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Absurd request to put myself in place of a miserable deserter

To The Daily Sun,

Oh, Henry, when did you start working for the Center for the Study of Absurdity? Looking at the way you worded your recent letter Mr. Osmer, one might think you have become Mr. Veverka's right hand man.

To answer your question, yes I did serve in the military, with the U.S. Army. Basic training at Fort Dix, N.J., and Advanced Individual Training as a missile repair parts specialist at Fort Lee, Va. I spent a year at Fort Hood, Texas, as a company clerk. I also spent nearly 15 months in the Republic of Vietnam from July 1970 to September 1971. I was the company clerk for the 59th Engineering Company(Land Clearing), aka the Bushwackers.

You asked me to put myself in the place of Bowe Bergdahl. You have just asked me to do the impossible. I would never have deserted my company while serving my country. I can only imagine the shame I would feel knowing that my Commander-in-Chief just released five top Taliban terrorist leaders to get my sorry butt back. And then honoring my dereliction of duty by having my parents stand in the Rose Garden while President Obama touted this embarrassing trade as some heroic achievement. Just the thought of that happening after I could have so cowardly left my company high and dry has left me feeling extremely nauseous.

Speaking of that marvelous Rose Garden ceremony. Henry, do you know what Robert Bergdahl, Bowe's father said in Arabic? Probably not, so let me enlighten you. "Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim". Translation: "In the name of Allah the most gracious, the most merciful." He also uttered the word, "basmallah," which is an Islamic expression of victory. Our president smiled when he heard those words. Robert Bergdahl also said, "I'm your father Bowe" after informing the world that he was speaking in Arabic because his son was having trouble understanding English. Walid Shoebat, a former radicalized Muslim and former member of the PLO, has this information in case you would like to learn just a little bit about the Bergdahls before you ask me such an asinine question.

Oh, by the way Henry, Col. Allen West also captured a Tweet by Robert Bergdahl before he deleted it. "I am still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners. God will repay for the death of every Afghan child, ameen." Have you heard of the word, "Taqiyya" Henry? It refers to religious dissimulation where Muslims are allowed to deny their faith under duress. It allows them to commit illegal and blasphemous acts. It originated in the Qur'an. Of course now, radicalized Muslims use stealth jihad for just about any reason to attack, rape, behead and set on fire the infidel.

So perhaps Henry, you now have some realization about how absolutely absurd your question to me was, about putting myself in the place of a miserable deserter. Now I realize it probably doesn't seem like such a crazy question to those on the "left". Those being the ones who hate those who fight evil. I would rather die playing the role of the "sheepdog" than live in fear as the timid "sheep". But oh, Henry, "Et tu Brute"? Are you really siding with those who would betray their country? The ones who live in this country, yet despise it to the core of their being? Henry, oh please say it ain't so. Assure me you are on the side of the courageous soldier and not the the cowardly and likely traitorous Bowe.

Russ Wiles


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If government no longer provided me a helping hand, who would?

To The Daily Sun,

My letter was somewhat misinterpreted by Ms. Morrisette. I am grateful every day for hard-working Americans who pay taxes to provide benefits for the needy. I also have ongoing sympathies for the struggles of working persons. Your complaint somewhat proves my original point: Churches cannot help all of those in need — therefore government help is needed.

I have schizophrenia. I do what I can to not be a further burden to society. I choose to be sober, law-abiding and think rationally. I receive no church help, nor have I needed to ask for it. I appreciate the SSDI check that I receive. However, if the government no longer provided a helping hand, who would provide help to me? You are an example of the bitter, angry, and religious persons that certainly would not choose me as a beneficiary of your church's charity.

Modern fervent Christians have not been able to do miracles as Jesus claimed they would. I think Jesus and his miracles are a fairy tale. Peace.

Louise Sargent

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Thanks for all the help with 2015 Gilmanton Old Home Day

To The Daily Sun,

The members of the American Legion Auxiliary, Ellis-Geddes-Levitt Unit 102 of Gilmanton would like to thank all of the planners, workers and sponsors of the 2015 Gilmanton Old Home Day for continuing to host this wonderful community event.

Visitors to our tables signed our guest book and viewed our photos and history album. We invited input on our Veterans at Rest in Gilmanton project and hope to follow up for additional information. Our sincere appreciation to everyone who stopped by and purchased some of our delicious home-baked goods and took a chance on our raffle. Richard Knibbs of Gilmanton won our raffled hand-crafted Raggedy Ann and Andy in their cart.

