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Cartoon published on Thursday was beneath the dignity of 'news'

To The Daily Sun,

I realize that The Laconia Sun is a liberal-leaning publication, and while I can appreciate many of your daily cartoons, I find the one (printed on Thursday, March 16) very offensive and beneath the dignity of any organization that allegedly publishes the "news."

Althea Dunscombe

Center Harbor

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For the overlooked veterans, I say thank you to Meredith voters

To The Daily Sun,

I wish to than thank the voters of Meredith for their support at town meeting for the veterans that have been overlooked for many years, and I can tell you that all of us veterans thank you very much.

We know that it was not easy for our very professional Board of Selectmen to put another financial burden on the town, but you did the right thing and I hope other towns follow your example.

It is not just the tax deduction, but it is the fairness for all who have served their country in which I love America and Meredith.

Charlie Flanagan


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