I question you 80% of Americans believe in God statement

To The Daily Sun,

Mr. McCoole incorrectly stated in his letter that I "blamed my hatred of God" on "Christian beliefs and morals." I in no way stated I "hate God" or that it's Christians or morality I dislike, I just have merely become a non-believer.

I do have a disdain for people of the pulpit for my own personal reasons, but would never hold anything against anybody for their religious beliefs. I respect the beliefs of others and for the record am pro-life (excluding cases of rape, incest and harm to the mother) despite my religious disposition. So you can throw your three-paragraph rant of extreme abortion legislation out the window.

Obviously now, nobody would vote for an abortion law that allowed killing a 2-year-old child! It seems to me more and more that strict Christians are a bit thin-skinned. You can all dish it out, but point out a few glaringly bad facts and it gets nasty fast. You literally added no less than three lies about what I wrote in your letter.

It's nice that you came racing to the defense of your Bible, but I still don't believe that there was some dubious intention from the filmmakers and authors of the '60s, '70s and so forth to directly undermine the values and morals of Christianity. It was just people being creative and let loose out of their repressive box that many of their strict parents had them in. I would argue that strict Christian parents are actually the cause of many youths to leave the church and pursue other interests. I would also argue that most intellectuals are not religious. Scientists, philosophers, engineers... I have no research on this, but most I have personally encountered do not believe in higher powers.

Furthermore, I do not label people on whims, I used to actually be a fan of Pat Buchanan, even would have voted for him if I was old enough when he ran for president. Through the years though, I just personally feel that he's a dinosaur, incapable of changing with the times. I thought his letter was full of generalizations with an undertone that if you're not a practicing Christian, you're immoral. Throw in Mr. Demakowski's biblical threats and that is where I was coming from.

I'm not trying to be some smarmy juvenile who is poking fun at your way of life, sir. But when Bible-thumpers constantly throw it in our face, three, four, five times a week in these letters, I just thought we should hear a different point of view. I would question your 80 percent of "American's believe in God" statement though, unless that's a AARP poll or something. Which God do you refer to? God is a term that many use. And of those 80 percent, how many are actually practicing? Going to church to worship besides Christmas and Easter? Certainly not 80 percent. I would be shocked if it were 30 percent.

Thomas Lemay


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Raffle prize donators & winners aided printing of Food Guide

To The Laconia Sun,

The Lakes Region Local Food Guide is going to press very soon, thanks to the support of generous community donors. Our most recent fund-raising effort was a raffle, with gift cards offered by Laconia Local Eatery, BurritoMe, and Laconia Village Bakery. All of these locally-owned restaurants purchase food from our local farmers and wanted to support this great resource.

The raffle drawing was held at Laconia Local Eatery on June 2, and the following people were the lucky winners: $100 gift card to Local Eatery, Colin Fuller; $50 gift card to Local Eatery, Rich Kordas; $25 gift card to Local Eatery, Elaine Barros; $25 gift card to Burrito Me, Roy Barros, Rich Stanley, Hali Dearborn and Nicky Gallagher; $25 gift card to Laconia Village Bakery, Melissa Guldbrandsen and Don Womack.

Congratulations to the lucky winners, and much appreciation to everyone who purchased tickets. We're already planning ahead to next year's raffle, which will be bigger and better with even more locally produced products as prizes.

 Karen Barker
Lakes Region Food Network

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Sanbornton Bay Association yard sale will be held on June 27

To The Daily Sun,

Once again, Sanbornton Bay Association is preparing for its annual yard sale. It will take place June 27 (with a rain date of June 28) at The Leighton Farm, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., 386 Lower Bay Road, Sanbornton. If you are interested in participating please call Janice Boudreau at 286-2455 for information about a table, etc. and if you are not a member of the association.

On July 4 will be our 24th annual Boat Parade. Our theme is "Your Favorite Sporting Event." All boats are to meet at Pot Island at 1 p.m. and progress south, under Mosquito Bridge to Mohawk Island and then make their return trip to be awarded prizes. Make sure to be creative with your boats and decorate your waterfront! Rain date July 5 at 1 p.m. (same parade directions). Hope to see you there.

Barb Bormes
Greta Olmstead

Social Directors
Sanbornton Bay Association

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Anyone think Ayatollah is worried about getting bad deal from Obama?

To The Daily Sun,

I would love to know President Obama's strategy in Iraq. First he and VP Biden declared Iraq a victory achievement of theirs, after the Bush/Patraeus surge worked and Iraq was reasonably stable when he came into office. Then he declined to hammer out a status of forces agreement which would have given a reasonable likelihood of continued stability in Iraq.

Now ISIS has filled that vacuum left by the total evacuation of the United States. Today, Iraq has lost more territory and important cities to ISIS as it appears that only the Islamic State and Iran have the will to fight. Yet our president implores us to "be patient" and assures us "we are winning".

