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The Trump family is only happy when everyone else in America is miserable

To The Daily Sun,

For Dennis Robitaille of Laconia:

If you are so naive as to believe that nonsense about the Trump family at the RNC, then you're like the rest of the Trump followers who simply hate Hillary enough to throw our country away, too.

Please sir, I implore you, do you homework about the Trumps, their history, his plans (including a governmental purge identical to Hitler's first act as chancellor), and his complete and total lack of ideas about how to "make America great again."

This is a family that doesn't want to make the world a better place for everybody. They'll only be happy when everyone else is miserable. They have to have more. They see freedom, liberty, and justice as a right only for them, and if others get more then they are ashamed. Just like these uber-Conservative Christians, heaven isn't heaven if everybody gets to go. America is only great if everybody else isn't. A Trump America is the one with the moat and the wall, and everybody else lives in the mud below.

I urge you to look at the Libertarian Party nominees. Two successful Republican governors, an intelligent platform, and on the ballot in all 50 states. Once they are in the debates you will see less bluster and rhetoric, and more intelligent plans and ideas for moving this country ongoingly forward. The Libertarians are the answer to Republicans who want someone they can like and trust.

Look, John F. Kennedy implored us to shoot for the moon, and we did. We need a leader to move us forward. To quote my friend Jim Wright, "Pessimists don't build starships." We need leaders who will explore the future, not aim for a replay of the past.

Alan Vervaeke

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How will HIllary Clinton choose to sell-out the country if she gets elected? Let's not find out

To The Daily Sun,

No, no, Hillary I will not forget this as you are not telling the truth.

Other secretaries of states had personal email servers. They did do some state department emails on their personal email accounts. But, no Hillary, none had a private server.

Hillary, you said your lawyer erased emails that were not State Department emails and they found hundreds on other people's email accounts that were State Department emails that were classified and higher in the top-secret area. Your lawyer(s) erased "personal email" and did not have the clearance to read top secret emails.

I heard you once — yes I did — that you said not to have it written down. That is how you get caught ... so this is why you had the private server?

I am not a fan of Hillary and that is putting it mildly. Under her tenure of Secretary of State, she was part of the reset button of Russia. And now they have a position in the Middle East which they hadn't for many years. They supported the Iran deal for sales to Iran. Just last week, they bombed one of our airfields. Putin now wants to build Russia to the superpower it once was. Thanks Hillary.

Gadhafi was the leader of Libya. Was he an awful man and leader? You bet. But he was not doing anything to hurt America. Now Libya has a democratic government. But unfortunately it is in exile. The terrorists are in charge and are spreading to neighboring countries. Women's rights are being curtailed. And we lost four Americans and no one went to help them. And to this day, we do not know where the stand-down order was given. Americans were holding on, thinking they would be helped and you went to bed that night. No need for a call at 3 in the morning. You clocked out at 5 p.m. Thank you Hillary.

It sure is a coincidence that Bill got speaking fees from Middle East countries (where women cannot vote, drive a car, get a job, walk in public without a male escort, need four males to attest to a rape and if raped it is the woman's fault and she get the punishment). Countries that are anti-LGBT. The Clinton Foundation failed to disclose some of these donations when Hillary was Secretary of State. Oops, Hillary. I wonder what favors were given for these donations.

Hilary, you claim to be pro-women's rights and yet the Clinton Foundation took hundreds of millions for countries that had awful human rights and women's rights records.

Hillary, you lie and the media lets you get away with it. Ummmm, Debbie Wasserman Shultz is stepping down with the scandal of the DNC staff favoring Hillary over Bernie. You lie to get what you want and people let you get away with it. And what is most disturbing is that you are so good at lying.

What favors did you give foreign countries when you were Secretary of State for donations to Clinton Foundation or Bill Clinton high-fee speeches?

Hillary, how you will you sell lout this country if you are elected president? I hope we don't find out the hard way.

Linda Riley

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