'Climate clique' has grown from confident to cocky to arrogant

To The Daily Sun,

James Veverka, man-of-minutia, joins forces with the eco-tyrant scam artists. He asserts that meteorologists are unqualified to have an opinion on how humans may or may not be affecting climate change in any meaningful way. Those would be the scientists who are concerned with the processes and phenomena of the atmosphere in helping them forecast the weather. Climate refers to weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period. Synonyms include weather conditions and atmospheric conditions. Well, now I understand why Jim might think meteorologists would have as little understanding of climate change as progressives do with the complicated processes of capitalism.

Perhaps our resident contrarian-in-chief has not been apprised of the notion that historically, from Galileo to Einstein, scientific advances come from outside of consensus. S. Fred Singer notes, "The very notion of a scientific consensus is unscientific." Of course those of us who pay attention to real scientific measurements through honest to goodness atmospheric measurements, understand that public faith in climate models has hit rock bottom. Again, Singer reminds us, "if the science were as certain as climate activists pretend, then there would precisely one climate model and it would be in agreement with measured data. As it happens, climate modelers have constructed literally dozens of climate models. What they all have in common is a failure to represent reality, and a failure to agree with the other models".

Yet Fred tells us that the "climate clique" have nevertheless grown from confident to cocky to arrogant. Not so dissimilar to the way James treats those who disagree with him. Which coincidentally, is much the same way that the left treats anyone who disagrees with their ideology, but I digress.

Who is S. Fred Singer? He is professor emeritus at the University of Virginia and director of the Science and Environmental Policy Project. His specialty is atmospheric and space physics. Now I realize that these credentials do not make him as qualified to discuss climate change as those marvelous scientists who get paid to interpret climate models. Nevertheless, I am going to quote him one more time just to add a little more CO2 to the conversation. "Climate activists seem to embrace faith and ideology — and are no longer interested in facts".

Well, knock me over with a feather. liberal, progressive, leftists unite! There is gold in them thar climate model hills. Blindfold the public, send in the government bandidos and rob the middle class. There are so many more Solyndras to bankroll and so many more solar and wind turbine projects to throw money at. Sorry James, master obfuscator, but the jig is up. The hype has been deflated and this climate change consensus con game is all about greed, money, power and control of people's lives. It has absolutely zero to do with "saving the planet", wink, wink. James pretending he is not aware of that is like Hillary Clinton pretending she does not know she is in the top echelon of the 1 percent, while threatening to go after the 1 percent to help the poor and middle classes. You two kids are just so darn silly.

Russ Wiles


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Electing Hillary will be electing 'Bonnie & giving her keys to the bank

To The Daily Sun,
There is a new book out that is must reading for the Daily Sun writers crowd entitled "Clinton Cash" by Peter Schweitzer. It is an inside look at how foreign governments have made Bill and Hillary Clinton celebrities extraordinaire in what I thought was the despised 1 percent by the Democratic Party. The only wealth Democrats revile is when some Republican holds it. It was alleged Mitt Romney's millions made him out of touch with the common man while Democrats now proclaim Hillary is Dear Abby and Mother Teresa with her millions. Read the book whether you hate the Clintons, or love them.

The one sure conclusion the book offers, the Clinton Foundation runs as a semi philanthropic slush fund to increase the Clintons clout and power. Not just in America, but around the globe. The Clintons are truly unique in the annals of American politics. They have become so corrupt their next scandal isn't some surprise, it is expected.

There are few people in politics who could survive their level of deception. The Clintons not only survive on corruption and scandal, they thrive on it. Hillary Clinton just got caught wiping her computer clean of thousands of e-mails sent while conducting official business. Not only is she still in politics, she is running for president expecting to be coronated. If Romney had been caught "vaporizing: and "cleansing" his communications as governor he would have been hung by his private parts, left to be stripped to the bone by the political buzzards. We all need to stand in awe of the Clintons. They are indeed among the privileged few allowed to "lie and cheat" expecting to be adored for it.

How does the Clinton foundation corruption work? it is simple. Bill flies around the world disguised as a humanitarian and wise man almost always accompanied by "close friends" who have business interests in the country Bill is making speeches in. After the speeches, introductions are made to the "right people". Then obstacles his friends encountered doing business in these countries suddenly disappear. Very quickly donations arrive at the Clinton Foundation from his very beholding, close friends. This is all 100 percent documented.

The Clinton Foundation uranium story stands out above all and is the stuff legends are made of. In 2005 Bill meets with the unsavory, dictator of Kazakhstan. A Clinton "friend" accompanies him to the meeting. The guys name is Frank Guistra. Frank had been trying to buy some uranium mines in Kazakhstan without luck, impeded by government bureaucracy. Soon after the trip Frank gets his mines. Quickly, the Clinton Foundation gets a $31.3 million gift from a very grateful Frank. Soon after, Frank's company merges with another called Uranium One. Shareholders from Uranium One soon begin making out checks to "you guessed it", the Clinton Foundation. It doesn't end there. Not long after, wealthy Frank announces a $100 million joint venture called the Clinton Guistra Sustainable growth initiative.

It doesn't end there either. This is where Bonnie and Clyde tag team. Russia wanted to buy Uranium One, but the company had some mines in the U.S. This meant the deal required federal approval when Hillary was ecretary of state. Guess what? Deal done, mysteriously the U.S. mines of Uranium One got transferred to some mysterious holding company controlled by guess who? The Russians.

