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Shea-Porter gives us talking-point rhetoric but no solutions

To The Daily Sun,

In a state with a population of over 1.3 million people, it's hard to imagine we could elect a more-incompetent group of buffoons than our current crop of representatives to Congress.

Tuesday, one of those bright bulbs, Carol Shea-Porter, told the three people (I may be exaggerating) who went to listen to her in Laconia that she found President Trump's comments on North Korea "chilling." According to her, we need people with "skill, experience and knowledge" to address this situation. Really? Who would have thought of that? Of course, as with all politicians, she offers no recommendations, only rhetoric. If she's alluding to President Trump not having any of the above? Then I guess you have to assume that the last three administrations of Obama, Bush, and Clinton didn't either, since they got us to where we are today. All three pandered to North Korea with paper agreements and free goodies, while the North Koreans laughed at us for being naive and stupid.

As usual for politicians with no clue, Ms. Shea-Porter gives us talking point rhetoric rather than viable solutions or alternatives. Maybe she should run for president. She has all the answers, like voting against ending ObamaCare, a program that's killing the average WORKING family. On second thought, that's probably not a good idea. As for President Trump being in over his head, take a look in the mirror. What have YOU done for us lately? Oh right, you're working on important things, like "studies" on climate change and transgender health care, both at the top of the list of every New Hampshire voter.

Hopefully next year, if the Republicans can offer a viable alternative, the New Hampshire electorate will wake up and send you back into retirement (again), followed closely by the other three losers. If only.

Chuck McGee

  • Written by Edward Engler
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Life goes on; give patients at hospital something to care about

To The Daily Sun,

Recently I had the opportunity to visit a friend at LRGH. She was my roommate at the nursing home where I live.

She is in the eldercare unit and I have to say LRGH did a beautiful job on the unit. It's gorgeous. However it lacks one thing, happiness via activity, noise, music and, most of all, laughter.

I promptly encountered a sign upon entering saying please be quiet for our patients sake or something like that. HOW AWFUL!

Now, as I mentioned, I live in a nursing home where there is all of the above. It is essential that "life goes on," we don't live our lives in silence, neither did or do they. It was heartbreaking to see my once fun loving roommate now mired in quiet and developing an attitude of giving up.

Bring in pets, babies, play upbeat music from the 50s and 60s, 40s even, make them want to live longer or get better and go home. Give them something to care about, they'll eat better, they'll interact more and above all, they'll care.

Judi Leavitt

  • Written by Edward Engler
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