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Tim for Daily Sun letter writers to do some logical thinking

To The Daily Sun,

Now that the election season is behind us for at least a few months, perhaps the letters to the editor could be less confrontational. It's time for some logical thinking before putting pen to paper. In order to be effective you must have a persuasive argument. It is necessary to inject logic, not emotion.

Many of the letters I read in The Sun do not keep clear the difference between facts and statements about facts. Facts can be verified. Statements about facts are colored by the writer's point of view. Inferences without facts are fraught with potential errors especially if made while expressing a strongly held point of view.

It would be a wonderful world if we could make logic fit it perfectly. Alas, that will never be the case. Education and science have failed us because, once educated, we become emotional instead of approaching problems using the scientific method.

The primary tool of science is induction. That is, specific observations produce general truths. Observation may produce a number of possible conclusions. Therefore, each has to be tested before they rise to the level of truth based in fact.

Now, many people have a tendency to bend the truth to their own purposes. They inject emotion and point-of-view. Thusly, they create barriers to their reader's deductive abilities. Arguments occur when we don't define our terms. You must remember your English teacher emphasizing the absolute need for a subject and a predicate (the simple sentence). Take the following sentence: "Government is corrupt." It meets the basic sentence requirements but is a bit short on facts. When we start adding modifiers, informal logic errors abound because they lead to invalid conclusions.

Debaters know both sides of their arguments, so they must use some tricks to persuade. Some of the letter writers in The Sun were probably debaters in high school or college. In an effort to encourage them to keep the "debate tricks" to a minimum I will list a few frequently found in their letters:
1. Appeal to Ignorance — If you can't prove me wrong, then I must be right.
2. Card Stacking — Concealing or withholding evidence (facts).
3. Hasty Generalization — Drawing conclusions from too little evidence.
4. Appeal to force — (You fill in the blanks) Attack ads are a good example.
5. Personal attacks — Demeaning your opponent (see #4).
6. Appeal to prejudices — This is one of the most insidious because it gives birth to all sorts of personal attacks and slogans.
7. Bandwagon — A raw appeal to peer pressure.
8. Guilt by association — Employed by those who would smear the reputations of their opponents simply because of their opinions.

The foregoing are the most blatant tools of the persons who write opinion letters to The Sun. We, the readers, know that when a person writes a letter to the editor he/she has a strongly held opinion about the subject of his or her letter.

To conclude, the writer, if he/she wants to be effective, needs to employ logic, check the facts and use reason instead of emotion. Otherwise, the reader must be aware of the tricks being employed. A fellow by the name of Strunk had what he called his, "Fog Index." He used it to sort out the truth and logic and edit out the rest. The result was clear and unambiguous prose.

I will leave you with a quote from Oscar Wilde: "The truth is rarely pure and never simple."

Bill Dawson


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Thanks to NH1 for coordinating an outstanding Children's Auction

To The Daily Sun,

The Children's Foundation of the St. Vincent de Paul Society would like to thank the NH1Children's Auction for coordinating another outstanding auction. With the support of the Children's Auction and many fine businesses and individuals in our community, we are able to provide services year round to thousands of children in the Lakes Regions whose families could use a "helping hand."

The Children's Foundation would also like to thank everyone who adopted a family or took tags from one of our Christmas trees at the following places; Walmart, Fratello's, Sacred Heart Church, and St. Joseph's Church. I also want to thank the Gilford Village Nursery School, John and Cheryl Barton of the LR Corvette Club, the Byse Agency and the thoughtful ladies who crocheted/knitted hats, mittens, scarves and lap blankets and all the generous people who dropped off donations.

Due to a spell of bad weather, we provided 683 children in the Lakes Region with clothing and personal hygiene items, during the three days of our Christmas program give-away. We couldn't have done it without your help.

A big "thank you" goes out to all the volunteers who supported and worked the Christmas Angel Program. Your help made a huge difference in the number of packages we handled in the weeks before Christmas.

We are truly blessed to live in the Lakes Region, where the people are generous, caring, and willing to help us provide children with the necessities. By working together, we can truly make a difference in the lives of children in our community.

Merry Christmas and a healthy, Happy New Year.

