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Pretty plain that Senate is required to consider Obama's nominee

To The Daily Sun,

Though now semi-retired, over the years as a business owner I have employed hundreds of workers. Each has been given a job description, a written set of responsibilities and requirements for the position they fill. The understanding — do the job for which you are hired.

I would like to remind Kelly Ayotte and all other U.S. Senators that they are employees. She is an employee with a fancy title, but nonetheless an employee. And she, just like the president, has a written job description. It's called the Constitution.

Article 2, Section 2, second paragraph of the Constitution describes as one of the powers and duties of the president: "... he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint ... Judges of the Supreme Court..."

Okay, it seems pretty plain to me that the president is required to present nominations to fill Supreme Court vacancies, and the Senate is required to consider then vote on such nominees.

Where the heck do Kelly Ayotte and other Republican Senators, and even presidential candidates, get off saying that they won't even consider any nominations put forward by a sitting president for a Supreme Court justice. That's part of their job. Where I come from, if an employee refuses to perform one of the requirements set forward in a written job description, they are fired.

Lucy Natkiel

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We know Dave Nickerson is the man who will get things done

To The Daily Sun,

Sanbornton has the second-highest town tax rate in Belknap County. Dave Nickerson has been a selectman for nine years. Are these two facts related? Only if you realize that without Dave our town's taxes would even be much higher. Selectman Nickerson only has one vote, and can't change anything by himself. His has been the lone voice crying in the wilderness trying to keep municipal spending down.

For example, when asked to vote on Warrant Article 3 to add two full-time firemen at a cost to taxpayers of $135,200, Dave voted "No" because Sanbornton cannot afford the expense without a large tax increase. He was outvoted 2 to 1.

I marvel how Dave has been willing to stay the course and sound the alarm when few were listening. Those with less intestinal fortitude would have given up long ago. But his efforts are finally paying off and those who have been listening to other voices are starting to realize how right Dave has been. He is beginning to get the community support he needs to accomplish his objectives.

Those of us who follow local politics know Dave has the experience and wherewithal to get things done. Sanbornton is on the cusp of finally getting our "spending" house in order, largely because of Dave's leadership. Now that he is getting the community support he needs he deserves to be returned to office to see the fruits of his labor. He certainly has my vote.

Roger Grey

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