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Police to not recognize Jerusalem has lasted 60 years; how has that worked out?

To The Daily Sun,

I read this past week that President Trump is cutting funding to the U.N. because of their vote against our moving our embassy to Jerusalem. Frankly I don't see where it's any of their business where we choose to locate it. I laugh out loud at those who say it sets back the peace process and the two nation solution; what nonsense. It's been 60 years, next year, since the U.N. divided the territory and 11, by my count, American presidents who have tried to broker peace there; all failed. Why? Because the Islamists do not want peace. They want to destroy Israel and kill all the Jews, simple as that. The Palestinians have no viable government leadership that can enforce any treaties. They are "ruled" by an assortment of terrorist groups which over the decades have shown that no agreement reached by one or two will be honored by others. Every one reached was broken in days by another. The Palestinians have no one to blame for their fate except themselves.

It's good to see that Trump is not indulging in the failed appeasement practices of past administrations or bowing to antisemitic pressure groups at the U.N. and elsewhere. All in all, I think the president's actions are a good start, but only that. What we should do is withdraw entirely from the U.N., sent them packing to Geneva, Istanbul or some other place. The City of New York could then seize the buildings by eminent domain and sell them to pay for outstanding parking tickets. Heck, the place would make a great hotel/convention center to pay for all liberal programs the mayor and governor espouse. Think of all the millions of dollars we could save as a nation. Heck, we could fund the wall, increase the military budget, apply the savings to national infrastructure or even begin to reduce the national debt. Add to that, stop the foreign aid to those nations that are openly hostile to us and reduce aid amounts to those that are just less than friendly. I can think of any number of advantages to dumping all these and the U.N. and not a single advantage not to.

A reminder to conservatives and independents: President Trump's America-first policies are bearing fruit. Industry and jobs are coming back to America. The stock market is making record gains, which fund not only the rich but millions of retirement programs for union and non-union workers. Middle class tax breaks are on the way and in spite of Democratic "money for the rich" claim, it's the rich liberal states like New York and California that will be paying more for their tax-and-spend policies. That's as it should be, in my opinion. With 2018 mid-term elections, we need to support President Trump by electing more constitutional conservatives to Congress. I support Eddie Edwards for the 1st District and urge intelligent voters to go to his campaign site to learn about him. You will be as impressed as I am, no doubt.

Steve Earle 


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Leona Jean (12-28) 98, Lost case & memory card mean more to me than the camera itself

To The Daily Sun,

Lost: Canon Camera PowerShot A3000 IS camera. To anyone who  may have found this camera, the memory card means more to me then the camera. If you have found this camera please send me the memory card. The camera was in a burgundy leather carrier with a silver metal decorative dragonfly. The case was a gift from my deceased sister-in-law.

I am heart-broke for the loss of the case and memory card. Her pictures and my grandchildren are on it. Please mail to Leona Jme at P.O. Box 156, Gilmanton, N.H., 03237, or phone 603-679-8205.

Leona Jean


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