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Don't take money from nursing homes to pay for overspending elsewhere

To The Daily Sun,

Last Thursday, our state senator, Jeanie Forrester filed a late bill that would prevent Gov. Hassan from taking money that was supposed to go to nursing homes, to be used to offset the deficit that Gov. Hassan created by going on a spending spree when she was elected in her first term.

The State of New Hampshire raised all the money it expected to raise with taxes and fees that it expected to raise. It is just the governor spent more then what she was supposed to spend. So the state does not have a problem raising money, just a problem with how the governor spends money.

Well, now it is time to pay the piper and the governor wants the nursing homes and our citizens in the nursing homes to pay. The people in the nursing homes need care and cannot speak up for themselves. They need our help.

In the 2013 budget, it was specifically noted that the money to go to nursing homes actually had to go to nursing homes, and not for anything else.

So the Legislature creates a budget, and the governor signs the budget and then ignores it. Sound familiar. So the Legislature creates a budget and the president ignores the budget.

Gov. Hassan, do not take the money for nursing homes to spend on your out-of-control budget.

Go Jeanie!

Linda Riley


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Expansion of Medicaid has nothing to do with elderly or infirm

To The Daily Sun,

Rep. Peter Spanos' letter in Tuesday's Laconia Daily Sun, decried the fact that Medicaid Expansion, passed by the last legislature, diverts funds needed by the elderly and infirm to the able bodied.

It's true, expanded Medicaid benefits many able-bodied persons, whether they are working or not, many of whom are eligible for employer provided health insurance, their share of which they cannot afford. More than 40,000 New Hampshire folks have health insurance now because of this.

Medicaid expansion is not a welfare program, it's an insurance program. In New Hampshire's case expanded Medicaid is aimed at persons who earn less than 133 percent of the federal poverty limit and are between the ages of 18 and 64. In the case of qualifying people who are eligible for employer-provided health insurance, expansion essentially makes up the difference between what the employer pays and the employee contributes.

More to the point, expansion really has nothing to do with the elderly or infirm. The elderly, as anybody who has a relative in a nursing home knows, are eligible for Medicaid as long as they are needy and infirm. If you're under 65 and have no income, you only qualify for Medicaid if you're disabled. So Medicaid expansion provides coverage, for example, to most of the prisoners in our prisons and county jails, whose medical care was either paid for by the state taxpayers, or by your local property tax.

I therefore decline Rep. Spanos' invitation to conclude that the Affordable Care Act is stealing money from the elderly and infirm to provide for able-bodied people who are too lazy to work.

David O. Huot


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Thank you selectmen for voting down the roundabout proposal

To The Daily Sun,

A week ago there was a special hearing concerning the proposed three roundabouts in the downtown Route 3-25 area. The proposal was to help alleviate the traffic during the high-traffic times (Friday night and Sunday afternoon).

Many citizens spoke up and said they were not in favor of this proposal. Only a few were in favor.

Our fire chief gave a presentation which opened the eyes of all who attended.

Fires are spread faster and faster now, due to homes having open floor plans and items made of man-made fibers. The Fire Department response time cannot be extended if it wants to save lives and homes.

Roundabouts slow the response time of the firefighters getting to the fire station and for the fire engines going to the fire. The fire trucks cannot responsibly go around a roundabout at 15-18 miles an hour. The roundabouts would slow down Meredith's response to other towns and other towns in responding to our emergencies.

Thank you Chief Ken Jones for the presentation and for opening the eyes of the public.

Thank you selectman for voting down this proposal which would save very little time for a handful times of the year and hamper our and the surrounding towns ability to respond to emergencies.

Thank you for standing up for the safety or our citizens.

Linda Riley


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Who does Boehner think he is inviting Netanyahu to speak?

To The Daily Sun,

Sorry Russ, you're right, Obama never did get to end the wars, but not for the lack of trying. But I am surprised you're not happy about that due to the fact all the GOP was pretty upset about ending the wars.

They would have been happier to invade Iran, as would Israel and Netanyahu. Then again just maybe it's all politics. Israel would have no problem with Iran without our help. By the way, who does Boehner think he is inviting Netanyahu to speak to Congress? The usual back-stabbing of the president again by the GOP. If the GOP spent as much time working for the American people as they do trying to undermine Obama something just might get accomplished.

In case you haven't noticed, Obama has almost begged them to work with him on raising wages, creating jobs, creating revenue by closing tax loop holes on the top 1 percent, but they just ignore him. I doubt if even Fox would deny that raising wages would help bring more into the middle class. I think that only the GOP thinks it's a bad idea to raise wages. One reason being floated around is by keeping wages low and unlivable more of our youth would join the service instead of the 1­2 percent that are our current volunteers. It should be tempting for them. Decent wages and housing, learning a trade and good education possibilities. Good benefits with a decent retirement package.

Tony Boutin might have missed the fact Obama's job approval has gone up to 50 percent. He was probably busy calling me a "whack­o­ranter". Nope, I don't think you're an idiot Tony, just think you are wrong. Really Tony, the only difference in your analysis of who will be running in 2016 is probably our filthy rich white "woman" and your filthy rich white "man." Unless you all go for Sarah Palin.

Steve Earle wants us to drill everywhere. How's about right on the river in Hill? By the way, the president doesn't control the price of oil and the Union Pacific Railroad transports the bulk of the oil by rail. Not BNSF as you claim. Also rail is safer now and UP is dedicated to safety and protecting the environment. Haven't you Keystone backers ever wondered why Trans Canada doesn't send the oil to the Pacific which is closer, probably would be cheaper and no interference from U.S. Because even the Canadians have environmentalists and they have stopped that dead in its tracks. The reality is that they care about their country and the environment, so it is easier to run the oil through our country because the GOP is in charge of Congress and Canada knows the GOP and nine Democrats don't care about our environment. But remember the oil is not for us but will be going overseas.

Beware Tom Dawson, the wagons are surrounding Fox News who, according to Jim McCoole, was endowed on the people by an act of God with the rights of the freedom of the press. I thought that freedom was in our Constitution written by our Founding Fathers,

As far as all the high taxes Murdoch pays, Mr. Meade, I'm not to sure about that. I couldn't find much info on Fox and taxes but did find that Murdoch hides a lot of taxable income offshore to avoid paying our taxes. Why Congress doesn't shut that loophole is beyond me. I forgot, the GOP likes it. He also has Democratic views on immigration in case you're interested.

Mike Huckabee was also taken back a bit by the trash talking women on Fox, after complaining about the trash-talking women in NYC. The Fox ladies put him in his place though. However, I won't go as far as Dawson's sedition and treason views on Fox. They are a bit extreme even for me. Depending on who you believe, either Fox has a high believable rate or a low one. One truth is most of the viewers are Republican and that is who they aim for and who believe in them. All that plus some inheritance is how Murdoch became a rich man. All legal last I heard.

I just hope we are all reading this after a Patriots win on Sunday.

Jon Hoyt


(Editor's note: We are!)

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First words out of Fox reporter's mouth were 'imperial president'

To The Daily Sun,

Trying to discuss the possibility of Fox News being "fair and balanced" with my father-in-law, we sat down to sample a newscast. The very first words out of the reporter's mouth was "Our imperial president ...." How can any one call this impartial news reporting?

Peter Davis


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