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TEA Party learned about legislative website, refugee resettlement

To The Daily Sun,

The Lakes Region TEA Party thanks the speakers at its Dec. 21 meeting and the attendees for their contributions to our discussions.

State Rep. Marc Abear showed us how to use the NH General Court website,, to find and follow the progress of a bill from its creation to its committee review(s) to its evaluation by the house, to the Senate, and to the governor for veto or signature into law. He also indicated how an idea for a law gets turned from an idea to an LSR — or Legislative Service Request — to a bill.

Jim Thompson provided an information-packed overview of the Refugee Resettlement process; the numbers of refugees that have come and are planned to come to the U.S., to New Hampshire, and to Laconia; how refugees are selected and the organizations that help them resettle in the U.S.; the costs to federal, New Hampshire, and local governments, and the impacts to local communities. Jim's presentation was followed by a wide-ranging group discussion.

The Lakes Region TEA Party meetings are open to members of the public who wish to listen and participate in our discussions.

On behalf of the Lakes Region TEA Party I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Don Ewing

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Belknap County Delegation is clearly full of Scrooges

To The Daily Sun,

It did not take long for one of our newly-elected State Reps from District 2 (Gilford/Meredith) to show his true colors.

At an Executive Committee meeting on Monday, Dec. 20, the County Commissioners requested approval of a transfer of funds to ensure that county workers, at the prison and nursing home among others, would receive their holiday paycheck. In a spirit resembling Scrooge, four state reps — Marc Abear, Peter Spanos, Mike Sylvia and Herb Vadney — all voted against the transfer. They were willing to have county employees not receive their final paycheck of 2016. After a long discussion, and a reminder about how best to treat our county employees, a second vote passed the committee, but with Abear and Sylvia still voting "No!"

From the article in the Sun it was clear that Rep. David Huot was the adult in the room and reasonable-minded residents should be thankful for his thoughtful support of county employees.

Rep. Abear also voted against spending $600 to advertise for positions at the nursing home; positions that desperately need to be filled in order to provide care to those in the nursing home.

Both of these votes demonstrate a lack of general understanding of standard business practices as well as gross neglect to do what is reasonable and in the best interest of the county.

If this lack of understanding and mean-spiritedness carries over into the legislative year, our state and local agencies had better watch out as the Belknap County Delegation is clearly full of Scrooges.

Denise Doyle


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