Sue Page

Children's Foundation Volunteer

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Obama has pushed U.S. race relations back into the 1970s

To The Daily Sun,

Bernadette Loesch claims she has no idea why Steve Earle hates President Obama. Unless she is getting all of her information from Veverka's the "Center for the Study of Absurdity," she has to be kidding. Now, I don't hate the man personally, but I abhor and detest his policies. I absolutely loathe the way he is attacking the very fabric of this country.

He has dangerously downsized our military and left our borders open for terrorists and other criminal elements to walk on in. Those of us imbued with rational thought are terrified of what may follow in the near future.

Steve has given many reasons for his distaste of this president in his recent letter. To insinuate Steve doesn't like him just because he is our first black president borders on a racist comment, Bernadette. You then end your letter by urging us all to show peace and love. Now that is some real chutzpah. Yes Dave Schwotzer, liberals like Bernadette and Lynn Rudmin Chong do seem to have the market cornered on chutzpah and they apparently do not have any use for mirrors to self-reflect. Otherwise, Bernadette might have realized that her letter was laden with criticism and condescension.

In case Bernadette has spent most of her free time studying Veverka's "Tea Party Potty Tricks," I am glad to enlighten her as to President Obama's latest trail of divisiveness. He has pushed race relations between blacks and policemen back into the 1970s. He, Eric Holder, Mayor Bill de Blasio and of course Obama's "racial adviser", Al Sharpton, have disgracefully trashed the best and most diverse police force in this country, New York City's finest. And apparently for purely, political reasons. That affects all of us Bernadette.

Two policemen were executed in broad daylight by a criminal thug. He boasted on social media, "I'm putting wings on pigs today. They take out ours . . . . Let's take out two of theirs."

Thanks to shameless, super-heated rhetoric by Democrats and their followers, the New York police are being forced into the role of reluctant defenders. This will likely cause an increase in the death count of black individuals in New York City, reversing all the good that former mayor Rudy Giuliani accomplished. He saved many thousands of lives during his tenure as mayor. For that magnificent accomplishment, he has been castigated by those on the left. That would be the group that appears to not care so much about the cause of the vast majority of deaths in the black community and that would be black on black crime.

I find it unconscionable that President Obama and his cronies have insinuated that our country's police force is out hunting down black people just because of the color of their skin. Charles Barkley is correct when he says we cannot ruin the reputation of our police force because they are not perfect and a few racist police types still exist. He reminds us that without the fearless work of our "thin blue line," large inner city ghettos would turn into the wild, wild west. That is just what might happen to the city of New York.

I have little doubt that liberals will blame future deaths on the plague of racist cops hunting down innocent black people. Wallowing in deceit, liberal progressives will deny how allowing violence on the left to continue, mostly unchecked, has created a grotesque climate of hate and made violence more acceptable. Living in the land of delusional retro racism and denying that we have made more progress in race relations than any other country, looms as some perverted form of a progressive cognitive disorder. How else to explain this blossoming war on police and the use of a false narrative. That being the repeated incendiary phrase of "pervasive racism" used to smear the reputation of the many thousands of good cops.

Greg Gutfield points out that there is only one color that is acceptable to hate these days and that is blue. A race war appears imminent and much of the blame will be borne by the lack of leadership of Barack Obama. He could have spoken in the manner of Martin Luther King Jr. He has instead chosen to continue to promote the notion that blacks must fear the police. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our police men and women for the great work they do in putting their lives on the line every day to keep us all safe. I love you guys and wish you peace and prosperity.

Russ Wiles


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AARP has made $2.8 billion by supporting Obamacare’s cuts

To The Daily Sun,

The whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. Did Mr. L.J. Siden tell the whole truth, or did he leave out vital facts in his letter of Dec. 13? Broad statements without facts to prove a point is unacceptable. I would never dream of telling people where to research, this is agenda journalism by a person with only talking points.

I think Mr. Siden knows he gave limited information about "Death Panels." Does he know who the AARP Health Corporation works hand-in-hand with? Does he know their connection with Obamacare? Does he know AARP is an affiliate of Obamacare, and they have made millions and billions of dollars off Medicare.

AARP has made $2.8 billion by supporting Obamacare's cuts to Medicare. Let this information open up Mr. Siden's synapses in his brain and let the flow begin.

