gas tax.

I am sick of hearing that more money is needed to fix our infrastructure.

I live in the town of Meredith. The federal government was going to spend $4 million and the state $1 million for rotaries that we do not need. After a town meeting, with many town citizens attending, the selectmen voted the project down.

More towns and cities need to vote down projects that are not needed.

Stimulus money — bridges to nowhere; why didn't we spend the billions of dollars on infrastructure then? Federal gas tax money has been used to create hiking trails and a museum.

Do not raise the gas tax? Stop wasting the money you get from us already? Gas tax money should only be used to repair or build bridges and roads. And instead of building new bridges, why don't we fix the ones we have already?

I am not a bottomless pit for the federal government to mismanage the money it collects from me to spend on other things.

"No" to a higher gas tax.

Linda Riley


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