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New scientific discoveries only mean that man is catching up

To The Daily Sun,

The average person living today lives better than the richest kings of only a few hundred years ago. Some of the richest, most privileged people who ever lived didn’t have electricity, or indoor plumbing, or air conditioning, the combustion engine, television, etc. Many of them relied on slaves to provide the creature comforts we all now take for granted. They had no means of mass communication, or travel, except on the backs of animals.

Science and technology have completely changed the way humans relate to each other, and unfortunately, it has also changed the way man relates to God, the Creator. As time progresses, new advancements and discoveries are made, sometimes, and with some things, almost every day. In the modern era, this is called “progress,” and in the last 100 years or so, a political worldview, “progressivism,” has taken the world stage by storm. This thinking has become contaminated with the erroneous belief that it is somehow “science,” and therefore not compatible with religion. Progressivism is the new “enlightenment era” of the 1750s, and has become the new “hard-left” popular political thinking of people like Bernie Sanders’ followers and others of that ilk, and if you are not a “progressive,” you are considered backward, a Neanderthal, and someone not worthy to even have an intelligent conversation with. They have all but abandoned God to a very sad, yet very scary “Humanism,” which believes in the superiority of man over God.

It is thought by “progressives,” many of whom are atheists, that the new discoveries of scientific thought and theories are proof, a testament, to the lack of any real value to theology and religion. They say that modern religious thought holds no new ideas or conclusions, and therefore is outdated and useless, that nothing has changed in the way people of faith regard belief in God. They think the Bible is a collection of outdated fairy tales, and because true believers still believe the same things Christians did 2000 years ago, progressives say, “Where’s the progress in that?”

However, the most important element that is left out of that worldview is, as mankind makes new and important scientific discoveries, at no time does the “progressive” worldview accept or realize the “phenomena,” the reality of those discoveries, and the fact that these so-called “new” conditions are not new, they have always existed, and are an important part of, not “science,” but Creation. Atoms and molecules have always existed, even before they were scientifically discovered. Before DNA was discovered by man, it was created by God, and has always existed. Before Galileo and Plato made their astronomical discoveries, those planets and stars and their actions were created by God, and have always been there, doing what they do.

Every “new” scientific discovery made by man only means that man is finally catching up with the sophisticated reality of Creation. People who lived at the time of Columbus thought the world was flat, and that the sun revolved around the earth, but those “scientists” were later proved embarrassingly wrong. These discoverers, these pioneers of technology, may have discovered these things that had always been there, but they didn’t create anything new. God’s truth has always been there, waiting for primitive man to become more sophisticated, smarter, and discover what has always been. These scientists didn’t make, or create anything new. They simply used the resources God created man with, and over time, “discovered” new ways to use those resources, and by doing so, were able to invent new technological advancements to make life better for everyone.

So, if those scientific things had always existed, had always been that way, just waiting to be “discovered,” how and by whom were they put there? Theology and religion has always known the answer to that question. And it has been telling, no, shouting the existence of God the Creator to anyone who would listen, for thousands of years. Earlier inhabitants of the earth knew these things, were taught these things by God’s own revelations, God’s “truths,” and as it says in Ecclesiastes 1:9, “There is nothing new under the sun.”

These earlier inhabitants knew God, and were inspired to write it all down for our later benefit. The prophet Isaiah, for example, lived 700 years before Jesus Christ, and 2000 years before Columbus, but he knew the world was round! And he prophesied the arrival and torture, and death of the Messiah, which turned out to be the truth.

But science and technology has been trying to erase these truths for the last couple of hundred years or so. Before that, down through history, Creation was widely accepted by most educated men as God’s truths. However, this attempt to erase the knowledge of the past has been motivated by an arrogant, self-centered, “enlightened,” elite human class of people who think they are superior to everyone else. And this attempt is done by claiming they, being superior, are responsible for “new things, new technologies, new discoveries,” the “new science” that no one else sees or knows about, when the facts are just the opposite.

The manifestation of “progressive” thinking is like children on Easter morning. They look and they find, “discover,” Easter eggs and Easter candy, and they are so proud of themselves. They “discover” things before anyone else, or find more things than anyone else. But they forget that they didn’t create these “scientific discoveries,” or put those things there to be “discovered.” Someone else was there before them, “creating” things, and putting them there to be discovered by others later.

It is a wide-spread human condition for man to think he is smarter that God. That’s why, for example, we have so many different churches, all believing something different, and insisting theirs’ is the only true path to God! But when man dies, he will then learn that, just as he came into the world with nothing, he will leave with nothing, and even his extreme narcissism during this temporary existence on earth will have gotten him nothing!

If there is no God, and you are an atheist, you lose nothing. And, if you are a Christian and there is no God, you likewise lose nothing. But ... if there is a God and you are an atheist, you lose everything.

Jim McCoole


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Low turnout can be molded into a false competitive advantage

To The Daily Sun,

Dear voters of Grafton County District 9:

My personal thanks to all supporters of my 22-year-old Democrat opponent, as well as Libertarian John Barbiarz and to those who voted in Ashland, Alexandria, Bridgewater, Bristol and Grafton — particularly to those in the majority who chose to send a conservative voice with 10 years of proven public service to Concord. The fight to represent you is by no means over. I plan to earn the confidence of all reasonable constituents who realize that representing them full-time is to their personal advantage and to that of our region. I will not have to divide my time between becoming employed and earning a living and then having a few hours left to look out for you.

This special election was an unfortunate forced expenditure of unbudgeted funds by our five towns instead of simply waiting until the regular general
election in November, 2018. While I believe it finally to be over, it appears the other side may not have come to accept that reality. Sound familiar? In a very few months, we’ll have to do this all over again, but with the major advantage of doing so in a normal election where low turnout can’t be molded into a false competitive advantage. Some think the way we govern ourselves is expensive, but it is simply the price we have to pay for our freedom. And that’s especially true when the public trough is taken advantage of by opportunists with no record whatsoever and fed by ego-trances induced by repetitive praise on social media. Well here’s one big “LIKE” from me on the results of this election! I shall continue my work on your behalf, and strive to remain fiscally prudent as an elected official in representing everyone’s point of view, and taking the necessary time to do it right.

Thank you again for your support. I'm already committed and at work on your behalf, and looking forward to solidifying these results again in November, 2018.

Vincent Paul Migliore
Representative-elect for Grafton District 9


  • Written by Edward Engler
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