We won't be potentially electing Hillary Clinton president. We will be electing "Bonnie" Elizabeth Parker, offering her keys to the U.S. treasury. "Clyde" won't be far away playing the piano out front, smiling, recalling the deep pleasures sitting behind his presidential desk. The infamous, mistress, Monica in the blue dress appeared during Bill's presidency.

The only unknown in the next Clinton saga "who's playing the gigolo?" Will he be wearing a blue suit? Will he be wearing a "wire" connected to Iran or China? What ever mess happens, the Clintons will be given a "pass."

Tony Boutin

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A vote for Hillary is a vote for Main Street & the middle class

To The Daily Sun,

While this country is still struggling to overcome the worst economic decline it has seen since the Great Depression, we once again find ourselves at the crossroads of choosing our next Commander in Chief.

We cannot allow our country to turn its back on the progress we have made. Some will argue that there has been no progress. I, myself, think we should not take a chance at reverting back to a time, not so far in our past, in which unemployment was skyrocketing, and our economy was in a freefall. We must continue moving forward and acknowledge how far we have come.

It appears as though we will have many options. I think there is a clear choice. Not only does this individual come from a middle-class family, this individual has a proven record in helping small business and the families that own and run those businesses. When I think of the individual who I want as my president, I think of someone who could be as great of a leader and as much of an inspiration as my mother, a person that worked two jobs to sustain her family, raised three kids and still found time to help us with our homework. I cannot think of a more deserving, committed, and capable person, than Hillary Clinton.

She wants to be our leader because she sincerely wants to help small businesses succeed. Hillary wants to make it easier for entrepreneurs to start and run their own businesses. She believes we need to cut red tape and simplify the tax regulations as they relate to small business. She wants to make it easier for the American business owner, so he can get down to business. In today's globalized economy, Hillary wants to ensure that our New Hampshire small business owners are profiting from foreign trade, and not being marginalized at the expense of foreign corporations.

In the Senate, Hillary had a track record of working across the aisle to accomplish everything from helping to improve our educational system, to further protecting our environment. She also worked arduously on a subject that I am truly passionate about, human rights. Hillary has fought and will continue to fight for women's rights across the globe, by battling the human trafficking epidemic that many in our world have turned a blind eye to.

We need someone who has a diverse and tested record of fighting to make the world a better place. We need someone that will be respected on the global stage. We need an individual that will stand up for the United States and its citizens when the world is in turmoil. We need someone that will simultaneously fight for our freedom abroad while also fighting for the dignity of those who have no champion.

I ask every person to vote for Hillary Clinton. A vote for Hillary is a vote for Main Street. A vote for Hillary is a vote for the middle class. A vote for Hillary is a vote for small business. A vote for Hillary is a vote for America.

Don't waste an opportunity to be part of something truly great.

Carlos Cardona

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How can liberals keep a straight face while supporting Hillary?

To The Daily Sun,

Hillary Clinton just can't catch a break lately. It's been one thing after another so far this year, her servers then her faulty; explanations/excuses where facts just don't support what she says. She announces her candidacy for president then goes into hiding, won't answer any questions not scripted and darn few of those. Add to troubling questions not being answered came those about the donations to the Clinton Foundation from very suspicious sources/circumstances.

Earlier this week it was revealed her statement that she only used one e-mail address has proved false, she used at least two, it was reported. Also turns out she and "old friend" Sidney Blumenthal were very chatty about some deals Blumenthal was trying to promote in Libya while Mrs. Clinton was secretary of state.

Now, holy cow, New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt gets hold of some of Hillary's 55,000 emails turned over to State and Michael digs out 349 pages related to the Benghazi incident. Gee-whiz, no matter how hard they try they just can't make that pesky thing go away. Wait now and you will hear all the excusers try to blame that on the famous old "vast right-wing conspiracy" or right-wing nuts or perhaps Tea Party extremists, but all this has been coming from the left. That's right, the New York Times, ABC News. What does Hillary do now that she can't find someone on the right to blame? Anyone got a mirror she can borrow?

Back to the Blumenthal connection. Seems Mr. Schmidt at the Times has discovered that Sidney was up to his ears in "creditable sources" and was sharing with Mrs. C. all about the attack. All the who, why and wherefores which Hillary passed along but without identifying her source, (Blumenthal). It even appears possible that it was he who credited the event on the now infamous YouTube video? And the questions just keep piling up on poor ol' Hillary, every liberals favorite victim.

So I wonder what's next? The way these things keep breaking makes me wonder how liberals can keep a straight face when they say they will support her nomination? Then again, any means justifies the end.

Steve Earle


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Perhaps we do need 5 selectmen in Sanbornton after all

To The Daily Sun,

Perhaps we made a mistake when we voted not to have five selectmen rather than three in Sanbornton . It seems that every time an issue is raised with the selectmen they form a committee to investigate and recommend some sort of action, if any.

The latest committee to be formed is the Economic Development Advisory Committee, which reportedly will have 17 members appointed by someone other than the BOS. Perhaps one day the BOS will announce who the members are?

Unfortunately, some committees start up full speed and then just come to a halt and never issue a final recommendation for one reason or another.

I think we need less committees and more timely decisions by our Board of Selectmen. Perhaps two more selectmen could have helped to deal with the many issues that the selectmen are asked to deal with each week! I guess next year we will have to look at the possible future need for more selectmen again.

Bill Whalen

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