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Sen. Forrester & friends increased seniors' copay by over 900%

To The Daily Sun,

In reading Mr Hatche's letter to the editor in Tuesday's paper, I wonder what makes folks say thing that are obviously questionable at best? Are you aware of her vote on Medicaid expansion to help the needy of our state? She (Senator Forrester) voted against it; is that the voice of someone who considers themselves to be the people's candidate?

At the end of 2015, Senator Forester and her committee, to save the state money, decided to increase the medicine copay retired seniors in New Hampshire pay over 900 percent. Does this sound like a people's choice candidate? I don't think so.
Mel Nadeau


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There's plenty of fat to trim at LRGH, from the lower chiefs up

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is written in response to an Lakes Region General Hospital press release from last week.

Their statement that 58 employees were "laid-off" from their jobs is inaccurate. LRGH has no intention of hiring them back. They were, in fact, fired.

The reason for the LRGH situation is that they are top-heavy on chiefs. Who will work when all the "indians" are gone? LRGH is trying to stay in operation by "pinching pennies" when in fact they need to start "pinching dollars."

There is plenty of fat to trim from the lower chiefs upward. The real question will be what will the leadership do when they have to start eating their own?

Herb Leightnor


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