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Dr. Dawson doesn't appreciate who's paying our country's bills

To The Daily Sun,

This is in response to Dr. Thomas Dawson's letter which appeared recently in The Laconia Daily Sun.

Why some folks on the left insist on demonizing those who have achieved some measure of success is puzzling. Aren't we taught that this is the land of opportunity? Haven't we learned that entrepreneurs often risk all they have to bring a new product or service to market? Some succeed and many fail, often repeatedly, before finally achieving their aims. So why do we demonize those who were willing to risk all, and were rewarded for filling a market need? It seems that some on the left want to punish them because they have achieved a greater "share" than those who have not taken the risk.

Another contribution of that dreaded 1 percent (dreaded by some on the left, that is), is that their success has not only satisfied a market need, it has created countless numbers of jobs that became necessary in order to fill those market needs. Of course, along with those jobs, came new tax revenues from both the employees and the employers. Those taxes went to fund the government at the local, state, and federal levels. The government on the other hand, has never created a job that paid for itself . . . every government job required tax dollars from employees and employers to fund it. And, not to be overlooked is the fact that every one of those private sector jobs provided the income to the employer and employees to buy everything they needed for themselves and their families, from groceries, to homes, to automobiles, etc., and those purchases actually created jobs for others.

In his effort to demonize the 1 percent, Dr. Dawson cited an article by Professor Robert Kuttner. From what Dr. Dawson wrote, it appears that the article's first objective was to blame Republicans for the dysfunction of our government. Among Kuttner's (and Dawson's) criticisms is the claim the ". . . Republican Party promotes the transfer of wealth and power to the rich or 1 percent." I would ask the two learned gentlemen, how did that transfer occur? There are many sources people can check on this but the bottom line is the top earners contribute an overwhelming amount of tax dollars to our government, while the bottom half of earners pay virtually no income tax, but receive various benefits such as earned income tax credits. Those interested might want to check out this report aired by CNBC, http://www.cnbc.com/id/.

Dawson/Kuttner then goes on to claim that the Supreme Court is a "subsidiary of the Republican Party." They claim that the court's Citizens United decision allowed the rich to ". . . buy candidates and sway elections . . ." If anyone would like to take the time, they can look up any number of sources on the 2012 presidential campaign fundraising. What they will find is that the Obama campaign did not suffer one whit from the Citizen's United decision. Here is a quote from a "Truthout.org" article: "The Obama campaign raised more than $632 million during the 2012 election season, about 62 percent more than the Romney campaign's $389 million. When factoring fundraising by the Democratic and Republican National Committees, the Obama re-election team still topped Romney's by $166 million."

Further on in Dr. Dawson's letter, beginning at paragraph five, he and Kuttner bemoan changes in job structures. If anything qualifies as "old news", it is this. Back in 1970, futurist Alvin Toffler wrote his book "Future Shock". In it, Toffler predicted the changing job structures that would evolve out of technology advancements. Among the things he wrote about was that career jobs, where workers would spend 30 or 40 years with a company and then retire on a company pension, those jobs would fade away and be replaced with shorter term jobs. Workers might have five or six different careers in the evolving world. Pensions, what we now refer to as "legacy costs", would be replaced with individual retirement plans. He essentially predicted the need for a 401(k) like system so that, in the new job world, people could move from job to job and take their retirement plans with them.

Neither Dr. Dawson nor Professor Kuttner seems to have a background in business. And, neither seems to appreciate who is paying the lion's share of our government's operating costs. Perhaps if government got out of the way, and removed the cloud of uncertainty posed by ever increasing government regulations, jobs would again become plentiful and lift us from the worst labor participation rate since 1978.

Bob Meade

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Millions of us think Pres. Obama has already destroyed America

To The Daily Sun,

If Mr. Davis thinks it is stupid to say President Obama wants to destroy America, I wonder what he thinks of the million of fellow Americans, including me, who know he has already destroyed America.

Keep dreaming, and just think you can have Hillary next.

L. Michael Hatch

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Character & charm are found in business owned by local people

To The Daily Sun,

Like many of our friends, my husband and I love to spend a day in Portsmouth. We gladly make the hour plus drive any chance we get. While Randy and Sue Bullerwell of All My Life Jewelers recently shared with me that Portland is their favorite day trip. A friend and I recently discovered Peterborough and have plans to return soon. What is it about these three cities that appeals to us? It wasn't the big box stores or food chains, but the uniqueness of the independently owned shops, boutiques and restaurants.
What makes a town or city a destination is the character and charm found only in these businesses owned by people, not corporations. It's knowing that no two are exactly alike that make us want to go inside and experience what each one has to offer. It's the knowledge that every dollar we spend is paying that business owner's bills.
Without independently-owned businesses every city and town would look like the next, all containing the same cookie-cutter looking, brand-conscious facades, with all the same products. Is that what you want for the Lakes Region? If your answer is no, then I beg of you, think twice about where you shop.
Every time you shop online or at a big box store, you chisel away at the very foundation of the uniqueness that people seek out when they choose a destination. A large portion of the Lakes Region's revenue is a result of people who chose it as their favorite place. They aren't all here for a week of skiing or water sports. Many, like my husband and I and the Bullerwells, are just looking for a nice place to spend a day, browsing the unique shops, shipping drinks and dining in interesting restaurants.
Please do your part. Shop local, support your community. Help keep independently owned businesses strong.
Debbie Bolduc, VP & Acting President
Belknap Independent Business Alliance

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We invite your support of the LHS Chem-Free After Prom Party

To The Daily Sun,

It is getting to be that time of year again, Spring is finally upon us and with it comes.....PROM! At Laconia High School, we are always excited about this special time of year as our students enjoy an evening of dressing up to the nines (who even says THAT anymore?) and enjoying an evening of fine food and dancing. It is ideally a time of enjoyable celebration among groups of teens who are united by their affiliation to their school and community.