Obamacare cuts $716 billion from Medicare in order to pay for its $1.9 trillion expansion of coverage to low-income Americans. Why would AARP support a law that most seniors oppose? Senator DeMint from South Carolina states, "It's because those very same Medicare cuts will give the AARP a windfall of $1 billion in insurance profits, and preserve another $1.8 billion that the Health Corp. already generates from its business interests." In other words the AARP is depriving Medicare of benefits.

AARP isn't your every-day citizens advocate group, is it? I have declined my subscription to monthly payments a long time ago because of their deceptions. It is one of the largest private health insurers in America. In 2011 AARP generated $458 million in royalty fees from so-called Medigap plans nearly twice the $266 million the lobby received in membership dues.

Members of Congress to Supremes: Strike "Death Panels — 12-4-14. " Dozens of members of Congress joined in a court brief asking the Supreme Court to take up a challenge to Obamacare's Independent Advisory Board, the assembly of appointed individuals described by some critics as a "death panel" for its power to impose its will on doctors, hospitals and patients." This board is unelected, unaccountable, and is unanswerable to Congress.

IPDF is described as a way to control Medicare costs, with the authority to approve or disapprove payments for services and set the level of payment. Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tenn., a doctor states, "As reimbursement rates are cut to doctors, access is reduced for the needy, I fear for Medicare patients."

The rationing of care is why, critics say, the institution is being called a "death panel" members would only need to lower physician reimbursement for a particular life-saving procedure, increase the expense of medicine to an impossible level, and physicians would be unable to provide the service, resulting in the deaths of those who might have benefited. It is happening right now. As I said in my previous letter about the woman in Oregon who was denied oncology meds for her lung cancer and eventually expired. Our treasured veterans were denied care by the fuzzy numbers game being played by the Veterans Administration.

In conclusion the destructive, defaming of character and intelligence of Betsey McCaughey, Ph.D., and patient advocate is unacceptable and unconscionable. The AARP needs to apologize to Betsey and stop hiding behind deceptive language and practices.

My last piece of information is as follows: AARP Medigap plans are also exempted from the ban that requires insurers to take all comers, regardless of pre-existing conditions. Mr. Siden also needs to apologize because he is spreading propaganda by ignoring pertinent facts. Two plus two does not equal five.

Please google AARP and read the many articles concerning the Health Corporation, there are many sites of truth.

Rosemary Landry


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Who pays insurance bills for the ‘Rush Limbaugh Wannabees’?

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in response to letter written Dec. 19 in The Daily Sun by Mr. Jon Hoyt of Plymouth. I was glad to see the names listed as "conservative clown car riders", or whom I call Rush Limbaugh Wannabees.

Mr. Hoyt has identified the fact that writers of letters to editor as not always written by name posted. I wrote my first letter to editor on April 28, 2011, with facts I knew to be true of such things going on but it was not printed. I was told at the time it was too personal. Mr. Hoyt's letter tells the story fine. I will be watching to see who responds.

I do feel that a fair question to ask Messrs. Meade, Ewing, Boutin, Earle, Wiles, who pays for their insurance? Is it by any chance government subsidies and should it be canceled? These same writers feel they can write letters of hate and discontent and don't have to answer to any comments as they can say anything they want to under free speech and First Amendment.

It was good to see the picture in Daily Sun on Dec. 20 and getting to see who writes these letters. It is true that that a picture is worth a thousand words. The first thing that came to my mind was a group of parrots in a pet shop saying "Obamacare," "IRS," "Benghazi," "Close the border," "Jobs for middle class," etc., etc., etc., as the list goes on.

I have read and been told lately that folks get smarter as they get older. The Union Leader had a article in Sunday's paper, Dec. 21 at bottom of Page F1 titled "Can't find your car? Blame your over-saturated brain." A short quote, "There's a down side, however. Scientists explained that the older brain takes in everything, but unlike the younger brain, has an unfortunate habit of replacing important existing information with something trivial."

I am a firm believer that the older a person gets, loss of friends, family members, etc., they get lonely, so draw attention to themselves in many ways, in this case, letters to the editor saying the same thing over and over again. Sad.

I always enjoy reading Tea Party Tricks by Mr. James Veverka. All I could think of is how anyone could eat anything and keep it down sitting at that table. To be continued.

Henry Osmer

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