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Feigned outrage at Indiana RFRA law is attach on Christianity

To The Daily Sun,

Wow, it really riles up some Democrats when you point out Democrat hypocrisy, their hypocritical and partisan attacks against political opponents, and their attacks on the most fundamental right of the American people, the reason many of the first settlers came to this land, and the first right identified in the Bill of Rights, Freedom of Religion. (See Ed Allard's letter of April 8.)

While I am amused at Allard's psychoanalysis of me without ever talking to me, it's as delusional as his response to my letter which apparently caused him to be unable to comprehend the English language.

The Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) (see: https://iga.in.gov/legislative/2015/bills/senate/101#document-92bab197) protects religious liberty (It says nothing about gays). Anyone who can read will see that using a religious freedom defense requires evidence that "the person's exercise of religion has been substantially burdened...." Even then the person has to take his/her chances in court to prove the validity of their claim and that the state's imposition of the burden on the person's religious rights isn't compelling or isn't the least restrictive means of achieving the state's compelling governmental interest.

Indiana's law requires a very high level of evidence, "substantial burden", just like the Federal RFRA (http://www.prop1.org/rainbow/rfra.htm), both of which require a greater burden than some state RFRA laws, e.g., Connecticut's RFRA law "the state shall not burden a person's exercise of religion...." (http://www.cga.ct.gov/2011/pub/Chap925.htm#Sec52-571b.htm)

This whole brouhaha has been created by Democrats for two political purposes: to take out a potential Republican presidential candidate and to attack our fundamental liberties via an attack on Christians' religious freedoms.

The brouhaha is mostly theoretical, about things that might happen. In this whole country the incidences of people of faith refusing service for gays, or anyone, based on religious grounds are almost non-existent, and, to my knowledge, only for religious related activities, e.g., weddings. But no one ever tried to stop anyone from getting the desired services elsewhere.

RFRAs only exist because federal and state governments forcefully impinged on our Freedom of Religion. In a truly civil society the government shouldn't be involved in most interactions between people; everyone should be polite to each other, everyone should respect everyone else's rights and beliefs (unless substantial harm is caused) and not take actions that intentionally harm or offend people.

If a Black Muslim shop owner displayed a sign, "Christians will not be served", government should not force them to serve Christians. I and most Christians would respect their wishes, and, to avoid offending the Muslim business owners, we would try to influence other Christians to go elsewhere. No one should request, let alone be able to force a Jewish T-shirt maker to create a shirt praising the Holocaust. No one should knowingly request, and certainly shouldn't be able to force another person to violate their religious convictions (that don't harm others).

The uproar about the Religious Freedom Acts is not really about gay rights, it is simply a political way to attack Christianity. There was no uproar and no threats to boycott Michigan when Muslim bakeries refused to create a wedding cake for a gay wedding. In this one humorous video more Muslim bakeries refuse to supply cakes for a gay wedding than I have seen reported in the media; but apparently no one cares when Muslims discriminate against gays. (http://www.mrctv.org/blog/hidden-camera-trying-buy-gay-wedding-cake-muslim-bakeries#.6xvxbo:oK4z)

We are told that business leaders are "appalled" at this "discriminatory" law. Tim Cook (Apple CEO) condemned Indiana, but reports indicate that Apple has more stores in Tehran, a city in a country that executes gays, than in all of Indiana. What a hypocrite!

The people who wrote our Constitution and Bill of Rights would be appalled at the idea that government could ever force people to violate their firmly held religious convictions such as forcing people to do abortions or forcing Jews to support Nazi hate speech.

Christian principles of liberty and the value of each individual are the foundation on which all our freedoms depend, and protecting those principles are the purpose of our Constitution.

The feigned outrage at the Indiana RFRA law is an attack on Christianity which is intended to help the radical leftists, who have taken over the Democrat Party, undermine our Constitution and its protections of all our freedoms. If Americans don't stand up for their Religious Freedoms, they are paving the way for loss of all their freedoms.

Don Ewing

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Public input sessions shouldn’t be held at end of the meeting

To The Daily Sun,

I recently noticed that the public comment item on the agendas for Sanbornton Selectboard meetings, which had always been after the Pledge of Allegiance, is now placed after all other business. Please read the following letter (quoted below) expressing my concern about this decision by the Board of Selectmen. Don Foudriat and I both wrote letters of concern to the board and the media the last time the board took the same action in 2008. Please reconsider and move the Public Comment item back where it belongs.

In 2008 I wrote, "Moving the 'Public Comment' portion of the BOS meeting to the end of the meeting agenda, after all other business items have been discussed, is a disservice to the residents of Sanbornton.