Lou Dobbs believes that his foreign policy strategy is not intended to advance U.S. interests in foreign policy in any corner of the world. He goes on to say, "the Obama Administration is better aligned with the Iranians, than with Israel or Saudi Arabia . . . more closely aligned with the Chinese who the Obama Administration challenges in the South China Sea." Yet it seems he ignores China's expansionary strategy in Central and South America, as they invest many billions of dollars there.

And what of Obama's perplexing "more flexibility" policy with Russia as he appears to be ignoring the concerns of European nations while Putin increases his aggression against Eastern Europe. Are we losing influence around the world and putting this country in grave danger?

Recently, General Martin Dempsey told "Frontline" that the Pentagon totally botched the offensive by ISIS. He said there was no real plan to deal with the fall of Mosul. How is that even remotely possible that our defense team was taken by surprise?

How is it that our foreign policy is in such disarray, totally incoherent and totally feckless? Why only pinprick strikes in Iraq with inadequate special forces on the ground, which merely keeps the war ongoing, but unwinnable? So what does our dear leader decide to do? Roll back 50 years of foreign policy by officially removing Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism without demanding any alterations by Cuba.

Don't look now, but the five Taliban leaders are apparently now free to roam the countryside and renew their jihad against the West. Freed so that we could get back a deserter and possible Islam sympathizer in Bowe Bergdahl. Oh, and this just in, Obama has changed the ahem, strategy in Iraq by stating that we can try to help out, but we are no longer responsible for securing the country. So now, Iraq has to rely on Iran-backed Shiite militias to battle ISIS.

Lou Dobbs asserts that Obama's foreign policy strategy is clear. "The president is rolling back decades of U.S. foreign policy, reneging on countless commitments and once reliable alliances." He is withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan while cheerfully proclaiming that he has ended two wars. Geez Mr. President, what happened to your pronouncement that the U.S. and the 60 state coalition that you put together would crush the Islamic State? He now seems to be telling us that would be too big a problem to take on at this point.

Does anyone think that Ayatollah Khamenei is worried about being on the losing end of a nuclear deal with Obama? Does anyone believe that Chinese President Xi is worried that Obama will draw a red line against China's expansionist plans? And oh those perilous open borders to our south. Let 'em all come on in, seems to be the focus of the president's flexibility.

President Obama's unilateral surrendering to the rest of the world has created a vacuum for pure evil to enter and thrive. That is a severe dereliction of duty, is it not? Who did he think was going to fill that void? Dennis Prager is correct, I believe. He said that the left hates those who confront evil. Perhaps that is why our president would rather attack cops and Christians and ignore real evil.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt's comment on confidence which he had in abundance, goes like this: "Confidence . . . thrives on honesty, on honor, on the sacredness of obligations, on faithful protection and on unselfish performance. Without them it cannot live." Mr. President, you are an embarrassment to the ideals that have held this country together for so long. He clearly doesn't believe in them and wants to destroy them. Why else would he want to fundamentally transform this nation?

Russ Wiles


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Shame on the city for not taking Lakeport Landing's first offer

To The Daily Sun,

It is apparent that our politicians are setting the precedent of how we should behave by the way they are behaving. On the national level our top leaders have in many cases totally ignored the rule of law. In other cases they use that same rule of law to squash others that disagree with them. This behavior would not be tolerated except for the backing of a corrupt press and legal system and a complacent public. It seems that the same behavior has trickled down to the local level.

In reality rule of law should be interpreted and followed taking in consideration that most laws give a great deal of flexibility. What is missing in the equation is morality which seems to have been completely thrown out the window.

In the case of the City of Laconia's parcel of land that Lakeport Landing has leased and built on as part of their business, this lack of morality has shown its ugly head. Yes, the law allows for the city to sell the property to whomever it pleases. The city manager and I'm sure a bunch of other city politicians are pushing for a sale based on the highest offer. Of course this decision is based on what they (through hired assessors) have determined the property is valued.

Does anyone question the over-assessed values of their own properties for tax purposes in this area? Maybe the value of this particular property has gone up due to the improvements that Lakeport Landing has invested toward their business over the years (with the permission of Laconia).

Now, there is another neighboring marina that is a competitor that is jumping on Laconia's greed to sell high. As the price offered is not that much above Lakeport Landing's price I would question if there might be some relationships between that marina and some of the politicians involved. All of this has created a big local mess and is causing undue damage to a very-long-time and cherished local business.

Legally the city of Laconia has a right by contract to sell to the highest bidder or to sell to Lakeport Landing at the price that they offered, which is by any measure a reasonable price given the money, improvements and history with Laconia that they have invested over time. What is totally immoral in this case is the city of Laconia's decision to not take the initial (reasonable) offer from Lakeport Landing and instead go for the greed. Shame on you!

The second immoral act is from Irwin Marine in their decision to get in a bidding war for the parcel and building that has been so vital to Lakeport Landing's business. Shame on you!

In the meantime the city and towns in this area are scratching their heads wondering why more business are not attracted to the area. Maybe they should look in the mirror to see if there is really a friendly business atmosphere here or not.

Dave Nix


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