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Follow this course and band won't be part of Lacoina anymore

To The Daily Sun,

I'm an 8th grader at Laconia Middle School who is writing to you about the school district's budget. This budget should be changed so that everything can stay in place. The way Laconia is running its schools right now is great for students who want to go to college for music because we offer those programs for the people who want it.

Having the School Board cut elementary band infuriated me and something should be said. When the high school band comes to play at the schools, it gives something for the students to look forward to — joining the band. But they can't do this because there is no band and when they get to middle school they will try it but won't like it because they didn't learn the fundamentals of the music or the instrument. Now, after doing the math, in six year the middle school band won't be as good as it has been and the high school band won't either. Then, eventually, not enough kids will want to join band because it's not going to be fun, because they are going to be too busy learning even how to play. Moving band to after school won't do anything because the Project Extra teachers won't devote to it and they will have it like once a week where that isn't enough time to get anything accomplished.

Eventually, the band will not even be a part of Laconia anymore.

Nathan Pavavlo



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Are we supposed to even things out by jailing a white person

To The Daily Sun,

After reading Alan Vervaeke's letter of April 1, one would have to conclude that here is another person who has been indoctrinated into the religion of progressive/leftist/liberalism. He over and over asks "don't you remember?" What I remember differs from what he remembers and I am known to have an exceptional memory.

Mr. Vervaeke claims that Obama has not threatened the Constitution but he actually has, due to the two "activist" justices he has put on the Supreme Court. He personally has certainly ignored it. He claims that conservatives believe that only white Christians should be president. My answer to that is, prove it. He says it took eight years of "Clinton's economics" to recover from G.H.W. Bush and Reagan economics. When Reagan took office the country was still recovering from the disasters of Jimmy Carter and we went on to have the largest economic growth in any presidential term in history. I consider myself one of the middle class and and we did better under Reagan then we have done since.

As far as Bill Clinton is concerned, his presidency was going in the tank due to his liberal policies until he agreed to sign on to Newt Gingrich's budget, who at the time was House speaker and a conservative rRepublican. That budget was the first balanced budget since 1969.

Mr. Vervaeke also claims that the mortgage meltdown was caused by bank deregulation, when in actuality it was caused by the federal government's involvement in the mortgage industry. The problem started under Clinton's watch and continued under Bush. The banks were forced to give mortgages to people who didn't meet the old guidelines under the guise that everyone "deserves" to be a homeowner. When John Sununu, who was our senator at the time, told Congress that this idea was unsustainable, Democrats, led by Barney Frank, assured everyone that things were going fine. We all know what the outcome was. Granted there were a lot of realtors, mortgage companies and banks willing to go along due to the profits involved and in some cases with criminal intent, but if the idea had never been implemented we wouldn't have suffered from it.
I have to say, when it comes to racism, Obama has set this country back at least two decades by his continuous blaming of everyone else for the acts of blacks. Are we supposed to jail a white person for the crime committed by a black person because the percentage of blacks in prison is higher that whites? I have to say I've never been a racist person but due to Obama's actions, not his color, it's been a struggle to stay that way. That's what I remember.

Dave Schwotzer

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