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Come enjoy our Christmas display on Country Club Road

To The Daily Sun,

With the falling snow, the lights of the season are really reflecting. Everyone always goes to Edward St. What a great tradition to drive up that street. Fun. So when you exit there, take a left, go back to Rt. 107 and take a left, go past the skating rink and take a left onto Frank Bean Rd. As you come up the street to the corner of Country Club Road and Cotton Hill, ENJOY.

If you have not come to our home to see our lights, please come. If you have, come again as things change yearly. Drive up on Country Club Road, turn around, go up Cotton Hill, turn around and enjoy everything. The front of the house is the traditional white, including the Holy Family manger scene which was my beginning. Then my husband got the fever and added on with the color to fill our 2-acre property. Many things that he built represent our family — the initials of our grandchildren (SMC), their sports (tennis, skiing, hockey), etc. Look for our cross, angel (my mom) hammer (my dad!!), giraffe, smiley face, flame, stars, and martini glass!!! It has been a family event. Our children and grandchildren have really helped to make this all this happen. Wow, our trees our getting so high!!!

It is a special time of the year. We are so blessed and enjoy sharing our love of the Christmas season. Thank you to all those who have expressed their enjoyment of our display.

Hope others will share places to drive by during this beautiful season. 

 Marie Anne & Frank Mills


  • Written by Edward Engler
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All nations & races share the planet; we rise or fall together

To The Daily Sun,

I write to let Marian Tucker know she is not alone in her response to Ryan Murdough's Nov. 20 letter, which invited membership in a white nationalist organization. I hope and assume her values as to the worth and rights of all humanity are also held by many other local residents who hesitate to write.

Unless we are First Nation people, all of us have immigrant ancestors; many fled hunger and persecution or were brought here involuntarily. Their hard work helped to build this country. Huddle masses still yearn to breathe free, and I believe America, of all places, should still give them a chance.

I thank Mr. Murdough for stating that his organization does not promote violence. Yet I have to believe there are better ways to assure opportunity and fairness than to form organizations that set groups apart and make it harder to bridge their differences. It seems to me that in New Hampshire, the U.S., and on our planet we rise and fall together — let's work to understand and help one another.

Kathy Berman


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