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What about the despicable actions of Bill & Hillary toward women?

To The Daily Sun,

Loose lips sink ships if you are a Republican, but for a Democrat, not so much. Eleven years ago, Donald Trump said some very rude, crude, lewd and indefensible comments about women. I was disgusted by those words. Miraculously, this story was run on the same day that more leaked Hillary emails revealed that open borders is a dream of hers. She also admitted that one must have public positions that are different from private positions. Nothing to see here folks, let's move on to Trump's boorish behavior. That is far more important to Democrats and modern day liberal-leftists than a possible future president who wants to put an end to our national sovereignty. Think about that for just a moment.

Compare the nasty and despicable actions of Bill and Hillary Clinton toward women versus some nasty and despicable words from Donald Trump. We know that Hillary hired private detectives to dig dirt up on her husband's accusers to quell the "bimbo eruptions." Remember what James Carville said regarding Paula Jones. "If you drag a $100 bill through a trailer park, you never know what you'll find." Gennifer Flowers, Liz Ward Gracen, Paula Jones,Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey were audited by the IRS to intimidate them. The corrupt Clinton machine circa 1990s smeared these victim women in nasty and despicable ways to frighten them into silence. That was only after Hillary's hubby had acted in sexually despicable ways toward these women.

The mostly leftist mainstream media, long since sucked into a progressive vortex of cover up and complicit behavior, are loathe to provide the truth about the Democratic Party. They would cringe at the very thought of informing folks that Hillary Clinton's ice cold persona has been in evidence since at least 1975. Ironically, the same time period when the mainstream media was reporting that global cooling was threatening our very existence, but I digress.

In 1975, young attorney Hillary defended a child rapist who escaped a long prison term due to a legal technicality. Yes I know, everyone deserves a lawyer. But the person who was raped by this low life, scum sucking weasel was a 12-year-old girl. Hillary said of this abused child, "she sought out older men" and was "emotionally unstable." She was 12 years old, Hillary! There is audio of her stating that she thought that the man was likely guilty. She laughed out loud about the polygraph test the man passed and how it had forever destroyed her faith in polygraphs.

A letter writer thought that I would be dismayed if we elect our first female president, insinuating that I am a misogynist and a chauvinist. That was after insinuating that I was probably a racist because I detest what President Obama has done to this country. No matter that I would have been happy if our first black President had been Allen West, Herman Cain or Ben Carson. Or for that matter, that I would have been happy if our Republican nominee had been Carly Fiorina.

I do not look at things through a racial and gender prism as do so many folks from the left. I think Hillary would portend doom for our country because she is a progressive, big-government, open-borders tyrant in waiting. She and her coercive and philandering husband have also done far, far worse things to women than Donald Trump has ever dreamed of doing.

As I watch the presidential debate, I wonder why it is almost exclusively members from the left who moderate the debates. The "social justice" leftist's actions speak of tyranny even when moderating debates as they shamelessly, time and again, gang up on the Republican nominee. That irony should not be lost on anyone.

Russ Wiles

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I have put aside petty partisan squabbles & will continue to do so

To The Daily Sun,

With election day less than a month away, it's easy to feel lost in the sea of negative attacks and partisan fingering-pointing. After a campaign like this, it's hard to imagine politicians working together, but that's what the people of New Hampshire do every day and it's what we expect of our elected officials.

I'm not running to push an ideological agenda. I'm running to bring my common-sense business principles to Concord. I want to work with both parties to solve problems, while being careful with your tax dollars, and focus on the things that you really care about instead of getting caught in tired partisan battles.

We face a number of challenges, but turning the tide on the heroin and opioid crisis is the first thing we need to address. Working in a family business with 150 employees, I see the toll it takes on our businesses when an employee or family member struggles with addiction. As a father of four children, I worry that we aren't doing enough to keep our kids off drugs. And, as a friend and neighbor, I have witnessed the pain it causes our community when we lose someone to an overdose.

That's why I've fought on all fronts to combat this crisis. I was proud to co-sponsor legislation to expand the recovery court pilot program that has been so successful in Laconia, reduce the barriers to insurance coverage for substance abuse treatment, and to update prescribing rules to help prevent over-prescribing of opioids.

I was also proud to support legislation that provides nearly $106,000 to the Laconia and Franklin police departments in order to help get drugs off our streets. Most importantly, supporting the reauthorization of the fiscally responsible, bipartisan New Hampshire Health Protection Program is integral to the success of combating this public health crisis. This program helps our substance abuse treatment providers like the Farnum Center and Webster Place in Franklin expand their capacity by more than 63 new beds in the last year. It's also been integral to increasing medical and behavioral health services to over 400 new clients through Health First in Laconia and Franklin.

Though the heroin and opioid crisis is our toughest challenge, there are more issues that need our attention. We must focus on creating an economic environment that strengthens our local economy and brings good-paying jobs to our community. I supported the first business tax cuts in more than 20 years, but we need to work harder to make New Hampshire a business-friendly state by eliminating unnecessary red tape that inhibits growth.

We have to make smart, strategic investments in education and infrastructure. With more than 20 years of business experience, I know first-hand how important education is to our economic development. Business leaders tell me constantly that they need educated and skilled workers to grow their businesses. These skilled workers not only help our economy grow, but they earn more money.

If we want a robust economy we must make investments in our roads and bridges. We simply cannot strengthen our economy if our roads and bridges are crumbling. Our region depends on a safe and efficient transportation system to support our tourism industry and to make sure we attract employers to our area. I will continue to demand wise investments and fiscal transparency when it comes to rebuilding and modernizing our roads and bridges.

When we strengthen our economy, we need to make sure that we also begin the process of restoring aid to our communities so that we can start to drive down property taxes. I will work to help build a state budget that sends more local aid to our cities and towns so that we can begin to take the burden off of our property taxpayers.

We have a lot to do over the next two years and we're only going to get it done if we have a senator who is willing to put aside petty partisan squabbles and do what is best for the people of District 7. It's what I have done during my time in the state Senate, what I would like to continue to do, and why I ask for your vote on Nov. 8.

Andrew Hosmer

State Senator, District 7


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