Doing nothing about Bristol Police Station is not resonsible option

To The Daily Sun,
After attending recent Bristol Selectboard meetings, I feel compelled to address the Bristol Police Department facility situation.

In my opinion, an effective and responsive police agency is an ever changing entity. In order to serve the needs and demands of the community that it serves, change is necessary.
Our police facility has become too small and has a deteriorating infrastructure. It no longer serves the needs of a modern law enforcement agency.
The lack of space in our present facility is a serious concern. The deficiencies need to be outlined in order to develop a new facility that would be the best fit  for our community.

How do we do that?

The challenge of planning,designing and constructing a new facility can be frustrating and expensive. We need to identify the problems that exist, look at the options that we have, choose the option that will resolve the problems, one that the town can afford and will provide a police facility that will serve our community for many years.

Doing nothing is not a responsible option for the town of Bristol.

Barbara Greenwood


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70th anniversary of atomic bombing of Japan will be observed Aug. 6

To The Daily Sun,

To commemorate the 70 year anniversary of the U.S. dropping atomic bombs on Japan, members of the Concord community and several faith-based and activist organizations will hold an event to raise awareness of the current threat of nuclear war and to call for the abolition of nuclear weapons. This will take place on Thursday, Aug. 6, from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at the Concord campus of New England College, 62 North Main St. in Concord. A light potluck meal will precede a panel discussion by community leaders, followed by a walk and vigil alongside the Merrimack River.

As has been done in the past, we will cast flowers into the river as we remember names of our bomb's Japanese victims. Bring flowers from home gardens, or purchased, or wild flowers like golden rod and Queen Anne's lace. We do this knowing the tragic use of nuclear bombs remains a real threat to life.

Co-sponsoring organizations include N.H. Peace Action, American Friends Service Committee NH, NH Vets for Peace, Peace with Justice Advocates of United Church of Christ, Global Zero, and Social Responsibility Committee of Unitarian Universalist Church of Manchester. Call N.H. Peace Action at 228-0559 for more info and suggestions for car-parking, car-pooling because of street construction in Concord.

Lynn Rudmin Chong

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Let's keep N.H. 'Drug Czar' position funded past next 6 months

To The Daily Sun,

I was extremely pleased to see that the New Hampshire Legislative Fiscal Committee moved to accept funding from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation to fund "Drug Czar" Jack Wozmak for the next six months. This position of senior director of Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health is crucial given the current heroin crisis.

I have known Jack Wozmak for over 10 years. He is more than capable of spearheading the statewide effort to combat the massive heroin epidemic.

The most recent statistics out of Manchester, New Hampshire reported 52 deaths due to heroin overdose with the possible trajectory of one hundred deaths in this city alone for the year. However, this is not only a citywide problem but also an issue in small towns all across the state.

During the 10 years that I was executive director of Headrest, Inc., eight years on the New England Drug Court Professionals Board, and now in my eighteenth year as Grafton County commissioner, I have witnessed firsthand that education, prevention and substance abuse counseling are crucial in this war against one of the state's greatest crises of our time.

Please encourage your legislators to keep this vital position funded beyond the next six months.

Michael J. Cryans
Grafton County Commissioner - District One

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With zero insight on current events, he settles for smears & slanders

To The Daily Sun,

Well, well look who's back after a month of silence, James (potty mouth) Veverka.

Typically he has zero insights on current events so instead settles for smears and slanders at which he excels. Mostly he goes after Donald Trump, but decided to accost me personally. Maybe because I'm perceived as a Christian by him but I'm not the turn-the-cheek kind of Christian, so I'll hit back.

James calls me a "grand wizard". This is clearly an attempt to infer I'm racist, I am not. As James of all people knows every grand wizard that ever was was a Democrat like him. As for being a "birther" I only questioned why Obama didn't release a birth certificate for more then a year (as I recall) and put the question to rest early on. So that doesn't stick either.

More importantly though James fails to address any of the issues I raise in my letter to the editor. In reference to racial issues he says, and I quote "blah, blah, blah". What an intellectual genius! Then what can he say every thing he stands for has fallen down around him, he has no intelligent responses so like an adolescent resorts to name-calling.

Don't cry James, if you can't take it don't try to dish it out.

Steve Earle


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First area-school Class of 1960 reunion to be held on August 12

To The Daily Sun,

Attention all local high school graduates from the Class of 1960. There are many of you out that have seen "See You at The Fair" Art Hariman.

Art has been the master of ceremony at the Sandwich Fair for more than 30 years. Art plays at the Common Man in Ashland every other Wednesday night. Art and I have been friends our whole lives. He is a lot older than I am. He was born in January and I was born in May. I try to attend every time he plays. His first date was July 15.

A lot of the Class of "60" from Concord, where Art graduated from always show up. Also that night friends he started school with in Ashland had some Class of "60" present. I was the lone Class of "60" from Meredith (Inter-Lakes).

On Art's next date at the Common Man Aug. 12th I am trying to organize a Class of "60" night. Everyone is invited, classes from Concord, Ashland, Meredith, Plymouth, Bristol, Belmont and any other class that would like to come.

Don't worry about looking old, I invited a couple of friends from the Class of "55" to use as decoys.

A lot of you played sports against each other. Just remember don't get bitter, only one team could win. Of course I always suspected the other team cheated when we lost ... and that would have taken a lot of cheating.

This should be a lot of fun, 55 years of memories and hopefully seeing old friends from yesteryear. See how many classmates you can round up and attend the first annual area class of "60" reunion. Maybe we can make this a yearly event.

I will round up some name tags with names and high school. As Art would say, "see you at the good old Common Man."

Give me a call 603-279-4930.

L. Michael Hatch

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