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Blaming Laconia fire chief for drug problems is beyond childish

To The Daily Sun,

I have responses to several recent letters:

Melissa — I am sorry you went through that at the beach with your daughter. They have the same rule for one-half of the beach at Gilford, but the other half, with NO lifeguards, allows the use of floats. You need a Gilford sticker though to use the beach. We were told the floats/life jackets distract the lifeguards. Try Ellacoya State Park, as I believe they allow them. Best of luck and enjoy the rest of your summer.

Kevin — Blaming the fire chief for drug problems or even his opinion is beyond childish. Trump has done nothing in office except embarrass this country. His wall will not stop drugs from coming in. Prisoners in high-risk facilities get drugs in all the time. Is that the fire chief's fault as well? And here is a little clue, drugs come in from Russia, China, Canada, Vermont, Massachusetts, etc.Trust me when I say Mexico and South America are not the only two places that make and export drugs.

Don — What can I say? You just blew my mind with your letter. Are you serious? The Japanese should be grateful we dropped the atomic bomb on them and should celebrate those days? What planet are you circling? That was a terrible day for them and for us. How about we have Happy Bomb the Syrian Children Day? You know, because we cleared space for a new daycare facility? Or for Celebrate Your Rape Day because virginity is vastly overrated? Perhaps Jews worldwide can celebrate Hitler's birthday on April 20? Yup, you should contact Hallmark and make their next 2018 calendar for them. I'm sure some other racist people would love it.

Denise Burke

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Our government was not in any sense founded on Christianity

To The Daily Sun,

Did anyone see Steve Earle's pathetic response to my letter on Tuesday? Has he lost his reading glasses or his mind? He clearly didn't read my letter about not caring what most of the founders said about religion. Should he hire a reader at his bedside? He claims, and this is verbatim, "I believe he left out that he doesn't care about anything they said or wrote (about religion), including the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or the laws unless he can use them to subvert those very documents." Actually, I did cite the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in the only places they mention religion. I also mentioned the unanimous ratification by the Senate in 1797 of the Treaty of Tripoli which was pursuant to the Constitution. I wrote, "Article 6 bans religious tests for oaths of office which effectively makes government secular and religion-neutral. The Constitution's establishment clause puts limits on religious liberty by forbidding lawmakers to legally endorse any particular religion. The Constitution's oath of office for the president does not contain,"so help me God" nor does it mention the Bible anywhere." 

As to GW Brooks letter, it's all complete bunk. Christian fanaticism. These people hate the idea that Muslims mix religion with the state but its okay with these Christian fanatics. I have the minutes to the actual Senate votes on the Treaty of Tripoli. Brooks is as pathetic as Steve Earle in his desperate and dishonest attempts to attack the wall of separation between church and state. The wall is common sense to protect us from the village idiots on religion. To see the actual minutes of the Senate vote go to https://treaty-of-tripoli.blogspot.com/2016/. Brooks lies by saying there was a protest.

Brooks says the second treaty negated the first but he completely misses the point. The government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion. Unanimous vote. That is just fact. The Constitution is in no way founded on any Christian idea and is actually antithetical to Judeo-Christianity in all its violence and bigotry. The Constitution is a secular document founded in enlightenment principles.

James Veverka


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