Unfortunately, this is also a time of year where student risk behavior is elevated. The data indicates a significant increase in the incidence of both injuries and deaths that is connected to drugs and alcohol during the prom "season." This is not a new issue, it has been a problem within our nation's communities for many, many years.

Laconia has held the Laconia High School Chem-Free After Prom Party for the past two years. This event has been an outstanding success and has ensured that every participant has remained alcohol and drug free throughout the entirety of the prom and the overnight hours that follow. It has also been a complete blast for everyone who has participated, including teachers, administrators and our local police participants! But the real success has been that our kids have not just had a great time throughout the evening and into the next day. The real success in this effort is that our young people are safe and away from the negative, destructive influence of alcohol and drugs.

We are once again reaching out to you, the community, to help us make this night not just special but safe for our students. Over the years we have had outstanding support from the Gilford Cinema 8, First Student Bus Company and FunSpot have provided tremendous support during that time. Many community businesses, agencies and individuals have also provided financial support that has ensured this event is a hit every year
This year, we are shooting for 100 student participants for the Chem-Free After Prom Party. The event starts directly after the prom and runs until five the next morning, ensuring every student is having a blast and is actively engaged in fun, safe and positive activities during a dangerous time of year for our teens. If you are interested in supporting this important programming, do not hesitate to contact either of us at Laconia High School during the school hours Monday through Friday.
As always, we appreciate this community's constant efforts to support the Laconia High School and its efforts to help keep our students SAFE.....and college and career ready!
Steve Orton
School Resource Officer, LHS
Jim McCollum
Principal, LHS

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I encourage all of you to responsibly carry a firearm with you

To The Daily Sun,

To the debaters arguing humanity vs money I say this:

We are not at liberty to deal with one crisis at a time. Our country is falling apart and every crisis that goes unchecked will only contribute to the further deterioration of the United States America.

With that said, we have no room for sugar-coated politics and diplomatic rhetoric. We need to act quickly and accordingly.

In regards to our heroin epidemic, the individuals that should be paying for our people's treatment are the drug dealers themselves and not American taxpayers.

Not only should convicted drug dealers be forced to work while imprisoned to support funding for rehabilitation efforts, but 100 percent of all monies collected in drug raids should go back to the citizens and communities in need of these services.

Accordingly, their sentences should represent an equal amount of time necessary to provide the proper funding in restitution to the community which they have exploited.

To do this, we need to get these criminals off the streets, support our local law enforcement officers to the best of our abilities and be prepared to defend ourselves and loved ones from the threats that come associated with this epidemic.

Heroin not only impacts our budget to treat addicts and house dealers in the DOC, but also increases the crime rate significantly.

Sweeping from town to town like a plague, the number of deaths tolls, ODs and home invasions are increasing like never before.

This isn't just a problem for bad neighborhoods anymore. It's right in our own back yards where our children play and it's time to take the necessary action to protect our families.

I carry a loaded firearm on me everywhere, even at home. Some people think this is a bit extreme but what they do not realize is that in the face of danger things escalate very, very quickly and every second counts. As far as carrying at home, most break-ins occur during the day so as not to draw attention by turning lights on or using flashlights. They also will likely knock on the door to check if anyone is home, posing as someone lost looking for directions or some other sort of cover. Something to think about.

No matter where you stand on the "gun debate", I encourage New Hampshire to utilize our Second Amendment rights to responsibly carry a firearm.

Here's how this helps our problem at hand and the bigger picture.

When criminal plans are thwarted because their intended victim is armed, it not only gets them off the streets but also gives law enforcement a leading advantage in their efforts to conduct an investigation. For the sake of length I won't go into detail about what constitutes being a responsible gun owner but I will say that discharging your firearm should always be your last resort.

I understand many folks are uncomfortable with firearms and that's actually not a bad thing. Your concern and respect for a tool that can be deadly if not handled with proper care is a natural instinct that will keep you on your toes and safe. Firearms are not toys, and should be treated with the utmost care and responsibility.

Now, not everyone is willing to carry a firearm. Likewise, some citizens are not willing support this cause financially and it should absolutely be their choice to decide what they do with their hard earned dollars.

However, the beauty of the American people is that there are all kinds from all different walks of life. To those who may have been affected directly or indirectly by heroin and feel motivated to contribute financially, that is certainly an option but it should be their choice to do so, not the governments.

There are many ways we can work together to help solve this epidemic but relying on our government to solve every problem is not the answer and will only lead to more problems. Let the drug dealers foot the bill for rehab, cooperate with local police. Exercise your right to bear arms and contribute to your community however you see fit.

New Hampshire as well as the American people need to work together in the same way we did to build this country into what it once was or I fear that we will lose our beloved homeland. The loss of a country is not measured in acres of land. Rather, it is the heart of a people that is lost.

We cannot give up.

An effort to restore our nation will not succeed unless We, the People stop pointing the fingers at shady government and take a stand for the country we love.

Kyle DaRosa
West Ossipee

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