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Would this behavior be okay if he was Catholic instead of Muslim

To The Daily Sun,

I write in response to Alan Moon's letter, printed on Friday, May 5.

What he described is not that of some Muslim man who refuses to assimilate into our culture. What he just described is far too prevalent among all young men these days — white, brown, Muslim, Christian, but mostly affluent and most certainly babied and enabled.

Remember the teen jailed after killing people in a drunk driving accident and a case of "affluenza?" How about the swimmer at Stanford who raped a drunk woman at a party and got three months? Sound familiar? Would it have been okay if he was Catholic? Hispanic? Or maybe just some local guy with a truck and a Trump sticker? Would that have made a difference? Being a jerk is not indicative of any one religion.

I'm sorry hius daughter was treated that way. No woman deserves it. Ever. Nor does an entire religion because he's got a hair across his backside.

Alan Vervaeke

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Is Trump more convincing than vast majority of world scientists

To The Daily Sun,

"Record-breaking weather events, especially heat waves but also downpours and droughts, can be linked to man-made global warming, a new study says." This was on page B2 of the April 25 edition of the New Hampshire Union Leader. This "new study" appeared in the peer-reviewed journal, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, this article says.

I don't have to be convinced that man-made activities produce global warming, but for those who believe that scientists say this because they "feed at the trough of government subsidies,",] this article isn't convincing. But for those who are undecided, this article is worth considering.
Who is more credible, the vast majority of scientists or Donald Trump?

Dick Devens
Center Sandwich

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