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There are better battles to be fought than over baring of nipples

To The Daily Sun,

I was just wondering where the rights of us New Hampshire citizens have gone. It seems only half the
people have rights and the other half don't; now, that doesn't seem fair to me. It seems the individuals
fighting for the free the nipple movement have all the rights and the people that don't want it, which is
a considerable amount, have no rights. I don't see why its right to push your beliefs on people that don't agree because you think its your right; what about my rights?

Why not do it where you live as opposed to bringing this movement to Laconia or the Weirs simply because its more
populated and you know its not something the people of these cities want. I don't understand why its so important to the Free the Nipple people to show their breasts like that is all that matters in the world to them; there are far
better battles to be fought.
Bonnie Davis


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Think! Voting for a 3rd party is essentially a vote for Donald Trump

To The Daily Sun,

Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president and so has many progressive politicians in Congress such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.). Hillary Clinton has won the nomination for the Democratic Party, and Bernie agreed stating, "Secretary Clinton has won the Democratic nominating process, and I congratulate her for that." She'll, of course, be officially nominated next Thursday at the DNC Convention in Philadelphia.

This election has too much at stake for us to be divided as a party. For one, we have a great shot at taking back the Senate. For two, the next president will also nominate the next Supreme Court Justice (since the current senators failed to do their jobs) — which will tilt the political scale to one side or the other. What's at stake is the women's right to choose, overturning critical Supreme Court cases like Citizens United, raising the minimum wage, gun control, and so much more progressive ideas that we share as Democrats.

Sanders has run a great, hard-fought campaign, a campaign that went further than anyone expected, and has brought many young people into the political process. But, he's not going to the be nominee, nor is he furthering his campaign for the White House.

In the recent Pew Poll, 85 percent of Sanders backers said that they're planning to vote for Clinton this November. To those 15 percent, it's imperative that we elect the person who has the best shot — keywords, best shot — at advancing the progressive agenda that Bernie stands for, and voting for a third party candidate like Jill Stein or write-in candidate is essentially a vote for Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders knows how critical this election is, and that's why he has endorsed Hillary Clinton and will do anything to stop Trump. Donald Trump goes against most of what Sanders' revolution stands for. Sanders, himself, even said that the Democratic platform which Clinton and Sanders campaigns both agreed on, is "the most progressive platform in the history of the Democratic Party."

Hate her or like her, this election isn't about Clinton/Trump or Democrats/Republicans — it's about the future of our nation. As a young Democrat, I want to make sure that I can live the American Dream, and those after my generation can, too. I want to make sure that when I go to college, that I can focus on my academics, and not fear how I'll pay off my towering student debt. I want to make sure I can use my degree after college, and get a good-paying job. And I want to make sure I can provide for my future family. I just do not see this vision under President Trump. I see hatred and division under his administration.

Not only do we need to pick a president, we also need to elect down-ballot candidates, like our senators and representatives, and other local positions. I believe Maggie Hassan will actually do her job in the Senate, and I also believe Carol Shea-Porter and incumbent Annie Kuster will do their jobs in the House. Colin Van Ostern will also make a great governor, making our state's economy stronger, and standing up for us Granite Staters. Democrats, on Nov. 8, we cannot be complacent. Go out and vote for the future of America.

Nick Crosby

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