Why aren't Northern Pass opponents worried about other threats?

To The Daily Sun,

I'm neither for or against, but what is best for all.
I can't help but wonder who decides what is most important for the majority of all. As for the Northern Pass and 184 miles of line, that would benefit many, if not all. I would think if some are worried for the environment, they would be more concern with a 1000 miles+ of ATV trails, destroying the forest, soil and the wildlife's living quarters. As well as hiking trails all through the National Forest, up to your knees from wear and tear.

As for ski areas, thousands of miles of trails and towers throughout N.H. are no different to me than the power lines, furnishing the ski areas with the power they need to function but detested by citizens and who want them moved or eliminated. Kind of ironic on the criticism the Northern Pass is getting because of the energy N.H. needs for all of our toys and for tourism. Now the Balsams being renewed and a new hotel for Mt Washington Auto Road , And now the AMC huts to be made for sleeping accommodations; maybe they could have solar panels or wind? Wind, especially, is plentiful in these two areas so maybe it would work. Then they wouldn't need Northern Pass. Just a thought.
Nancy Leclerc

North Woodstock

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Naive for teachers to think their opinions don't influence students

To The Daily Sun,

In response to his July 21st letter, Professor Pollak should consider entering a long jump event, as he seems to make leaps well beyond what I have written. Contrary to his implication, I have not told "teachers" what to write, but I have told them it is naive for them to think that their students do not read what they write or, if they do, that they are not influenced by their teacher's words. It's called human nature . . . wanting to be looked on favorably by the one who is going to grade their papers.

Another leap by Professor Pollak, was his claim that I'm "threatening" because I prefer merit over tenure? I would like to ask why not celebrate merit? I would think that "academic freedom," if it is based on truth, can exist outside of a "fire-proof" tenure arrangement?

Just take a look at the math, reading, and science scores for our country. We spend more per pupil than just about every country in the world and only deliver mediocre results. Why should the people accept that a politician finds nothing wrong with sending his or her children to a private (non tenured) school, but denies vouchers to bright, under-privileged children who would like to go to a private school? Could it be sop to the unions that drive those decisions?

The professor also claimed that I said that the Dearborn City Council wasn't about anyone breaching the church/state barrier. My answer to him was that it wasn't about breaking the church/state barrier, the column was about the failure of immigrant populations to assimilate themselves into our country.

As a note to Mr. Pollak, you might take a few minutes and take note of how our federal government offered the Little Sisters of the Poor for the Aged an "out" on the anti-religious abortion provisions of the PPACA . . . but that "out" essentially requires the Sisters to violate the tenets of their faith. This wonderful group of nuns, who bring care and comfort to the poor, may be forced to cease doing so if they choose not to violate the tenets of their faith. If they continue to provide their charitable service and not violate the tenets of their faith, they may be subject to millions of dollars in fines. So who is working to break the church/state barrier?

Finally, I guess my acknowledging my error and thanking him for pointing it out isn't good enough for the professor, so I'll let him continue to rejoice. Older man that I am, I have the benefit of life's experience. For example, I remember as a teenager working on a farm and the owner of the farm (in more colorful language) telling me about how some people like to spend their time picking fly poop out of pepper. Have at it, professor.

Bob Meade

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N.H. population under 18 declined 5% last year. Want to know why?

To The Daily Sun,

The United States used to be the home of manufacturing, innovation and technology. The best universities were here, the most patents, trademarks and copyrights came from America. Attainments in university education, basic research and intellectual property in America are now slightly less than on par with those of the EU ... and China is gaining ground. Something has changed and it is time to wake up and smell the coffee.

America has driven much manufacturing from our shores. We were sold the idea that the next thing coming was intellectual property, where we would lead the way ... so we did not need all that dirty manufacturing. Well, intellectual property does drive economic growth. But it drives economic growth only to the extent that business can use it to create value-added products. That means being brilliant is wonderful, but if you don't build something others will buy because it saves them time, makes life easier or better, or allows them to make more money ... you are brilliant but you are also very, very hungry.

One factor that is important to business's ability to drive productivity through innovation is a low corporate tax rate. In Europe the corporate tax rate is about 21 percent compared to about 40 percent in the United States. And then there's New Hampshire, where the governor has vetoed the state budget because even though the corporate tax burden is well in excess of the national average, she believes it is only fair to have that much or more taxation on business because ...

