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Charlie St. Clair has always been a man of his word

To The Daily Sun,

Over the many years as a Laconia Police officer who always supervised the Weirs during MC Week, I got to know Charlie St. Clair as a man of his word and not one to shrug responsibilities. He always kept his word when he said he would do something., Please vote for Charlie on Sept. 12.  He will work hard for the City of Laconia as he as always done in the past. 

Don Irvin


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I'll fix problems that jeopardize people's ability to make a living

To The Daily Sun,

On the eve of the primary, the voters of Ward 4 are indeed fortunate to have a choice of who will best represent them on the council over the next two years.
Laconia is indeed a wonderful, beautiful place. That is why I have chosen to remain a lifelong resident of the city. I believe that each candidate wants the best for our city and look for it to grow and prosper.

However, I feel that it is imperative that each of candidates articulate their position on issues giving the voters a perspective to form a judgement on who is best suited to represent them. I believe I have made mine crystal clear. I support the city services, want the best for our schools that money can buy, and will work within the tax cap. My experience over the years, whether youth sports, United Way, and being moderator of the Ward 4 speaks for itself. My profession, facilities manager, has helped me over the years to be creative, to work within and formulate budgets, as well as find solution to fix problems that would otherwise jeopardize people’s ability to make a living and for a business to make a profit.

I want to thanks my neighbors, friends, and constituents that have stopped and offered me their best wishes and support during this primary campaign, it is indeed humbling that people would put their trust in you and in your judgement.

Mark Haynes


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