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Need someone we can trust in the White House: Donald Trump

To The Daily Sun,

The State Department recently announced that there were 30 emails related to Benghazi recovered from Hillary Clinton's private email server. Why did Hillary Clinton delete emails related to Benghazi off of her personal email server? Better yet, why did she even conduct official State Department business on a private email server?

Clinton repeatedly said that she turned over all work-related emails to the FBI. Not surprisingly, it is now clear that she lied about that. If these emails were recovered, imagine what the contents of the other emails she attempted to wipe from the 13 devices that housed her personal emails may have contained.

Four Americans died during the Benghazi attack. Their families and the American people deserve to know all the facts behind the events surrounding the attack and the response by Hillary's State Department and the Obama administration. Clinton's corrupt actions, repeated lies, and scandals should give all voters pause.

We need someone we can trust to serve as our next president. That person is Donald Trump.

Francine Wendelboe
New Hampton

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Please call Bristol PD with information about 2014 hit & run

To The Daily Sun,

To all the residents of Bristol, I am reaching out to ask for your help.

Chris Edwards was a resident of Bristol for three years. He worked in your town, he was your neighbor and he had made Bristol his home. In May of 2014, his life was changed forever. He was hit by a car while riding his bike to work. He worked at a local manufacturing company in your town. He sustained multiple injuries, the most severe being a back injury that required surgery. Presently he lives with constant pain and will never be the same healthy man. He is not able to do certain activities that he once enjoyed.

Why I am asking for your help, is the driver of the vehicle that hit him, drove away. There was a witness who saw the whole thing, but for some unknown reason he decided not to testify. He didn't want to be the "heel" of the town. This witness knows the man who is responsible. Who knows how many others do as well. Well, the driver should have done the decent thing and stop in the first place. The witness should stand up and do the right thing as well. Chris Edwards deserves justice. Not only for the medical bills he has from these injuries, but from the daily pain he endures.

I am asking the community of Bristol to step up and come forward with information to make this man take responsibility for his actions. Please contact the Bristol Police Department and speak to Officer Joseph Vogel, he is very familiar with this case. The number to Bristol Police Department is 603-744-6320.

Chris Edwards is a kind, friendly, very decent man, who would help anyone in need. He deserves some justice. I will leave you all with this thought: What if it was your husband, brother, mother, father or child? Would you not want justice?

Kim Call
Essex Jct, Vt.

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