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Arizona sheriff was convicted of ignoring a lawful court order

To The Daily Sun,

I was born in Laconia and left in 1968, when I was married. I am now a summer resident of Lempster, N.H. 

As a 12 year seasonal resident of Arizona, and after reading Steve Earle's letter in which he elevates the former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, I felt I had to write this letter to correct his misconceptions. It is clear that Earle's knowledge about things Arizonan is vast.

First, Hispanics comprise 29 percent of the population of Maricopa County where Arpaio was the sheriff. What does Earle consider a disproportionate number of crimes? I suggest he looks at some of the major cities of the east coast and tell us what he finds. Boston would be a good place to start. He would not support Arpaio's tactics in Boston. In the last election, the people of Maricopa County said the same and voted him out.

Arpaio exhibited numerous acts of callousness towards people. For example, I'd like to have Earle spend one week living out in a tent in an area that frequently reaches temperatures in excess of 110° throughout the summer. Strict law enforcement is one thing, Steve. Intentionally causing suffering to prove one's superiority and ability to do so is another.

To set the record straight, Arpaio was convicted of ignoring a court order by a legitimate judge in a legitimate court. Is this the behavior that you want from a law enforcement officer? Your nonsense belief that the prosecution was politically motivated is just that: nonsense. Let's see that behavior from one of the local police chiefs and see how well received it might be by the local population.

I could tell you about other complaints about him ranging from fiduciary dishonesty in his department to carrying out a vendetta against a small Phoenix newspaper, but I can't possibly take up enough space here to explain the real Joe Arpaio. Arpaio is not someone anyone should admire. I suggest that you all go to the internet and find the real truth about him. A basic search will turn up a wealth of information. Mr. Earle, you should be the first to do so.

Phil Landry

Hereford, Arizona

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Hot Leathers cooperated in getting MC Week trademarks in public hands

To The Daily Sun,

As was reported on August 31, our City Council has reached an agreement with a Connecticut company call Good Sports, Inc. (d/b/a Hot Leathers) to transfer ownership of a number of federally trademarked names associated with Laconia Motorcycle Week. 

Hot Leathers moved, five years ago, to register and protect phrases like "World's Oldest Motorcycle Rally" and "Laconia Bike Week" because no one had ever done so. Since then they have been collecting royalty fees from rally vendors who use these and other similar words on clothing, patches and pins and sharing the proceeds with the Laconia Motorcycle Week Association. Hot Leathers has long been associated with our annual rally as a major vendor and sponsor and currently holds a seat of the associaiton's board of directors. 

It has been my position that these trademarks, long term, should properly be owned by the residents and taxpayers of Laconia and City Manager Scott Myers and I have been working with Hot Leathers' officials and association Executive Director Charlie St. Clair to make that happen.

Now that this issue has been resolved I personally want to thank Good Sports President Jerry Berkowitz and Executive Vice-President Andy George for their outstanding spirit of cooperation with the city. From the start of negotiations they were fair and reasonable and seemed to have the long-term viability of our rally as their primary goal. We have promised to be good stewards of these trademarks and this and future councils will no doubt honor that pledge. 

Edward J. Engler

Mayor of Laconia





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