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Many respectful people believe life is precious before and after birth

To The Daily Sun,

I can only say in response to Mr. Cracraft's letter in the Sept. 14 issue of The Daily Sun, that I urge and plead that mothers and fathers keep their babies. Yes, my letters are always pro-life. I do not believe in killing, whether it be in an abortion or on the battlefield. I believe this is an issue that needs attention. And Mr. Cracraft, I am not "pro-war, pro-gun" or pro- some of the other stands you mention.

In response to Mr. Veverka's letter in the same issue, Mr Veverka, you continue to use generalized statements and are rude in your use of language. To be pro-life doesn't make one a "fundamentalist crazy" or a "holier-than-thou lunatic." Many responsible and respectful individuals believe life is precious, before or after birth.

The abortion issue is at a nearly 50/50, pro/con point now in America. If some letter that I write is able to change one woman from aborting to having her baby, then I feel it is a worthwhile endeavor. Every life is important and meaningful.

Harry Mitchell

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We should celebrate love and beauty of N.H. wherever we can

To The Daily Sun,

A year ago I was wondering what would happen with my daughter's wedding, scheduled to take place at Timber Hill Farm this month. I should not have worried. Even while in the midst of defending his family's livelihood, Isaac Howe continued to plan for the wedding my daughter envisioned. Thanks to Isaac and Jen's hard work, my daughter and son-in-law had a beautiful farm-to-table wedding last weekend.

The debate over the meaning and logistics of agritourism may continue, but it seems we should celebrate love and the beauty of New Hampshire whenever and wherever we can.

Debbie Brady


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