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Leaks are dirty politics & a great example of just how the Washington swamp works

To The Daily Sun,

Susan Estrich's columns are biased,and some are funny. Her latest foray falls into the dumb category (The only way to "impeach" the president). Ms. Estrich is vacillating between the first and second stage of grief due to the election loss by Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump for the presidency.

Estrich rants about Donald Trump, Jr.,the Russian interference,etc. Yet, there are no results to connect the president to collusion. Actually, she may be moving on to the third stage of grief, which is bargaining, Donald Trump won the election not because of Russian interference,or James Comey. Trump won because Clinton was a flawed and mendacious candidate who stole the Democratic primary from Bernie Sanders with help from Debbi-Wasserman Shultz and the Democratic National Committee. Her comments give credence to naive bias by casting aspersions that are outright stupid.

Donald Trump campaigned on cleaning the swamp, among other things.He realizes that the swamp is made up of Republicans and lobbyists and Democrats.So it will take a little longer. This is indicative of the leaks from the director of the F.B.I., James Comey,holdovers from Obama's term,and
also from the White House. The latest leaks pertaining to the phone calls to Mexico's president and the prime minister of Australia, can be construed as acts of treason.

She states that Washington doesn't work that way. Well, wake up and smell the coffee, Ms. Estrich. This is dirty politics and exactly how the swamp works. As she so aptly put it, "a White House that leaks like a sieve to the press,is a prosecutor's garden."

Imagine facing a ship full of rats with the right to subpoena and the threat of imprisonment as the way to clean the swamp. We need a special,unbiased prosecutor to investigate the leaks.

As referenced by her bio, Ms. Estrich seems to have had a myriad of jobs, including national campaign manager for Dukakis for President in 1988. Bye the way, how did that turn out?

Rich Tjaden

  • Written by Edward Engler
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Nothing will stand in the way of their drive to impose a socialist state on Americans

To The Daily Sun,

Have to give credit to James Veverka as an honest man. He will tell us just what he thinks and believes. Take the Thursday edition of The Sun, where he says he doesn't care what the Founders said about religion. I believe him. Also, I believe he left out that he doesn't care about anything they said or wrote, including the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or the laws unless he can use them to subvert those very documents. Nothing will stand in the way of his drive to impose a fully socialist state on America. After all, he has claimed often in the past that such is so much fairer, more just, more equal then a free market, capitalist system. You know readers, just like in Cuba and Venezuela, where not that long ago progressives were all telling how wonderful it all was. Have to wonder if liberals are still applauding now that the new dictator — opp's, excuse me, president has won the latest fixed election — is imposing a new Constitution giving him all the power with a congress made up of all his supporters to rubber stamp anything he wants to do. New "laws" forbid decent, demonstrations publications, broadcasts which are not approved by his administration. A socialist paradise for those in power, never mind the starving population in a country awash in oil revenue, but a small price to pay for perfection. Say, isn't that what liberals want us to do here?

Conservatives like myself have been pointing out for years that socialist nations have a terrible history of failures everywhere they have been tried, wherever, whenever. They always need to be subsidized by more stable and productive nations and more often than not morph into totalitarian, big government entities. Guess who get the short end of the stick? Right, the poor working and middle class, as observed in our last election where the Democrats abandoned the very people whom they always said they championed, only they just didn't. And oh yea, that's why Trump is president today.

Funny thing, all those liberal Democrats are still pushing their failed, identity deformation, race baiting, class hating, gender politics that got them to where thay are today. Seems progressives, like James, just can't learn from their past mistakes? Remember the old saying about what to do when you can't get out of a hole? Wel,l never mind, they never listen to anything from outside their bubble anyway.

Steve Earle 


  • Written by Edward Engler
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