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I was being facetious; it was a sarcastic joke; I never speak for God

To The Daily Sun,

Dear John:

Your response about me"talking" for God made me laugh out loud and I truly needed that laugh after the day I was having, so thank you. I did respond with a message back and it was not all rainbows and kitties, trust me. But, I have changed my mind on sending that one for a few reasons.

One: I felt bad for you. People were mocking you.
Two: I am sure your elderly and you missed my "joke," completely.
Three: Your probably some ones Papa. And honestly I thought about Mr. Mitchell and how much I enjoy our letters and how I am fond his calm mannerism. And even though I have never met him, I like him already.

Let me explain this to you. What I said at the end of my letter was FACETIOUS and nothing more. That means I wrote that comment as tongue in cheek, flippant,and jokingly. A "few fries short of a Happy Meal" is not a complaint, John. I am sorry you took that God comment in quotes as gospel, but it was not. It was meant to be a joke, funny, and sarcastic, period.

I never speak for God, I speak for myself. Same reasons why I don't need to continuously quote the Bible. And I would hope that if God did "speak" to me, he would not make a happy meal joke. Although that would be pretty funny.....

Denise C. Burke

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Commissioners need to amend their budget to include union deal

To The Daily Sun,

The Belknap County Delegation does not have the authority to approve a union employment agreement. Not one union contract has ever been signed by the delegation. What the delegation is responsible for is appropriating tax dollars.

As a result of the "County Commissioner's reaching agreement with the Teamster Union," which apparently necessitates specific cost items/line items appropriation adjustments in the pending budget under consideration by the delegation.

Had a budget been adopted, either the Executive Committee reviews commissioner's request for "transfers" regarding cost items, or the in the event that the cost items exceed the grand total appropriation for the fiscal year, the delegation shall vote on a request of the commission for supplemental appropriations to prevent exceeding the annual budget.

In this instance:

1. The county has not adopted the FY 2017 annual grand total appropriation.

2. The union agreement was not completed prior to the commission's submission of the FY 2017 proposed annual budget.

What is in order, at this time, is a commission's request to "amend it's propose budget" associated with those individual cost items of the new union agreement, prior to the annual budget's passage.

The cost items for each year of this collective bargaining agreement as ultimately amended by the delegation and the corrected propose budget proposed budget under consideration for its final grand total FY 2017 vote to amended cost line items amounts for the contract's first year of this agreement.

Voter/taxpayers should not have to "buy a pig in a poke." The process of sufficiently informing the legislative body and the public line item/cost items of the economic consequences of the agreements undocumented costs specifically in the pending 2017 budget is not transparency.

Thomas A. Tardif

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