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Feb. 6 is date to have coffee & discuss Sanbornton solid waste

To The Daily Sun,

On Monday, Feb. 6, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., our Sanbornton Solid Waste Committee will hold a "coffee" with conversation/update for Sanbornton residents, at the Town Office. Our committee members have divided up the topics dealing with our Transfer Station/Recycling Center, to introduce ideas/advances and hear questions and suggestions. We're one-year-old now as a resumed committee in the town.

We've had a year of researching, learning, team-building. We'll set out refreshments and hope interested townspeople show up. Winter offers time for thoughtfulness, and it's just nice to get together, too.

Lynn Chong, Chair

Sanbornton Solid Waste Committee

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Title of worst president of United States ever is still up for grabs

To The Daily Sun,

I always thought upon reading poll rankings that New Hampshire's own Franklin Peirce was the worst president "ever", then G.W. Bush. But now we have to wait yet to see what the Donald can mess up as president.

I personally can hardly wait. But to think everybody here born bred and/or raised or just immigrated, should show some respect for "their" country. Children, should be expected to say the Pledge of Allegiance every day. So what administration decided to put a stop that? Maybe that was the worst president ever.

Lori Ann Hayes


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