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Obama gave Israel a knife in the back just before Christmas

To The Daily Sun,
Just before Christmas, Obama gave the gift that keeps on giving to Israel, a knife in the back. Wasn’t that so Christian of him? Hope it’s fully appreciated by liberal American Jews who still believe Obama isn’t at the very least a Muslim supporter. Then both he and wife Michelle went before interviews to wring their hands with the poor-them tales. Yes, the poor deprived couple will now have to spend their own money on elaborate vacations and travel. Oh the horror!
And wifey’s dream of going into a Target store is forever to be just a dream, poor dear. The only compensation is the millions they acquired while he was in office, lifetime benefits and pension, Secret Service protection for all the family, health care, and all those speaking engagements just for spending change. Poor, poor them. Kind of chokes you up, doesn’t it?
Now for the chronically outraged who are aghast that President-elect Trump has selected people for his cabinet who have actually achieved success outside of being someone’s political stooge and know how to manage business without kissing the feet of corrupt special interests with hands perpetually in taxpayers’ pockets, get over yourselves. That’s right, free market capitalism is making a comeback. The system that created more industry, jobs and raised more people out of abject poverty all over the world then any other system created is back on the field ready to kick off on Jan. 20, Hoorah!
George Soros is calling on liberals to “take back the power.” Just what he has in mind for the gullible to do while he sits comfortably in his penthouse I don’t know, but remember he is a convicted/wanted criminal last I knew so be careful, it could be your neck on the line, not his.
Don’t know, but hope some of the more radical leftist college professors are starting to worry. After all, they could be in the same kind of leaky boat as the sanctuary cities folks. It will be fun to watch both those groups squirm. And as was demonstrated this fall, the lamestream media ain’t what it use to be, what with the personal electronic devices recording and exposing them. Truth and opposing views can’t be beaten down and silenced by the politically correct Nazis.
Colleges with their outrageous tuition and useless degrees are already under fire and that’s only going to grow, so the wack job professors will be the first to feel the pressure. And how about the Democratic Party for learning a lesson? Nope. In congress they again elect Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to lead. Talk about more of the same.
Anyway, it all bodes well for Trump and conservatives for the next four to eight years, though we will have to listen to a lot of winning and crying. Ah, a small price to pay for sanity.
Steve Earle

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Mistakes by the county administration were not willful

To The Daily Sun,

"Profligate Spending?" "Balance our budget at home?" Rep. Spanos' reply to Ms. Doyle's letter of Dec. 24 about his voting (in the minority) not to pay our dedicated and hard-working county employees at Christmas, is clearly intended to deceive.

First and foremost, the issue wasn't an appropriation, it was a request to transfer already appropriated money from accounts that had a surplus to the salary accounts which didn't have enough money to meet the Christmas payroll due to an error in accounting. It's what you'd do with your family's budget if you needed to buy more food than you expected, or if the car needed a new battery.

The Executive Committee was in a snit because the county administration had made a mistake in preparing the budget — something which the careful examination and vetting by the county convention failed to discover. As I pointed out, the time to correct budgeting errors is in the next budget.

Whatever mistakes the county administration made were not willful and they didn't cost the taxpayers a dime.

State Rep. David O. Huot
Belknap County District 3

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