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Holidays bring extra stress for people living on the edge; thanks for helping the Family Resource Center

To The Daily Sun,

We believe in Santa.

My desk is literally surrounded by gifts — piles and piles of bags and boxes ready for delivery to local homes, where children dream that Santa will not forget them.

The LRCS Family Resource Center received a mountain of presents — donated and tagged for over 225 children whose "wish stars" were on the FRC Giving Tree. Donors came from everywhere to pick up tags — individuals, businesses, families, community partners, schools, neighbors and people who just wanted to make a difference for a child.

 The holidays for all their joy and expectations, bring extra stress to families living on the edge. The FRC staff support parents who love their children and work hard to improve their parenting and nurturing skills and to find their way to a better situation. These presents are going to the homes of parents and guardians who receive our services and supports and who struggle every day to provide their kids with food, shelter, heat, transportation, clothing, and medicine. A new bike is headed to a boy who recently lost his father and a family of six with a single mother, who recently moved and has no extra resources for the holidays, will receive hope and joy delivered from her new community.

As I look around at the toys, games, warm clothes and gift cards for food and gas, purchased by the many generous and kind people living in the Lakes Region community, I am struck not only by the need in our community, but by the generosity and caring of the many ‘Santa’s’ who live in the Lakes Region and make it an amazing community in which to work and live.

On behalf of the LRCS Family Resource Center, we believe in you and thank you!

Erin Pettengill, Director
LRCS Family Resource Center of Central NH


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I am hoping for the best for President Trump and our nation

To The Daily Sun,

Let me echo the words of Steve Earle, Bob Meade, Chuck McGee and Bill Hemmel in wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Chuck McGee has recently endured what many of us have endured while attempting to have an intelligent conversation with James Veverka. You will receive juvenile name calling for sure. However, you will also be mocked for not being endowed with his intellectual prowess. We can only imagine how much time and energy James uses up during the course of his exhaustive researching through progressive, leftist websites like The Guardian and the Huffington Post. George Soros and Tom Steyer would probably lust to have researchers as dedicated as this Lakes Region man who must wonder why he hasn't been invited into the Mensa Society.

To be fair, James is certainly consistent regarding his pompous-sounding lectures of condescension toward those of us so strapped with intellectual inferiority. How he can be so patient with us is beyond the comprehension of my pea-picking mind. Why the man may be close to sainthood, because Bill Hemmel expressed grateful admiration and thanks to King James, which as he assures us, comes from Laconia's more intelligent population. Wait, that sort of sounds like a knock at those of us who disagree with the writings of the Tilton Town Crier. Hmm, that doesn't seem like a very kind thing to say, especially during this season when we try to use kindness toward others.

In the spirit of hope for a prosperous year in 2018, let me leave you with the excitement coming from the "giant tax cut for Christmas:" 1. Cuts tax rates for low-income families; 2. Doubles the standard deduction; 3. Increases the child tax credit to $2,000. Remember, the bottom 50 percent of income earners pay less than 3 percent of the total federal income tax bill, while the top 1 percent pay 40 percent of the bill, all by themselves. Lower taxes and higher wages and more job creation are soon to come. Sen. Elizabeth Warren trots out the same old Democrat, progressive line: "The rich get richer and everyone else gets left behind. It is just plain immoral." Hey Liz, corporations will return home if we don't have the highest tax rates in the industrialized world and that will result in massive job creation. That is reality and logic, Mr. Hemmel, wouldn't you agree?

The GDP has already hit 3 percent growth and a growth of 4 percent will now become a realistic expectation. The previous administration told us that 2 percent GDP will now be the new normal. Perhaps so under a Clinton administration, but not under the Trump administration. Larry Kudlow, Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore helped to create this tax cut plan and they are three of the best economists on the planet. Congratulations to them and to Donald Trump for using them as his chief advisers on this economic growth plan. This is fantastic news, as even some Democrats are grudgingly admitting.

Finally, I have a dream that in 2018, the leftist, progressive, Democrat-leaning letter writers on The Daily Sun will decide to act more like the conservative, Republican-leaning writers. And that is to say, they will decide to stop all the name calling and have an honest debate and discussion about the issues of the day. Also, that they will stop with the "science is settled," "we know better than you" patronizing parroting that has been a hallmark of their letter writing in recent years. Perhaps I am naïve and "wet behind the ears" for having that hope, but I am an optimist and "hope springs eternal for me," as Alexander Pope reminded us so long ago. I am hoping for the best for President Trump and this nation, even in the face of withering adversity from Democrats and the Deep State. Oh, and like Bill Hemmel, I too wish for congressional Republicans, a spine, plus a large dose of honest integrity. Feliz Navidad everyone!

Russ Wiles

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