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95th Leavitt Park Carnival was great success because of support

To The Daily Sun,

This year we celebrated the 95th year of the Leavitt Park Carnival in Lakeport. We were blessed with perfect weather for a fun day for all. The volunteers at Leavitt Park would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people and businesses who helped make this event such a success. We added some new games and invited “Stand Up Laconia” to join us with their booth.We also had T-shirts and bracelets to sell. Our raffle tickets were popular and we are so grateful to the businesses that so generously gave the items to be raffled off. The winners are as follows:

2 Tickets to Bank of NH Meadowbrook Pavilion ... up to $288 value ... won by Lee Gaudet
2 Tickets to New England 300 @ NHMS on 9-24-17... $190 value ... won by Kermit Merrill
2 Adventures at Gunstock ... $104 value ... won by Dwight Blake
$100 cash donated by Deloitte Consulting ... won by Suzette Sims
$100 cash donated by Leavitt Park Community Club ... won by Corinne Merrill
$100 gift certificate from Lacasse Floors donated by Kevin Lacasse ... won by Don Laflam
$50 Visa Card donated by Bank of NH ... won by Don Laflam
$25 gift card to Our Place Family Restaurant ... won by Olivia Thibodeau
$25 gift card to Café Déjà vu ... won by Leo Toomey

The 50-50 raffle for $27 was won by Megan Hoyt.

Other generous businesses include Vista Foods on South Main Street (they donated a $25 gift certificate to be used towards the purchase of hotdogs),
Lepage Bakery (help with hotdog rolls) and Our Place Restaurant (with a donation of chopped and grilled onions and green peppers).

A big thank you goes to the many non-members who came to help tend to the games and to our own volunteers that came to help.
We hope to see you in 2018.

Alice J Smith

Leavitt Park Community Club


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This year, 7 Babcock Scholarship recipients shared nearly $18,000

To The Daily Sun,

The Nate Babcock Scholarship program has been active since 2006, shortly after Nate lost his battle with cancer. The program awards post-secondary scholarships to high school grads and college students who have demonstrated a lifestyle of helping others, trying to make this world a better place. About 100 students from Gilford and Laconia High Schools have earned over 150,000 dollars in scholarship monies through the Nate fund since 2006. This year, seven students were awarded almost 18,000 dollars for their efforts on behalf of humanity!

The Nate Fund Board of Directors is completely committed to reinforcing and rewarding those students who live their lives as Nathan did, always putting others above themselves. We have gotten over 30 applications yearly, some years as high as 60, from some pretty amazing young adults that are truly givers, in every sense of the word. Acts of kindness range from students who work to support their families to those who seem to be always where the needy seem to be, giving what they can. It has been a great experience to be able to help the more involved givers with college monies, but also to meet these powerful students and read about the great things they have done.

It is of the utmost importance that we give a very big shout out to the Milligan Family of Gilford, and Daniels Electric Co. Every summer, The Milligan Memorial Golf Tournament is played at the beautiful Laconia Country Club, with the proceeds split between the Nathan J. Babcock Memorial Scholarship Fund, and the John Thompson Memorial Fund, two programs dedicated to helping others in memory of Nathan and John. The Milligan Family has been behind the Nate Fund for many years, and simply put, without their financial support, we could not do any of this on such a large scale. It is truly remarkable what the Milligan Family has done collectively over the past 10 years to support the young adults of the Lakes Region, These words seem inadequate to express our thanks for all you have done for The Nate Fund over the years, But from our hearts we say THANK YOU to Barbara, Jerry, Michelle, Kate and Tom Milligan for your support of our cause.

This year’s Nathan J. Babcock Scholarship recipients are Kayla Vieten, Kassandra Weston, Johanna Morris, Joseph Bonnell, Ashley Burgos, Abigail Bailey, and Daniel Getchell-Lacey.

Jim Babcock, on behalf of the

Nathan J. Babcok Memorial Scholarship Fund


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