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Obama doing his best to make doing business harder & more costly

To The Daily Sun,

Alan Vervaeke suggests we live in different Americas. He's right. That's because all Alan's economic and political views are derived as he's willingly dragged through life with a nose ring inserted by the Democratic Party. "Donkey town," that's where black is white, failure is success, insanity is brilliance and prosperity has only one source, getting your hand in the other guys pocket. Allowing ones common sense to be hijacked at that level does certify "idiot." Idiots are willingly complicit in their own surrender to "mice status" because they refuse to do the hard work critical thinking requires. So focused on their own selfish, self interest they miss the macro perspective. It is all part of "donkeynomics" 101, where "equality" is the cheese that keeps the "mice in line" as as they wait to have their tails cut off and their heads handed to them. Their heads have been handed to them. Obama has produced the poorest economic record of any president in the past 80 YEARS. The Fed said yesterday it predicts no real economic improvement through 2018.The period from 2008 ( Obama's election) to 2018 will become known as the LOST OBAMA DECADE decade for the American economy.
Middle class BUYING POWER has been STAGNANT for 40 years. Wages are much higher, but prices equally higher. There has been no increase in living standards. Compare the price of a car or college degree between 1975 and 2015 to understand how FAKE wage hikes work. If FAKE wage hikes worked, unions would flourish. Instead, they are going extinct. How can any economy get better when Democrats constantly attack everything that might make it grow faster and stronger. "PROFITS are evil" gets the ball rolling downhill. Who thinks the hundreds of thousands of pages of new regulations from Obama on banks, health care, energy and every other industry makes business more productive? Who thinks higher business taxes improves business output? Who do you think pays EVERY PENNY of those corporate taxes? YOU DO. Every dime of new or increased taxes in EVERY FORM is paid for with HIGHER prices for everything consumers buy from a jackknife to a jock strap.
If you have a golden goose that lays golden eggs would you stop feeding it? Would you confine it in an ever smaller cage? Would you put more collars and restraints on it so it could barely move? Of course you wouldn't. But that what Democrats do. They attack, demonize and threaten business in every way they know how to make it harder and more costly to CONSUMERS hurting their buying power. Obama has been the biggest of all IDIOTS, doing his best to make business harder, more costly and more difficult to conduct. Business investment is at decade lows while new business openings are the same. Obama has SNUFFED OUT every incentive to get into business or invest in business expansion.
Bernie Sanders just spent the last six months screaming at the top of his lungs, trying to blame anyone and everyone but OBAMA for the current SEVEN YEAR malaise of the U.S. economy. This while Obama increased the WEALTH of the top 10 percent FASTER than any president in the last century as Bernie roams the country yelling income inequality is caused by Republicans, and Wall Street. What we have here is another IDIOT from donkey town demanding more collars, restraints and anchors on the golden goose so we can create more less fortunate that have no choice but getting their hands into someone else's pocket. This has been the Democratic strategy merry-go-round for creating penniless and powerless people since FDR. They all become government dependents and democratic voter dependents.
Tony Boutin

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Charlie Chandler has incredible commitment to all things N.H.

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to proudly endorse Charlie Chandler for state Senate. Charlie is the best and most qualified candidate to serve as the next senator for District 2.

I have known Charlie Chandler for more than 20 years, both as a well-respected attorney, and as an elected official in the town of Warren. He is an individual of impeccable integrity and honesty. As a native of the Granite State, Charlie has the passion and commitment to serve our interests well in the state Senate.

I could go on at length regarding Charlie Chandler's impressive record of public service; as a member of the Ballot Law Commission, as a well-regarded selectman and town moderator in Warren, and in countless other capacities.

Born and raised in Laconia, Charlie has spent the vast majority of his adult life in public service, including his appointment by Secretary of State William Gardner to serve as an election monitor. Secretary of State Gardner also chose Charlie to oversee an independent inquiry into Financial Resources Mortgage Inc. (FRM) and CL & M Inc. He currently serves as chairman of the Board of Franklin Savings Bank and on the Cannon Mountain Advisory Commission.

But what is most important to me is Charlie Chandler's incredible commitment to all things New Hampshire, and especially for improving the lives of the residents of this part of the state. Charlie Chandler knows that we have to make an investment in providing an adequate education for all of New Hampshire's kids, and to make post-secondary public education affordable. Charlie Chandler knows how important economic development is, and how we must create an environment to ensure that our talented young people stay and work in New Hampshire, and not elsewhere. He also knows how important it is to reach across party lines in order to make progress in our state.

Please join me and many other residents of Senate District 2 in voting for Charlie Chandler to be the next senator for Senate District 2 on Nov. 8. You'll be glad you did.

Deborah R. Reynolds
Senator, District 2, 2006-2010

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