"Average meetings run approximately three or more hours and it seems unfair that residents attending the meeting will now have to wait almost that long before they have an opportunity to express their concerns.

"I would hope that the selectmen's motive in making this decision was not to discourage our elderly, or any other town resident, from having an opportunity to speak out on important issues. I do understand that the BOS want to speed up the business portion of the meeting, but that should not be done at the expense of our concerned taxpayers.

"It is the responsibility of the BOS Chairman to respectfully limit the time allowed for individual public comments and to move the meeting along giving everyone an opportunity to speak.

"Unfortunately the only other option for addressing the Selectmen at a meeting involves having to first schedule an appointment by noon of the Friday preceding the following Wednesdays meeting to get on the agenda. That's not very practical when something urgent has to be addressed.

"Selectmen, reconsider your decision and place 'Public Comments' back on the beginning of the meeting agenda."

Bill Whalen


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Central NH VNA & Hospice volunteers honored all year long

To The Daily Sun,

April 12-18 is National Volunteer Appreciation Week, but at Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice we appreciate them all year long.

Central New Hampshire VNA and Hospice celebrates the wonderful service and dedication of many volunteers who enhance the lives of patients and families every day. Our Hospice volunteers work tirelessly providing companionship, respite care, reiki, pet therapy, music therapy, bereavement and veteran support at end of life. In addition, volunteers provide administrative help, work with fund development, the Maternal and Child Health/Young Family Program, the Volunteer Service Department and much more.

Every year Central New Hampshire VNA and Hospice volunteers contribute more than 3,200 hours of service and enhance all that we do. Thank you all for sharing your time and talents with us. We couldn't do what we do without you.

Pam Littlefield
Volunteer Coordinator
Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice

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Kansas law is a wonderful step in the fight against abortions

To The Daily Sun,

A law has been signed by Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, quoted from CNN, April 8, 2015. This law will ban abortions that "...knowingly dismember a living unborn child." This procedure is "commonly used" during abortions in the second trimester of a woman's pregnancy and is used in most other states and is the procedure used in New Hampshire clinics.

The signing of this law is a wonderful step forward in the fight against abortions, the killing of innocent babies. Just imagine the child within being torn apart because it is the "choice" of the pregnant woman. Pro Choice kills. Thank you Governor Brownback.

Life is precious.

Harry Mitchell

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Pacifists and appeasers have only made bad situations worse

To The Daily Sun,

Hooray! hooray, hooray, an agreement has been reached, it's peace in our time. Obama said so and we all know Obama never lies, nope not ever, really truly, he crosses his heart. So why did the Iranians go on TV and claim the terms are not the terms Obama told us they were? Something stinks here and it's not Friday's fish.

I don't know who is lying but I have a pretty good idea. I don't trust the Iranians as far as I could throw the whole country. But then I don't trust John Kerry either. Maybe John is fibbing to the president and Obama really doesn't . . . nah.

Readers ask yourselves, who has something to gain here? Well, both really, besides this agreement isn't about nukes if reports are right. Its actually about continuing to go through the motions to kill time for first, Obama's term to end, second, for sanctions to end so Iran will have the money to continue development of the bomb and pay for terrorism both.

Idiots keep framing the debate as either a terrible deal or war. Where have they been? There is already a war going on over there and it's spilling over to over here. Pacifists and appeasers have never served humanity well. All they do is make bad situations worse and when it hits the fans it's always many times worse for people then if they had stood up to evil in the first place. But then you can never convince those who are blind to history and refuse to see.

This whole thing is more of what we have come to expect from progressive leftists. Any means justifies the ends, but what are their ends? To hear them tell it it's a just world, a socialist-world government where everyone shares equally and peace and justice prevails. My problem with that is when they are asked for an example from history where socialism has ever worked they are silent. They have no such example of a nation or a culture where that has ever occurred so why do they persist with this?

To me I believe they see this as a route to personal power and privilege. That's the way it was in the USSR before it collapsed, that's the way it is in China, Indonesia, Vietnam you name it, it's always the same, no justice, no prosperity, no sharing, nothing promised only poverty and hopelessness for the people.

Ask yourselves readers, can you trust an administration with such a obvious record of lies and deceit? An administration that betrays our allies and embraces our enemies then shows no remorse for the lives effected. Lefty will point to former bad actions by Republicans as if that justifies Obama's. Jessie James robbed banks and trains, so does that make it okay for others? We can't fix the wrongs of the past, but we can stop the wrongs being visited on us and the world now.

Steve Earle


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