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In Sanbornton, we know how to treat each other decently

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank Sanbornton voters for your support as a write-in candidate for the office of selectman. I was reminded by a Sanbornton voter on Election Day, "We know how to treat each other decently; it's just a matter of doing it." This reminded me of the philosophy of former New Hampshire House Speaker Harold Burns: "Agree to disagree in an agreeable manner."

As always, our Town Meeting is an unfinished journey, with its bumps and potholes, but when it works, giving room for citizens to reinvent and reinvigorate it, it thrives as no other system can.

Finally, it is our collective hope going forward that young people in our town will step forward and assume their rightful role as stewards of Sanbornton.

Tom Salatiello

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Thank you for re-electing us to the Meredith Library board

To The Daily Sun,

To Meredith voters and residents:

Thank you to each of you who gave us your support and voted on March 13 to re-elect us as trustees of the Meredith Public Library. It is heart warming to see our efforts have not gone unnoticed and we greatly appreciate the confidence you have expressed in us.

We also wish to express our thanks to retiring library trustees Duncan McNeish and Pam Coburn for their years of dedication and service as trustees.

We look forward to working with new trustees, Ginny Lovett and Jonathan James, and the community to renovate and expand the library.

So many of you have told us how much you value and care about the library and want it to continue to serve as an important cultural and informational resource for current and future residents well into the 21st century. Let's all work together to make that happen.

Ann Butler
Paul Eldridge
Betty Strader
Bonnie Ireland
Lisa Garcia


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