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Imperative that all Democrats unite to defeat Donald Trump

To The Daily Sun,

It's clear that Donald J. Trump will become the Republican nominee. Just think, he's one step closer to the White House. This election has a lot at stake, and more then ever — Democrats must unite. Our goal as Democrats is to stop Trump.

Everyone at first thought that he was a joke. However, we came to realize that this is not a joke — a mistake Republican elites should've corrected, but failed to react earlier. The #NeverTrump movement failed during the primaries, but it still should continue all the way to the general elections.

Democrats, whether you're for Bernard Sanders or for Hillary Clinton; it's time to unite the party, and join forces to stop Trump in the fall. Donald Trump has proven that he's a misogynist, bigot-filled demagogue who will divide America. He has brought up key issues, such as immigration, but just because he's bringing up these key issues doesn't mean that his plans will make America great again. Even then, America hasn't stopped being great.

It's time to set aside the emotions that we have for a candidate, and realize that if we don't unite now, Trump will have an advantage to attack the Democratic nominee earlier than the Democrats can.

I'm a fervent Hillary Clinton supporter who thinks she can get things done. However, if Bernard Sanders was the front-runner, I would urge my side to unite with Sanders' side. As Hillary Clinton holds a strong lead in both pledged delegates (300-plus) and popular votes (3 million-plus), the will of the people has spoken. I hope and welcome any and all Sanders supporters, as well as undecided Democrats/Independents to join our camp.

Sanders has accomplished more than people credit him for — for instance, bringing new voters to the democratic process, as well as being able to change some of the areas in the Democratic platform. However, this election in November is crucial, and for Sanders' supporters out there, as much as you're passionate about your candidate, a no-show to the polls in November is essentially a vote for Trump. A vote for a write-in candidate or a third-party candidate is also essentially a vote for Donald Trump.

The choice is clear for Democrats, either vote for a candidate that has insulted minorities and women, or vote for the candidate who, in my opinion, will move America forward. Her plans are quite clear, and she wants to break down all kinds of barriers. Whoever the Democratic nominee is — Sanders or Clinton — we must unite blue, and vote for the Democratic nominee this November.

Nick Crosby

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I misspelled the name of one disease: Guillain-Barre

To The Daily Sun,

In my Letter to the Editor which was published in Wednesday's Daily Sun (Page 9) in which I discussed the importance of accurate information regarding vaccinations I misspelled the name of one of the diseases I cited. The correct spelling of the disease is Guillain-Barre.

Mirno Pasquali





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