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Trump & Clinton do not do it for me — still too many questions

To The Daily Sun,

This election year should come with a "reset" button.

The two major party candidates should have had to pass their own "vetting" process to discover their inadequacies not becoming our POTUS. Taxes for both submitted, scandals and abuses of power, constant lies, etc. proven out before being eligible to hold office. And how about using their own words; since the second debate Donald Trump, for the majority of his televised speeches has appeared to solely read prepared text from teleprompters.

I find this current presidential election a display of negative characteristics I definitely do want our president to have.
The president of our nation should inspire confidence, security, economic strength, and trust (and more!) in the office.

Trump and Clinton do not do it for me. And what about their respective businesses?

There are too many unanswered questions. Sad!

Margaret Clarke



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People running for sate rep really have little connection to top of ticket

To The Daily Sun,

Bottom up. No that is not a drinking toast. Rather it is the way to look at your ballot and to vote on Nov. 8. We get it. You are tired and disgusted and confused about so much that has gone on in this interminable election cycle. And now there is the constant barrage of negative ads, mudslinging, name-calling, polling, and impossible promises as well as the so-called "debates" that are designed to entertain and attack rather than inform.

You are right to be concerned about the division in the country, the fact that people can't seem to disagree without acrimony, accusations that "the other" is "trying to destroy the country" and even threats of everything from rebellion to assassination. Yes, we get it. And we get your desire to forget the whole thing and not bother to vote at all.

But let's get back to "bottom up." People running to be your state representative or state senator really have very little connection to the top of the ticket. We don't have the television ads or the debates and we certainly don't have the money. What we do have is a desire to represent the local community, to listen to the local issues and to try to solve the problems that face New Hampshire. And yes, we do register as being associated with one of the political parties whose leaders and campaigns have you so upset. But our focus, like yours, is our community, our town.

I am running to be a state representative for Gilford and Meredith. With three other dedicated candidates, Lisa DiMartino, Nancy Frost, and Johan Anderson, I want to bring your issues to Concord and to work with the entire House to find solutions to the many problems facing our state and to build on the many successes and advantages that New Hampshire already enjoys. I hope that you will look at the bottom of your ballot to find our names. You can be sure that we will listen to your concerns now before the election and afterwards once the hard part of governing begins. We look forward to meeting you as we knock on doors to ask for your vote. And again after the election when we will focus on the concerns that affect your daily life. Those of us listed at the bottom of the ballot are the ones who most directly affect you, your business, your schools, your family and your town. So please vote Bottom Up for Johan Anderson, Nancy Frost, Lisa DiMartino and me, Dorothy Piquado.

Dorothy Piquado

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