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Intentionally leaving out key details is what you could call 'junk history'

To The Daily Sun,

A fool may think to believe or even know but to know as with believing doesn’t require thinking. That to is looked upon as foolish. So there we are either side of a dilemma for which none can resolve, either looking to the other as a fool. One may get on with life left to periotic disturbances of the other ranting time after time.

Life doesn’t require answers, but does live with acceptance, such that one and all in reality never were and will after a time never be here where we are. A few may think the other a fool to believe in something more than oneself; such is life. Then of course there is one who finds the world so over bearing; life which continues living regardless their circumstance whether the flea or the flyer, the fish or the fisherman. Unable to find peace with the worlds reality, the individual finds ranting much as those that are protested to somehow for a moment drown the silence in the mind. Straws are said to break the camels back, mountains are made from mole hills and then there are those that seek to justify their point of view in words written over 200 years ago. But only those words, no references, just words taken out of context.

The first Treaty of Tripoli was approved with protest; we had to pay a huge ransom before even being allowed to see it. Fools may have rejected it as it had been interrupted had any actually seen the original Arabic document. A second Treaty of Tripoli negated the first, written because the Pasha of Tripoli had broken it. Presenting history intentionally leaving out details is what might be called junk history. Not giving ones reader all the facts, insisting they just take ones word is sort of like the very ‘viewed’ reality so loudly protested.

G.W. Brooks

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It's a straight-faced lie to say Affordable Care Act is imploding

To The Daily Sun,

The news has evolved into instantaneous reality — all in a nanosecond. We are in the middle of a very unnerving time while having to watch history being made that will negatively impact Americans for decades. This country will be judged very harshly as a result of decisions emanating from the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court. These decisions will have a deleterious impact on millions and millions of Americans. Here is an irony to ponder: Those on both sides of the aisle in Congress are coming to the defense of Attorney General Jeff Sessions because he is being publicly excoriated by the man who appointed him.

Here is the dilemma and the oddity: The majority that currently controls Congress are almost totally mute when it comes to defending millions upon millions of Americans who are going to lose health care coverage as a result of the fiascoes that they have tried to pass. Each iteration is worse than the previous proposal. We can now safely conclude that each proposed bill were very ill-conceived pieces of legislation. The GOP majority in Congress were doing summersaults trying to get it through the House and the Senate — come hell or high water. The travesty of it all is that they continue to outright lie to ALL Americans when they tell us straight-faced that they are doing this because The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Law is imploding. It is extremely important to remember that when this law was challenged in the Supreme Court, the justices upheld it not once but twice.

Let’s face reality folks: the primary reason that this law might implode is due to the GOP majority in the House and Senate who are doing nothing to FIX IT! Plain and simple. The ACA is a great piece of legislation that just needs some tweaks and fixes. When will the majority in Congress finally admit that it’s not as unpopular as they would have us believe?

We are left to ask: Where is the justice (very intentional pun intended) in this equation?

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” —  Abraham Lincoln.

Bernadette Loesch

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