We welcomed two new members to our Unit during the day and were encouraged by the strong turn-out of both new and long-term residents of the community. Your generous support to the Unit continues to provide assistance to our local Veterans and their families.

Contact our Unit at P.O. Box 119, Gilmanton, NH or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and read more about our activities at www.ALANH102.org.

Raelyn Cottrell, President

American Legion Auxiliary

Ellis-Geddes-Levitt Unit 102


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Evolution belongs in science class; faith-based ideas do not

To The Daily Sun,

Evolution is taught in schools as established truth for the same reason that schools teach that the earth revolves around the sun. The molecular evidence for evolution is overwhelming and there is no evidence that supports any other explanation for the diversity of life. As noted scientist Theodosius Dobzhansky entitled one of his more famous essays, "Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution."

A recent writer speculated, "that there are scientists, somewhere out there, who in the course of researching ring species have found that there is a boundary beyond which micro-evolutionary changes cease to happen" because "That's the way they do it." So far (I say "so far" because scientists are always questioning), there is no evidence of such a limitation and I'm not sure who he's referring to who would want to suppress it. In fact, I can't imagine how you'd hide a scientific discovery like that which could happen anywhere in the world at anytime. Nevertheless, ring species are an interesting way to learn about evolution.

One path that leads to new species is called Allopatric Speciation. This occurs when two parts of a population get physically separated. Imagine, half a population of monkeys are living in a tree that gets blown across a river by a storm. As random mutations and other causes lead to genetic modification within the two populations they become more and more distinct over long periods of time and ultimately become unable to interbreed, thus becoming two separate species. Now, if that second population also splits the same process will occur again and three species will have emerged. These are "ring" species. If population two were to become extinct, which happens all the time, it might be difficult to see the physical relationship between one and three, think birds and dinosaurs, but you'd see it clearly at the molecular level in their DNA.

The writer also asserted the inaccurate statement that "macro-evolution has absolutely no effect on scientific discoveries that benefit mankind." Macro-evolution refers to the genetic changes that occur over geologic time — millions and millions of years. Micro-evolution is still evolution but on a smaller scale. It refers to the changes that occur over shorter periods like human lifetimes where we see genetic changes expressed in diseases like cancer but also in the process of getting physically fit (why do your muscles get bigger when you work out?) and even in the process of learning (how do those neurons decide to interconnect?).

Genes aren't just a blueprint. They also control the physical changes in our bodies that happen in response to our experience and our environment. The study of evolution has lead us to new ideas about how to treat cancer and activate muscle cells and neurons and a host of other discoveries.

Studying evolution in science class also allows students to learn about the process of scientific inquiry. How we know what we know in science is based on testing and retesting the evidence that supports competing theories. The history of the study of evolution reveals how well suited it is for that purpose.

Evolution belongs in science class. Competing ideas that lack supporting evidence do not. That's not to say that we should not study those competing ideas, like faith based explanations for natural phenomena. We should — just not in science class for the same reason we don't study science in theology class. I want my children to have the best education in science so they can compete and succeed in the world.

Dave Pollak


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I didn't realize The Daily Sun allows publication of racist opinions

To The Daily Sun,

I love The Laconia Daily Sun and have been reading it since day one. I didn't realize that you print racist opinions in your paper.

The letter that was in Saturday's edition about heroin coming across the border is sickening. Does this ignorant woman think that Spanish people are totally responsible for the heroin problems in this state and the rest of the country. I'm shocked that you would print such a one-sided letter in your paper. I guess you'll be voting for Donald Trump in the next election. I always thought better of this paper. Please tell me that you don't endorse this kind of thinking. If you do, you should be ashamed of yourself.

There are many more people to blame for the heroin abuse in this country. You will never stop drugs from coming in nor will you ever stop the the want for it. Drug dealers have more money and resources at their disposal than this country is willing to spend on fighting them. How much money would it take to send recovering addicts to schools to teach the young kids of this country the dangers of drugs and the perils of addiction. I would do it for free. You can only educate people about the harms and help the people who are addicted.

As it gets harder to live in this country and the inequality continues to grow the drug abuse problems are sure to increase. One thing you can't do is blame one group of people for our drug and addiction problems. This country is just as responsible as anyone else. We can give NASA $18 billion to fly us to Mars but hardly any money to fight addiction. Maybe our plan is to send all the illegals to Mars. If we continue to this with such narrow minds we will never be able to see the whole picture.

Todd Welch

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