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Both John Sellers and Fred Eichman have demonstrated with character and professionalism to be elected a Bristol selectmen

To The Daily Sun,

As we approach the 2017 election date I would like to throw my support to the following two candidates for the two open positions on the Bristol Select Board. Both John Sellers and Fred Eichman have demonstrated to me through character and professionalism that they possess these needed attributes for these very important openings.

Unlike the incumbent who is seeking re-election to his seat on the Select Board, these gentlemen exhibit the following traits that I believe differentiate them from him.

Both John and Fred have shown themselves to be respectful of all people regardless of their beliefs. Rick (Alpers), on the other hand, has shown himself to be a bully during his time on the board to both the public and fellow members of the Select Board.

During purchase negotiations for the boat shop property, Rick exhibited his poor negotiating skills by jumping over the Select Board's agreed-to upper limit purchase price of $475,000 all the way up to $550,000, which would have imposed an unnecessarily high price for a property that eventually sold for less than $500,000. Also, during this time he disclosed pricing and other negotiation strategies during public sessions that should have been discussed in the nonpublic session. I believe both John and Fred will better respect the principles of oversight of taxpayer money.

Both John and Fred have demonstrated their ability in both leadership and prioritization of the actual needs of the town over pet projects. Rick has repeatedly shown lack of prioritization in his tenure on the Select Board, especially with issues like space needs taking a backseat to the downtown and library projects when presented with the obvious need for updating the police station.

Rick exhibited very childish behavior a few years back when he was not brought back to the chairmanship as he obviously felt was his due; instead, he spent several months sulking in his corner seat acting very unprofessionally, in my opinion neither of these gentlemen share this very unbecoming behavior.

Both John and Fred take the responsibility of attendance to committees they have volunteered for very seriously. Minutes will show Rick as a frequent no-show to many of the committees he agreed to be Select Board representative to.

John and Fred are both dedicated to seeking out the needs of the town of Bristol, prioritizing them and then doing the work to get them implemented. Rick, on the other hand, has admitted during this and his last run for Select Board that in many cases Band-Aid fixes were used which I found quite perplexing considering Rick has been on the Select Board for 12 of the last 13 years and in my mind had the box of Band-Aids in his hand during that time.

Over the last three years we have lost many valued employees under Rick's watch. The trend continues, even after the poorly presented and implemented wage increases, which he told us was driving this exodus.

Both John and Fred have indicated to me a personal desire to get to the bottom of this alarming issue with goals to actually solve the problem instead of just throwing money at it and make our employees feel respected and want to make a career here in Bristol.

This is why I, for the better of the town of Bristol, will be voting for both John Sellers and Fred Eichman this March 14. I believe these two new faces to the Select Board would bring a fresh perspective to the many issues and projects anticipated in the next three years.

Bill Cote

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Vote Alpers and Milbrand for Bristol selectmen on Tuesday

To The Daily Sun,

For the past several years, I have been honored to serve as selectman for the town of Bristol. It was a hard decision to not run again as I believe we have done good work and accomplished many good things in this town. However, personal and professional responsibilities will not allow me to give the job the time and attention it deserves.

I refuse to go negative as several potential candidates and their supporters have recently. I will simply ask for your consideration for several able and competent residents seeking to serve the town. The recently held candidates forum is available to view on the town website. It clearly shows which candidates are voices for responsible, positive governance and which are all about negativity and gutting public services.

For Select Board, please consider Rick Alpers and Don Milbrand. For Budget Committee, I ask you to please support Janet Cavanagh, Walter Waring and Joseph Caristi.

Regarding those services and the tax rates associated with them, one of the main talking points of "the other side" is that spending and taxes are out of control in Bristol. To address this I offer my own experience in town. Ours is a good case study because we have done nothing to the property except common maintenance and some slight landscaping improvements. When Patty and I bought our house 19 years ago, we paid $2,500 in property tax. This year we will pay approximately $3,400. That is a 2 percent annual increase over nearly two decades of various select boards while accomplishing many positive projects in town. That hardly seems like out-of-control spending, especially when you consider that the tax rate is made up of four components including state and local education funding and county taxes.

I look forward to seeing everybody at town voting this coming Tuesday. Polls are open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Old Town Hall. Town meeting will be held at the high school on March 18 at 9 a.m.

Shaun Lagueux


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