Want to know why the population of those under 18 in New Hampshire declined 5 percent last year? Want to know why the working age population in New Hampshire declined 1 percent last year? Here's a clue. If there aren't enough good-paying jobs to attract and retain people good people ... the population is going to go down. It is a basic rule of economies everywhere. People like to eat, they like nice homes, vacations, benefits and comfortable thoughts about their children's futures.

You know what happens when the population goes down? There is less spending, and tax revenues go down. If you just keep raising the tax rate to keep government revenues level or rising what happens is you continue driving away more businesses and you prevent new businesses from starting or coming here ... which continues the downward population spiral. And we elected this economic Bozo to be the chief executive of the state. Maggie Hassan a the perfect illustration of the Peter Principle.

Marc Abear

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High CO2 creates 'hollow' plants; extra growth is in sugars/starches

To The Daily Sun,

One of the most popular claims of climate change deniers is "CO2 is plant food". Attached to this will always be claims about how greenhouses grow bigger plants so more CO2 must be good for humans. This is an argument from ignorance (or deceit) because bigger plants isn't all you get. Worldwide field studies and controlled climate experiments have turned up some compelling data that can't be ignored.

High levels of CO2 create hollow plants.[1] By hollow I mean the extra growth is in sugars and starches, but there is a significant loss in the content of proteins and important minerals such as iron and zinc. Almost 3 billion people rely on a variety of crops for their nutrition and some of these such as wheat are hit by significant losses in vital nutrients. Studies have even shown that our present crops have less nutrition than crops grown in pre-industrial times. According to the National Institute of Health, "Iron deficiency ranked ninth among 26 risk factors included in the global burden of disease study, and accounted for 841,000 deaths and 35,057,000 disability adjusted life years lost. Large sections of populations in Africa and Asia are at risk of dietary zinc deficiency and resulting high rates of stunting."[2] Since 2 billion people are deficient in zinc and 1 billion have iron-deficiency anemia, why on Earth would anyone favor hollow food with less iron and zinc?[3]

On top of this is the problem of soil moisture evaporation which will increase in a warmer world. Drier soil due to higher evaporation rates will also create growing problems. While growing may improve in far northern latitudes, heat-related soil evaporation will not only stress plants, but whatever you get will have less nutritional value. High levels of CO2 also favors weeds over crops and trees.

Another growing problem presently is the increased range of insect pests and plant diseases. Warming has already caused important changes in species diversity and distribution.[4] One example is the destruction wrought on forests in North America by the Pine Bore Beetle which has significantly extended its range northward in the last century. With a changed environment, natural selection may also favor bigger more voracious insects. Insect borne diseases such as Malaria and Dengue are also likely to increase.

[1] https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn11655-climate-myths-higher-co2-levels-will-boost-plant-growth-and-food-production/#.VZcUtoHD_qA
[2] http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1779858/
[3] http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1180662/
[4] http://californiaagriculture.ucanr.org/landingpage.cfm?article=ca.v063n02p73&fulltext=yes

James Veverka

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We're living in a crazy world where good is bad & bad is good

To The Daily Sun,

I want to know why Obama and his administration does not arm the military? They should all be able to arm themselves against these so called nut jobs. Also, responsible people need to be armed to protect themselves against the radicals.

We are living in a crazy world where good is bad and bad is good. It makes no sense. We have the do-nothing Congress — the Senate and the House all doing the same thing. This is the new world order Obama has been put there to do what is happening today: destroying our country.

We got change all right. How do you like it so far? He was put in office for this purpose. We the people have no say. It seems only the older generation knows what is going on in the world. They are stopping free speech, religion, and just about anything else we can think of. The government is in our face on everything.

Now they want to put a tax on all your savings, IRA, and anything else we can do to save money. It will be a 15 percent tax on all of that. In other words, they are taking your money.

We need to start praying to God to heal us and our nation. Bring religion back again. Until then it will only get worse and not better. I know God is mad at his people. He is right. Look at everything today. Did you think you would ever see the likes of everything that is wrong today? I do not think so. God please bless us and America. I hope you will do the same.

Anna DeRose

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